Andy Rubin’s Essential has Something to Announce on May 30, Likely Their First Phone

Ready for Andy Rubin’s first phone from his new company, Essential? We’ll likely see it on May 30 at Recode’s Code Conference.

The company Twitter account Tweeted for the first time today, announcing that they are “here to let you know something big is coming May 30th!” Since Rubin is speaking at the Code Conference that day, it only makes sense that he use the opportunity with all of tech watching to show off his new phone.  (more…)

Andy Rubin Just Teased His Company’s First Phone

Two days before Samsung will take the stage to show off the Galaxy S8, Android co-founder Andy Rubin just teased his new company’s first smartphone. First reported on in December 2015 and then again only a few months ago, Rubin is said to have put together a team of former Google and Apple (HTC too) employees to create a smartphone to compete at the top. Today, we got our first look at it.  (more…)

Report: Andy Rubin is Back With a New Company to Compete With Google and Apple in Smartphones

Just over a year ago, a report surfaced suggesting former Android king Andy Rubin was considering re-entering the phone business. The report talked about Rubin assembling a team to potentially build out a new company, yet there has been almost zero follow-up since. Today, Bloomberg is reporting that things are very serious on the Andy Rubin smartphone front and we may see a phone (as well as other products) as early as this year.  (more…)

#TBT: Watch Andy Rubin and Samsung Unveil the Galaxy Nexus

If I had to pinpoint a time at which the entire Android community was excited about a phone, I would have to give it to the Galaxy Nexus. The hype was real. In October of 2011, Google and Samsung hosted a press conference in Hong Kong to unveil not only the Galaxy Nexus, but also Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

To put this timing into perspective, just a few days earlier during that same October, the tech industry lost one of its founding fathers, Apple’s Steve Jobs. Personally, the launch of the Galaxy Nexus, an incredibly hyped device, helped take our minds off of the loss.  (more…)

Andy Rubin Joins Redpoint Ventures (Updated)

Andy Rubin, Android’s creator who recently left Google to create his own startup incubator, is now a part of Redpoint Ventures.

In case you aren’t familiar with Redpoint, they are a venture capital firm who invests in early stage technology companies. According to Redpoint’s announcement of the Rubin hire, it sounds like Andy is already “evaluating and backing companies.” His other jobs will include “identifying the next great startups” and helping others “realize their full potential.”  (more…)

Andy Rubin, the Founder of Android, Leaves Google

Back in March of 2013, Google’s Larry Page announced that Andy Rubin was stepping away from the Android team at Google to work on making super smart robots. The move was a bit shocking, since the man co-founded the operating system that has now taken over the smartphone world. But hey, people need change some times, and that’s apparently what Andy was looking for(more…)

Android Started Off Being an OS For Cameras, Thankfully That Idea Didn’t Stick

android logo

Android has quite the documented history at this point, but Andy Rubin dropped a piece of information today that Android could have never seen a mobile phone. Talking shop today in Tokyo, Andy Rubin mentioned that originally, the plan was for Android to be a platform for cameras so they could share photos more easily. “The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones,” Rubin said. (more…)