Andy Rubin, the Founder of Android, Leaves Google

Back in March of 2013, Google’s Larry Page announced that Andy Rubin was stepping away from the Android team at Google to work on making super smart robots. The move was a bit shocking, since the man co-founded the operating system that has now taken over the smartphone world. But hey, people need change some times, and that’s apparently what Andy was looking for(more…)

Android Started Off Being an OS For Cameras, Thankfully That Idea Didn’t Stick

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Android has quite the documented history at this point, but Andy Rubin dropped a piece of information today that Android could have never seen a mobile phone. Talking shop today in Tokyo, Andy Rubin mentioned that originally, the plan was for Android to be a platform for cameras so they could share photos more easily. “The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones,” Rubin said. (more…)

Andy Rubin Pens Letter to Android Partners, “Right Time” to Start New Chapter With Google

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Larry Page announcing that Andy Rubin has stepped away from the Android team is clearly the news of the day. After all, this is the man that helped start it all, right? Without Andy Rubin, there is a pretty good chance that Droid Life wouldn’t even exist. The phone in your pocket might not either.

But why is he leaving? The letter this morning provided little details, however, a letter that Rubin penned himself and then delivered to Open Handset Alliance (OHA) members, tackles a few additional details.  (more…)

Andy Rubin Steps Away From Android Team, Sundar Pichai to Take Charge

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This morning, Google’s CEO Larry Page, announced that Andy Rubin will no longer lead the Android team. Andy has been the head of the Android project since the beginning and has watched as it has grown to running on more than 750 million devices worldwide. Taking the lead on the project going forward is Google vet, Sundar Pichai, who currently leads Chrome as well.  (more…)

Wednesday Poll: When Buying a Phone or Tablet Do You Need to Feel and Test Them in Person First?


Earlier this week, Andy Rubin shot down rumors that Google was planning to open its own retail stores. This was sad news, no doubt, as many of us love the idea that we could enter into a Nexus wonderland and test all of the new toys that Google has released to our world. But Rubin brought up an interesting point through his comments, saying that consumers do not need to physically touch products anymore in order to make a buying decision.

I personally, haven’t entered into a brick and mortar electronics store or carrier shop to rub up on a device in some time before deciding to buy it. I’m the type that reads through dozens of reviews online and then finds the best deal the internet has to offer before pressing the “Checkout” button. Many of you may be different, though, so feel free to sound off in the poll and in the comments below.

Are you the type that needs to see a phone or tablet and feel it in person before buying or can you make a decision by reading about it online or hearing a recommendation from a friend?

When buying a phone or tablet, do you need feel and test them in person first?

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Andy Rubin Denies Rumors of Google Retail Stores, We Cry a Little Inside

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In a bit of sad news, Andy Rubin recently shot down rumors that Google intends to open up retail stores by the end of 2013. In short, Andy stated that thanks to the Internet, the need for physical storefronts just isn’t there and that consumers don’t need to go into a store and feel a product anymore. Furthermore, even the necessity of getting Nexus devices into the hands of consumers isn’t there yet.  (more…)