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Verizon’s HTC6445LVW Cruises Through Bluetooth SIG, “DLXPLUS” or Big Red’s HTC One Equivalent?


Back in early February, we caught wind of a new HTC device that appeared to be headed to Verizon under the codename “DLXPLUS.” For those not familiar with the naming convention, think of the DROID DNA as the “DLX.” At first, we were hoping that this would be Big Red’s version of the HTC One because the purported specs matched up exactly, but since we know now that the device is landing everywhere but there, we’ll assume this phone must be something somewhat different. Will it be the DROID DNA+ or perhaps the DROID ONE (not likely “One”)? 

Over the weekend, a device under the model number HTC6445LVW stopped by Bluetooth SIG to pick up a certification. While there isn’t a mention of the codename “DLXPLUS,” we’re sort of assuming here that it’s the same device. The DROID DNA runs under the model number HTC6435LVW and codename “DLX,” so it would make a lot of sense for 6445 to be the next in line. Also, the “VW” in the model number stands for Verizon Wireless, in case you were wondering.

In the previous spotting of the DLXPLUS, we got what are being reported as potential specs, all of which match up to the One. The device should have a 4.7″ 1080p FHD display, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz, 2.1MP front camera, 13MP rear camera (or is it a 4MP UltraPixel?), 16GB internal storage, Jelly Bean, and Sense 5.0.

It would have been foolish for Verizon to completely pass up on HTC’s newest device, even if they only think they can only sell phones branded as DROID, Galaxy, and the iPhone. But one way to make it fit their needs, is to brand it “DROID,” slap a fun name on it, and then promoted it their own way outside of HTC’s One campaign.

Verizon folks, there is still a chance that you get a device similar to the One, it just won’t be called the One.

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Via:  Bluetooth SIG |  Blog of Mobile

  • KewlDawg

    I thought the code name “DLXPLUS” has already turned out to be for a DNA-like phone, that’s not for the US market and not for Verizon?

  • flosserelli

    I really, really want to like this phone. But if its stuck with 16GB and no expandable memory, then it is DOA. I might (grudgingly) forgive HTC for no removable battery, but there is absolutely NO excuse for limiting a phone to 16GB. Hell, my recovery backups alone consume more than half of my SD card.

  • Jackson
  • chris125

    so verizon is going to cripple this like they did with the incredible lte. Take the one series and limit storage/specs and voila you got verizon’s version. 16gb? come on

  • TonyBee

    when a devise is created on Verizon like this has, how long is it generally before it becomes available?

  • I bet this will be the Red Aluminum version that so mysteriously vanished from the HTC website the day that it announced. I assumed this would be the way the Verizon “One” would follow on. I still feel Verizon will keep at least 32gb storage… at least I hope or no sale!

  • turb0wned

    HTC should have told them to shove it. Ether you take the HTC One and keep the name or you get nothing. Just like Apple and Samsung tells them. Part of the reason I left Verizon.

  • The “plus” means no updates.

  • Sqube

    Sounds like it could be the Droid DNA Plus. But if they kneecap the internal storage (AGAIN) it would just be another device that I wouldn’t use, and another thing making it harder and harder to stay with Big Red. I would buy the HTC One off contract tomorrow if it was available (especially if they kicked the ultrapixels out for a regular camera).

    16GB of nonexpandable storage just isn’t going to cut it.

  • Dain Laguna

    everyone on vzw should abstain from buying it. if apple and samsung can get their unadulterated devices on all the other providers, they should be able to do so on verizon as well.

    verizon: its not about exclusives anymore. you have the coverage. let that be your selling point.

    • chris125

      that hurts htc more than it hurts verizon though…

  • 16GB internal storage would kill this phone for me…. that’s the reason I passed on the DNA. If there’s no external memory card slot, it’s got to have at least 32GB…. maybe offer a 64GB choice as well…

    • hkklife

      Absolutely ridiculous to be cut off at the knees AGAIN by only 16Gb storage.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    16GB again huh? smdh….

  • azndan4

    Only 16GB internal? Htc ONE has 32gb or 64gb

    • Guest

      Im the verizon HTC one with have less than 32gb.

    • Im sure the verizon HTC one will have less than 32gb.

    • Dain Laguna

      of course! how better to use 2 gigs of limited data?

  • Sirx

    Front-facing speakers or GTFO!

    Not even trying to be cute–They’d better not rescind one of the most appealing featurse of the damned thing

    • Diablo81588

      That’s actually a feature I’m surprised OEMs have been leaving out. I’m tired of cupping my hand around the back..

      • C-Law

        I hope they have it hard wired though so the big speaker can’t go off in ur ear when u are on the phone. That could possibly really hurt ur ear. I know some apps still make sounds while ur on the phone, like navigation

        • Speakers on the One are crazy loud and good too. Hope they keep these as well.

          • Liderc

            Yeah this is an idea that sounds bad, no pun intended, but works amazingly well and is just so practical. I hope other companies start to realize how ridiculous it is cupping your hand around the back your device to hear anything.

          • LionStone

            It’d be sick if they left everything the same build wise but added wireless charging!

  • skinja99

    Let’s just hope it has a MicroSD slot. I would have bought the DNA if it had a microSD slot.

  • The Droid incredible 3

    • Wrong. The DNA is a decent phone. To be great, it would need at the very least more internal storage, ideally and/or external storage expansion.

      • That would be your opinion,The DNA Is a great phone for me because it as all i was looking for in a phone.beautiful screen,wireless charging,feels great in my hands, and a battery that last 12 to 16 hours…This is why i m a big Fan of Android phones, because we have some many to choose from to fit our needs

  • Sam

    So, it’s almost the same as the DNA from what I see. I’ll stick with the DNA. I prefer the 5″ display to be honest.

    • Bionic

      5 is perfect in my opinion

    • The DNA is a Great phone

    • Pretty much the same, I’d just assume that they’ll build it out of aluminum or some metal materlal to make it more like the One. Then the speakers on the front, new UltraPixel camera, and bumped up processor. Mostly the same, but slightly tweaked.

  • Stewie

    VZ could call it “The Fail”, it would stand for how they treat everyone.

  • Dave

    Samsung just got their laugh of the day…..

    • Bionic

      yup, a fearful laugh when they saw a droptest veruss HTC and motorola products they came in 3rd.

      • Dave

        Or the laugh from knowing by Q2 their hardware will account for 65-70% of all new/upgrade Android activations.

        • Zach

          Ehh, that will just show the customers lack of knowledge if anything. Their phones are sub-par regardless of the amount of people that purchase them.

          • Dave

            I don’t think it’s fair to consider a quad core, 5 inch device, with 1080p sub par….that would mean every mobile phone is sub par in some facet.

          • Zach

            I was referring more to Samsung phones in general and their poor build quality rather than the specific features of the S IV.

          • Big_EZ

            I’d much rather have Motorola build quality, but overall Samsung can’t be touched right now when it comes to specs and software (software on the Nexus is better, but lack of microSD slot kills it for me) I’d rather have an amazing device with slightly less quality build than better build quality but underwhelming device. Motorola is all I would use for a long time, but my Note 2 is amazing and nothing Motorola has compares. If you are really that rough on phones you should have a case or a casio shock g.

  • xFenixKnightx

    I hope they offer 2 color schemes. HTC One silver and the back red droid colors. I want the silver!!!

  • Bionic

    Three big phones to choose from this year if you’re on verizon. X phone, “one”, and S4

    • No confirmation on the xphone…

      • Derek Traini

        One must trust @comiskeybum:disqus

        • hkklife

          Please let my prayers be answered this year for a 5″ Moto 1080P S4 Pro (or better) device with 32Gb storage (or better) and a Maxx battery (or better). Blur or stock, I don’t care. HTC and Samsung’s VZW offerings are all gimped in some critical way (storage, battery, radios, build, UI).

          • I think that’s what we all want. The S4 looks to not be much more than the S3, newer proc. One looks nice, but for vzw who knows, X phone may bring us back the Moto vanilla android glory!

            For now, I’m completely happy with the Note 2 with no plans for an upgrade any time soon.

    • Big_EZ

      You left out the best of all, Note 3. I’m interested in the Note 3 or the X phone if it’s bigger than the rumored 4.7″.

  • Bionic

    probably the “one” equivelent

  • DiegoKokomo

    I’m assuming the phone is face down in the picture to hide the gigantic Verizon logo?

  • TheWenger

    It’ll be the Verizon DROID One. Ninjas robots.

    • Wouldn’t mind if it was, just not sure HTC would let them brand it as the One since Verizon technically passed on the One.

      • TheWenger

        The Two.

  • Derek Traini

    Cmon now make it happen.

  • Its the next phone in the Droid Incredible series….

  • Cliff Wynne

    not listening….lalalalalala…..

  • chris125

    Hopefully they don’t jack it up too much.

    • xFenixKnightx

      Them putting Verizon on the front is already enough for me not to want it. It’s silly but I hate it.

      • chris125

        Them letting it get changed for carriers is why once again htc will fail

  • Bionic_Pags

    I’m so tired of Verizon… they bastardized the Droid brand, and continue to think they can give their customers sub par VZ branded phones… I used to be the biggest supporter back in the day as i am still a customer, however other companies are catching up fast in regards to speed and service, so they better watch their back. The only thing that keeps me is my unlimited data, which i will try to keep for as long as i can by purchasing phones at full price… But as soon as they find a way to take that away from me as well, i will jump ship faster than a rat on the titanic!

    • my friend with sprint was about 2 miles away from me while driving on the freeway. he could not connect to me because he had no service with sprint. same GSIII. I only had 3g that in that situation though.

    • Lets just say this ends up being a One with a different paint job and different notification sounds. Does that alone make it sub par to the One? Can I point out that Verizon had the first 720p screen and first 1080p screen in the US? Also neither of those devices had bad specs.

      • Bionic

        very true

      • Geoff Johnson

        Just bad battery life

        • Derek Traini

          Well lets be honest, that’s not Verizon’s fault.

        • 1. Bad battery life to me is not a spec but it is important. I left it out because I did not consider it a spec. I also think the Rezound was hideous looking but did not mention that either.

          2. The DNA’s battery life is not that bad.

      • Bionic_Pags

        True, subpar not really meant for this device… however they think they’re above the phone manufactures and O/S by slapping there bloatware and brand all over these phones… My subpar comment was meant in general towards them not getting the Nexus 4, and leaving us with lesser devices… and less options

      • C-Law

        I think the problem could be updates. If it’s not a One, the os overlay may be very different for this phone and cause it to be updated well after the One and we already know how slow HTC is with updates and how Verizon will just delay it even further

        • I don’t think so. Droided up Sense is just the same crap with different image files. The slow down on updates could be slowed down by bloat and how that effects the test though.

        • John

          It’s does not matter if it’s the One or not, the One on VZW will still not be getting the same updates in the same time frame.

      • michael arazan

        Knowing verizon they’ll call it the Droid One. The one would be great if it had the option to run just stock android and make all the sense add-ons just apps. If HTC needs money so bad they could take their sense apps then and sell them in the play store for other devices to also use since they think it’s so neat.

        • wlmeng11

          But “Droid 1” already refers to the OG Droid.