Jeremy Returns in Another Samsung Galaxy S4 Teaser, Drops Clues?

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That’s right, the oddity that is “Jeremy” from last week’s Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser is back again this morning to star in yet another teaser. The spot carries along the theme from the first – a seemingly rich kid is pegged as the keeper of Samsung’s “next big thing” before it’s unveiling. Samsung has stored the device in an unlocked box labeled “Unpacked” and has told Jeremy that he can’t show anyone. So while the obnoxious little girl from down the street tries to get in our boy Jeremy’s head, he isn’t having any of it before his big day arrives, where he’ll wear his “power” tie. 

A couple of things stand out immediately to me. First, this is the most unsecure situation in the history of smartphone secrecy. We’re talking about trusting a 12-year old kid who has no security guards other than a driver named Benson, no lock on the box, and a mother that clearly pays little attention to her “little star.” The chick doesn’t even know that her son just went to a meeting with Samsung and returned home in a Rolls Royce with a magic glowing box. And why is Jeremy hiding the box from his own mother and not from the obnoxious girl from down the street? OK, enough there.

Did Samsung drop any clues? Well, after the mother drops off some Oreos on Jeremy’s desk, he does mention that “it’s my favorite color.” Black and white, anyone? There are also a number of black, white, red, and blue stripes plastered across his room, all of which look similar to past Galaxy colors. Towards the end, his mother also mentions that his “power” tie has been set aside for his “big” day. Clearly we think the phone will be powerful and big.

More teasers are on the way.



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