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Verizon Galaxy S3 Receiving Update to VRBMB1, Improves Keyboard and Bluetooth

galaxy s3 update

A new update for Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been approved as build VRBMB1 (Android 4.1.2). The update improves predictive text in the keyboard, allows users to take pictures while on calls, syncs emails better, and enhances Bluetooth. That’s pretty much it, well, other than some added bloatware.

It’s not Android 4.2 The update is 150.3MB in size.

Typically when Verizon approves updates, we see them arrive on devices within a week. The rollout tends to start with a few devices and then rollout to more as the days progress.

More info.

  • Jstream

    I’m about to dump my S3, 3 updates back is when my keyboard started failing. First was the auto correct, totally suggested wrong words and sometimes placed wrong words while typing. Then the worst ever, when typing say a long email or text and I want to delete one letter it will delete everything back to the first word. Its so random that I’m sure it’ll behave if I’m trying to show Verizon. Its a big hassle with every day life, I do a lot of work on this thing and when I’m pressed for time between the kids,wife and work and then this doesn’t work I have found myself getting snappy because I’m upset with the phone. It could lead to other problems resonating from this 600 dollar phone.
    Was in Verizon the other day and picked up a display phone(Iphone) and started typing, was just a pleasant feeling to be able to type right along as it should.

  • Does anyone have SMS issues with Verizon Galaxy S3? My inbox crashes or says that I have no messages and I keep having to power cycle my phone!!! I’m missing important messages and I’m going nuts!!!

  • brneyegrl74

    With the newest update I can not take a screen shot by swiping my hand across my phone. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a new way to take a screen shot now?

  • freddy x

    Any guides on how to root this build?

  • David Faria

    For me, the best surprise fix is the desktop folders that now close properly after launching an app from inside a folder. It used to be rather annoying to back out of an app only to have to also back out of a still opened folder

  • dawn1980

    My phone updated earlier this week and something AWFUL, absolutely AWFUL has happened to the keyboard and it needs to be fixed. I know it is supposed to be more predictive, but it’s less user-friendly. I can’t tell you how many times by clicking the suggested word it ERASES everything you have typed and replaces it with just that word. Also I liked when I finished typing a word or chosing a word the punction appeared, now you get a list of new words in the predictive bar. I really hate it and I’m surprised there are not a million complaints about this from other users.

    • bbto125

      The same thing happens to me. I actually got on this website to complain about it. I am visiting all the websites I can and putting down my comments. I hope they see it and fix it.

    • I hope they fix this, it drives me nuts, to the point I wish I had never heard of the update.

    • Ga Droid

      I told Verizon about this and they replied with the following:

      “The great news is that Verizon Wireless and Samsung are aware of the issues that were created with predicative text after the software update and we expect to have an update with a fix sometime in May!

      In the meantime I would suggest that you turn off that feature.”

    • dgodard

      Yes, its awful & driving me crazy. I hope they fix this soon!!!

  • Car

    This update which wasn’t needed now causes me to put a period in front of the question mark. I cannot stand this one bit. It no longer automatically puts in the period when you space twice at the end of a sentence. It just keeps prompting for more word suggestions. What a stupid update, they didn’t fix it, they made it more cumbersome.

  • pappag8

    This update also fixed group texting. The native messaging app now works great.. HUGE badly needed fix

  • David G

    looks like this update fixed my “group messaging” with iPhone users… anyone else have the issue fixed also?

    • vMb

      Looks like it fixed mine too. Surprised that’s not mentioned, seems like a big fix to me

      • Mash

        How do you reply back to group texts? When I start typing in the the reply field it only goes back to the person that just sent the group text.

  • Anonymoused

    How do I add words to my T9 dictionary now??

  • Every since update my Bluetooth will not fully turn on even if I restart it… I have a gs3 any suggestions. ..?

  • Well it says it enhances Bluetooth but yet ever since the update my Bluetooth will not turn on or off its stuck in process of being turned on restarted my gs3 and still same problem what’s the deal with that….?

  • lnh

    My S3 already had VZ Navigator before this update. It couldn’t be uninstalled or even disabled which you can at least do with some of the Samsung bloatware. Was hoping VZW would give up on this, but no such luck. Was hoping for much more like enabling Blocking Mode & customization of notifications. Think I’ll pass on this update.

  • celeste

    Looks like group play is there too… I’m excited to try to take a photo while on a call.. been waiting for that feature

  • MofoEskimo

    I actually hate the fact that I can’t use T9 swipe unless predictive text is enabled. I hate predictive text, really sucks that they make you turn it on to use T9 swipe.

  • chapman1969

    I just got the new 4.1.2 update from verizon on my gs3 but I was hoping for 4.2.2 but that’s verizon for u

  • O k I got my update now I can sleep tonight more bull shitt

  • Colin Wolfson

    After update I get a big exclamation mark and the statement: “System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone. Please turn off your phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless store for help.”

  • Al Reviewer

    Still no global data – APN just as locked/uneditable as before. 🙁

  • This went live today, Just updated my phone a few mins ago

  • There I said it

    Just got pushed out to my phone

  • DXOG

    Just got force-pushed down to my phone.

  • Just got the update

  • Al Reviewer

    Anyone know if it fixes the locked APN problem?

  • jzwerlz43

    does anybody know if this update or the update to 4.2 will get rid of root access?

    • Justin Biese

      just updated. hid root before with voodoo OTA. Still rooted!

      • jzwerlz43

        Nice i just tried updating it and it didn’t work although I’m assuming that’s because I’m rooted that it didn’t work (sorry I’m new to this lol) is there any easy fix to that?

        • maddfrog

          I’m having the same problem, even with voodoo OTA. I get an image of the android on its front with a red triangle with a exclamation point symbol on top of it. Interested one how I can fix this, since the last time I rooted it didn’t give me any problems.

          • jzwerlz43

            That’s the same thing that happened to me. Had that red X or triangle or whatever shape it was show up in the boot screen and then it failed and reverted back to 4.1.1. Anybody who finds a fix for this please reply directly to this comment

  • Vtec21

    Will it fix my dim notification light and shortened battery life that 4.1.1 broke?

    • B-rye

      You know, I’ve been wondering about the notification light myself…luckily my battery life wasn’t affected though.

  • Jim McClain

    does anyone really use VZ navigator ? and is so why when google is free

  • Chris

    I hope it fixes the “searching for gps” issue in maps and navigation.

    • Are you rooted? I had the same problem, running clean rom 5. Not sure if I did something to jack it up, but I found the /system/etc/gps.conf file was referencing a NTP server under TEST vs. north-america. Simply commented out the old, uncommented the new (which happen to be the same as my Thunderbolt that locks gps solid) and BAM! Fixed.

      # NTP_SERVER=time.gpsonextra.net
      # NTP_SERVER=asia.pool.ntp.org
      # NTP_SERVER=europe.pool.ntp.org
      #North America


      • make sure you wifi is turned on at all times and it will fix this problem. Google gps services use wifi to help locate you. Even if you are not connected to a wifi network you need to have this on. The reasoning for this is it uses the wifi to detect the signal of wireless routers in your vicinity. Wireless routers have location points and then by then detecting wifi networks around you and ones that it has detected, while say you were driving down the road it can than pinpoint you location fastest. Make sure when using any kind of gps tracking your wifi is on google services are dependent on it!

    • Sorry, wrongly assumed you were in the US. Select your appropriate area, and uncomment that time server pool setting.

    • Anonymoused

      It doesn’t.

    • make sure you wifi is turned on at all times and it will fix this problem. Google gps services use wifi to help locate you. Even if you are not connected to a wifi network you need to have this on. The reasoning for this is it uses the wifi to detect the signal of wireless routers in your vicinity. Wireless routers have location points and then by then detecting wifi networks around you and ones that it has detected, while say you were driving down the road it can than pinpoint you location fastest. Make sure when using any kind of gps tracking your wifi is on google services are dependent on it

  • resination

    When they say VZ Navigator and Amazon have been added to “stub applications,” doesn’t that mean they’ve removed them, and instead provided a link to install them?

    • hkklife

      No, stub=bloat baked into the firmware.

  • burkett375

    oh thank god they added vzw navigator. I’ve been looking for a turn by turn direction app for quite some time.

    • Richard R

      I sense your sarcasm

      • burkett375

        nooooooooooooooooooooo 🙂

        • HerbieDerb

          My sarcasm meter just exploded

    • I just don’t get the stupid antics by Verizon. You are selling a phone with the best damn navigation out there, Google! What force this bloat on us??

      • Trueblue711

        There must still be idiots who pay for it, or they would’ve closed it like the VZW App Store.

    • B-Rye

      you forgot to add the clause, the turn by turn direction app that’ll constantly tell you to make the next available U-turn and probably never really get you where you intended to go. Use Google Navigation instead, you will probably never be disappointed.

      • BobButtons

        Apple Maps is on Android?!

  • Its because I bought this phone yesterday… sole reason why this phone is updating 🙂

  • Ken Bosse

    sweet, now just gotta wait for the devs to get a hold of it

  • tyguy829

    what happened to that premium suite that was supposed to come with 4.1.2?

    • thats coming on april 9th

      • tyguy829

        is that when samsung said it would come out, or when verizon is actually pushing it out?

      • wayne


    • Happening to me as well. Never have a long conversation through text I guess:-/

  • Curious to know what the “bluetooth performance” is all about. That’s about the only thing that seems worthwhile, for me at least.

    • Barry

      Im hoping its to fix the very broken bluetooth voice calling feature. Almost returned the phone over this

    • Guest

      Hoping this fixes the bluetooth/voice search problem. Very annoying when I’m in my car and want to voice navigate.

  • Radgatt

    Verizon back to their old ways. The past device updates have removed bloatware and now they are back to adding it. I guess they sobered up.

    • Im confused. What do you mean “back to their old ways”? They never left them! BTW, I am a Verizon GS3 owner running CyanogenMOD 10.1.

  • Jordan Epps

    I’ve honestly had customers turn down phones because they couldn’t take pictures during a call.

    • Wow. I can’t say I’ve ever thought to even try this.

      • hkklife

        You would be surprised how handy this feature is, especially when you are out in the field and doing a site inspection or survey and talking to someone via BT headset and need to send them a picture of something quickly.

        I always figured it was some ridiculous TouchWiz camera app limitation, as using a 3rd party camera app was always my workaround. Still nice to see this finally available, as I consider the camera app one of the best aspects of TW. Now I just wish the VZW version would allow the camera shutter to be muted!!

        • LionStone

          If you put the volume to Silent or Vibrate, does it still make a shutter noise?

          • Trueblue711

            It does, but it’s annoying to have to put your phone in silent/vibrate mode just to do that.

          • LionStone

            Going by the second part of your sentence I’m thinking you meant to say, “it does NOT make a shutter sound with Silent/Vibrate mode. I’d tend to agree then, it would be a nuisance to have to do that. I’m glad HTC has a No Sound option for shutter, I sometimes like to be stealth when taking photos 🙂

        • Trueblue711

          Agreed. The camera app is one of the reasons I’m still on TW.

    • roberthenderson

      I know it sounds crazy, but there have been tons of times when I’ve been on the phone and seen something I wanted to shoot.

      • Chris Hollenbeck

        Taken out of context, your comment would get you on an FBI watch list 😀

        • roberthenderson

          Lol. Unfortunately, it probably is both cases.

    • Dark_Laser


  • chris125

    VZ navigator and Amazon have been added. Of course couldn’t get an update without more bloat