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Google Announces the Chromebook Pixel, No We Aren’t Trolling You

chromebook pixel

Google just announced the Chromebook Pixel, a device that was originally thought to be an internet myth or joke. After reading through the press release, let’s just say that this is far from a joke or myth – it’s the real deal and looks amazing. It has a beautiful 12.85″ Gorilla Glass touch display with 239ppi (2560 x 1700), the highest pixel density of any laptop screen on the market. The Pixel also sports an Intel i5 processor, 4G LTE (from Verizon), and as is the case with all Chromebooks, is built for the cloud. There is a backlit keyboard, two USB 2.0 ports, mini-display port, 2-in1 card reader, 4GB RAM, 32/64GB solid state drive, headphone jack, microphone, and should last for 5 hours with active use.

The Pixel is already available on Google Play starting at $1299 for the WiFi-only version, with the LTE model dropping in at $1449.

The news just dropped, so we’ll flag this as “developing” until we can fully immerse ourselves in the announcement.

In the mean time, watch the video below. 

Google Play Links:  WiFi version ($1299) | 4G LTE version ($1449)


YouTube Preview Image

Via:  Google Blog | Pixel

  • cknight91

    Yeah I’m not sure who Google is marketing this laptop towards. The Samsung Chronos and Series 7 Ultra will probably be around this price point and you get a lot more bang for the buck (imo).

  • Matt Carner

    Question for those of you who keep pointing out that you can’t run “real” software on a Chromebook….

    Have you ever seen or tried Chrome Remote Desktop? If not, you may want to check it out in the Chrome Store. I use my CR-48 all the time to operate in Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. Works perfectly.

    Having the convenience and connectivity of a Chromebook while also getting to use any operating system you have installed on any of your other computers? Sign me up.

  • a1locjaw

    I agree with Gizmodo, no and hell no

  • If I’m not mistaken, a Nexus 10 can do everything a Chromebook can, and more. Why pay an extra $1,000 for one?

  • George264

    I’m still refreshing apple mbp retina page until they changed highest resolution laptop and second highest LOL

  • First off ChromeOS is not just a browser. Almost anyone can live off of just chrome and its apps (offline and online) without issue. Have you browsed the apps available recently?

    Now, its still not up to matching windows/mac with office and overall plethora of retail software. So it is hard to justify this price regardless of the amazing hardware underneath. I think I’d stick to a sub-$500 price structure for now. IDK. I know I could live without Windows.