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Google Announces the Chromebook Pixel, No We Aren’t Trolling You

chromebook pixel

Google just announced the Chromebook Pixel, a device that was originally thought to be an internet myth or joke. After reading through the press release, let’s just say that this is far from a joke or myth – it’s the real deal and looks amazing. It has a beautiful 12.85″ Gorilla Glass touch display with 239ppi (2560 x 1700), the highest pixel density of any laptop screen on the market. The Pixel also sports an Intel i5 processor, 4G LTE (from Verizon), and as is the case with all Chromebooks, is built for the cloud. There is a backlit keyboard, two USB 2.0 ports, mini-display port, 2-in1 card reader, 4GB RAM, 32/64GB solid state drive, headphone jack, microphone, and should last for 5 hours with active use.

The Pixel is already available on Google Play starting at $1299 for the WiFi-only version, with the LTE model dropping in at $1449.

The news just dropped, so we’ll flag this as “developing” until we can fully immerse ourselves in the announcement.

In the mean time, watch the video below. 

Google Play Links:  WiFi version ($1299) | 4G LTE version ($1449)



Via:  Google Blog | Pixel

  • cknight91

    Yeah I’m not sure who Google is marketing this laptop towards. The Samsung Chronos and Series 7 Ultra will probably be around this price point and you get a lot more bang for the buck (imo).

  • Matt Carner

    Question for those of you who keep pointing out that you can’t run “real” software on a Chromebook….

    Have you ever seen or tried Chrome Remote Desktop? If not, you may want to check it out in the Chrome Store. I use my CR-48 all the time to operate in Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. Works perfectly.

    Having the convenience and connectivity of a Chromebook while also getting to use any operating system you have installed on any of your other computers? Sign me up.

  • a1locjaw

    I agree with Gizmodo, no and hell no

  • If I’m not mistaken, a Nexus 10 can do everything a Chromebook can, and more. Why pay an extra $1,000 for one?

  • George264

    I’m still refreshing apple mbp retina page until they changed highest resolution laptop and second highest LOL

  • First off ChromeOS is not just a browser. Almost anyone can live off of just chrome and its apps (offline and online) without issue. Have you browsed the apps available recently?

    Now, its still not up to matching windows/mac with office and overall plethora of retail software. So it is hard to justify this price regardless of the amazing hardware underneath. I think I’d stick to a sub-$500 price structure for now. IDK. I know I could live without Windows.

  • nightscout13

    Sorry Google, if I’m paying over $1,000 for a laptop, I expect it to have Windows. You’re asking people to pay $1,300 for a Retina. Come on…….

  • Sirx

    FINALLY! A device that will NEVER be in danger of running out of stock on the Google Play Store 😛

    • Jack Mao

      it just did …. at least the LTE version -____-

  • Buckoman

    The specs are alright for the price, but the touch screen is a great addition.

    But what are you going to do with it that justifies spending $1299 on a Chromebook?

    Someone, please, help me out here.

  • Mr. Regular

    Getting there Google but this seems more like a unfinished product, no one will buy this yet at the price too many things missing to get early adopters

  • I’d like to get it, but I can’t justify spending over a grand for any laptop right now. But if you are a HEAVY drive user, it pays for itself. I’m looking forward to playing with it at Best Buy, and I’m hoping to convince my boss to get one and make the switch to Drive for our shared storage.

  • Greg
  • krusty46

    For $1,300 it is a joke

    • Tim242

      You got that right! A glorified tablet, browser OS. Google is trolling.

  • Paul

    I would never consider this over the 17″ gaming laptops for that price. It’s not like a 17″ laptop is any harder to bring around anyways.

  • The price hike is that i5. Intel just has pretty expensive CPUs.

  • Holy crap, I’m not paying that much for a device that’s so limited as compared to laptops with other OSs. This is way too big of a price jump from the awesomely affordable regular Chromebooks. C’mon Google, don’t pull Apple crap like this.

  • JoshHenry

    What do you all mean whose going to pay 1300 for this? We are all supposed to be Google supporters. We should be just as willing to pay 1300 for this amazing product just as an Apple user would pay 1300 for a Macbook air. Lets stand together Google fans!

    • Paul

      Let’s not blindly buy something just because Google is making it, or we aren’t much better than Apple fanboys.

      • Daniel Clifford

        Could not agree more.

    • Tim242

      But we are cheap Android users : )

  • hey! It’s IN STOCK! In all seriousness though, it looks like a beautiful device, but wasn’t their goal to make these devices cheaper? I don’t know that there’s a $1,000 difference between this device and the $249 Samsung version

  • bakdroid

    This is the Q all over again….

  • Trey Mitchell

    So let me get this straight the nexus 4 has no lte and runs only on gsm. But the chromebook has verizon as a launch partner??

  • Google has to have something up there sleeve with this.. a $1300 chrome browsers? no there has to be more. I noticed the title of the video is called “Chrome Pixel: For What is next” i think it is literally for what google does next.

  • bucky500

    I’m so glad this is priced out of my range so I can go back to being happy with my ARM Chromebook and stop stressing about the impending announcement/rush to PlayStore to buy day!

  • Lucky me. I’m due for hardware refresh at work and we’re completely all-in on Google Apps for Education now, so this will do NICELY for me. 🙂 And a discount for work compared to the MBP I would have ordered if this hadn’t popped up.

  • This pricing is completely eliminates the idea of Chromebook as a cheap, light and disposable PC.
    Ballmer must be ROFLing now.

  • Patrick Cedrowski

    32 GB seems like a lot for a chromebook, does it not? Is Google planning something else for Chrome OS?? Perhaps installing and running Android apps??

  • Sounds like a proof of concept device, like the Nexus Q, to me. Google testing the waters by producing and selling an R&D device and figuring out from the public what they need to improve, then returning to the drawing board with the feedback.

  • Jimmy

    Macbook 13″ 2560 x 1600 227 ppi $1499
    Pixel ~13″ 2560 x 1700 239 ppi $1299

    is it hard to figure which to buy? Hmm. maybe don’t get it equation

  • Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but the wifi-only version has only 32gig SSD… not sure the article mentioned that.

  • I always laughed at Apple fanboys having to pay $1300 for macbooks. There’s no way anyone will justify this price point with 5 hours battery life.

    • At least Macbooks have some decent third-party software support from top-tier companies.

  • Would this be worth the price if it did Chrome OS and ran Android apps too??

  • WTF are they thinking? You could get an Asus Zenbook for at least $500 less than that that would trounce those specs (except maybe that ridiculous screen resolution—how high rez a screen do you need to watch animated gifs on Reddit anyway?)

  • Guest

    $1,300? Have to admit I didn’t see that coming. I could see that price point as plausible if if had more than 64gig space and 5 hours battery life… but I’d never pay more than $400-500 for a laptop or tablet, no matter how premium it is.

  • awesome hardware… but a tad pricey for something that I can’t install any software on and requires an internet connection to actually use.

  • Huh. I mean, that’s a nice looking computer but unless ChromeOS does a lot of things I don’t know about, I can’t see buying this over a MacBook Pro at that price.

  • In for one! WOOP!

  • I keep looking at my calendar but it still doesn’t say April 1st.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    $1299 for the WiFi-only version, with the LTE model dropping in at $1449?


  • kane

    I wager after this we will hear about lot’s more about what you can do with this device at IO in May. They didn’t give you a highres touchscreen to browse the web

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Ding ding ding I think we have a winner. Props to you for usin’ yer thinker.

    • aBabyPenguin

      I agree, I am expecting a LOT from IO now.

    • aBabyPenguin

      Then again, if this $1300 device needs this price point for the “new features” we are expecting, wouldn’t that mean all the other chromebooks would be left in the dust??

    • Then why not unveil it at I/O alongside those big improvements to Chrome OS? Much bigger story then and you don’t have a bunch of news cycles with the industry scratching their heads at your perceived stupidity with this device release now.

  • aBabyPenguin

    The price is ridiculous, I love my Acer C7 Chromebook but that is mostly because the price was right for what I was getting. This thing is going to crash and burn unless Google really turns ChromeOS on its head at Google IO. Here’s hoping.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I would imagine Google has a few things to show off.

  • JMonkeYJ

    to me this is the Nexus Q all over again: a well-designed, premium device for a market that does not exist.

  • Jeff Badger

    The price is a little high, but they are throwing in one terabyte of Google Drive storage, free for 3 years. Normal cost of Google Drive at that limit is $50 a month or $1800 over 3 years. It’s basically a free laptop if you want that much cloud storage.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Good find!

    • Tony Byatt

      So maybe they’ll soon end the cloud storage promotion and the price will drop…One can only hope…

  • if it supported Skype, Netflix and Microsoft Office, I would be all in… had the latest Samsung Chromebook and had to return it because it just didn’t do enough of what we needed it to do.

    • hkklife

      Horribly, crushingly overpriced. it doesn’t matter how good the build quality is or how good the screen is. For those eye-watering prices, I expect a full Wintel behemoth that I can use ALL of my Windows apps/games on, along with such niceties as a backlit keyboard, wired Gb Ethernet, HDMI-out native etc.

      They should have built atop the existing Acer & Samsung Chromebooks and had a ~$500 MBA competitor. $600 would be the ABSOLUTE the market would bear for one of these, regardless of specs. A Core i5 processor is total overkill for running a cloud-centric browser machine.

      At the very least this should come with a special VZW unlimited LTE Chromebook package.
      This is destined to be the next Palm Foleo…or worse.

  • anezarati

    who is manufacturing this? it doesnt say. has google turned to making there own chromebooks?!?

    • NexusPhan69


  • NexusPhan69

    Am I the only one the seems to feel the biggest news here is this is the first Verizon LTE device being sold direct from the Play Store? Verizon no-contract nexus next?

    • NexusPhan69

      Thanks for responding to my email Kellex! I thought you were going to write me off as way off base.

    • r0lct

      Well considering the 3G Chromebooks were sold direct I’m not so sure how big this milestone is.

      • NexusPhan69

        All of those were GSM were they not? Never Verizon before.

        • r0lct

          The Samsung Chromebooks were Verizon 3G.

          • NexusPhan69

            Damn. I didn’t know that. I still see this as a very good sign tho.

  • possomcrast1

    It actually sounds pretty good to me but I don’t think the 1299 dollar price point is a good deal at all. You can get an equivalent laptop for a bit more than half that.

    • r0lct

      Can you link to one with those specs even under $1000?

  • Justin Winker

    Holy SH*T. Would have considered it at a price of maybe 800 with LTE, but that’s WAY to high.

  • I was thinking, damn, this sounds nice until I saw the pricetag…Ummm Yeah, no.

  • Roscoe White

    I may be reaching with this one…but Google might have something up their sleeves…. Maybe merging Android and Chrome OS for KLP…but like I said- reaching lol

  • whoa whoa whoa.. this is still a troll.. come on now.. will it run Adobe Creative Suite?

    • Geoff Johnson

      I wish, it’s one of the few apps that would actually make use of this display. Why do you need this crazy resolution for web apps?

      • Agreed.

      • JMonkeYJ

        it does not make any sense to me

    • Of course not 😛 I think it’s absurd to offer a notebook at this price if the only thing it comes with is Chrome OS. Why would I want to limit my computing to only a browser, when the hardware is capable of so much more?

  • droidify

    I’m sure it is nice but the price is recockulous

  • Tony Byatt

    Beautiful device…Way overpriced…

    • JBartcaps

      Device is actually ugly as hell, Pretty thick and it looks too squareish. The screen on the other hand looks amazing

      • 0.64 inches thick

        • That’s what she said…

        • JBartcaps

          Look at the gallery in the Verge article…It’s thick

          • If you’re comparing it to the leading edge of the wedge-shaped Air, then yes it is thick. But, it’s actually thinner than the thickest point on an Air(0.68in). For a better comparison, the Macbook Pro Retina is 0.75in thick.

  • Eric Soriano

    I see a $600 laptop in that article.

  • Ouch pricy much?

  • trwb

    Maybe Google got hacked, the same way BK, FB and Apple did last week?

  • flyinggerbil

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive.

  • JBartcaps
  • NexusMan

    It’s been removed from the Play Store.

    • JBartcaps

      No it hasn’t

      • trwb

        It was for a couple minutes. Now its back.

      • NexusMan

        It was. Then it was put back up.

    • Youre high

      • NexusMan

        Um…no…completely clean and sober here. It was removed…and then put back up.

    • r0lct

      I still see it.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Still there for me.

  • NexusPhan69

    We officially have a device running on Verizon’s LTE network sold through the Google play store. Next Verizon Nexus is data only no contract. Revamped google voice and a unified google talk/SMS service. Holy hell that sounds amazing. I am brilliant.

  • trwb

    I would buy it if it was $800 less. It comes with a gimped OS.

    • zach471

      Not gimped, just focused on a particular purpose. One that is NOT suited for the proposed price point.

      • trwb

        Having a focus would imply that it did other things but is good in one area. This thing does only one thing, the web. I think this must be a joke from Google.

  • jhjr24

    I’m interested. This computer has an unbelievable screen and specs that most Chromebook users have been asking for. This is a step in the right direction, while the price is premium you are buying a premium product from Google.

  • i want this only because i’m a google fanboy… but pushing my biases aside…:
    $1300 FOR A WEB BROWSER?!?!? Google. come on… you’re better than this. I honestly don’t see why a browser need a 100,000,000,000dpi screen.

  • Dan

    The screen looks square, like my first Laptop. Gross!

  • JBartcaps

    You guys have no idea if $1300 is justified or not. I’m not saying it is, i’m just saying we haven’t gotten a chance to play with it yet

    • Geoff Johnson

      It’s a Chromebook that cost $1300, lol. We’ve used Chromebooks before

      • JBartcaps

        Maybe theres a secret…A HIDDEN secret

  • Chromebook Pixel – the most expensive Web Browser on Earth

  • Yep

    This device will crash & burn worse than a Russian meteor. Seriously, this price point isn’t even close to justified.

  • hfoster52

    Google reads this site is the only explanation….. 🙂

  • rals

    What interests me is the fact of LTE. If this plays nice with Verizon’s network, this more of a reason why the X phone or other LTE enabled phones from Google can have a real fighting chance to avoid the carrier’s BS.

    • NexusPhan69

      Google has a partnership on this with only verizon. 100MB of LTE per month free. I feel the exact same way as you!

  • Ian Winchell

    im gonna pass, bluetooth 3, no .11ac, no usb3, If it had all that i might consider it as it would be relevant for a few years

  • mastaking

    32 Gigs and Wifi is $1300 and for the extra $150 you get double the storage and 4G radios.

  • A $1,300 dollar kinda-laptop? What is Google thinking. Their whole motto is to create great hardware for a good price. This is what I’d expected to see from Apple.

  • MonkeyWork

    Does anyone else fear the ‘built for the cloud’ concept, as they thrive on selling our personal information? And are in deep with the government?

  • John Burke

    That’s about 500$ too much IMO.
    No thanks Google.

  • First PS4 and now this? Wow more electronics that seem to be way out of sync with their consumers.

  • Looks like I’ve confirmed my theory that Android users are cheap! /s

    • r0lct

      I think when the next more expensive Chromebook is $330 there’s going to be some sticker shock.
      Like Hyundai’s first $60k car

      • Daddy, why is that Scion starting at $20K?

        I don’t know, son. I don’t know…

      • Wow what an old reference. Hyundai hasn’t made cheap cars since last century.

    • silly Tim you should know that nothing is wrong confirmed

    • BP

      Not cheap but conservative!

    • Syrio35

      Smart you mean, as in knowing a bad deal when they see one.

    • BubbleSort

      Cheap? No. I would instantly buy it for that price if it had 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD so I could run Linux on it for development purposes. I just can’t justify 1300 for a machine that is limited to a web browser.

    • Maybe they’re just not stupid.

    • For me it’s not really about being cheap, it’s about what you get for the price.
      I could take that $1500 and buy a Windows powered laptop that I can use more apps, more space, more games… essentially more of everything.
      So why would I intentionally limit myself for the sake of throwing money at something?
      I want to support Google, but I just don’t have a $1500 interest in a Chromebook.

  • price = hahahahahahaha

  • This is downright silly.

    Ubuntu, Android, and Chrome OS need to have a three way, and then a baby.

    That baby is what I’m interested in as a unified OS for phone, tablet, and desktop.

  • Geoff Johnson

    What’s the point in this kind of high res display on a Chromebook anyways?

  • Brent Cooper

    Wayyyyyyy to little memory for a computer. Id expect more for that price. DL review anyways maybe??? 🙂

  • Josh Flowers

    I’m sorry, can a Chromebook install software or just apps from the Google Chrome store?
    if not–then for $1,300 i’d expect it to at least be able to run something that’ll burn cd’s

    • Brent Cooper

      Only software from the Chrome web store I believe. I think that’s the biggest problem with Chromebooks right now.

      • And…that’s a pretty big problem.


    Chrome OS isn’t usable and supported enough yet to make it the sole OS for a user. This computer should only be a little bit more expensive than the Nexus 10 (like $600-$700 range) for the Wi-Fi model, and with an added premium for 4G LTE.

    • baconslayer09

      If it was $600, it wouldn’t have a touch screen with a 2560×1700 resolution or an Intel i5 processor.

  • Wes

    If you could change out the SSD, this would be a good thing to put a Linux distro on.

  • mastaking

    $1300 Chromebook? I think Google is trolling us….

    • RedPandaAlex

      I’m guessing they’re sick of all their employees using macbook pros.

  • Bionicman

    1200 are you freakn kidding me? wait with Chrome OS? errrr uhhhh errrrr argh

  • Spencer

    My jaw was about to drop, until I saw the price. And then it kinda did drop anyway. Just no drool.

    Seriously, this thing should definitely be under 900. Give it a few months and it will be.

    • trwb

      It should be under $600

  • Wow…turning into Apple? Mac Book Air? Price is too damn high!

  • Geoff Johnson

    The only thing good about this is the display… This is the same price as a 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina though

  • Rbq

    wow it’s beautiful *cries* too much money.

  • Drome

    waaaaaaay too expensive. You could get a surface pro for that price.

    • Tony Allen

      Yes it is, but why would you? Especially if battery life was a concern, the Surface Pro is a joke in that scenario.

      • Drome

        but it is a full on computer that can actually do work and doubles as a tablet. My laptop doesnt last for 4 hours and it isnt a problem for me. This thing is a $1300 web browser with a nice screen.

  • Mike

    USB 2.0? What!?

    32GB local storage isn’t enough either for something in this price range.

  • wes

    1300 bucks? My Lenovo with a 1080p display and an i7 was only around 1200.

    • Rbq

      you get the y500 like I just did?

    • burntcookie90

      but is it this size?

      plus this has a better screen

      • The Lenovo has an operating system.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          What do you think ChromeOS is? If you’re going to say something sarcastic, at least understand what an operating system is. Otherwise you just look like a tool.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Everyone knows what he means…. It just went over your head.

          • Thanks @Good_Ole_Pinocchio:disqus I’m glad I didn’t need to use the sarcasm font for everyone!

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Perhaps you missed the point where I noted it was you being sarcastic?

          • Do you really need me to explain this to you? The “joke” part of my comment is that ChromeOS is a joke of an OS.

            Is that enough “technical merit” (whatever the heck that is) for you?

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Perhaps what I said is over your head … I get the “joke” just fine, it has no real truth because the OS is an OS. Should I break it down further for you?

          • Dear lord, it is not over my head. What you’re failing to grasp is that I was JOKING, and jokes do not have to be serious/factual/technically accurate. Are you really this thickheaded, or are you trolling on purpose? Or do you have no sense of humor whatsoever?

            I understand what an OS is. I’ve worked with Linux, Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS. My joke is built on the fact that ChromeOS is so limited that it’s a stretch to even call it that. It’s basically just Chrome, the web browsing application that you can get on any flavor of Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Android 4+.

            Plenty of other people got the joke, judging by the upvotes. Quit being so pedantic.

          • I know what an OS is @google-32aa97aaa2f2beb3c2bcc71d886b9fc6:disqus. It was a joke that I thought was obvious, but you didn’t get.

            If we’re being serious, then we can be serious. What can Chrome OS do that Chrome can’t do on Linux, MacOS, or Windows? Anything?

            The only reason to buy a Chromebook is ultramobility and cost. This chromebook completely does away with the cheap price. So what’s the point? Why would I buy a computer like this when the only thing it does is run Chrome?

            Makes no sense.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Again, I got the “joke” just fine. It wasn’t funny to me. We aren’t debating the merits of what it can or cannot do over another OS. The fact of the matter is none of us know what Google plans with this device. As someone stated above, it’s pretty obvious they aren’t going to give you an ultra high res screen and other bits and pieces to let you just browse the web.

            The fact that you are short sighted doesn’t make your “joke” funny, it just proves that over and over again people fail to see the forest for the trees.

          • You might be debating this. I’m not. I made a one-line joke, and then I fell for the feeding the troll trick.

            Judging by the upvotes, plenty of people found the joke funny. You didn’t. Whatever. Goodbye, Jarred. Conversation with you is about as futile as trying to get work done on a Chromebook.

            ZING! That was a JOKE. Wanted to make sure I made it obvious to you this time.


          • Jarred Sutherland

            Was it a joke? I missed that one too.

          • zepfloyd

            “The fact of the matter is none of us know what Google plans with this device. ”

            That’s largely irrelevant. You buy a product as in investment for what it can do and offer TODAY. As you have already been told above, if they had grandiose plans for it, they’d have kept it till I/O and marketed it as such. They are selling it for what they explain. Their for seeing and touching part explains that.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I buy products that offer an investment for down the road. Thinking about nothing but today leaves you behind.

            Also, someone on an internet message board knows more about what Google is going to do than Google themselves? That’s impressive, perhaps Google should hire this fortune teller. Again, the FACT is none of us know what is coming from I/O. Some goon on a message board knows about as much as you and I concerning Google’s plans.

          • zepfloyd

            There’s a difference between futureproofing specs in a PC or phone and paying a THOUSAND dollar premium for a device of it’s class purely on ‘hope’ something gets improved ‘eventually’.

            You also committed two logical fallacies: attack the speaker, and appeal to the unknown. If you stopped shilling for 90 seconds on this thing and looked around you’d see 1) you’re on the wrong side of common sense public opinion on it and 2) do a little market research.

            You say wait till I/O. Ok, for what exactly? It has limited storage so odds of off-line abilities will still be limited regardless of what they show. It’s a cloud based OS after all. Touch you say? Seriously when EVER has touch input helped real work be any easier? Tablets are better at it, but still doesn’t beat the traditional model. Really high resolution screens? There’s competitors and tablets that do that for the same price and offer way more flexibility, and others that cost way less (Nexus 10, iPad). Want a compromise of options? There’s a Surface for that that STILL costs less. Point is, there’s little they can show at I/O that somehow makes the price justifiable on an as yet unproven cloud based OS with little app support (other than the 1TB of storage you will eventually have to pay for) And by the time I/O hits, someone else can make the exact same machine for hundreds less easily. Technology costs declines over time; there is simply zero reasons to jump on this today.

            Google is just quietly trying to get something with more margin dollars behind it to change the conversation/game and space Chromebooks fall in; AKA move out of the netbook range and more on par with ultrabooks to build true value in the Cloud based OS model. They are simply masking it behind shiny HQ touch screens. The only issue here is you just can’t see that yet.

          • Futbolrunner

            Boom shakalaka!

  • Shane Redman

    Make the screen able to flip and become a tablet…and you can take all my money

  • Jeff Tycz

    LOL who is going to pay $1,300 for basically a web browser??

    • r0lct

      Well the windows license is around $200. So I hope you weren’t expecting to pay much less (or about $200 less) than a Windows laptop with equivalent specs…

      • Geoff Johnson

        It’s actually $99 for Windows 8

        • r0lct

          That’s a limited time promo.

      • Jeff Tycz

        besides the display the specs are not really that impressive at all. I can easily find a laptop half that price with more 20x the hard drive space (granted not a SSD), more memory, USB 3.0 which i find retarded that google uses 2.0 in this still, and an OS that I can actually run programs on

        • r0lct

          Can you link to one of the many then? I can’t find one.

          • Jeff Tycz
          • Jarred Sutherland

            Ahh the good ol plastic HP. Have fun with that turd. Also, what are you using that USB 3.0 even comes into play with? I have had USB 3.0 now for a year and have yet to find anything I need for it. I suspect it will be that way for quite some time to come as well.

          • zepfloyd

            Try using an external HD for backup (common simple task) and tell me how USB 3 doesn’t help??

            Run along…

          • Jeff Tycz

            you sir are an idiot…if you want to waste your money on this then fine by me but you saying that USB 3.0 has no benefits takes all your merits away. So what if the HP is plastic, so is your tablet, phone, TV….. the specs are still better than thins for half the price

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I didn’t say it has no benefits, your words, not mine. I said currently there is very little that takes advantage of USB 3. Apart from HDD backups, of which I am never in a hurry for, USB 3.0 has gone un-utilized for the most part. Now if you’re connecting a SSD via a USB 3 enclosure that’s going to see a huge benefit, but beyond that a standard spindle HDD isn’t now going to break speed records.

            But whatever, enjoy your cheap plastic HP. I’ve repaired hundreds of them and prefer to never work with them again.

          • Robbie Gerling

            That’s a 15.6″ laptop that doesn’t go out for portability at all… what was the point of this post?! #thumbsdown

          • Jeff Tycz

            The point is that I can find something better for half the price??

          • Justin Swanson

            Why is it better? USB3? It’s cheaper? I’m not saying I am going to line up for a Pixel (because of the price point, mostly) but I have had several HPs and I don’t care for them.

          • Jeff Tycz

            uhh did you even look at the specs?? you actually have a hard drive to put stuff on, usb 3.0, little bigger screen,double the ram and an OS that does more than just browse the web

    • mechapathy

      1. Wipe it
      2. Install Windows
      3. Install Chrome
      5. Profit.

      • Geoff Johnson

        And you have a total of 5GB free afterwards!

        • mechapathy

          LOL touché

        • Don’t forget it comes with 1TB of GDrive for three years

          • JBartcaps

            In the cloud…Not on the device

          • Exactly, this device is all about the cloud. You don’t really need much local storage.

          • socalrailroader

            You can’t install apps in the cloud though, the Surface Pro comes with a minimum of a 64 GB SSD, and has full Windows 8 Pro (which means you can use all the full Windows apps), a full HD 1080P IPS Screen (granted, it’s not a retina or pixel screen) a lot more useful and a LOT less at $899.

        • Other chromebooks use standard SSDs, so it wouldn’t be hard to go swap it out with a bigger one.

      • JBartcaps

        Remember theres only a 32GB HDD lol

        • mechapathy

          Article says 64GB SSD.

          • JBartcaps

            Yeah sorry, I was basing it off the WiFi

      • Jeff Tycz

        so what happens after I install windows and I have zero space to put any other program on it because this device only comes with 64GB SSD?? spend more for a bigger SSD?

        • mechapathy

          I hear ya, but honestly, if you’re buying this thing anyway, the extra $150 for a 128GB 840 pro (newegg at time of writing) isn’t gonna break the bank. It’s not something I’m gonna do, but I’m just saying.

          • Mr ilheis

            This is exactly what I’m talking about. Like why not find out what’s inside and see if it can be increased. All that really needs to be upgradable is SSD and RAM.

        • r0lct

          Like all the Surface Pro users have to deal with?

          • socalrailroader

            Not true, I have a 64 and have almost 25 GB free, and that’s after adding Office 365, Adobe Lightroom, Paintshop Pro X5 and a few other programs. Unless you have one, all you are doing is repeating something some other web site said. Oh, I have a 64 GB MicroSDXC in, as well as 50 GB on DropBox, 50GB on Box and 30 GB on SkyDrive, I’d say I am in good shape 🙂

        • Captain_Doug

          Windows only takes like 20-30GB. Not 64.

          • David Hayden

            20 is the max for Win7/8, and that is for the 64-bit version.

          • Captain_Doug

            I was just guessing. It’s around 20-30GB after installing windows AND all the key programs. ;D

        • Flash drives are cheap.

      • jab416171

        Good luck installing WIndows without a BIOS.

        • brando56894

          The Chromebooks probably use UEFI (it has to have something to initialize the hardware before ChromeOS loads). Windows Vista (?), Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT/Pro all support UEFI.

      • brando56894

        Replace “Install Windows” with “Install Linux”.

    • El Big CHRIS

      At first when I was reading the article I thought I might buy it. Then I got to the $1300 part and I was like: Oh Google who’s gonna pay that for a Web browser? Not Joe Schmoe

      • NexusPhan69

        It’s because of the free 100MB of Verizon LTE per month. That made up 70% of the price.

        • I thought Chromebooks came with that for free? Including the thousands of free Chromebooks they gave out. 100mb isn’t very much.

          • NexusPhan69

            It is free. And I know 100MB is nothing. That’s the joke….

          • Wrong

            No that makes no sense. The WiFi model is 1300 and LTE model 1450. How would the built in LTE add 70%? Clearly it adds 10-12% and thats for the built in LTE radio and the service.

          • NexusPhan69

            It’s a flipping joke at how expensive Verizon service. Why is this so hard to get.

          • Justin Swanson

            Sorry, bro… I got it 😉

            Oh and the reason the wifi only is so expensive is because it has to help compensate the cost of the LTE variant.

          • michael arazan

            OMG, how the hell did verizon corrupt Google? The last chromebook was a few hundred dollars, granted it only had 16 GB and a lesser screen, but wth? And let me guess, verizon controls the updates too?

          • Justin Swanson

            No… we were just joking. I don’t think the LTE really drove up the price. This is a premium product at a premium price. Google is testing the waters here. Unfortunately, I think they forgot that Chrome OS isn’t as powerful as a full operating system and the sales will reflect that… However the 1TB space in Google Drive is appealing…

    • Yeah. Am I missing something here?

    • AlphaNoble

      Also, is there any reason why something running Chrome OS would need an i5?

      • r0lct

        A separate announcement about Chrome OS shows it’s about to get beefed up offline apps with some version of office integrated into the OS. This will likely require more local horsepower.

      • socalrailroader

        I was wondering the same thing, that’s like making a DOS laptop and putting a overclocked i7 6 Core in.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Amazing how short sighted people can be. I would wait for I/O.

      • Jeff Tycz

        If I have to wait for I/O then why release it now?

        • Jarred Sutherland

          You don’t have to wait for I/O. It is a perfectly functioning chromebook right now. You get 1TB of Google Drive storage for 3 years as someone else pointed out, which costs more than the laptop itself.

          • Jeff Tycz

            yeah so a $1300 browser until an unconfirmed update to chrome OS comes out that you are just pulling out of the air…….and what will you do after your 3 years runs out? oh either pay more or lose your stuff…GTFO!

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Is there someone forcing this Chromebook upon you? I haven’t seen anyone holding a gun to anyone else’s head forcing them to purchase. I am sure those that buy it will be pleased with the device. If it isn’t for you, it isn’t for you.

    • JoshHenry

      What do you all mean whose going to pay 1300 for this? We are all supposed to be Google supporters. We should be just as willing to pay 1300 for this amazing product just as an Apple user would pay 1300 for a Macbook air. Lets stand together Google fans!

      • ERIC REED

        That MacBook Air is one bad ass mofo…

        • Cowboydroid

          With half the screen resolution.

          • angermeans

            Actually for about the same price you can get a 13″ retina mBP that has a lot more to offer in the spec dept and is a full functioning PC. I love the idea and it looks nice but the only reasons people are buying chromebooks now is one the low price and two if they are a google fan. I don’t even see this fitting even into the fan part and the price people will get a much better laptop eleswhere.

          • Cowboydroid

            It has more specs because it needs it. Chromebooks don’t need super duper hardware to run fast.

      • Justin Swanson

        You’re right, what was I thinking to question my Google overlords?

        take my moneyz!

      • The macbook pro retina is functional at $1,500+ this is not. If this had a 256 or 512GB SSD I would say okay maybe, but 64GB is some weak sauce!

        • Cowboydroid

          What isn’t functional about it? It does exactly what it’s designed to do. Maybe it’s YOU who isn’t functional.

          • Jim H

            That’s no defense at all. Dental floss also does exactly what it is designed to do, but you don’t see people lining up to buy gorgeous little $450 spools of it, do you?

          • Justin Swanson

            You aren’t shopping at the right stores, my dental floss costs me at least $499.99, otherwise it’s just not worth buying… /s

          • JoshHenry

            I like the way you put this. Well played.

          • angermeans

            And how do you know it’s functional? People share up and Down the rMBP struggles with integrated graphics and that has a lot more horsepower than this. 4gb of ram, i5 with integrated graphics, and only a 32 or 64 ssd. I would be very surprised if it doesn’t struggle at times to USB all those pixels around.

    • jeff manning

      Everyone is looking at this the wrong way. This is not intended for the average consumer. This product is being sold to people who pay for the extra storage in Google Drive and expect to use the extra storage for a long time. 1TB of storage on Google Drive is $50 a month. For one year that is $600 dollars. So the pixel really costs $700 for that consumer. If you are someone who plans on using the 1TB option for three years then the Pixel is basically free.

  • This seems like a Ferarri on bicycle tires. Web apps are the bicycle tires. Maybe with the ability to run Android apps it will be a more capable device?

  • Well I’ll be damned..

  • steve g

    Holy pricing batman!

    • valapsp

      Holy SH*T seems better in this case.

      • Larizard


  • Guest


  • Alberto Hamade

    It begins at $1,300!!!!!

  • Daniel Maginnis

    This thing has got to cost like $1k with a built in modem, touch and high PPI display. I want one tho. Glad I didn’t buy a Sammy yet. My cr48 has been broken and I really want to replace it

  • Srsly? More than 1000$ for Chrome OS?

  • Justin

    Interesting.. Wonder what the price point will be.

    • NexusPhan69

      $1299. 3-5 days shipping.

  • cizzlen

    “a device that original”


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Woo… UNTIL DLife posts the price LOL. This MUST be a joke at $1299 and $1449… Looks like April fools came early from Google this year

    • +2

    • which depends on the specifications – did you look at the other touchscreen laptops that uses windows 8? they are about the same price range

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Man the WIFI model is 32GB for $1299…. Stop and think about that for a second. And You can’t compare this to windows 8…. Chrome OS is just a Browser

        • Tony Allen

          For now…

          • Yep

            “For now” does nothing to ameliorate the horrid price point of this device.

      • But you get…you know, a full-on computer.

    • epps720

      At this price it sounds like this will sell as much as the Nexus Q did!

      • Alexander Anteneh


  • ToddAwesome

    Take my money!

  • Shane Redman


  • What’s wrong with the headline?

  • Woohoo, got a new computer to used in school