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Samsung Announces WiFi-only Galaxy Camera, Finally

samsung galaxy camera verizon

If you were holding out for a Galaxy Camera, sans 3G/4G LTE connection, today is your day. We are most certainly fans of this device (review here), as it got used a ton during CES, but the price did scare off a few potential customers at full retail of $500. This new variant will have dual-band WiFi, but all of the same specs: 16.3MP sensor, 21x optical zoom, 4.8″ back-facing display, Android 4.1, and a 1.4GHz quad-core processor. 

Funny enough, even though the press release states that it launched today, there is no pricing or availability information. Maybe that will come later down the road.

Does a WiFi-only version of this device make you feel somewhat tempted?

Via: Samsung Press

  • Make a DSLR version and then we’ll talk…

  • I think the idea is entertaining but for that price you can get a T2i and eyefi card. Or just use a USB cable with DSLR Controller and forget the eyefi.

  • Scott in MA

    I would take it for $250 and faster at $200.

  • Olga Peluso

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  • Shane Redman

    How about you just give me an NFC chip. Then I can beam it to my phone or tablet and do with it what I like.

  • Raven

    Tempted yes. But, too big to replace my current point & shoot. Not enough dedicated controls or a bright enough flash or hot shoe to replace my current super-zoom. I won’t even compare it to a DSLR.

  • Eye.fi card solves it all. Added it to a waterproof rugged camera, BOOM. not scared to take a camera along for any trip. then i can upload everything while in the middle of nowhere, but i do have to say this thing does look sweet and i would if i could.

  • Dan Churco

    Yes. I don’t use my point and shoot because the pictures end up on the SD card, and not on my computer.. would love to have auto upload on the camera, and not have to worry about it.

    • gimlet72

      Buy an Eye-Fi SD card. It will automatically send the photos to your computer and to you picassa/facebook account… http://www.eye.fi/ works great

  • I was very impressed by these at CES, lot of potential. Pricing on the first gen is not attractive though, neither are the contract pricing.

  • saimin

    I like the idea of WiFi in a camera, but I don’t understand the usefulness of Android. Why not just send the photos to your Android smartphone with WiFi then do whatever you need with them? Samsung (and other manufacturers) have a wide range of reasonably priced WiFi cameras that can sync with Android smartphones.

  • Cody

    $250 is about as much as I’d pay for it. At $199, I would order today

  • Have there been any firmware patches (or hints at them) to fix lag? I’ve been watching them on Craigslist.

  • Eric Soriano

    $299 MSRP with a street price of $250 and I’m in.

  • JBartcaps

    I heard the image quality isn’t so great, but this thing is pretty and feels great in your hands. Maybe when version 2 comes out

  • cocamoxb

    Around $299 and it’ll be on my doorstep as soon as UPS can get it here!

  • BobButtons

    If I had the money, yeah. I’d actually be interested in seeing more phone-sized WiFi-only Android devices.

  • Neomastermind