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Is This the Icon for a New All-in-One Messaging Service From Google?

google unified messenger

Developer Francois Beaufort, the guy who first pointed out that Chrome would be receiving Google Now-like notifications, posted up the screenshot you are seeing above to his G+ account, today. In the shot, we are seeing at least two things that have grabbed our attention – rich notifications in Chrome OS and an icon that looks a lot like one that would be for a messenger client of sorts.Β 

First, on the right is a shot of what “rich” notifications will look like in Chrome OS. As you can see, it shows very much in the style of Google Now. It also seems to be showing notifications for missed calls (Google Voice?), users who have circled you (Google+), and messages from friends (Gmail or G+ Messenger). Unified messaging center? Umm, hell yes.

Taking that a step further, the icon in the launch bar by the Google Drive icon is something we haven’t seen before. Beaufort mentioned in his G+ post with the photo that he “doesn’t know yet” what that icon is, followed by a winking smiley face. What’s he hinting at here? In the comments of his screenshot, a number of G+ users are praying for this to be a unified messaging app from Google. For far too long have we had to deal with separated Google Talk, Voice, Messenger, Gmail, G+, etc.

But will it actually happen? At some point, it only makes sense that Google would try to release a unified messaging service. In fact, it should have been done long ago. But since they seem to have neglected Google Talk for the last two years, we can only hope that means they have been working on their next big solution.

new google messenger

Oh, and that argument is also helped by the fact that the icon looks like four messaging icons piled onto one another.

What do you think? Are we finally getting an all-in-one messaging solution from Google?

Via:  +François Beaufort

Cheers Dave!

  • aaCharley

    Has anyone mentioned that the update of Google+ requires permissions to record audio and take pictures without the user’s permission or notification? What the heck is that all about? And the purpose?

  • Christian Gati
  • Itchy_Robot

    For the love of god, please roll up Google Talk and Messenger into one app.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Motorola had this and it was considered bloat. Would it still be considered bloat in Android if Google added it?

    • Sqube

      It wasn’t that the unified messaging center was a bad idea. It’s that Blur as a whole was so hilariously bloaty that everything in it got tarred by association, no matter its merits.

  • Oooooo!

  • LeDerpino

    Kinda makes sense, after BB releases “the hub” this would be the direct contender. And with the open platform, probably other messengers could be included in the lot with push

    • Barretta

      I think that Google has not to think to BB and that is not the reason to have realized this ..
      BB is NOTHING πŸ™‚

  • maybe a unified messaging service like iOS’s iMessage? Id be down for that.

  • B. Andre Aaron

    The icon at the bottom is called Google contacts.

  • matti861

    Hopefully they finally realize that their messaging service needs to be improved badly. Bbm now has screen sharing and yet I cant send pics/vids over gtalk. I work for att an customers

    • matti861

      *and customers always say oh like bbm oe imessage. More people have android so it could be a really big selling point for android if it gets updated

  • Larizard

    One thing I’m scared of is if they decide to retain all these apps (Voice, Talk, Messenger, Messaging), and just release a sort of “Messaging Hub” that aggregates all your stuff from these four platforms…

    If that happens, I will CRY.

    They need to create ONE, NEW app, to rule them all. They will need to start from scratch, take the best out of each of the four, and create a beautiful frankenstein-ish that will handle all kinds of messaging: text, instant messaging, video (Hangout), and MMS.

    Then, KILL the other four apps.

  • Guest

    Motorola did this and it was bloat.. Google does it and it’s a feature lol

  • Trevor

    I hope it’s still possible to have different notification sounds/vibration/lights for different messaging services. I imagine Google would plan for that though.

  • I’m stoked for a unified app but as picky as it sounds, it needs a better icon.

  • Gaurav Chandiramani

    I think now we know what the new Chrome Android statue means πŸ˜›

  • love it they need something like imessage for google please

    • DanSan

      i’d be down for something like that.

  • mmmh! kindda cool; meaning this new features will also be integrated in the new version of android and update for the previous versions… i guess… nice idea though!

  • n11

    It’d be interesting to a similar application where it would show me any text messages I’d receive on my phone, and I could type a reply on my computer instead, using windows of course.

    • Chris

      chances are this will be a web based service for all platforms that have a web broswer and can access the internet. Google will never force its services to a single platform. they are not stupid.

  • Guest

    Would this mean that in the next version of Android they would combine SMS, messenger, Gtalk and Voice into one app? Really wish they could make this happen!

  • Please don’t be like Apple’s screwed up iMessage!!!

    • Chris

      right because an all in one messager service will be like Apple.

  • mgamerz

    Please god be a messaging hub. I’m so tired of google voice never getting updates.

  • hatboysam

    Couldn’t be more excited about this. Typing from my new Samsung Chromebook and I hope this is in the next update. The best part about having a self-updating OS is that I will have this ASAP.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Freakin’ awesome sauce!

  • ChristianJohnson

    Now can we just have group threaded messaging?

    • dtm4

      I’m pretty sure 4.2 finally added that feature…

      • ChristianJohnson

        Oh awesome. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about that feature.

      • DC_Guy

        Really? I have a Nexus 4, running 4.2.1, and I still don’t see a group thread feature. You can send a message to multiple people at once, but the replies still come back indivudually and not in a common (group) thread. Am I missing something?

        • dtm4

          This is the option that I was seeing in the settings. I read somewhere that it was an added feature right when 4.2 came out, I haven’t really tested it out much, but I just assumed it would work. Either way the did something to improve it because in the past you couldn’t even sen a message to multiple people as an mms it would just send each person an individual sms.

  • From the newest Chrome dev channel release notes:
    Enabled showing Google now notifications in Chrome (Issue: 164227)

  • Shane Redman

    Make it an update to GTalk so everyone has it on android already and compatible with at the minimum ICS if not GB so most can enjoy

  • I am hoping that this adds Android too, and not just Google services. It’s not very useful to all if it doesn’t have text messages and missed calls on Android (not just Google Voice).

  • JLishere

    Bradley Horowitz (Google VP of Social Products) already said at a conference that a merger between Voice, Talk, Messaging and potentially SMS Messenger was on the roadmap. My bet: they will launch the unified service along with Android Key Lime Pie in May.

    • dylan84

      A unified messaging service is something Google has needed for awhile. Why have 4+ apps to do what is being done by 1 app (example IM Pro)

  • nightscout13

    Well it’s about time!

  • Erik Cox

    This is probably why they aquired meebo.

  • Chris Pinola

    haha I just noticed “Send Mesage”

  • Derek Traini
  • Chris Pinola

    FYI the source link appears to be dead, looks like he pulled it

  • Hot tits I hope so. Ohmanohmanohman!


    I really wouldnt mind my samsung chromebook to be able to stream netflix! That would be nice!

    • Chris Pinola

      you can thank Microsoft for refusing to port Silverlight to Linux -_-

      • Justin Winker

        I’m surprised there’s not ChromeStore app for Netflix at this point.

        • Chris Pinola

          well unfortunately, that’s why you haven’t seen that happen yet. Netflix uses some closed-source DRM mechanisms found in Microsoft’s Silverlight framework which is only (officially) available for Windows and OS X :/ anyone know what they use for their mobile apps?

          • BGRUGGER

            weird its just with netflix…i have no problem streaming from amazon instant. seems as though it has more to do with netflix than microsoft.

        • BGRUGGER

          funny – there is a chrome store app and it seems that netflix works on other chromebooks, just not the newest samsung.

    • Derek Traini

      Why can’t it?

  • ConCal

    This is great!!! But on a kinda separate note, I’m not a big fan if the icon. Oh well, this is great news.

    • Bionic

      Icons are easily replaced.

      • And Google has certainly done its fair share of icon replacing over the years. How many different G+ icons have we already had in its short life?

      • ConCal

        I know, I have custom icons on my phone but that’s not my point just saying I don’t like theirs. It looks somewhat cartoonish. I’m not saying its a big deal, just saying.

  • My own private hypebeast has officially started.

  • Chris Pinola

    if this is true, the only way it could possibly get better is if we don’t have to wait until I/O. here’s to hoping! πŸ™‚

    • We’ll be waiting until I/O, though I hope we don’t have to heh.

  • Bionic

    Coming soon with the x phone. (android 5.0)

    • Joey Funk

      I am so excited about that phone! Aaaaaaaaah

  • wnemay

    The via URL ends up as a 404… could they have possibly taken down the post?

  • I like the idea… for Android.

  • Jared

    Good lord finally this is so overdue. I wonder what it will look like on the Android side.

  • I’d be a fan…

  • jcorf

    Oh, I really hope this comes in May with the next version of Android. My dream is to see this & a game data sync feature in May at I/O.

    • Justin Winker

      I agree. I personally don’t feel a re-work of the design is quite necessary at this point, but these two features are the two I want the most out of the next version of Android.

      • just.sayin

        Add on a Google Now public API and make it a cloud notification hub ftw.


      What I want to see is a new Play Store…possibly with a Dynamic UI (flowing moving pics etc)

  • WalCs

    Finally! I approve of this

  • I would love a unified messaging platform. I am so tired of Text, IM, gTalk, gmail, e-mail, FB, Twitter, and loads of others. You know what… I want to send a message to “Bob”, make it happen!

  • The colored bubbles represents each messaging service! :O
    Green – Stock messaging
    Yellow – Not sure (Fill me in!)
    Red – Google+ Messenger
    Blue – Google voice

    • RoyD77

      Yellow could be “Talk”, which functions similar to Google+ Messenger, but is based on GMail contacts instead of Friends in Circles from G+. Just a guess.

      • Justin Winker

        That just makes me wonder why they don’t combine the two and show both Contacts in Gmail and Friends in G+ together in one app.

        • Droidzilla

          They really need to do this. Combine Google Talk, G+ Messenger, G+ Hangouts, and GVoice into one, cohesive unit. I really hope that’s what this is (and bring it to Android!).

      • Isn’t that what he said?

    • sc0rch3d

      Yellow is typically associated with the Email icon. or maybe AIM? lol

      • Justin Winker

        So… It’s going to have all the messages in one place like a unified inbox… I’m definitely liking where this is going.

    • Chris Pinola

      i like your reasoning…but Google uses those colors for EVERYTHING haha

      • You have an incredibly good point xD
        But then again, that’d just add on to my theory because if it has Google’s colors, it’d probably be something like a “Google Messaging” kinda thing! πŸ˜€

    • Yellow could be Hangouts. The icon for Hangouts in Chrome OS is yellow.

  • sc0rch3d

    ’bout damn time

  • Nexus_FrEak

    Is a Chromebook worth the cash? The one area I haven’t jumped on board with Google is this. Any advice?

    • Currently deployed in over 2000 schools nation-wide (USA). They are pretty solid now as a platform since they improved local storage and allowed more than one window open at once. They are starting to get apps to make them useful beyond Google products as well. The Samsung seems to be a favorite.

    • Christopher Grame

      Yeah dude I have the sammy one for 250, I love it for what it is.

  • Dear Google pleeeeeaaaaase!!! I’m dying for major updates/rework of Google Talk. I love it and would love to see more features. File sharing even if it is via Drive but its in dire need of a revamp…

  • Calvin Williams

    Yes please. Android is so stale in the messaging part. Android should had iMessage/BBM type feature a long time ago.

    • Is Google talk not considered a messaging service?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Google talk isn’t integrated. I bounce between my messaging app and Gtalk all the time. I WISH i could just use one app. Love Gtalk because I can message across desktop and mobile.

    • iMessage blows! The idea is amazing but Apple’s implementation leaves a LOT to be desired!

      • Falk M.

        Whilst I also think similarly, maybe you want to elaborate?

      • ERIC REED

        Come on man, I know this is an Android site but iMessage is freaking outstanding!!

      • Guest

        What’s wrong with I message?

        • My main issue with iMessage is the way they handle messages. Most people use only one iTunes account for multiple devices which in theory would work perfect (messages sync with iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc) however when multiple people try to share one account (like most families with kids / teens do) things get very complicated! Messages end up going to everyone using the same account unless you specifically specify that the messages should only goto a device using a specific email address and sometimes even changing this setting doesn’t work. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked by my parents / friends to fix an issue where they were receiving each other’s messages! In the case of my parents, I finally just turned iMessage off on their iPads and iPhones!

          • r0lct

            The the question is…why not just create an account per person? Sounds like buying an app twice is well worth the aggravation of sharing the same login.

          • arthuruscg

            I am guessing they want to share the music on itunes.

          • r0lct

            Ahhh, didn’t think of that.

          • The way Apple did the whole account things is screwy. They never made a way for an iDevice to easily switch between accounts making it hard for every customer to have their own account, in doing this they also forgot to make a way to transfer purchases from one account to another! Most families with 3+ people just simply are NOT going to purchase apps / movies / books / music / etc over and over again!

          • ERIC REED

            I to have had to fix that problem for people…very annoying!!

          • Alex Curtis

            The way we deal with this is that we share one account for iTunes and Apps, and then each device (or person, who may have multiple devices) have their own iCloud account. You can actually setup iOS devices with these accounts separately. This way, we’re sharing music and apps, while maintaining our own iMessage, Facetime, and iCloud backups.

  • Yes, please!

  • This is it, folks. This has Tato’s seal of approval lol

    • Thomas

      So your saying it’s confirmed ? πŸ™‚

      • I think he is.

      • Well, come on! We know nothing is confirmed, but I can hope and dream with the rest of you, right? πŸ™‚

        • Thomas

          I just dreamt I won a black Note 2 case here on DL. πŸ˜‰

    • Brent Cooper

      Has DL ever considered reviewing a Chromebook? Maybe try using it as a main laptop/Windows/Mac replacement to see how it does? πŸ™‚

      • Austin Warren

        It’s not meant to replace those. Wouldn’t be a fair review to do so.

        • Droidzilla

          It can and does replace those for most people. My wife uses a Chromebook exclusively; she has no need for anything more. It does web, FB, music, Drive, Hangouts, etc. There is literally zero benefit that she would personally get from a “full” OS, and I wager that most people, outside of work, are the same. I have a work computer at work, but I need nothing more than a Chromebook at home (for the most part; I do need to use a Windows machine for school, but if I weren’t in school I would have zero use for it).

      • Shane Spina

        I have a Chromebook 550 and I use it as my daily driver.. It rocks!

        • Barretta

          So Shane you have yet this icon on your wonderful chromebook?

          • I use my Chromebook constantly…not quite a daily driver, but it does a lot of what I need.

        • michael arazan

          2 chromebooks came out last year, the second one was way better, and had a ton of storage on it. And it was the best priced netbook with all the features I saw for last year. I’d get one if they display was touch screen and could turn 180 and close making it a tablet or a chromebook all in one.

      • I got the cr-48 chromebook free from Google on the pilot program in 2010 πŸ™‚ since i got it, its never had a glitch! not one! I use it for school work, i use it when im at home, and it never skips a beat. Chromebooks def should be reviewed πŸ™‚ people will def enjoy them.

    • Mack

      No messaging app for you!!

    • Larizard

      update: the post is taken down. lolol. Fuel to the fire.