Verizon Galaxy Nexus Available for $219 Without Contract

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galaxy nexus official

Verizon may have killed off the Galaxy Nexus LTE, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Deal sites like Ice Monkey have “recertified” versions in stock at insanely low prices for those who aren’t willing to leave Big Red yet still want that Nexus experience. For $219, and no contract attached, you can pick up what may be Verizon’s first and last Nexus device. I’m not exactly sure what “recertified” means, but hey, it’s not a bad option if you don’t feel like shelling out $600+ for another phone.

Update:  If you want to go even cheaper, Cowboom has “preowned” versions for under $200.

Via:  Ice Monkey

Cheers John and Scott!



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