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NVIDIA Teases Release of Hawken to Android With New Live Wallpaper

Hawken Live Wallpaper

While we await word on an official release date on this game and Project SHIELD, maybe this live wallpaper can hold us over until we can get our hands on  with Hawken. If you are still in the dark, Hawken is a game that is currently available for PC players, but with the help of the Tegra team over at NVIDIA, it’s coming to Android too. In the game, you control a 20 ton mechanized warrior in a fantastically developed multiplayer setting.

The live wallpaper has some sweet animations going on, with stuff exploding and some nice lighting. If you plan on using it, I would recommend having a decently speedy device.

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  • Raven

    As a long time die-hard fan of all things Mechwarrior/Battletech, how is it that I am just hearing about this game? I will have to check out the PC version ASAP.

  • The game has become great on PC… we’ll see how android handles it 🙂


    This would be EPIC

  • KleenDroid

    Amazing I guess