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Google and ASUS to Introduce Second Generation Nexus 7 at Google I/O

nexus 7

There are technically no numbers to support this claim, but we think it’s safe to say that the Nexus 7 is easily the most popular Android tablet ever created. It matches the best of both worlds in hardware and software, plus it has that ridiculously awesome price tag that anyone could get happy about. When we start hearing news about the next iteration of this device from “upstream supply chains,” it’s time to get excited.Β 

According to an un-sourced DigiTimes report (my favorite kind), Google is teaming up with ASUS yet again to introduce the second generation of the Nexus 7 at this year’s Google I/O in May. From their sources, we can expect the same pricing scheme at $199-249, but the tablet will feature a few new things. For starters, ASUS is going to slim down the bezel, throw in a Full HD display, and apparently, “feature Google’s upgraded Jelly Bean-based Android operating system to enhance integration between the software and the hardware.”

While there is nothing wrong with Jelly Bean, I am hoping it comes running Key Lime Pie instead, since it’s already running Android 4.2.1, the latest version of the OS.

If you could have Google put in one additional feature to the Nexus 7, what would you want? Better display? Back-facing camera? Faster processor?

Via: DigiTimes

Cheers Justin!

  • Ritz

    I would surely want it to have a HDMI cable because, ilove playing games on big screen

  • Anthony Rivera

    Rear Camera WITH flash! (hey, we all have different needs πŸ˜‰

  • Wil

    Gorilla Glass

  • Keith Win

    definitely a back facing camera

  • Hendry

    Phone call function please πŸ˜‰

  • simplesim

    HDMI out and native support for importing / playing video and images without the need for apps like Nexus Media Importer

  • chris

    Engine no where the nexus7 4.2.2 is out

  • Ron

    Dual (Stereo) loud Speakers, MicroSD Card Slot and Micro HDMI connector.

  • UnixPimp

    The Amazon Kindle Fire is pretty popular, and the new HD version has features missing from the Nexus 7.

  • Mark Adamo

    An HDMI out would be nice.

  • rochaboy

    smaller bezel and a slightly larger screen. and a notification light would be sweet!

  • Jopa

    Lol literally just bought a nexus 7. At least it’s four months away. My luck sucks.

  • Heiltdo

    Lighter, more energy efficient, to me it is fast enough, perhaps HDMI output or MHL support.

  • Trevor

    Hopefully it’ll be able to use the dock I’ve ordered but haven’t received yet. That would be a kick in the sack if it didn’t.

  • Bionic

    I love my 7. Obviously people are gonna say add and card slot buttons idube shocked at thats. A full HD screen will be nice.

  • Tyler

    β€œfeature Google’s upgraded Jelly Bean-based Android operating system to enhance integration between the software and the hardware.”

    My guess for this is because Google isn’t going to release anything new besides maybe 4.2.2 or something like that at Google IO. Will we see Key Lime Pie, of course! My prediction is that we will get a tease for what we will see when KLP arrives and it will be released when they release the next Nexus device around holiday season. I think that 4.2.2 will fix all the instability in 4.2.1 and reduce lag and fix all the issues that plague 4.2.1 and overall just add an extra layer of polish. Either way new hardware is always fun and new software is fun too πŸ™‚

  • Christopher

    All I want is a camera for taking pictures, I never use the front facing camera so I would be more then happy to get rid of the front facing for a normal camera.

    • Christopher

      Otherwise I am very happy with my Nexus 7 16GB

  • Victor Gracia

    1080p Display, Mini HDMI, 32GB Low end version but I’ll be ok with 16, and Miracast capable.

  • MikeSaver

    I’d like to get rid of all the lag caused by the new update.

    Yes I know about seeder or whatever, but my Nexus 7 isn’t rooted.

    Yes, I know rooting is the way to go but I shouldn’t have to hack my damn device for it to work properly.

    There, successfully ensured this comment gets no replies. Yay.

  • Ramin Rafatpanah

    MHL support

  • RicoDelicioso

    My Nexus 7 becomes a hand-me-down. If anything, I have issues with Jelly Bean and not the hardware. I love my tablet but the constant sudden reboots when I’m enjoying my pr0n and about to reach my pinnacle is a bit frustrating. Let’s get some smooth buttery goodness on Key Lime Pie without the hiccups, please!!

  • “From their sources, we can expect the same pricing scheme at $199-200”

    This is a pretty broad price range. Do they have anything more concrete?

    • Ha! Just now seeing this. Corrected to say $199-249. πŸ™‚

  • scoots

    Tegra 4 and more RAM. So how long after an announcement is a device usually released? I was gonna get a nexus 7 but now am just tempted to wait.

  • Beetle

    Make it a Nexus 8

  • Slavik

    I would love a higher resolution, thinner bezel, faster processor & graphics card, and more internal memory for the same price or SD card slot!

  • joejoe5709

    If it had a semi-decent rear facing camera, better speakers, and some sort of MHL/HDMI connector I’d be a very happy man.The other specs aren’t bad for a $200 tablet so maybe just bump them slightly to keep ahead of competition. You KNOW Apple is going to bring an HD Retina screen to the iPad mini so the screen will need a little bump, but I would keep it at 7″ even with the smaller bezel. Lots of praise out there for the perfect size of the Nexus7. I kind of doubt it’ll have KLP. I bet that will wait for the next Nexus or rumored Moto Xphone sometime in the late summer or early Fall. I hope they make a lot of these things! They are going to be VERY popular!!

  • deano

    better bluetooth support. better speakers

  • strows

    Make it a share-able tablet like the NEXUS 10.

  • Benjamin Clay

    I want the ability to stream to my TV or connect via HDMI mini.

  • I would like to see the Tegra 4+1920×1200+Dual-Band WiFi

  • Alan Burnstine

    I wouldn’t mind a rear facing camera, although I have managed to get along without it. Really want external SD card support though. I don’t want to fill my internal memory with music, and I am not always in a position to stream music.

  • thenew3

    This sounds very likely. Last year google brought a huge team of asus engineers to CA for 3+ months to work on the Nexus 7 before GIO. (A good friend of mine was a sr engineer on that team), He has just told me he is coming back this March to work with google on another device for 2 to 3 months. So I’m guessing he is back to work on the N7 follow on product.

  • I would love if it had an IR transmitter so I could use it as an awesome television remote right out of the box.

  • Better speakers? Maybe I’ve had a defective device the whole time, but my S3 speakers are way louder.

  • mustbepbs

    I hope they keep the same dimensions, button and jack places so I can use my Portenzo case I’m getting next week for the updated model.

  • DroidBricker

    I have never owned a device for as long as I’ve owned my Nexus 7. There are some nice tablets out there, but for my liking, nothing compares to stock Android on a 7″ form factor. I’m really looking forward to this!

  • Axel Foley

    If they’re shrinking the bezels, are they going to make the device smaller or make the display larger than 7in?

    Where’s Miracast??

  • I hope the dimension doesn’t change. I don’t want to buy another portenzo case πŸ˜›

  • I’m surprised at how few comments mention LTE. Figured that would be a big one.

    Performance and screen are big ones for me. With the current processor and screen the experience is only slightly better than using my Nexus 4.

    Also battery life, especially standby. I can leave my iPad sleeping for a month and it has half the battery. I don’t think my Nexus 7 could get through 48 hours (starting from 100%).

    • Krunk

      I don’t mind not having LTE…I always have my phone with me anyways, and if there is LTE, then my Nexus 7 can just use my phone.

    • Dain Laguna

      totally agreed on battery.

  • Ryan

    HDMI OUT!!!!!!

  • Video out.

  • JRomeo

    Rear Facing camera, and AT LEAST allow it to be MHL capable, at least, or put a slim hdmi port on it.

  • Faster GPU, Higher resolution display (Full HD would be awesome), rear-facing camera (some awesome apps need the camera to fully work) better battery life, I love the design so I wouldn’t mind keeping the same form factor, maybe just increase the screen size a little because the on-screen buttons take some space so it would be nice but if they can improve the display that would be acceptable.

  • JoshGroff

    For me to consider upgrading from the current N7, it would need to have most of the following.
    Battery bump (especially if the screen and internal specs are getting increased)
    HDMI out
    RAM bump
    Storage bump
    Tegra 4
    Gorilla glass 2
    MIMO WiFi
    Better speaker

    • Kevin Matthews

      Gorilla glass 3

      • JoshGroff

        I totally fail at life. >.>

  • nightscout13


  • bjsguess

    HDMI and microSD.

  • I know its a long shot but wireless charging

  • uncle paul

    Getting sick of 4.x Bring on KLP. Sick of the blue holo, etc..
    Bring back Tablet UI too Google, the development community FIXED tablet Ui that the android team abandoned.

  • If we r talking something like a Tegra 4 with a 1080p screen and same price point….wow

  • start making Nexus devices with expandable storage. Sick of being limited, its most important on a tablet. Where am I gonna store bigger games, music and movies? Plus if the iCrap devices now can ship with 128Gb of storage why cant a flagship Android at least bump it up and include more price levels?

    • Ryuuie

      This won’t happen. MAYBE they’ll ship with more internal but a Nexus device will never have an SD card slot from the Nexus S on. Google has explained this many times.

  • Brent Cooper

    MIMO wifi and a faster processor would be nice but I would love to see a rear facing camera. Also 2 gigs of ram would be nice.

  • Sranger

    LTE 4G on Verizon….

  • Al

    Better speakers that is all.

  • Ryan Powell

    I wouldn’t mind if the lessened the curve on the back so the buttons were not on that weird angle. Other than that upping the ppi would be nice.

  • Would be happy to see some new internals, something about the Nexus causes it to be sluggish when there are multiple users.

  • More storage space.

  • Kagnon

    I already have a Nexus 7.
    They can add Gorilla Glass, Stereo Speakers, Thinner bezels, Lighter, HD Display, 5Ghz Wi-Fi Band, Vibrator motor, Battery Life (More is always welcomed), Apt-X, Wireless Charging.

  • Tony Byatt

    Typo on price scheme…

  • brad

    2 GB of ram.

  • NexusPhan69

    Less bezel and a tad thinner and it’d be perfect. iPad mini bezel is too thin in my opinion so I hope it’s not that small.

  • VicMatson

    Working POGO pins and cradle?

    • TylerChappell

      Yes, only it wont be until 2014. =

  • Tegra 4, 2 GB RAM, 1080p display, make it 7.5″ too with the same overall size, dual band WiFi, and accessories at launch.

    • Fatty Bunter

      Screen is not getting any bigger. This needs to market as an e-reader.

      • A 7.5″ with the same form factor (read: smaller bezel) would still be an awesome E-reader.

        • Fatty Bunter

          We can all agree the bezel is getting smaller. But if they keep the screen the same size, they can market it as almost the same size as a kindle

      • DNA

        If they reduce the size of the bezel they could enlarge the screen without increasing the size of the device itself.

  • dan5691

    I really love my N7. If they are going to upgrade the screen, I would vote for 8in screen with a smaller bezel so it does not seem bigger in my hands. And only if they can keep it the same weight or ligher, otherwise don’t bother.

  • monkey082506

    HDMI out or miracast and I’ll buy a new one for sure, the tegra 4 would be awesome but if I’m able to stream content from my N7 to the TV wiressly….o the possibilities

  • gardobus

    A USB port or the ability to charge and use OTG at the same time.

  • Just make it thinner and give it a smaller bezel. Don’t change anything else especially the price. Also PLEASE create some more official accessories for it.

  • elemeno

    Fix the lag on 4.2

    • John

      I have no issues on mine. I’ve heard some say disabling Currents & toggling off NFC work for them. You tried those supposed “fixes” ?

      • elemeno

        I’ve tried those. It’s the worst when I switch between user accounts.

        • John

          I notice some lag when switching users, too, but it’s only like 2-3 seconds at most while it loads the other profile(for me). I expect it to take a couple seconds. How much free room do you have on your SD? I’ve seen a co-worker’s get to <7% free & it was crawling from window to window on his N7.

          • elemeno

            Yeah, my storage is nearly full. In that case, my vote for new features is more storage.

      • Fatty Bunter

        [this is an honest question] Are you SURE you have no issues? Is there any possibility at all that you choose not to see the lag because you love the Nexus 7? Are you 100% completely positive you have zero lag issues?

        • John

          Np. Ya, I’m pretty sure I know the lag others are referring to, despite all the varying types each person might encounter. I’m rooted/running stock 4.2.1, and my experience with it on my N7 has been pretty f uckin solid. I’m a pretty heavy power user on it every now n then & only wish I had that same experience on my Galaxy Nexus. I can notice the most minute lag on lockscreens between the devices etc. It’s a ton more fluid on my N7.

          You should take a video of the lag you see on your 7 & post it here. Would be interested in seeing what yours is doing.

          • Fatty Bunter

            I don’t have one myself, but my friend does and I notice very small lag when I use it.

            It’s still awesome, but I always expect 100% smoothness on android products these days and always get a little disappointed when I notice lag.

      • Mike Boodoo

        Definitely a lag for me. Stuck with 4.1.2 for the longest and had ZERO lag. Finally decided to try 4.2.1. and lag is noticeable, especially when rotating. Disabled Currents and no luck

        • John

          That sucks man. Can you take a video of it lagging? I’d like to see it if you ever get time.

    • Franco kernel… and learn how to use governor control or look in his thread. No lag now.

      • elemeno

        Yeah, I’m really tempted but still stock unrooted.

    • New_Guy

      Try turning Google Now off and then back on. It will reset your settings, but for whatever reason this buttered everything out for me again…

    • SubMatrix

      give this app a try, many nexus 7 owners have fixed their lag: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grilledmonkey.lagfix

  • Ray Lovesick

    I’m calling for dual-band WiFi, which will allow for Miracast support. When the next-gen Google TV drops with the Q functionality, I want to be able to stream directly from my Nexus 7!

    • Dont forget the other features the nexus 10 has (LED notification light, vibrator, etc) those would be nice to see too

      • keoni

        yes ^

  • phoneman67

    Needs HDMI port and a little better battery

    • New_Guy

      Yes, please!

    • Raven

      Yes, this is it exactly. Lately I have been using my daughters Nabi 2 for streaming video to my big screen via a 15′ cable and I would much rather be using my own Nexus 7. And, although I know it will never happen in another Nexus, I would REALLY love a MicroSD slot.

  • Kevin Rees

    How about an sd slot….yeah yeah I know that would never happen on a nexus but you asked…

    • JoshGroff

      *cough* Nexus One *cough*

      • Kevin Rees


  • blakjakdavy

    +1 for full HD. The other things I’d want would be better connectivity that the first gen, so mhl and miracast, wireless charging, lte.

  • I love my N7. I literally have nothing bad to say about it, or anything that I think its really missing. I dont even really want a slimmer bezel – while sexier, there will be less room to hold the device which is important when only using one hand. The only thing I would possibly like to see an improvement on is higher quality materials, but I understand why thats not likely at the price point.

    • New_Guy

      I’m not sure if a slimmer bezel is necessary wither, but a slimmer profile would be nice πŸ™‚

  • Yoyoma

    Slim down the bezel and HD screen FTW!!!

    • Hunter

      then your fingers will be all up in that screen space. Bezel is good, +HD for the win!

  • KennyVeltre

    1080p and video out

  • after my kids’ experience with the nexus 7, a back facing camera would be the missing piece for the 5-13 year old demographic.

  • hkklife

    #1 most requested feature is a better/faster/more efficient Soc/GPU, without a doubt.
    #2 most-desired feature is a better display (not necessarily 1080P either). I’d rather have an efficient 900P IPS screen than a washed-out, power-guzzling 1080P panel anyway.
    #3 would be either a larger battery or a rear camera IF it’s up to the level of Asus’ 10″ TF tablets. A 64Gb storage SKU, if they could price it aggressively at $299-$350 would be killer as well.
    Otherwise, I am predicting that they change VERY little for the 2nd gen N7. That means same battery capacity, no MHL or HDMI video-out, no Miracast, and no rear camera. I’d love to see a Nexus 8 which would bring N10-style features to a smaller formfactor.

    • Those expectations are for the next ipad and not the next nexus 7 πŸ™‚

    • Adam Marr

      I’m actually with you on the display being somewhere between 720 ?& 1080, however I see the logic in moving to 1080. For one, anything else, and your now never running HD video in a native res, and there are also (from what I’ve seen) a lot more 1080p devices, including those being released in the near future, than devices in the middle of the road (maybe a few tablets, but nothing all that popular I don’t think). This means your more likely to get app developers to support the 1080 rez, being a little more common. And while I do miss a rear facing camera, its actually only because the hacked photosphere app on my non-JB phone doesn’t work that well. If I get a newer mobile device (hoping the moto X is stock & unlocked on VZ) I don’t think I’ll care in the least about a rear camera. 64G @299 would be a device I would buy, but I still have 21G free on my current N7, so unless your avoiding cloud music services, or taking a trip along the Appalachian Trail and need hours and hours of video to fight boredom, 32G still seems like a reasonable amount. Mobile phones cover most of your use cases anyway I would think.

  • My perfect Nexus 7 would come with a faster processor (Tegra 4), FHD Display, 2GB of RAM, good back-facing camera

    • Philip Wong

      What is the point of a back-facing camera on a tablet?

  • Butters619

    All I wanted was a full HD display to jump into a 7″ tablet. Sign me up!

    • I’m sure they will. They learned that lesson with the first one.

  • Mike D

    A little bittersweet considering I just got my Nexus 7 a few weeks ago…. but holy crap I’m pumped up!

  • Ryan Powell

    I get a sad face every time you guys use the photo of the white backed GNex or Nexus 7.

  • Murphy

    Caviar dreams but an SD Card or HDMI out wouldn’t hurt.

    • Brent Cooper

      I agree with the hdmi but I think the days of sd cards are over for nexus devices. So I would say they need bigger storage options

  • Better battery life would be nice

  • How about ASUS releasing a defect free tablet for a change.?

    • Benjamin Sicard

      That’d be swell, if it were even remotely possible.

      When’s the last time anyone released a defect free anything?

      • Justin Winker

        I think the last defect-free product was released somewhere around the tenth of never xD

    • Adam Marr

      How about we just say “bring the defect rate down”. While yes, as others have taken the comment literally, and point out that “defect free” is a term that is synonymous with “miracle”, I’m on my 3rd N7, and even this one doesn’t have a working headphone jack. The screen worked good however, so I figured I could live without the headphone jack for now. I’ve also seen quite a few others in similar situations, and that doesn’t count build-quality issues, like many people were having with the screen adhesive. That being said, its certainly a great tablet otherwise and I plan on buying the next one when its released (and give this one to my wife to replace her ipad1), so I agree with the sentiment, and hopefully next time I don’t have to go through 3 devices just to get one that “works well enough”.

  • Win.