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Google and ASUS to Introduce Second Generation Nexus 7 at Google I/O

nexus 7

There are technically no numbers to support this claim, but we think it’s safe to say that the Nexus 7 is easily the most popular Android tablet ever created. It matches the best of both worlds in hardware and software, plus it has that ridiculously awesome price tag that anyone could get happy about. When we start hearing news about the next iteration of this device from “upstream supply chains,” it’s time to get excited. 

According to an un-sourced DigiTimes report (my favorite kind), Google is teaming up with ASUS yet again to introduce the second generation of the Nexus 7 at this year’s Google I/O in May. From their sources, we can expect the same pricing scheme at $199-249, but the tablet will feature a few new things. For starters, ASUS is going to slim down the bezel, throw in a Full HD display, and apparently, “feature Google’s upgraded Jelly Bean-based Android operating system to enhance integration between the software and the hardware.”

While there is nothing wrong with Jelly Bean, I am hoping it comes running Key Lime Pie instead, since it’s already running Android 4.2.1, the latest version of the OS.

If you could have Google put in one additional feature to the Nexus 7, what would you want? Better display? Back-facing camera? Faster processor?

Via: DigiTimes

Cheers Justin!

  • Ritz

    I would surely want it to have a HDMI cable because, ilove playing games on big screen

  • Anthony Rivera

    Rear Camera WITH flash! (hey, we all have different needs 😉

  • Wil

    Gorilla Glass

  • Keith Win

    definitely a back facing camera

  • Hendry

    Phone call function please 😉

  • simplesim

    HDMI out and native support for importing / playing video and images without the need for apps like Nexus Media Importer

  • chris

    Engine no where the nexus7 4.2.2 is out

  • Ron

    Dual (Stereo) loud Speakers, MicroSD Card Slot and Micro HDMI connector.

  • UnixPimp

    The Amazon Kindle Fire is pretty popular, and the new HD version has features missing from the Nexus 7.

  • Mark Adamo

    An HDMI out would be nice.

  • rochaboy

    smaller bezel and a slightly larger screen. and a notification light would be sweet!

  • Jopa

    Lol literally just bought a nexus 7. At least it’s four months away. My luck sucks.

  • Heiltdo

    Lighter, more energy efficient, to me it is fast enough, perhaps HDMI output or MHL support.

  • Trevor

    Hopefully it’ll be able to use the dock I’ve ordered but haven’t received yet. That would be a kick in the sack if it didn’t.

  • Bionic

    I love my 7. Obviously people are gonna say add and card slot buttons idube shocked at thats. A full HD screen will be nice.

  • Tyler

    “feature Google’s upgraded Jelly Bean-based Android operating system to enhance integration between the software and the hardware.”

    My guess for this is because Google isn’t going to release anything new besides maybe 4.2.2 or something like that at Google IO. Will we see Key Lime Pie, of course! My prediction is that we will get a tease for what we will see when KLP arrives and it will be released when they release the next Nexus device around holiday season. I think that 4.2.2 will fix all the instability in 4.2.1 and reduce lag and fix all the issues that plague 4.2.1 and overall just add an extra layer of polish. Either way new hardware is always fun and new software is fun too 🙂

  • Christopher

    All I want is a camera for taking pictures, I never use the front facing camera so I would be more then happy to get rid of the front facing for a normal camera.

    • Christopher

      Otherwise I am very happy with my Nexus 7 16GB

  • Victor Gracia

    1080p Display, Mini HDMI, 32GB Low end version but I’ll be ok with 16, and Miracast capable.

  • MikeSaver

    I’d like to get rid of all the lag caused by the new update.

    Yes I know about seeder or whatever, but my Nexus 7 isn’t rooted.

    Yes, I know rooting is the way to go but I shouldn’t have to hack my damn device for it to work properly.

    There, successfully ensured this comment gets no replies. Yay.

  • Ramin Rafatpanah

    MHL support

  • RicoDelicioso

    My Nexus 7 becomes a hand-me-down. If anything, I have issues with Jelly Bean and not the hardware. I love my tablet but the constant sudden reboots when I’m enjoying my pr0n and about to reach my pinnacle is a bit frustrating. Let’s get some smooth buttery goodness on Key Lime Pie without the hiccups, please!!

  • “From their sources, we can expect the same pricing scheme at $199-200”

    This is a pretty broad price range. Do they have anything more concrete?

    • Ha! Just now seeing this. Corrected to say $199-249. 🙂

  • scoots

    Tegra 4 and more RAM. So how long after an announcement is a device usually released? I was gonna get a nexus 7 but now am just tempted to wait.

  • Beetle

    Make it a Nexus 8

  • Slavik

    I would love a higher resolution, thinner bezel, faster processor & graphics card, and more internal memory for the same price or SD card slot!

  • joejoe5709

    If it had a semi-decent rear facing camera, better speakers, and some sort of MHL/HDMI connector I’d be a very happy man.The other specs aren’t bad for a $200 tablet so maybe just bump them slightly to keep ahead of competition. You KNOW Apple is going to bring an HD Retina screen to the iPad mini so the screen will need a little bump, but I would keep it at 7″ even with the smaller bezel. Lots of praise out there for the perfect size of the Nexus7. I kind of doubt it’ll have KLP. I bet that will wait for the next Nexus or rumored Moto Xphone sometime in the late summer or early Fall. I hope they make a lot of these things! They are going to be VERY popular!!

  • deano

    better bluetooth support. better speakers

  • strows

    Make it a share-able tablet like the NEXUS 10.

  • Benjamin Clay

    I want the ability to stream to my TV or connect via HDMI mini.

  • I would like to see the Tegra 4+1920×1200+Dual-Band WiFi

  • Alan Burnstine

    I wouldn’t mind a rear facing camera, although I have managed to get along without it. Really want external SD card support though. I don’t want to fill my internal memory with music, and I am not always in a position to stream music.

  • thenew3

    This sounds very likely. Last year google brought a huge team of asus engineers to CA for 3+ months to work on the Nexus 7 before GIO. (A good friend of mine was a sr engineer on that team), He has just told me he is coming back this March to work with google on another device for 2 to 3 months. So I’m guessing he is back to work on the N7 follow on product.

  • I would love if it had an IR transmitter so I could use it as an awesome television remote right out of the box.

  • Better speakers? Maybe I’ve had a defective device the whole time, but my S3 speakers are way louder.