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Droid Life Show Tonight at 5:30PM Pacific!

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The Droid Life Show returns tonight at 5:30PM Pacific (8:30PM Eastern)! With CES behind us and the entire year of 2013 ahead, we plan to talk a lot about what’s next. What will we see at MWC? When will Samsung announce the Galaxy S4? What about Motorola – is the “X” phone coming any time soon? We’ll also talk about our final thoughts on last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, share our favorite apps of the week, and attempt to figure out the iPhone 5 HTC M7 render from earlier.

We’ll have a live video and chat posted later. In the mean time, be sure to subscribe to the show!

  • Tim242

    I do not understand why some think the M7 looks like an iPhone 5.

    • droidbeat

      I agree. The iPhone 5 has an enormous bezel above and below the screen. Supposed pics of the M7 show a thin bezel top and bottom. Much more efficient.