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LG Reportedly Halts Nexus 4 Production, Perhaps to Make Way for New Product or Nexus Device

LG Nexus 4 Review

After LG’s James Fisher took the stage during their CES press event and mentioned that the Nexus 4 was the “first of many” products that they are working on with Google, the tech world immediately started trying to figure out exactly what he meant. Are there really going to be multiple LG Nexus device in the near future? If so, when? At Mobile World Congress in February? Later in the year? 

Also, what about the Nexus 4? It has now been completely sold out for almost a month with no signs of a return. The phone is new enough that we can’t actually see Google deciding to push the phone aside for something newer. However, the IBTimes is reporting that LG has alleged halted production on the device to make way for upcoming handsets. MWC is always a popular spot for phone manufacturers to show off their latest goodies, but LG’s Fisher also mentioned they have other “tier-one premium” handsets in various screen sizes to release throughout the year.

Tough to tell what’s going on. Clearly something, as the Nexus 4 has been unavailable for purchase for what seems like an eternity. Does LG really have something new up its sleeve? We would certainly hope that they do, but slowing down Nexus 4 production doesn’t seem like the right move, either.

We’ll keep an eye on this one.

Via:  IBTimes

  • Elliot Kotis

    If they fricking do that, dare I say it, my next phone will be an iPhone.

  • Glen E Ston

    I’ve been trying to buy one for months.. Someone made a huge mistake somewhere down the line. If a product isn’t available, than how can it succeed? I like Google, but they should of planned ahead.. Google failed.

  • H2OSKI

    I already have two Nexus 4’s 16GB (wife and I). I mistakenly called on a warranty issue which turned out to be normal related to the camera-my error. Anyways I already got a shipment notice for a new one within a day before I could call back and cancel related to the warranty issue.

    So within a week I will have a brand new one AND my original one which has been activated for about 4 weeks (only used for 2 weeks) which is still in like new condition.

    I will sell my original Nexus 16 GB for $425 (plus actual shipping method/cost of your choice) or $490 for the brand new one (plus actual shipping cost/method of your choice). I live in a State with sales tax so I of course will have had to pay that on both

  • socalrailroader

    Next up, the monthly phone release.

  • Kenny B.

    Dang… I have over $100 in google play gift cards meant specifically for the N4… now what?! XP

  • Simon Belmont

    How about a version that runs on Sprint/Verizon and has LTE and 32GB of space. That would be awesome.

    Instant buy from me. Most definitely.

  • master94

    LTE or more storage most likely like they did before

  • bananatroll

    maybe they are finally getting out of the way for motorola to swoop in and go for Samsung’s jugular! I’ll take American Engineering over south korean junk any day.

  • i just got mine today and its a nice device, but if they turn out some new even more awesome phone im going to be pissed

  • Jeremy

    What is that live wallpaper?

  • Bigger battery, software deep sleep fix and LTE will surely be on the way if they do update the Nexus 4.

  • Maybe they came to realize that the Galaxy S3 with its removalable battery and sd card slot is what peolpe want. Heck give me a new Nexus with a removable battery and sd card slot and my S3 is gone!

    • Not going to happen. For the SD card, just read what Google has said so far, they are not a big fans of SD cards. As for a removable battery, have you ever heard Google say one thing about it? No, and it’s obvious that the topic has never been in their radar — I don’t think Google still haven’t consider itself a hardware company.

      The thing is, we’ve been vocal about many things that we don’t like about the Android ecosystem (fragmentation, delay of updates, etc), and Nexus hardware (SD card, horrible camera sensor, etc.) None of them seems to be at the top of Google’s priority list. Hell, they haven’t even clarified whether they are supporting USB host mode on the Nexus 4, or Miracast on the Nexus 10!

  • They need to quit LG and move to Samsung (again), Moto, or Asus.

  • Good thing I sold my Nexus 4 for $500

  • yummy

    Interesting business model, LG
    Google, nothing to say to you
    Verizon, you have me for one more
    year, thankyou for my gnex and lte.

  • chris125

    HA once again LG sucks. Should leave the nexus line to a manufacturer that can actually produce the devices.

    • There’s zero chance LG made such decision on its own. If they ever halt the production of the Nexus 4, it must be a decision agreed by both LG and Google.

  • arthuruscg

    Perhaps they are changing the radios to work on multiple spectrums or Dish’s spectrum.

  • mustbepbs

    You had ONE job, LG. I knew I couldn’t trust you to make anything other than garbage.

    • How is the Nexus 4 garbage. It’s a wonderful device. Just because it isn’t available doesn’t mean the device is of poor quality.

    • peacekeeper05

      The Nexus 4 is far from being a garbage. Also the Optimus 4x, Optimus G, the L series, their TVs, their air-conditioners, their washing machines, their refs, and other electrical appliances Lack of availability doesn’t make it a garbage.

      • I hate to disagree, but my bedroom’s LG plasma TV burnt after I used it 4 times. Yes, I rarely used it, I think it was almost half year after I purchased the TV when it was burnt. Luckily, it’s under warranty. But scheduling an in-home repair, then waited for the parts’ arrival after the technician ordered it took over 2 months. Honestly, my experience with LG’s production wasn’t very good.

        But I bought their washing machine again, though — it’s the only one that fits our needs. Not that I have a choice. Just like the situation of the Nexus 4, it’s not that we have a choice. If you need is the latest Nexus, you have to go LG.

  • Tony Byatt
  • Jack Hoffman

    Making way for the XPhone?

  • blix247

    Remove this article. Its a ridiculously stupid interpretation of someone at LG saying that the Nexus 4 is the first of many devices in their new partnership will Google.

    There is no way LG would mention a cancelled product in their CES presentation as the height of their technology and design. Seeing what Google’s partnership has done for Samsung and now Asus, there is no way that LG would snub Google and stop making their phone.

    The Nexus 4 represents a monumental shift in the phone industry (at least in the U.S.). It shows that people are willing to buy an unlocked phone. It shows that people value the Nexus brand. More importantly, it shows that people are willing to give up the bleeding edge hardware(LTE, 1080P) on their phones for a better software experience. If LG cancelled this phone, they would also be ending their chance of ever making another Nexus phone for Google again.

    • Detonation

      I think the biggest demand for the phone just comes from it’s low price.

      • blix247

        Even if 375,000 is the correct number, thats pretty significant for a few hours of availability in each country. Who knows how many might have sold if they hadn’t run out of stock? These are people buying a phone online, with no subsidy, sight unseen. This same stunt was tried in 2009 with the Nexus One. It would be quite an understatement to say the outcome was a little better this time around. I hope this is a signal to the manufacturers that the carriers aren’t the only path to the market.

        • I’m sure LG knows. The fact that the optimus G availability never seemed to take a hit shows that their interests were focused on their own products. Its essentially the same phone, with an active late radio and an lg over the top. I hope the Nexus 4 isn’t canceled because that means waiting another year for the next nexus

        • Well, this is normal, because there are enough hard core Android enthusiasts out there. But once those initial orders are fulfilled, it will take more than a next-to-non existent marketing campaign to sell a phone. Sorry, I just don’t see the Nexus 4 being a hit even if it has enough supply. Google must do more than offering a phone on T-mobile only here in the States, and launches a much bigger marketing campaign.

    • bananatroll

      weather LG cancel’s the Nexus 4 or not, the fact of the matter is their company is simply not geared for the super-massive production scale of Samsung or Apple. HTC is not quite up there either… or motorola.

      Unless the X Phone is nexus device, I’ve a feeling that Samsung will hold the Nexus phone crown for many years to come.

  • peacekeeper05

    The story is just pure speculation and nothing else. LOL!

  • Tim242

    I have the Verizon Note II. I bought the Nexus 4 from CL a few days ago. It had the bumper with it. I paid $500. I got a T-Mobile SIM to test it out. It is nice, but I had forgotten how shotty GSM can be, especially on higher frequencies. While my city is covered with HSPA+ 42, I find myself on GPRS too often for my liking. AT&T would be better coverage, but slower speeds. I just don’t think I can leave Verizon and LTE, even if I can’t stand how they do things. Also, as I thought would be the case, it’s hard to go down in screen size. Looks like I’m going to sell the N4. Too bad, it’s a nice phone. However, the screen sensitivity isn’t great.

    • TheRealWayneBrady

      Try your Nex 4 on Straight Talk using the At&t options. It uses Atts full network for $45 per months.

      • Tim242

        StraightTalk has too many restrictions. They forbid streaming of any kind. My friend got harrassed by them with 800 MB of use in two weeks, because he was using Slacker Radio. They threatened to cancel his service. I don’t need that stress.

        • TheRealWayneBrady

          If you can keep it under 100mbs per day and 2gbs per month you will save hundreds of dollars per year. I just rip radio from my computer and stream and store them locally on my device. So far I have save $400 over my old Verizon plan being on ST for 9 months. It would be nice to stream shoutcast radio though. Some pre-paids allow truly unlimited though.

          • Tim242

            I don’t want to worry with their limits and restrictions. Their false advertisement of unlimited data is worse than anything Verizon does.

          • TheRealWayneBrady

            I think charging $110/month for 1gb of data is downright criminal. I’ll take 2gbs of data and no streaming for $65 less per months. No streaming is a small inconvenience though.

          • Tim242

            I have 2 lines on Verizon with unlimited LTE, for $130 before discount and taxes. I’ll keep that as long as I can. Yes, those family share plans are criminal. Downright sickening.

    • Droidzilla

      I haven’t had that issue on HSPA+42. I’ve had a very comparable experience to Verizon LTE. Also, I haven’t had the screen sensitivity issue (though I’ve heard of others who have). Enjoy that GNote II, though; that was easily my second choice.

      • Tim242

        I live in an area that shows great “4G” service. I get 3G for 2 miles, then it shows H. On my entire street, nothing but G. I would’ve been happy with at least an E! Haha. In building coverage spotty at best. Verizon has spoiled me ugggh

        • Droidzilla

          Everything is always going to vary. I get pretty good H coverage in town (though you do know that the Nexus 4 will ramp down to 3G on T-Mo when it’s idle to save battery life, right?). I also get great VZW LTE, but I have a friend who lives a few miles down the road (good coverage area, per Verizon) and I’m lucky to get 1x at his house simply due to tower dynamics (great LTE around his neighborhood and even sometimes weak 4G outside of his house). As always, ymmv.

  • shooter50

    Why does anyone want a 3G phone in 2013? Selling a 3G only phone is whats embarrasing. Realizing how stupid that was and correcting it is the right thing to do.

    • Droidzilla

      If you think HSPA+42 is 3G and Verizon LTE is 4G, you don’t understand mobile data. There’s basically zero difference, given similar signal strength and network congestion. LTE-A will be another story, of course.

  • Alan

    Apart from getting software updates, the Nexus line has been going downhill.

    • bananatroll


  • ddevito

    Who cares about this?!


    • theentropic

      I wouldn’t get your hopes up: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113699611323257837519/posts/YV2YZVNQzqB

      I moved on to MMuzzy, and it’s been just as stable as BB. I’ve heard Shiny ROM is also fantastic.

      • ddevito

        I know – how funny and sad was that post?

    • PSU_DI

      Have you tried Shiny 4.2.1? It’s as stable if not more so than BB ever was. The dev builds direct from AOSP source and keeps the mods to the very minimum.

      • ddevito

        I might have to check it out – thanks!

  • DC_Guy

    LTE and higher internal storage capability. 64GB please!

  • NorCalDroid

    Can you say hypebeast???

  • ddevito

    N4 = The Nexus no one cared about anyway

  • LG does not have the capacity to supply Nexus demand. So I think Google will look for another partner … Motorola could be an option as well.

  • There goes my prepaid dreams lol. Guess i’ll wait for the xPhone on VZW

    • Good Luck on waiting for Verizon to get anything from Google….

      • bananatroll

        I doubt the x phone will become a reality for Big Red subscribers… Verizon is unwilling to give control over to Google and Moto, as they wouldn’t be able to give us all that wonderful bloatware we love to love so much.

        DROID is likely to be the only choice Moto fans will ever have on verizon unfortunately.

  • CES…. what are you doing…? CES….STAHP!!!!

  • Chris
    • mechapathy

      -My Toro Galaxy Nexus.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m sure that’s just a troll doing a build.prop edit.

  • Naga Appani

    I am waiting all the way for xPhone, no more crappy Samsungs & LGs please….

  • Shane Redman

    Maybe to put Gorilla Glass 3 on the back?

    • theRealWayneBrady

      Or have Motorola or HTC make the phone

      • peacekeeper05

        And suffer the exact same fate LG is experiencing right now, even worse! LG is bigger than HTC and Motorola. So if LG can’t handle the demand neither those two companies

  • Chris

    I like how this gets posted but the picture of a nexus 4 from Brazil gets posted showing version 4.2.2 and you guys don’t mention it. I mean phone arena shows it but you guys don’t?

  • Bring on the Xphone

  • jb

    Weren’t there rumors of multiple Nexus devices? Perhaps the plan is a new manufacturer every quarter for a total of 4 Nexus devices per year? I doubt it, just tossing an idea out there

    • mechapathy

      The Nexus 4, 7, and 10 fit the whole multiple devices thing. But I guess it’s worth considering.

  • That’s shameful that they’re having problems already. It’s sad, and I was considering buying one too to get out of Verizon, but it looks like I might as well buy an unlocked GNex and throw away my crappy Bionic.

    • Shaggy723

      I’m with you man. I just bought an unlocked GNex on ebay in an effort to get away from Verizon. I was really wanting the Nexus 4, but in light of this news, I’m glad I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Verizon = $80-90 per month on contract with 2GB data limit and questionably better coverage. TMobile = $30-50 per month with no contract, unlimited data, and decent coverage (at least in my area).

    • zwade

      I’ve been waiting to purchase the 4 as well to leave vzw and almost pulled the trigger at $500 on ebay, but I couldn’t fathom paying $150 over the original price. Instead I bought a mint-condition unlocked gnex on Swappa (coming from a vzw gnex).

    • Guest

      I might take a look at Swappa, but I’m waiting til the end of February to hear any news of N4s restocking. If not then I’m not going to wait any longer and leave verizon and be on an affordable off-contract plan with stock Android, and even after Google stops providing updates for the Gnex I’m sure it’ll still have a huge developer community to provide roms with the latest. I just wish I learned about this when I was buying my first Android phone, but experience is better than none I guess.

  • Ryan Powell

    At least everyone was able to purchase their wireless charging orb before they stopped production.

  • mechapathy

    Clearly they’re having production problems. But seriously? The phone isn’t even a quarter-year old. Since there are two companies involved, both with an interest in staying in business, I feel like this is some kind of rouse.

    • KleenDroid

      It shows they don’t have the capacity to produce more than one thing at a time. There were people that wanted to buy the phone…. So something is fishy.

  • LG sucks.. This was their comeback plan but they destroyed their own plan

    • Cowboydroid

      My order is still on hold. They said 5-7 weeks when I ordered it at the end of November. It better ship, or there will be hell to pay.

  • moelsen8

    i’ll be p*ssed if they stop production and roll out another model or something so soon. although it almost makes sense.. the factory images have been missing for like a month and a half now, and it’s been impossible to order for so long. something’s going on with it, at least.

  • insider

    “LG has alleged halted production on the device to make way for upcoming handsets”
    Roughly translated…
    “Oh snap! Google dumped our crappy phone because we couldn’t honor our distribution agreements! We must spin this so that low-information consumers will not see us a weak! We must succeed at our upcoming secret phone project (codename: soup can & string)…”

    • peacekeeper05

      what? That would hurt Google too.

      • itznfb

        Not if they released a Sony Nexus soon 😀

        • peacekeeper05

          ha? LG is a much bigger company than SONY so if LG can’t keep up with the demand then neither SONY.

          • itznfb

            Not really. LG Corp as a holding company is bigger than Sony but LG Electronics (50B.USD) is no where near Sony Electronics (71B.USD). Sony also has a much bigger manufacturing footprint as well as a much larger supply and distribution chain.

  • If LG really has stopped production of this device already, it seems like it would raise enormous problems for owners who may have purchased it. What if, six months from now, a device dies and should be eligible for replacement under warranty?

    I wish Google would get its act together with the Nexus program. Obviously, there’s a demand for the product. Pick an OEM that offers quality, pick a development and delivery style that works, and provide long-term support to the devices.


    • Joe

      Some insurance providers provide a different phone (often a better one) when they don’t have yours in stock anymore.

    • Droidzilla

      Replacements will be made by Google, not LG. So if they discontinue this for a newer one, I imagine warranty claims will replace with the new handset.

  • Spider210

    At the speed at which mobile tech is changing I could see this might have been a test/starting point for them now they want to move on to something better. Mobile tech is on the rise and if you want to succeed you got to have the latest and greatest. Just as long as they don’t stop upgrades and development for the previous devices like all other manufactures…

  • vincet3

    Or google may go back to samsung who knows how to manufature products?

  • Droidzilla

    I very much doubt this; it’s not like Google would keep a partnership with someone who’s intentionally screwing them. I’m going to go with LG/Google not forecasting demand properly, and we’ll see more Nexus 4s in short order. Wind down, rumour mill.

  • Verizon!

  • Shame on you for posting this! The story has no backbone and is completely based on a source-less rumor

    • B.


      • WAldenIV

        And not double-posted it.

    • peacekeeper05

      I very much agree.

  • Xphoneorgtfo


  • brkshr

    I seriously doubt they will stop production on the N4. Google is not that stupid. If for some wild reason they did stop production, I would guess that it has to do with LG getting their panties in a bunch for some reason.

  • Hothfox

    I have to say, I’d be pretty cheesed if they were going to release another Nexus so soon, if I had just gotten the Nexus 4. I have a hard time believing Google/LG didn’t imagine it would be as popular as it is. There are a lot more people who care about Nexuses now than there were at the beginning of Android.

    • KleenDroid

      I would be very happy if they came out with a Nexus that we could buy for the Verizon network. My GNex had a birthday last month and I am in need of some hope that there may be a replacement.

      • Droidzilla

        They won’t. Blame Verizon for that one.

      • Hothfox

        It’s really doubtful. That’s not to say it couldn’t, but based on everything Google has done or said, creating a phone for CDMA/LTE and then having to concede and let Verizon do their twiddly crap with it first really isn’t something I think Google is fond of. Plus Verizon/CDMA phones make up a pretty tiny share of the world mobile market in relation to GSM and their flavor of LTE.

  • shame on you for posting this. there is no backbone to this story whatsoever.

  • abhisahara

    snap! 🙁

  • Derek Traini

    So… when are we beginning the countdown for the next nexus?

  • Captain_Doug

    Well that was a short run…

  • ugh, is it just me or should google just release a phone BY THEM, not using a manufacture. like apple has the iphone. google should have the nexus.. google nexus 1 2 3 4 etc etc. stop using manufacturers

    • Derek Traini

      Totally agree. I know we all hate Apple, but that is something they do well (obviously). Google needs to control the Nexus devices (at least) themselves, heck ask Moto to just make one in house every year, then others could make one themselves.

    • mechapathy

      But the OEMs would be pissed if that happened. It’d be bad for Android, and thus Google, to destroy the symbiosis between Google and the OEMs.

    • ddevito

      That’s what the Xphone is going to be

  • JoshGroff

    I’ve just given up on the Nexus 4 at this point, let’s see what new Nexus devices come out at I/O and make sure to get one upon announcement this time. >.>

    • peacekeeper05

      The Nexus coming out this Google I/O is probably going to be a Nexus 7 replacement not a Nexus 4.

      • JoshGroff

        Google did expand the Nexus program, so I’m hoping for a phone from another OEM. If not, I’m fine just waiting for the next one, plus it’ll give me time to whittle down my ETF.


    • duke69111

      If that is the plan, their going to piss off a lot of people who want this phone and don’t care about LTE. However, I say bring it on.

      • Why not do what they did with the Gnex? Make a subsidized version for VZW/ATT with LTE and still sell an inexpensive unlocked HSPA+ from the Play Store?

        • OligarchyAmbulance

          The Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Nexus’ were complete disasters, and Google will never again make another phone for the carriers like that.

          • Truth. I rooted my gnex a couple months after I got it and it has truly been a Nexus device for me.

        • chris125

          Because Google is butt hurt that they can’t put their foot down and make the carriers update it right away.

          I would take a slow to be updated nexus anyday because the development community is still going to be there so you wouldn’t have to wait for the carrier to push updates anyway.

          • Richard Yarrell

            I stand behind what Google has donewith taking away their Nexus brand from Verizon that’s the BEST MOVE they ever has done. Verizon is a pitiful farce they are the WORST CAERIER EVER when it comes to standard updates unless your a Motorola person. Yes all Verizon cares about is it’s bud infested bloatware filled handsets. Verizon DISGRACED THE NEXUS BRAND with it’s silly need to place stupid apps on the device which wasn’t needed. Truthfully look directly at what they have done to the Galaxy Note 2 with all that childish infantile carrier branding, internal changes to device must stop too. Trust this Verizon is overrated and overpriced it’s lte network offers nothing better than Tmobile and if you true device made by the manufacturer then yeah tmobile is the place. I hope Verizon NEVER SEE’S another Nexus again.

        • Droidzilla

          Because they wouldn’t control the experience, like what’s happening with the Galaxy Nexus. They did just that with the GNex, and Google didn’t like how Verizon diluted their Nexus branding. If you want a good Android handset on Verizon, you’re not starved for choices (RAZR HD, Droid DNA, GNote II, etc.). The Nexus brand is about Google showcasing Android the way they think it should be, not about selling the most devices.

          As for LTE, are we really still harping on that? There is zero functional difference between HSPA+42 and LTE, given similar signal strength and network congestion. I live in a town with good LTE and good HSPA+, and I’ve used both. There is no difference. LTE-A is a different story, but that’s not out yet. People need to stop pretending that LTE is any better than HSPA+ for real world usage. Heck, after the stupid iPhone 5 came out my Verizon LTE speeds tanked due to the increase in network congestion.

          I’ll take HSPA+ with low congestion, Google updates when and how they want them, and huge monthly savings over Verizon LTE and Verizon prices and policies any day of the week.

          • Your first paragraph I agree with. I was thinking monetarily but you’re right Google only cares about the purest experience. The LTE/HSPA+ argument however is very subjective. In my neighborhood I regularly pull 18-25 mbps down and 10-15 up on my VZW Gnex. My friend down the street has an N4 and his speeds are about 5-7 down and 3-5 up. And there is a T-Mo tower about a mile or so away from us. Me personally I’d give up LTE for an N4 off contract simply to save a bunch of money but many people (especially coming from LTE) wouldn’t want to see their data speeds slow to what feels like a crawl.

          • Droidzilla

            That’s why I said, “There is zero functional difference between HSPA+42 and LTE, given similar signal strength and network congestion.” There are areas of my town where VZW LTE will get 15-20Mbps down and T-Mo HPSA+ will get 5-7Mbps, and then there are areas where VZW LTE will get 3-5Mbps and T-Mo 20Mbps. I’ve seen it.

            The money savings is real. I sold my 2 RAZRs and I sold my Verizon contract (instead of paying ~$600 to ETF both lines I got paid over $100) and bought 2 Nexus 4 16GBs. Out of pocket was $300. I’m now on T-Mo $30/month and my wife’s on ST $45/month. We’re saving $55/month over Verizon, which puts us at 5.5 months to break even. For the rest of a 2 year contract after that (18.5 months), we’re netting a $1,017.50 savings from going Verizon. When that time’s up, I’ll sell our Nexus 4s for probably $150 each and buy whatever Google’s latest is for $350, total cost per phone $200 just like an on contract device from Verizon. Best Android decision I’ve made so far!

          • Prox

            I did the exact same thing you did, made the switch from VZW to T-Mo and never looked back. I love T-Mo!

          • bklyn nets

            I had a GNex on VZW. I bought a HSPA+ GNex on ebay and switch to TMo. The speeds are fast enuff for WatchESPN and Slingbox so I’m happy.

          • I wish T-Mo had good signal where i am. Thats the only thing holding me back.

          • michael arazan

            I thought T-Mo announced they were going to be selling Nexus 4’s in their stores a week or so ago, and were expecting shipments soon.

          • b00sted

            How did you sell your contract? I been thinking of doing the same thing but unsure on how to get out of the contract.

          • Droidzilla

            I think I’ll do a write up for DL; seems a lot of people want to know this. Stay tuned; we’l see if they publish it.

          • b00sted

            Thanks, will be looking forward to it.

          • Dan

            I wish that was the case here. I have a 60 mile commute, and carpool, so I love having some sort of good internet to watch movies, etc in the back, but t-mobile has very little coverage.

          • picaso86

            Question for you sir: How can you sell your Verizon contract? I am trying to get rid of mine ASAP – it’s killing my pocket…

          • kindrudekid

            swappa.com i guess!

          • Dude that was inspiring lol but with the N4 out of stock I can’t make that move. I’m up for an upgrade in a month and a half and contract is done 3 months after that. Think I’m gonna hold on and see what the Google/Moto Xphone looks like

          • Droidzilla

            If I were tied to Verizon right now, I’d either get a GNote II or wait for the X Phone and pray that it lands on VZW. If it doesn’t, they’ll probably have their own version (like the Droid Incredible was to the Nexus One).

          • See I REALLY want the Note 2. But I know there’s going to be the X Phone and Sammy’s new gadgets with Exynos Octa’s and probably 3-4GB of RAM. It’s that whole “buy this phone and it’s obsolete within 3 months” argument

          • Droidzilla

            That’ll never change. Get something that you’re happy with right now and don’t regret it when it’s inevitably surpassed. Or, wait for the next big thing and then get and be happy with that knowing it’ll be surpassed in due course. Nature of the tech world, I’m afraid. That said, you could do a lot worse long term than a Galaxy Note II. That is one killer device right there.

          • Glen E Ston

            How did you go about “selling” your Verizon Plan? Ebay? Craigslist?

          • Droidzilla

            I submitted an article for DL on this, but they may not post it so I also put it up here:

            Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to be as helpful as possible. It really isn’t too difficult to do.

          • I’m with ya. i would be completely content with 2-4mb down. i would gladly take those speed, better camera, better hardware, and better screen over LTE speeds.

          • Dan

            While, I agree, that on paper, there is no difference, it reality it is not true unless you live a major metro. Verizon 4gLTE is all over the country (even here in the middle of nowhere – AKA Iowa). HSPA+ is nowhere to be seen, and verizon’s 3g sucks.

          • Droidzilla

            HSPA+ was in more places than Verizon LTE last I checked; that may have changed recently. I’m not in a major metro area (Colorado Springs), but I have both. Had HSPA+ for about 2 years prior to VZW LTE, though.

          • itznfb

            You’re kidding right? HSPA+ coverage doesn’t come close to LTE coverage.

          • itznfb

            Pretending? HSPA+ latency is absolute garbage and most covered areas have terrible bandwidth whether they are congested or not. With LTE you get great latency and bandwidth in almost every corner of the country. People like yourself that claim HSPA+ is just as good as LTE are just fooling yourselves to make yourself feel better. I tried convincing myself HSPA+ was good enough for a while. I used my N4 for 2 weeks without using my GNex on VZW. When I went back to my GNex on week 3 it was like a new futuristic experience. Mobile computing just became a reality. (again)

            Not only is HSPA+ inferior in terms of latency and bandwidth but it also functionally adds a ton of lag to the browsing experience. The 3G/HSPA+ switching methods they use to “save power” create a ton of unnecessary lag and data drops.

            You get what you pay for. If you’re happy with it then good for you. I find T-Mo HSPA+ close to unusable. VZW LTE is better than my FiOS and Xfinity hardwired at home. (I have both for business needs).

      • Geekout

        You can turn LTE off in the settings menu

    • KleenDroid

      Yes, maybe their next “tier one premium handset” will have LTE.

      Then we won’t giggle when they say that.

  • Hope they flip the LTE switch on.

    • Tim242

      It would only work on T-Mobile’s future LTE, and maybe not in all markets. Not to mention, how long that will be.

  • Nexus 4S! /sarc