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LG Reportedly Halts Nexus 4 Production, Perhaps to Make Way for New Product or Nexus Device

LG Nexus 4 Review

After LG’s James Fisher took the stage during their CES press event and mentioned that the Nexus 4 was the “first of many” products that they are working on with Google, the tech world immediately started trying to figure out exactly what he meant. Are there really going to be multiple LG Nexus device in the near future? If so, when? At Mobile World Congress in February? Later in the year? 

Also, what about the Nexus 4? It has now been completely sold out for almost a month with no signs of a return. The phone is new enough that we can’t actually see Google deciding to push the phone aside for something newer. However, the IBTimes is reporting that LG has alleged halted production on the device to make way for upcoming handsets. MWC is always a popular spot for phone manufacturers to show off their latest goodies, but LG’s Fisher also mentioned they have other “tier-one premium” handsets in various screen sizes to release throughout the year.

Tough to tell what’s going on. Clearly something, as the Nexus 4 has been unavailable for purchase for what seems like an eternity. Does LG really have something new up its sleeve? We would certainly hope that they do, but slowing down Nexus 4 production doesn’t seem like the right move, either.

We’ll keep an eye on this one.

Via:  IBTimes

  • Elliot Kotis

    If they fricking do that, dare I say it, my next phone will be an iPhone.

  • Glen E Ston

    I’ve been trying to buy one for months.. Someone made a huge mistake somewhere down the line. If a product isn’t available, than how can it succeed? I like Google, but they should of planned ahead.. Google failed.

  • H2OSKI

    I already have two Nexus 4’s 16GB (wife and I). I mistakenly called on a warranty issue which turned out to be normal related to the camera-my error. Anyways I already got a shipment notice for a new one within a day before I could call back and cancel related to the warranty issue.

    So within a week I will have a brand new one AND my original one which has been activated for about 4 weeks (only used for 2 weeks) which is still in like new condition.

    I will sell my original Nexus 16 GB for $425 (plus actual shipping method/cost of your choice) or $490 for the brand new one (plus actual shipping cost/method of your choice). I live in a State with sales tax so I of course will have had to pay that on both

  • socalrailroader

    Next up, the monthly phone release.

  • Kenny B.

    Dang… I have over $100 in google play gift cards meant specifically for the N4… now what?! XP

  • Simon Belmont

    How about a version that runs on Sprint/Verizon and has LTE and 32GB of space. That would be awesome.

    Instant buy from me. Most definitely.

  • master94

    LTE or more storage most likely like they did before

  • bananatroll

    maybe they are finally getting out of the way for motorola to swoop in and go for Samsung’s jugular! I’ll take American Engineering over south korean junk any day.

  • i just got mine today and its a nice device, but if they turn out some new even more awesome phone im going to be pissed

  • Jeremy

    What is that live wallpaper?

  • Bigger battery, software deep sleep fix and LTE will surely be on the way if they do update the Nexus 4.

  • Maybe they came to realize that the Galaxy S3 with its removalable battery and sd card slot is what peolpe want. Heck give me a new Nexus with a removable battery and sd card slot and my S3 is gone!

    • Not going to happen. For the SD card, just read what Google has said so far, they are not a big fans of SD cards. As for a removable battery, have you ever heard Google say one thing about it? No, and it’s obvious that the topic has never been in their radar — I don’t think Google still haven’t consider itself a hardware company.

      The thing is, we’ve been vocal about many things that we don’t like about the Android ecosystem (fragmentation, delay of updates, etc), and Nexus hardware (SD card, horrible camera sensor, etc.) None of them seems to be at the top of Google’s priority list. Hell, they haven’t even clarified whether they are supporting USB host mode on the Nexus 4, or Miracast on the Nexus 10!