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Snapseed Now Available on Android, Making Beautiful Photos One Adjustment at a Time

Snapseed, the award winning photo editing software that Google purchased back in September, is now available on Android. Originally an iOS exclusive, Snapseed really is one of the better photo editing apps you’ll see. Not only does it include all of the filters that users enjoy in apps like Instagram, but it also has auto correct, image tuning, selective adjusting, cropping, and more. This isn’t just another retro-filtering photo app, it’s a pretty decent photo editor that lets you fine tune any image.

Once in the app, you select an image, and then scroll through the options at the bottom. This is where you’ll find your filters and other image tuning tools. To use them, once you’ve selected one, you use dragging motions from top to bottom or left to right. You can also pinch-to-zoom to expand corrected or enhanced areas. It’s a bit tricky at first, but once you play around with it, you’ll get it.

It should work on both tablets and phones running Android 4.0+. It’s free on Google Play.

Play Link

Via:  Google Blog | +Snapseed

  • interested

    this app appeared on my android phone… is google pushing this out somehow?

  • I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks for the heads-up. So far it’s working great on my GNex.

  • Dick

    Getting closer to this all the time.


  • DanWazz

    Good editing app. I like how you can share through G+ easliy and share with everything else. Would be nice to do some editing on my N7 though.

  • HuskerHog

    I can follow the link to Playstore to download, but download does not show up on my phone after I click Install. Also, a Playstore search from my RAZR MAXX comes up empty for Snapseed.

  • Havoc70

    “It should work on both tablets and phones running Android 4.0+. It’s free on Google Play.” Does this not work on any previous versions? ICS?, GB?

  • slider112

    Works fine on the N7 if you sideload it…

  • What’s with the terrible device support?

  • been waiting for this! love the app! works awesome! just wish there was a curves adjustment option.

  • TheOgler

    It’s a Play Store no-show. Can’t follow this link like dylan84 either.

    I have a GNex.

    • itznfb

      Shows up and works great on my GNex.

      • TheOgler

        Finally showed. Scooped it up. Thanks.

  • NextUs

    No support for HTC Rezound? Don’t see it in the play store at all. 🙁

  • rohicks

    This app is pretty rad.

  • dylan84

    Strangely didnt show up in the Play Store when I searched on my One X…but the link in this post worked.

    • slider112

      Same here. Probably a refresh thing on Google’s end…

  • summit1986

    Snapseed, Swiftkey Flow Beta, and GTA:VC (albeit very broken) in one day? Awesome!

  • Liquidretro

    It need’s support for the Nexus 7! It’s beyond me why developers (Google in this case) leave out official Nexus tablets on something like this.

    • Raloc

      On something that doesn’t have a rear facing camera? Did you at any moment consider that they don’t want to put a photo editing app on a device that doesn’t have the ability to take photos of anything other than a persons face??

      • PuzzleShot

        you might download photos or sync photos from other devices that you want to edit on the larger screen

      • Kyle Lehman

        I edit photos all the time on my tablet that I take with my phone or point and shoot. Why put a limitation on something that has no limitations? Its not a camera app; its an editing app. Anyway, I hear there was an issue with the meta data and it is being fixed.

        • Liquidretro

          I agree

        • michael arazan

          You can actually make the Nexus 7 camera into a 5mp, its in an article here.

      • firesafetybear

        Or the fact that he could edit photos that he already has. Doesnt need a camera.

        • Raloc

          It doesn’t support web albums, so you’d be forced to download images to your tablet or move them over from a separate machine. And if you’re doing that you likely have the access/care to edit it in a real photo editing program.

      • Liquidretro

        that would be the only reason. It’s a mistake. Instagram did the same thing for a while on tablets, until the outcry was loud enough that people want to do this, and they changed it. I don’t want to use an older 4″ phone I have to do this. I want to use the large screen and fast processor of the N7. People forget that taking a photos is not the only way to get it onto the device.

        • Raloc

          Instagram only changed because they are attempting to build out a social network around their product, not really the greatest parallel to compare to considering Snapseed is entirely a picture editing product.

      • Heather Johnson

        I use my Nexus for photo management all the time. As it is, sadly, Snapseed isn’t compatible with either my phone (OG Droid Incredible) or tablet. Would love to give it a spin … oh well.

      • I can see why they might not want to spend a lot of time on the device, but crossing it off the compatible list just because it has no camera seems dumb.

        I use G+ auto-upload for all the photos I take on my Galaxy Nexus. I can then browse to the photos on my Nexus 7 in the Instant Upload directory and work with them from there.

      • MrMLK

        Do you also think its silly to come out with Photoshop for desktop computers that don’t have the ability to take photos of anything other then a person’s face?

        • Raloc

          The difference is: desktop computers have a multitude of ways to get data to and from them while mobile devices don’t. The app has no way to pull pictures from anything but the SD card and doesn’t even the most basic Picasa web albums support.

          • MrMLK

            I think you are splitting hairs. Photoshop doesn’t have any way to pull pictures from anywhere by internal storage and people get along fine with that all the time.

            If people want to take pictures on one device and edit them on a device with a bigger screen, why would you support one and not the other?

      • Guest

        People on Facebook love to take pictures of their faces and apply stupid pre-defined filters to them and pretend they’re the masters of photoshop.