Google Introduces New Google+ With Revamped UI and Focus on Communities and Collections

This afternoon, Google announced that it has been working on a new version of Google+ that is ready for prime time. Over the past couple of months, Google (with help from users of Google+) realized that a big part of the social platform’s growth was in Communities and Collections, and so that’s where the latest redesign takes its focus.

With Communities, you get a forum-like atmosphere within G+ that allows you to discuss topics with like-minded folks. With Collections, you have a way to bundle together the posts you like by topic, to help you stay organized and on top of your favorite things.  (more…)

Victory: Google Decoupling Google+ and YouTube

In a blog post published this morning, Google states that with Google+, a few things could have gone better. “While we got certain things right, we made a few choices that, in hindsight, we’ve needed to rethink,” Google admits. If you happen to use YouTube and Google+, then you will know that statement could not be more true.

Before the changes that are set to take place, setting up a YouTube account attached to a Google+ profile, especially if you are a Google Apps user, was beyond ridiculous. And please, let’s not get started on the YouTube comments section regarding the involvement of Google+ and your need for a profile attached to your existing Google account.

Google+ Photos Begins Shutting Down on August 1

Because Google introduced Google Photos back at Google I/O as their only photo service going forward, they will begin shutting down all that once was Google+ Photos. On August 1, Google will kill the Google+ Photos app on Android (web and iOS thereafter) and recommend that you install the new Google Photos app should you want to continue using Google’s photo service.  (more…)

Report: Google to Launch Standalone Photo Sharing and Storage Service at Google I/O Next Week

According to sources of Bloomberg, Google’s rumored standalone photo service, which will be entirely separate from Google+, will launch next week during Google I/O. The service could feature many of the things we know and love about the current Photos service from Google, such as Auto Awesome, but the ties to Google+ will no longer be there.  (more…)

Collections Feature Going Live Right Now on Google+

Google+ Collections, the social community’s new topic-based feature that we first broke news on a couple of weeks back, seems to be going live to the general public right now. Our own Droid Life G+ page has been given access to Collections, which you can see above.

To check to see if Collections is live for you, head into Google+ and slide open the dropdown menu on the left side and look for “Collections” grouped in with Communities, Events, and Hangouts.  (more…)