Snapseed Update for Android Includes HDR Scape Filter, Here are Some Samples


Earlier today, Google held a small press event to show off major changes they are making for folks who use of the company’s social network, Google+. Along with the Google+ announcements, they also showed off an update for their photo editing app called Snapseed. Google purchased this company back in September of last year, and has already made a lot of improvements to the software. Introduced today is a brand new filter called HDR Scape, one that we have pretty much fallen in love with.  (more…)

Top 10 Apps For Your New Android Device

Android Apps 2

So, you got a fancy new Android phone for the holidays! Congratulations! Now that you’re all set up, the only thing left to do is find the best apps and start having some fun. Google Play offers thousands of different applications and games to choose from, so without getting lost looking through countless pages of apps, allow us to drop some knowledge on you.

These are our top 10 recommendations to get you started with Android.  (more…)

Google Looking to Replace Head of Mergers and Acquisitions?

We can’t get through a full week of working it seems that we don’t hear about another purchase by Google. Whether it’s a high profile buyout like they finished up with Motorola, or a smaller snatch up like they did with Snapseed, they tend to always directly relate to Android or some other product Google is working on or has future plans with. Today, sources close to the matter say that Google is to replace their head of mergers and acquisitions with their top internal lawyer, Don Harrison.  (more…)

Snapseed Now Available on Android, Making Beautiful Photos One Adjustment at a Time

Snapseed, the award winning photo editing software that Google purchased back in September, is now available on Android. Originally an iOS exclusive, Snapseed really is one of the better photo editing apps you’ll see. Not only does it include all of the filters that users enjoy in apps like Instagram, but it also has auto correct, image tuning, selective adjusting, cropping, and more. This isn’t just another retro-filtering photo app, it’s a pretty decent photo editor that lets you fine tune any image.

Once in the app, you select an image, and then scroll through the options at the bottom. This is where you’ll find your filters and other image tuning tools. To use them, once you’ve selected one, you use dragging motions from top to bottom or left to right. You can also pinch-to-zoom to expand corrected or enhanced areas. It’s a bit tricky at first, but once you play around with it, you’ll get it.

It should work on both tablets and phones running Android 4.0+. It’s free on Google Play.

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Via:  Google Blog | +Snapseed

Vic Gundotra Posts Picture to Google+ Using Snapseed, Which Isn’t Out for Android Yet

There must be a lot of perks to being a big wig at Google. One of which is using products that your company hasn’t even publicly announced whenever you want. Lots of fuss was made when Google snatched up Snapseed, a popular iOS photo editing software, for use in Android, but it seems that the Android launch isn’t too far away.

Vic Gundotra posted a picture to Google+ the other day, which looked very hipster-filtery but upon closer inspection you can see that it was posted using Snapseed. The photo editing application was only acquired two weeks ago so it makes you think the Android app was already in production before Google acquired them. Whenever it does come out, it looks like it will have a tight integration with Google+.

Via: Google+

Google Acquires Makers of Snapseed, Looks to Offer Better Photo Goodies on Google+

This morning, Google’s Vic Gundotra took to his Google+ account to announce the company’s newest purchase, Nik Software. The software company is known best for their Snapseed application which is one of the more popular image editing apps found on Macs and iOS platforms. It has also won iPad App of the Year in 2011 and can be best compared to Instagram, where using filters and other tools can turn your boring photos into something people may want to tolerate.  (more…)

Snapseed and ShadowGun:DeadZone Both Headed to Android Devices in Early 2012

Yesterday at NVIDIA’s press event we got a sneak peak at a couple of apps that are sure to get Android users excited. If you happen to own an i*ad, then it is quite possible that you have heard of Snapseed. It has recently won the “iPad App of the Year” award, but is now coming to Android. The Snapseed application allows users to turn any ordinary photo into a work of art. With its amazing filters and effects software, it is no wonder why it won app of the year.

Another announcement that came from yesterday, is that MadFinger is working on a multiplayer edition of ShadowGun. It’s called ShadowGun: DeadZone and it will keep folks busy for a long time with the ability to play with others just as you would any other online multiplayer shooter.  And from what we saw yesterday, they were playing with Xbox controllers. Oh boy.  (more…)