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First Look: Andru “Dark Edition” Charger [Contest Too] (Update: Winners Picked)

Andru Dark

Remember the Andru, the handsome little Bugdroid USB charger with glowing eyes? We took a quick look at the original green version back in February, loved it, and then proceeded to give a few away. As you may recall, a new “Dark Edition” with glowing red eyes surfaced on the Andru site a couple of months ago, getting us excited all over again. Unfortunately, it went through a bit of a delay as they fine-tuned the build quality. As promised, though, it’s back and hopefully better than ever. 

Thanks to the Andru team, we have one in our possession to give you a more detailed look (and a few to give away in a contest down below). Similar to the original, it’s arms move in circles, the eyes glow while plugged in (red this time), its black antennae are rubber and flexible, and the stand and cord that come with it are matching black. The build quality seems top notch to me, but then again, my two Andrus aren’t traveling across the country and are always stuck in a wall.

To buy one today, head over to the Andru site.

Also, the Andru Chill is one week away. It’s the white version, if the name didn’t already give it away.

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Update: We have emailed our three winners. Go check your inbox!

Prize:  3 (three) Andru Dark Edition chargers

How to enter:

1.  Like Droid Life and GEN (Andru creator) on Facebook.
2.  In the comments, tell us how many microUSB cables you have gathered over the years.


Tomorrow at 10AM Pacific, we will choose 3 winners randomly from the comments.

  • Beelow319

    i have gathered well over 10 microusb cables over the years as well as usb extension cables since they ones that come with the phone are never quite long enough.

  • Brandon Sikes

    I have like 20-30 around my house, the girls house, and work.

  • I have collected only 5 microusb chargers over the years, starting with the enV Touch to the Nexus 7!

  • At least a dozen including extension cords

  • N8shon

    I have 7 that I know of among all the gadgets and musical instruments. I’m sure there are more lurking around somewhere haha. Gimme dat Andru!

  • eclect1c


  • Lets me remember: Two each for my last couple of phones, One new one for my brother, one more tiny cable for portability sake – may be not that many but again I’d have one more with Andru (If I get it)…

  • Thomas

    I used to only have 3 with my OG droid; one home, one car, one in my bag for work/ travel.

    Now with my LTE GNex, I have one for each room of the house (9 with garage) plus one strategically hidden at all my regular hangouts (4) and one for each of my battery backups that get me through the day (2).

    So, 17 or so.

  • Jason Brown

    only 4. 2 for the og droid, 1 for the gnex, and one that came with the zaggsparq.

  • If I had to guess I would put the number around 15, a lot of which are spread out between work, home and the girlfriends, one at the parents. You name it I’ve got cables everywhere.

  • 5 within this past year.

  • monsterenergy22

    I know I have at least 10 in my room + 3 or so car chargers.

  • drathos

    I’ve got 8 just within eyeshot. I’m sure I’ve got a half dozen or so more.

  • Hmm… I must have at least 12 of them right now, not including retired (broken) cables. I just ordered a 10-footer as well and now I don’t need to lean off the edge of the sofa to stay plugged in.

  • Ravi Rao

    I’ve probably picked up about 11-12, but snagged and broken quite a few.

  • hmm.. just looking around in my bedroom, I already have 5 in use. then theres a box of them stored up in the closet.. I would say a total of 25

  • Surprisingly, I’ve only gather about 15 over the course of around 5 or 6 years. But I tend to toss the ones that are broken or too short.

  • KingKondiment

    I’ve lost or given away more than I currently have in my possession.

  • lets see….
    3 moto micro’s
    3 car chargers (1 broke)
    one samsung charger from my nexus
    one misc micro
    one convertable tipped usb cable

    so nine

  • picaso86

    I can probably now start my company selling MicroUSB’s .. that’s how many I own.

  • IcerC

    40 would be my guess, currently 12

  • masterdarkyoda

    I have gathered since the OG about 23

  • Cam

    I tend to confiscate cables from my workplace when I have lost mine. Then I immediately find them the next day. So, probably 30-ish.

  • antwonw

    Currently, I’m at 11. But I have 6 devices to charge. Got the other 5 at monoprice.

  • I have 3 right now but so many have been lost/given away/quit working over the past several years.

  • Mark Traverso

    I have at least 10 cables, first phone that had one was the nexus one

  • Christian Chew

    I probably have something like 5…

  • I think I have about 5 lying around the house, old ones have been donated to my cousins who lose their cords.

  • Steve Wroblewski

    I have 2 microusb cables. 1for my Bionic, one for my Nexus 7

  • shdowman

    I have about 7 lying around. But this would be my…number one….guy!

  • about 3 for each phone ive had in the past 2 years so about 18. ( 3 droid inc., 2 Gnex, 1s3) If only i had a droid that could use all of them to connect all the galaxies together to form a galaxy nexus. That would be incredible right? (Saw what i did there?)

  • TylerChappell

    On the 5th day of xmas my Andru charged for me:
    5 Android Phones (Droid Eris, Thunderbolt, Bionic, Galaxy Nexus, LG Lucid)
    4 Android Tablets (GalaxyTab10.1, Acer A500, Acer A100, Nexus 7)
    [from] 3 Manufacturers (Samsung, Asus, Acer)
    2 Nexus 7’s (16GB and 32GB)
    One H-T-C (Thunderbolt)
    Actually I don’t have an Andru charger :(, but would love to have one!
    Between all of the devices, car chargers etc, I have over 20 microUSB cables! D:
    But no cute ones. ='[

  • about a gazilion…

  • FarmerTechno

    I have a 2′ x 1′ x 1′ basket full of them. So a lot.

  • chris420o

    I have gathered 19 since my og…yes ive actually counted…shocking i have only three left and now one less bc my boss just stole one from me…smh

  • Daniel Rosseau

    I’m actually pretty low on my microUSB cables….probably only 6 between work and home. I feel like most people I know have like 20 haha.

  • well i first started with my droid x, then x2, then razr maxx. microusb cables…and oddly enough combined they are still not longer than my s3 microusb charging cable 🙁 i kid but seriously moto would it kill you to make longer microUSB cables..and a few ive ordered via amazon so total 7

  • coggy9

    I’ve gathered too many to count. I might make a rope out of them or something.

  • Probably like 11.


    I have accumulated a box full of them so about 20-30 I would say, and I never seem to have enough around when I really need them though!

  • Jeremiah Zohner

    I’ve gathered more than my fair share of microUSB cables, yet none of them seem to be long enough…

  • will bartlett

    ive gotten a lot but they stay with the phones so right now i only have 2

  • thedanks

    It has been 17 microUSB cables. Glad you didn’t ask about miniUSB! that took a lot of thinking.

  • Edwin M

    Does countless count as a number? Probably over 10. So many have gotten shredded by my chair and my son tripping over it. God bless Amazon and eBay for having them for cheap.

  • Aaryn Kruger

    At last count it was over 25 O.o

  • Clayton Ball

    I have 15 usb chargers laying around my house

  • I’m sure some more economical types could do something useful like make bracelets and necklaces for their kids… me, I screw the environment and toss them in the gargabe all too often.

  • Corey Loughrey

    About 25

  • tiptoptommy

    I total about ten on average

  • David H.

    42. such an odd number