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First Jelly Bean Build Leaks for the DROID RAZR HD (Updated)

DROID RAZR HD (MAXX HD too) owners, ready for some Jelly Bean goodness? Before you say “yes,” understand that this is a leaked build of Android 4.1, which means we don’t know yet if you can flash back to an official build or if you will be stuck on this forever. That’s how leaks work, so if you choose to do this, know what you are getting yourself into. With that said, let’s talk about what we have. 

The folks at DroidRzr found build 9.1.39 floating around on Moto servers and have posted it for your consumption. It has Google Now and probably looks just like the build that leaked for the RAZR M a few weeks back. We still do not know how stable it is though, so you may want to wait this one out, to see what others have to say. Again, this is a leak and not a final OTA update. For all we know, this could be Moto’s first attempt at JB for the RAZR HD and is riddled with bugs.

Update:  Matt Groff’s RAZR HD Utility will allow you to flash back to 0.6.25 from this Jelly Bean leak. Translation – that means you won’t be stuck on Jelly Bean! Flash away and enjoy Google Now!


*Should work for DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD on the latest build 0.7.2. They are the exact same phone with identical software, just with different batteries and storage.

1.  Download the update.zip file and place on “external1” (SD card) storage. [Download] 2.  Download this crc file and place it on “external1” (SD card) as well. [Download] 3.  To keep root, you need to be rooted. Install OTA RootKeeper after rooting to keep root.

*We should point out that you do not need to be rooted in order to flash this Jelly Bean build. Skip steps 3 and 4 if root is not your thing.

4.  In RootKeeper, “backup su” and then do a “Temporary unroot.”
5.  Turn your phone off.
6.  Reboot into recovery:

*Hold Volume Up and Power until you get to the boot screen. Press Volume Down to select “Recovery.” Then hit Volume Up to choose it.

7.  When the Android logo shows up, press both Volume buttons at the same time.
8.  Choose “apply update from external storage.”
9.  Find the update.zip file that you downloaded above and select it.
10.  Your phone will update and reboot with Jelly Bean.

Via:  DroidRzr

  • bent

    here’s hoping that someone leaks news of the OTA date or a newer leaked build. I’ve had some SD card issues with this build.

  • Kerim Hadzi

    I get an error message of ‘could not write file’, when I move the file over to external 1… Any ideas?

  • John Sanders

    When I click on the crc file download link i get a website with a number at the top. No file. What am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance.

  • angermeans

    Fancy this news hits after Google has yet again announced a new version of their Android OS. Motorola is destined to always be at least a full version behind and has been since like the Droid X. That is not good especially now that Motorola is owned by Google. This unfortunately plagues Android right now.

  • Towelyey

    No problem flashing with the above instructions. Don’t see one UI change. Added google now obviously, and maybe a radio update? Didn’t pay attention to the before/after but i did notice during the install process it deleted/installed the modem(s).

    • jmsbwmn

      I don’t have an SD card, but I used Android File Transfer to get the necessary files on the device. My phone is still functional, but I see no changes. I got a “Android is Updating” dialog box when I rebooted, but nothing is different. I think the lock screen might be different, but I’ve only had the phone for a day, so I’m not too familiar with it. Did this happen to anybody else?

      • jmsbwmn

        Just checked my Android version in Settings. I’m still on 4.0.4. WTF? Guess I’ll try again…


    Can’t wait to try this out tonight 🙂

  • Jared Persinger

    I have the DROID razr maxx hd and it is so amazing with ics that I can’t imagine how amazing it will be with jellybean

  • DKLA

    Just checking — will this work for a Razr Maxx or does it need to be a Razr Maxx HD?

    • kixofmyg0t

      This is only for the HD models.

  • i was able to flash the JB leak for the Razr HD and revert back to stock 4.0.4 with the SBF utility. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=33601633&postcount=20

  • Kerim Hadzi

    wait, noob question but how do you place on external1

    • stache

      bump, my phone only has external_sd. I think it is the same file path, probably gets renamed to external1 once you put in an SD card. Can anyone confirm?

    • Ben

      Download a free app like Astro File Manager and you’ll have to copy and paste it from your download folder to your external1 folder. Very simple to do.

  • Ben

    I updated my RAZR HD MAXX and have noticed this so far: two new bloatware apps (audible and Zappos). Also noticed two different Google Calendar apps. Both work fine, but I may remove one.

  • rishi

    any chance in hell the OG razr is gonna get 4.1? im not even hoping for 4.2 at this point

    • Butters619

      Motorola has already said Bionic, Razr, and Maxx would all get JB

  • goodbyebb

    The d/l link in the post is Blur_Version.0.7.2.XT926.Verizon.en.US.zip. Does it need to be renamed to update.zip for this to work? Or will it work without renaming? Anyone tried it yet?

    • you don’t need to rename it. just make sure you unfreeze any bloatware you froze with Titanium Backup.

  • SouthBayRoots

    Ordered my Razr maxx hd over the phone through verizon and the girl who helped me order it gave me a call back once the phone got delivered to help me activate it and hooked me up so that I kept my unlimited data. SWEET

  • jw

    SO anyone is it safe to throw on no real terrible bugs?
    Also if this is flashed does it act like an OTA and saves the data on the phone (apps, and such)?

    • Bax

      I’ve yet to see a terrible bug. The stock launcher is weird, but drop nova on it, and it works like a dream.

    • goodbyebb

      So this will allow us to restore back to stock if need be, correct???

      • Mike Yost

        The SBF is of course ICS (4.0.4) but it seems to have a newer build (7.7) than what is currently out. It would get you back to stock though.

  • kixofmyg0t

    This is a newer build than I have, guess I better start flashing!

  • ayyy

    Hallelujah. Buying my razr maxx tomorrow too.

    Just a heads up, I was about to order this phone from amazon for $199 but I’m so glad I didn’t! I went into a verizon store at the mall and talked to the manager. Asked him if he could switch my upgrade from a different line on my family plan and he said only if you buy the phone from our store. However, it costs $299 there. He said the best I can do is $270 for a new one. Then he said what data plan are you on? I said unlimited, sucks to give it up. And he said, I got you, I can make sure you keep unlimited if you buy from me.

    So in short, ask around until someone is willing to help you keep unlimited data, worth the extra money! If I bought this phone from Amazon I’d be stuck with 2GB a month.

    Can’t wait for JB!

    • michael arazan

      Verizon needs to drop the prices of the old maxx to $400 full to get rid of them, they will sell it for full price 8-9 months still while everyone else drops the price.

      • 4n1m4L

        The phones are a way for them to make revenue. Buy our subsidized phone! It’s worth 799! We’ll give it to you for $200. If they were selling them for less they’d be losing the ability to make that money.

    • juuuusjs

      Just be careful with that…
      I had to drop my data plan temporarily a while back when I had a dumb phone for a temporary as my DroidX was getting fixed. Getting back on unlimited was a hassle. They were all willing to help, but said the “codes for unlimited” were removed and they’d have to find a work-a-round.
      Two days later I finally got a call that I should be good.
      So if the rep is incompetent…might be a stretch.

    • Joel

      If you use an upgrade from a different line then you wouldn’t loose your unlimited on your line. Only affects the line doing the upgrade. Stick with Amazon and save $70 plus keep your unlimited.

      • ayyy

        Trust me, I’ve already tried this. My problem is that the only line eligible for an upgrade is a dumbphone. That means I can’t buy the phone from amazon with subsidized pricing without immediately signing up for a data plan. With amazon you cannot deactivate a device you bought from them until 181 days if you by at the contract discounted price.

        • steve0617

          “With amazon you cannot deactivate a device you bought from them until 181 days if you by at the contract discounted price.”

          So they care about the device itself, not just the line it’s on? Obviously, you can’t drop from a smartphone to a dumb or drop the line entirely, but they care about which specific device is on that line?

    • jmsbwmn

      Amazon Wireless actually has the MAXX listed for $179.99 for new lines. Best Buy price matched that price for me. You have to ask them to price match Amazon. Seriously, take your receipt to customer service and get your $100 back!!! 🙂

    • Anthony

      Sad thing is, even that manager cannot keep your unlimited data plan like he said he can. If you use an upgrade, you lose unlimited data. Period.

  • wh1te_mag1c

    Well I’m still waiting for the GNex Roms.

    • staticx57

      Gnex has had JB since forever pretty much

      • I think he means 4.2 update

        • JoshGroff

          Probably, but until then, 4.1.2 with 4.2 keyboard and camera will have to do.

  • Shhhhhh

    Would this work on Verizon?

    • Only on Verizon.

      • Mario II Valenzuela

        True for the Us… but not for Canada south America and Europe.

      • shhhhhh

        where does it say that?

        • goodbyebb

          If you notice, it’s for phone model XT926 which is Verizon’s version of the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD. XT925 is the GSM version.

  • Guest

    Port to bionic, port to bionic!

    • hkklife

      Why port? Just sit tight. Bionic is getting an official JB OTA eventually, unless Moto breaks another promise (always a worry with them).

  • Sean

    why do the nav buttons look like they are from stock and not the normal motorola ones found on ICS

    • goodbyebb

      I wonder the same thing. I have a RAZR HD and I really like the Moto nav buttons. I hope the final version of JB includes the Moto ones and not the stock…

  • C-Law

    4.2 is about to drop with all new features and moto and Verizon are prepping 4.1.1 for release in probably q2 if history serves as any guide

    • rdx

      whine on..

    • They seem to be rolling out the builds pretty steadily, likely owing to the fact that the RAZR M/HD are fairly close hardware-wise, just like the RAZR/Bionic/D4 are. As such, I’m really hoping that it’ll only be ~4 weeks or so before we see the next JB device update. For the poor Bionic people, I hope that they get first crack at it this time around, since they got supremely shafted on ICS. My RAZR can wait a few more weeks 😉

      • hkklife

        No one got shafted worse on ICS than all the TBolt early adopters. They are STILL waiting for ICS!

        • Edgecrusher

          I rooted and got ICS already on my TB. (liquid smooth rom) But soon I’ll buy a maxx HD. My TB is showing its age.

    • BrianLipp

      Ill point you to this article: http://www.androidcentral.com/why-you-shouldn-t-worry-about-android-42

      Almost all of the new features in 4.2 are new to stock Android, but have been in OEM skins or as third-party apps for a while, or are just Google App updates. Just worry about 4.1, 4.2 will have almost nothing for OEM skinned devices

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    NIce considering this phone in jan if nothing better is in the market for verizon

  • Jigga_Z

    I don’t have one of the new Razrs, but I’m thrilled to see signs of Jelly Bean (and Motorola keeping its upgrade promises.) Enjoy it everyone, Jelly Bean is just fantastic!

    • JoshGroff

      That 4.2 keyboard, so freaking awesome.