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LG Nexus 4 vs. iPhone 5 [Chart]

It wouldn’t be a mega-phone launch day if it didn’t do a comparison, would it? Since the LG Nexus 4 is the latest and greatest from Google, a device that will undoubtedly be compared to Apple’s iPhone 5, here is a chart to kick off the party.

The only real downer for me and probably many of you, is the lack of LTE in the Nexus 4. Andy Rubin already explained the choice by Google, but after spending a year giggling at the iPhone 4 and 4S over not having LTE, this one certainly doesn’t look good on Google’s part, especially since the iPhone 5 does. Other than that, it’s the ultimate spec battle. We should also point out that pricing is tough to compare since the iPhone 5 is almost always sold at a 2-year contract price, while the Nexus 4 will be sold off-contract through Google Play.

Here is the comparison! 

  • Nicooooollleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I dont know whether to get this or the optimus g. OR the sg3. i have every apple product to date i really need something different in my life

  • mb1108

    I am so confused by this phone! No micro SD, no 4G LTE, and only a 1.3mp front facing camera? And, if you were going to get rid of micro sd cards why not at least offer a 32 and 64gb version? Glad I preordered a Note II cuz this phone was not worth waiting for. Not even sure why they made a new Nexus based on the minor changes to the Android OS. But maybe that last ones just me, lol.

  • I’m on Verizon, but I am willing to move to another carrier for the right device. I was ready to move for the new Nexus device. WIth that said, and irrespective of LTE vs 3G, I doubt that I will pick up the Nexus 4. The features of Android 4.2 are compelling, but I am not overwhelmed by the hardware. The glass back really worries me. We’ve seen how a glass back worked on the iPhone 4/4S.

    I was so anxious for the announcement about the “playground being open,” but find myself disappointed that there are not Nexus smartphones by multiple OEMs. Now I’m back to deciding whether to get a Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus (used on Craigslist), or switch to another OS — iPhone 5 or Windows Phone 8. This is a tough call, because I’m pretty invested in Google services.

  • dilharo

    500$ for an lte chip??

  • if or when the nexus 4 comes to verizon with LTE ill get one. Until then, my galaxy nexus will do me well.

  • And this is just the unlocked version the later on Sprint and Verizon model will most likely have LTE just like the Galaxy Nexus

  • Well i have the Nexus S 4G so imma gett this next …….Its time for a upgrade

  • The lack of storage and LTE on the Nexus 4 make it a joke. I’m an Android fan and I’d pick the iPhone 5 over this crap. Google should be embarrassed at releasing this. Seriously.

  • $300 unlocked is all that matters, really

  • amulya

    Just the fact that it is $350 no contract is mouthwatering… iPhone 5 is like 650 and Galaxy S III is like 650-700 i think. Plus it has quad-core and 2GB ram, and im on tmobile so i dont even care about lte haha!

  • Hatyrei

    But it doesn’t have LTE”? 🙁 IT’S the next big thing…. :P,. The price thou will….make me move to it. So is’t true, that I can use T-mobile’s 4G for $30/month unlimited web, txt and 100 mins call.?

  • And the Galaxy S3 takes em both

  • shtinonuandroidfannies

    no LTE… andriods just took 2 steps backwards i bet those fanboyz are now saying LTE is not that big of a deal lmfao

    • DroidDoesnt_2


    • ha

      LTE doesnt even work in most places and the typical lifespan of a phone before someone upgrades is a year or two. why would google implement lte in a phone that cant even use it most places when they can release a phone in another year that has lte when everythign is implemented properly. it eats up data like crazy and uses a ton of battery. I get almost 1mb/s on hspa where I live which is almost as fast as my home internet.

      • mx

        Way to prove his point.

        • ha

          I wasnt someone who said LTE was a great idea for the present time. When I’m getting almost 1mb/s on hspa who cares about LTE.

  • Nathan Keeley

    The bad part is pretty much every site, blogger, and news outlet won’t care about the price. They’ll make a big deal about it not having LTE

    • As they should. Price doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work on the 2 biggest carriers in the US.

  • Jay in SA

    im waiting for the next, next device….have GNEX (ext batt) with verizon LTE, 30 Meg down – tied into chrome and google play…….nothing better out there, yes I know the S3 has 2gigs of ram and is .2 bigger, but thats not worth getting anther phone for, or this LG up above.

  • droidman101

    Whole range of nexus devices:
    N4 16gb (off-contract): $350
    N7 16gb: $200
    N10 16gb: $300
    Samsung Chromebook: $250
    A grand total of $1100. Or less than a low-end MacBook Pro (13 inch $1200).

    Whole range of Apple devices:
    iPhone 5 16gb (off-contract): $650
    iPad Mini 16gb: $330
    iPad 4 16gb: $500
    Low-end MBP 13 inch; $1200
    A total of $2690. Or all of the above, twice, with enough money left over for a halfway decent 32 inch 1080p LED tv and a couple months rent.

    Your choice.

    • Jeetu K

      think u got the nexus 10 price wrong .. but still this is what i always argue its a comparable or better product for way less $$$ so there is no point arguing .. sometimes i feel apple owners like the fact that they paid more lol

      • Riz Virani

        Nope, the N10 price is correct.

        • droidman101

          Yeah it was wrong and he pointed it out and I edited it. That’s why I had the edit note at the end.

      • Don

        And more people would argue that apple has better products and that you actually pay for what you get…..the price just shows that it is a better product.

    • I’ll take all the other comparisions fine, but comparing a Chromebook to a MBP is retarded. They are not even close to the same market. Trust me, not a single person out there is going “Hmm….Chromebook or MacBook Pro, which one….”

      • droidman101

        Im comparing low-end to low-end on those…even if you remove that, apples comes out to $1500, which is still MORE than all of Google’s products combined.

        • L. S.

          Bad comparison. You should have used the MacBook Air prices instead.

  • David Weinstock

    I can see where the lack of storage can be a prob but i have the 16 gb Gnex for 7-8 months now and still have 10 gig left. Cloud is a wonderful thing and the trick is don’t download every freaking app on the market and youll be good just download ones that you NEED.


      true but.. i don’t know when i NEED the app. thats why i have 200 XD. lol but seriously.. i probably don’t even use half of them true.. but who knows when i will.. so then i will need it and i might not have wifi or a cell connection so.. 🙁 but thats just me.. 🙂

  • Corey Foltman

    We will see what happens next year, its nice but I’m not switching to att from vzw to get it

  • Ashton Sloane

    God damit! I’m so sick of Nexus being gsm only. Where the hell are my CDMA?!

  • cooksta32676

    what use is there for a barometer on the phones that have them?

    • Gus

      It is for GPS or something location-based. I am not entirely sure myself.

      EDIT: It is to help determine altitude.

  • Guest

    try to be fair and at least list the fact the iPhone has LTE

  • Well it’s not a bad phone per se. But I’d rather have a $600 Motorola crafted unit. I have a hard time with the plastic touch/feel of many of the brands now. They ding/scratch far too easily. Basically if the RAZR X ends up being something real and has the RAZR/RAZR HD build quality with the RAM bump to 2GB (or higher) and a quad core processor I’ll be all over it like a fat kid on a cupcake. The display on the HD doesn’t bother me. Until then I’ll enjoy my RAZR HD Dev Edition. This is a great cost effective option for those of us not on VZW though. Especially for those in non-LTE covered areas.

  • TheKaz1969

    wow. The iPhone kinda sucks…

    • HenryR

      The iPhone’s CPU actually crushes the newer Snapdragon.

      • Do you mean GPU? The CPU doesn’t even touch it.

        • ceejw

          It appears to beat the Optimus G (same specs as the Nexus) in Anantech’s CPU benchmarks. http://i.imgur.com/QnIkK.png http://i.imgur.com/lcs4q.png

          • ha

            love how you picked pretty much the only two iphone wins at and no optimus g is not the same as nexus 4 it has the same hardware but none of the software nexus 4 has.

          • Guest

            I didn’t say it was the same phone I said it has the same specs. I put those two benchmarks up because they are the only two that have both the iPhone 5 and the Optimus G in them. Here’s the rest of them http://www.anandtech.com/show/6330/the-iphone-5-review/10

            The only phone that can beat the iPhone in CPU benchmarks is the intel based Razr-i which isn’t sold in the states.

          • ceejw

            I didn’t say it was the same phone I said it has the same specs. I put those two benchmarks up because they are the only two that have both the iPhone 5 and the Optimus G in them. Here’s the rest of themhttp://www.anandtech.com/show/…

            The only phone that can beat the iPhone in CPU benchmarks is the intel based Razr-i which isn’t sold in the states.

  • Michael Schnider

    No contract is a big one though in my opinion, not being locked down. Not saying it stands against not having LTE but its a nice feature.

  • In my opinion the Nexus 4 is still way better than the iPhone 5. Even though LG makes cheap phones that break easily, its finally on par with another phone that breaks easily.

  • joejoe5709

    There’s not a single category better except perhaps storage (iPhone goes up to 64GB) and perhaps LTE. All others, this kills the iPhone. No surprise there though.

    • NicholasMicallef

      In most countries in the world there still is no LTE, pity Google focuses their services on the US first.

      • Stew

        Euro countries are starting to have LTE. Along with Australia. just to name a few.

      • Pity they focus on the country they are based in? Plus, isn’t the USA full of gluttonous, overpaid, stupid morons that will blow money on content? I’m American btw

        • onDroid

          So basically what you are saying the is the US is full of iphone fanatics?

          • Sadly, that is actually the truth. But what I meant was Google focuses its services in the US because that is the country they are based in. America has a lot of money, and you don’t go looking to sell stuff to people who don’t have it.

      • droidman101

        WELL, we DO have the largest GDP of ANY nation in the world, as well as the fact that they ARE based in the US.

    • Stew

      PPI, Weight, thickness, LTE, Storage options.

    • dangolds

      “Perhaps” LTE? Wasn’t that one of the biggest things Android fans accused the iPhone 4S of lacking (and rightfully so)? Pretty sure the word “perhaps” was not included in those comparisons at the time. I would also agree with Stew that some might find the size/weight to be an advantage for the iPhone 5. All depends on personal preference.

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        Exactly! How hilarious is this???? The iPhone 4 and 4s took a beating on this site for not having 4G/LTE. Now the fandroids are up to their ears in excuses for the Nexus 4 not having LTE. Sounds quite sheepish to me! BAAAAAA!!! Lol!

        • DainLaguna

          how hilarious are you, coming to troll on android site?

          you lemme know when i can pick up an lte iphone for 349 off contract, brand new

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            *moves the goal posts back over* Now fandroid, you know that’s another discussion!

          • Dain Laguna

            You may think price is irrelevant (i guess it is for apple trolls?) But its not. So ill move the goal posts back over: show me i 4s i can buy out of contract thats as cheap as this.

            And please show me where I bashed the 4s. Us ‘fandroids’ arent part of a greater infectious host and subsequently share the same thoughts…we have differing opinions. (Creepy huh? )

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Price is COMPLETELY irrelevant to the point that people around here (whether or not that specifically means you) are complete hypocrites for bashing iPhones for not having LTE, but now making excuses for Google not including it in their flagship device(s). And if I just had to get an iPhone 4S out of contract, I could simply go here: http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/mob/3370084710.html

          • onDroid

            Who’s making excuses? I’m not buying a Nexus 4 because it doesn’t have LTE. Look at the poll and read the article. Us ‘fandroids’ aren’t going to buy this phone because of the absence of LTE. This is not to say that this phone has no purpose. This phone is perfect for people on T-mobile which does not have an LTE network or people on AT&T who are in an area that won’t get LTE for a long time. What is stupid is releasing a ‘top of the line’ phone on Verizon without LTE and then charging as much as all the other phones with better specs and LTE. The reason this phone can exist and us android fans not be hypocrites is because we have other choices, i will be sticking with my GNEX. You ifans have 1 choice and so when your benevolent dictator releases a phone with outdated specs and you gobble it up like it’s the best thing ever created because it’s your status symbol. Apple couldn’t release a cheap iphone because then all the poor people would be tainting your precious elitist ecosystem. So yes price does matter, it separates out the clinically moronic from the sensible.

          • dangolds

            Didn’t Apple effectively release a “cheap” iPhone by continuing to sell its older models from the last 2-3 years at lower prices on contract? Pretty sure I know a number of people without tons of money who are now “tainting” the “elitist ecosystem” by picking up an iPhone 4 for free with a two-year contract. I agree that Android offers more choice to get around issues like this Nexus 4/non-LTE thing, but the last part of your post sounds unncessarily whiny. It’s just a phone – no need to get so riled up dude.

          • Jus gonna say, Nexus 4 does have LTE capabilities, they just aren’t enabled, there’s a hidden menu you can go to to enable it.

          • dangolds

            I agree with you on the price issue, but conceptually I still think it’s dumb that in late 2012, Google is launching what they represent to be a high-end flagship device without LTE. It’s nice that they’re not charging $600 in spite of lacking such a key feature, but I have a hard time recognizing this as a top of the line, “future proof” kind of device when it’s lacking LTE. Nothing wrong in launching a phone in general without LTE, mind you, but when the device in question is supposed to represent your newest and best model, the absence is glaring.

          • whatever

            Want to talk about ironic? How about Apple now telling people how great a larger screen lower resolution device (iPad mini) is when compared to a smaller, higher resolution device (Nexus 7). Didn’t they just spend years telling everyone the smaller screen iPhone was better than other devices because of its high resolution?

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Dude you’re barking up the wrong tree….I have NO interest in the iPad Mini…or any tablet that is less than 9 inches. Fire away at it…I don’t care! But we’re talking about the Nexus 4….boy you fandroids love to move the goal posts…lmao!!!

    • Sbl03

      Don’t forget about battery life. A good 4 hours less.

  • Ernesto Martinez

    Did anyone think maybe Google made this phone off contract so cheap is so Verizon owners could buy it and not have to worry about losing their unlimited data? 😛

    • Won’t work on their network :'(

    • will bartlett

      yeah, if it would work on the network you would have a great point. but sadly, you are absolutely wrong

    • Well considering the phone doesn’t have the 4G LTE antennas or radios built in it, it won’t work on VZW’s network. I don’t care anyway, it looks just like the GNEX but built by LG.

    • Stew

      Except for the lack of CDMA and LTE Radios. Sure a VZW customer can buy one. It’d make for a nice paperweight.

  • nightscout13

    iPhone 1440mAh < LMFAO

    • Stew

      Battery tests show an allday battery

      • nightscout13

        I work in a building with about 2,000 employees. So far, all the iPhone 5’s I’ve seen, are plugged into the wall. Don’t you dare watch video’s on LTE with that thing….

        • mx

          Link or it didn’t happen.

    • ceejw

      I don’t find it funny that a phone with a 1440mAh battery gets way better battery life than my Galaxy Nexus.

      • nightscout13

        Link or it didn’t happen.

        • ceejw

          I’m not sure why you need a link. Most people on this site know how terrible the battery life is on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is. I tested an iPhone 5 for 4 days a few weeks ago and I could easily make it to midnight on a single charge. My Galaxy Nexus dies at about 7PM everyday if I don’t charge it.

          • nightscout13

            You’re not providing enough info. Both LTE versions? This is why I ask for link, cause you do not provide variable information.

          • ceejw

            Both on Verizon in the same area using LTE in an area with very good coverage. I used the iPhone just like I use my Galaxy Nexus; synced with two exchange accounts and a gmail account. I mostly use my phone to check twitter and Facebook, take a few pictures, read reddit, read the verge, stream music on rdio and download and listen to a few podcasts. Averaged about 90 minutes of screen time on either phone. The thing that’s surprising about the iPhone is how it barely uses any power if you’re not using it. My Nexus will drain 10% just sitting for 2 hours, the iPhone 5 will drain 2% in that amount of time.

          • TylerChappell

            If you somehow don’t know this information by now, then I don’t know why you are even on an Android site. It’s well-established how poor the VZ GNex battery is, making the Seidio 3800mAh battery essentially a necessity.

          • nightscout13

            I’ve owned that phone. Its flaw was a poor SoC, and bad battery management.

        • dangolds

          Do you also need a link to prove that iOS is a closed system, the Giants won the World Series and the earth is round? “Link it or it didn’t happen” is a bit dramatic. The Galaxy Nexus is pretty well known for its crappy battery performance in every day use. The iPhone 5’s battery won’t make anyone with a Razr Maxx jealous, but it’s definitely an improvement over the GNEX.

  • Daniel

    This phone is a BIG disappointment. The reasons I went with android in the beginning was removable battery, sd card, hdmi out put, 4g, and they are all gone. Android was a breath a fresh area from apple now the phone designs seem to be pushing towards apple. It is a big disappointment.

    • teleclimber

      It does have something called “SlimPort HDMI”.


    • No one is asking you to buy this phone

    • ceejw

      You might as well look at Windows Phone while your looking at the iPhone. The 8X on Verizon looks very nice. You’ll have to wait for the app ecosystem to catch up with iOS and Android but the core OS is very solid and depending on what apps you use, you might not be missing too many on WP8.

    • ha

      Would you like some cheese with your whine? It’s an awesome phone for 300-350 bucks. LTE uses a ton of battery and most places it doesnt even work. you are incorrect about hdmi out. sd card slows down the phone due todata being stored on seperate cards. the battery is big enough that it doesnt need to be removed and most people would just find a charger if they need some extra juice during the day.

  • Str8Rippin

    So is this phone not even an option for people on Verizon?

  • frankandsimple

    As someone famously said.”It’s all about the software stupid!”

  • No lte, no buy. If I can’t use it ion Verizon then I’m out. Good service is more important then a good phone. I’ve got the gnex for now. I’m eyeing the Razr Maxx HD as my next phone.

    • Guest

      yeah why isn’t the fact one has 4G LTE and one doesn’t have LTE listed on this chart?

      • Stew

        It’s under Network. Not prominent, but there. We’re on an Android site. They can’t give too much credit to an iPhone

        • Jeetu K

          wow now suddenly everyone is itching to add lte to a comparison .. back when the 4s should have included it not a peep .. lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Exactly! Hypocrites!!! Lol!

    • evltwn

      RAZR MAXX HD is very nice. Loving it. Came from the RAZR MAXX, but I’ve also had aGNex, and i was very disappointed with it.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Go for the MAXX HD. I’m loving the 7 hours of screen on time.

  • Oh man here we go again.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Awww look at the girly glitter 🙂

  • Brent Cooper

    1140mAh battery…how the heck??? I get 6 hours on my Gnex with almost twice the battery capacity. But other than LTE this looks like a dream phone! If only it were on verizon 🙁

    • Robhimself79

      Sadly Verizon screwed up the galaxy nexus so badly I think I would leave before I bought another one.

  • Michael_NM

    Apple: one iPod phone to choose.
    Android: Endless choices.

    • Stew

      We’re looking at a comparison between two phones.

    • ceejw

      There’s really only one choice if you want an Android phone like the iPhone though. Want a phone with software designed specifically for the phone, with no carrier bloatware and updates straight from the software maker with no carrier intervention? Buy an iPhone or an unlocked Nexus, there are no other choices.

  • Butters619

    I want to buy one for a week and see if I can live without lte because everything else about that phone is making me drool


      What phone are you using on ATT with LTE now?

      • Butters619

        HTC One X. I guess I don’t really need a new phone, but that hasn’t stopped me in the past from upgrading. And although you can de-sense a lot, having a pure Google device would be nice. I could flash CM10 or AOKP to my One X, but it severely limits the camera.

        • How is AOKP on it? Any issues with basic features? Battery life? I’m considering a switch to the dlx and grabbing the Nexus 10 to keep a Nexus in the family.

          • Butters619

            I haven’t used AOKP in about a month (maybe 6 weeks), so I am sure they made some changes since then, but it was pretty solid. (Remember AOKP and CM10 are both currently doing nightlies). The camera is a bit stunted, especially for video recording, but even just with pictures. (but maybe I was just spoiled with the awesome Sense camera features). And for some reason I was having battery drain issues when streaming music. At the time I was streaming a lot of music so I switched back to CleanRom. I’ll probably try out AOKP again sometime this week though.

          • Could you make it through the day on one charge?

            Was it jelly bean?

          • Butters619

            Yeah it is Jellybean. And battery life was about the same as other ROMs, except when I would stream music for some reason. Like I said, I haven’t tried it recently so it may have changed some. Need to check it out again.

          • Thanks for the input. Sounds like it gets updates rather quickly. When was the first jelly bean rom out for it?

            Sorry to pick your brain, I’m trying to determine what phone I get. 😀 And thanks.

          • Butters619

            JB was out pretty quick for it with ROMs, although the first round were rough. If I were on Verizon though and I had to buy a phone in the next few months, the dlx would be the phone I would buy.

  • Captain_Doug

    The only complaint I can muster is that I wish the N4 had less bezel. That’s all I got.

    • Blake Forehand

      You’re joking right? The N4 has almost zero bezel, have you seen the videos of the actual phone in action??

      • Captain_Doug

        Yes. And I’m not joking. I’m speaking of the bezel on top and bottom. I can see how the side bezel’s have been kept to a minimum which is awesome. It’s just a little tall for my liking.

        • Tim Hardeman

          Sure, they could do that. And make it 10mm thick in the process. All that stuff has to go somewhere.

          • Captain_Doug

            I’d be fine with 10mm. Anything under 10-11mm is fine in my book.

          • Captain_Doug

            10mm ain’t bad.

        • Blake Forehand

          What phone has a smaller top/bottom bezel than that? You have to fit the phone’s innards in there somehow.

  • Princesation

    -___- LTE . nuff said 🙁 apple fanboys are gonna have fun with this

    • justincase_2008

      I think i use the LTE in my Gnex once in a blue moon. I would have liked the non lte to have a better battery life then have two radios to power.

      • Crazydog

        Some of us live in an area where Google Maps times out on 3G while trying to look up the location of an address; not even loading the map. LTE would be quite welcome.

        • Butters619

          AT&T in San Diego. 5 bars of HSPA+, web page times out 0__o

        • justincase_2008

          Wouldnt it time out on LTE as well?

          • Crazydog

            It shouldn’t – It only times out because my 3G speeds are less than 100 kbps

      • Princesation

        I actually tether a lot so I really love having LTE . I feel like we were giving iphone users a hard time when they didnt have LTE and now that they do… we dont? and now we’re using excuses as to why we dont really need LTE? whats up with that? I’m android all the way but really ? this is like going backwards

        • justincase_2008

          I never really gave any of my iPhone buddies crap for not having LTE cause its not a deal or no deal to me like others but for you yeah LTE is a must.

        • Aj

          The only thing that I gave them crap about was not having 4g, not lte. And besides, the only other company getting this phone that has lte is att so there really would not be that much use for it anyway. If this phone were coming to verizon that would be a whole different story.

      • Princesation

        (idk what happened to my first reply so my bad in advance if I end up saying it twice)

        i actually tether a lot so I NEED LTE . i swear we were giving i*hone users a hard time for not having lte . and now we’re the ones without lte and now we’re the ones making excuses as to not needing it ? whats up with that ? im android all the way but why are we going backwards ?

    • Knlegend1

      I can’t remember the last time I actually used LTE. I think Google has a point. Just wish it were on Verizon. I would stay but I have to go.

      • Apple

        Now LTE doesn’t matter? hahahahah. hahahahahahah.

        • Knlegend1

          I never used it in an argument so hahahaha yourself.

        • ha

          love that you named yourself apple. do you see anyone on this site with the username android?

          • android

            Shut up you stupid fanboy sheep. Did someone call me?

    • Just counter with the other stuff, plus is not like all android phones come without LTE

  • Gregg O’Connell

    specs might be higher on the Nexus but the iPhone 5 is also super fast, has the best App store in the world, is super easy to use & the design is second to none.

    • Jroc869, Cool story bro

      Either youre kidding, or youre crazy.

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      You spelled ONE wrong! Second to ONE…NEXUS

    • Butters619

      I will admit the iPhone runs fast. And I will admit the iOS store is good. Calling it best would be a preference thing, because personally I really appreciate an open market. I will give it to you that the iPhone is super easy to use, but you say that as if Android isn’t. My mom has to call me every time she wants to attach a picture to a Gmail message, but she was able to figure out Android with no issues.

      And then there is the design. Does it look good? Absolutely. It is a pretty phone. Second to none? No way. The back and side edges are super scratch prone, especially the black model. The top and bottom bezel are very large and make the phone look awkwardly long. The rear camera isn’t centered vertically on the back glass, which drives me absolutely crazy (and honestly I am not sure why Apple did it). The speaker grills on the bottom aren’t symmetric (which again is uncharacteristic of past Apple). And the super rectangle design of the 4/4s/5 doesn’t feel the greatest in hand. The One X/One X+ looks better IMO. Polycarbonate that feels good in hand but also tough and a more rounded design that feels phenomenal in hand.

    • Str8Rippin

      Iphones are the same crap over and over…for a long time, I did agree that it feel like a solid build but the 5 feels lighter and cheaper than anything out there. It sucks

      • Stew

        Yes it is lighter. But Aluminum and Glass aren’t cheap.

  • Futbolrunner

    Plus the iphone 5 is just ugly and awkwardly tall.

    • nightscout13

      But.. But… It’s got an extra row of icons…..

      • Art Carter

        This is true lol.

        • michael arazan

          the 5 was said to have over 200 new features at their PR event.
          I have yet to find a list of the new 200 features they said it has both orally and written, Apple Needs to Patent “False Advertisements” too

    • Deandre Brown

      It’s Android all day, but the iPhone’s sex appeal puts the N4 to shame

      • NicholasMicallef

        Meh I honestly prefer the N4s design over the iPhone 5, actually I even prefer the iPhone 4 design better. Not the mention the fact that not many people will probably have nexus 4s so the design won’t grow old nearly as quickly as an iPhone and it’s more unique.

      • Futbolrunner

        I hope you’re joking. I like the progression of cell phones, particularly Android, but I don’t think they have “sex appeal”.

      • dilharo

        apple is so proud that 2 executives are fired just after nexus4 and nexus 10 launch

    • Do

      The iPhone 5 is gorgeous. Don’t hate because you can’t have it…..

    • Don

      iPhone 5 is actually gorgeous to look at…..one of the many perks.

    • sbl03

      Of course we’re all entitled to our own opinions, but going from an iPhone 4S to a Nexus 4, the one thing I miss most is admiring the craftsmanship of the iPhone.

  • Compare it with no-contract version. iPhone is like $800 unlocked.

    • Michael Schnider

      I should read before I start typing lol

    • Jarred Sutherland

      And that’s IF you can even find one. People are hocking them on eBay for 1000+ because some people are foolish enough to pay that price (I don’t blame the guys selling one bit…). I am loving Google’s pricing on these devices. 🙂

    • tony

      All iPhone 5s come factory unlocked. Even the Verizon LTE phone can be used on GSM networks with a micro sim from AT&T. It cannot use LTE obviously but they are all unlocked.

      • They’re unlocked but it doesn’t mean you don’t need a 2 year contract / or pay $800+

        • tony

          You can buy an iPhone off contract and it isn’t $800. Not sure what you are talking about. Unless you are talking about the 64GB version.

          • NexusPhan69

            Where and for how much? Off contract, unlocked is $800 from Apple and Verizon.

          • Haters gonna hate, just because their phone costs more, or is extremely proprietary doesn’t mean it’s better.

          • NexusPhan69

            That didn’t make sense replying to me. My entire point was the iphone is way over priced. Also. You’re about two months late.

      • KreeTerry

        how can it use a micro sim from at&t when it uses a nano?

        • tony

          Micro sims can be cut to work as a nano sim. It’s very simple.

          • KreeTerry

            indeed, just thought id clarify lol

  • I think the chart should say off contract prices for both.

    • michael arazan

      or subsidized prices and off contract for both.

      • or not. who really needs to see it? Obviously the nexus wins.

        • Lace


          • Yes, it has LTE, it just isn’t enabled, which you can easily do yourself, apart from having slightly less pixels, it wins, it’s $349 for a NO CONTRACT version, versus your iPhone 5 starts at $499 for a no contract version (correct me if I’m wrong on this)