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Friday Poll: What are You Most Excited to See at Google’s October 29 Android Event?

Samsung Nexus 10. LG Nexus 4. 32GB and 3G Nexus 7. Android 4.2. Those are the four topics that have all but been confirmed to dominate Google’s Android event on October 29 in NYC. Samsung’s tablet is the newest of the bunch to leak, along with bits and pieces of what’s new in Android 4.2. The LG Nexus 4 has been on display a handful of times now. The 32GB and 3G Nexus 7 models haven’t been a mystery for weeks.

But now that you know a decent amount of info about each of these things, is there one subject in particular that you are most looking forward to learning more about? Or are you hoping for one more big surprise?

What are you most excited to see at Google's October 29 Android event?

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  • dickson wong

    project butter 2.0 please
    constant 60fps across all apps,smooth scrolling,lower touch latency

  • LG Optimus Nexus

    Motorola Nexus Maxx

    Samsung Nexus Note

    HTC Nexus Evo

    Huawei Nexus Ascend

    Meizu Nexus MX

    Apple iNexus

    Nokia Lumia Nexus

    ZTE Nexus Warp

    Sony Nexus X

  • wickets

    is this event still on re: Sandy?

  • wickets

    is this event still on Re; Sandy??

  • Patrick Flanigan

    Here’s hoping the storm doesn’t cause them to cancel the event…

    • Jess B.

      That’s crossed my mind too.

  • mikeszekely

    Looks like most of us are waiting for a better Nexus phone than the Nexus 4…

  • Mario Mendez

    Waiting for 4.2 so I could get it on my Galaxy Nexus 😉 Also for a Nexus made by Motorola or HTC.

  • A Motorola Droid Nexus. Keyboard, unlocked bootloader. Do it.

  • joejoe5709

    Probably not going to be buying any of those so I’m pretty excited about Version 4.2

  • I want to see ANY piece of Android hardware with top-tier design and materials, instead of the same old ugly crap. We already know that isn’t the Nexus 4 or Nexus 10, as based on the leaked photos neither even come close to having a “cool factor.”

    Specs are becoming less important as compared to aesthetics. Let’s see thinner and lighter and better looking.

    • Diablo81588

      Go buy an iPhone if you want pretty.

  • Pedro

    Give me some Project Roadrunner, the rumored battery life equivalent of Project Butter.

  • A Verizon Nexus 4. I know, some people hate the slowness of update, but come on, it’s still way better than every other phones on VZW.

  • nightscout13

    How bout an update on Nexus Q

  • Jason Huff

    I’ve got my phone (SGS3) and my tablet (N7). Really I’m hoping they show the Nexus Q redesign (hopefully with a price drop) because after playing with my Nexus 7 that seems like the next logical step.

  • shecalledmejay

    If they surprise us with a MotoNEXUS, all drinks on me!

  • Tyler

    I’m looking forward to Nexus 10 but i need an option for a keyboard option like the Asus TF700T has.

  • Alan Paone

    I won’t be buying either of those nexiises, so I want to hear about 4.2

  • dooley182

    Droid 5!!!!

  • Miketoasty

    All I really want is the latest version of android, already have a nexus tablet and phone (although soon to be out dated).

  • Sqube

    Hoping against hope for that Nexus certification program…

  • I’m hoping the new nexus 7s drive the used market price down so maybe I can afford one for me and my wife.

  • John

    I would like to see printing integrated with the operating system. Add on printer apps still need a lot of work.

    • I have a Brother’s networked printer and app for it is great never tried printing on another printer though.

  • C-Law

    I can’t wait for the nexus 10 to replace my n7. However I’ve heard a few rumors of the Samsung gnex 2 and am still hoping it happens

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Can we just allow Google Navigation to come out of it’s 3yr beta and add multiple destinations and routing allready?

    • Jess B.

      I would love to be able to customize the route.

    • KRS_Won

      And add detour for traffic.

  • TechGuy21

    nexus 10. just got a S3. dont really care about the nexus phone unless if its under 300 dollars then i’d be pissed. also i kinda want some surprises too

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      SIII is only 99$ (well, multiple sales anyway) hard to beat that.

  • I don’t really care what they come out with, I just hope they don’t botch the presentation.

  • Christopher Hutton

    To find out… WILL IT BLEND!!!

    ..Or possibly to see how insanely awkward Google engineers are on stage, they make incredible software, but public speakers they are not.

  • Raven65

    Tell me the Nexus 10 will be available for pre-order immediately for delivery before Christmas!

  • I hope we get an extra row of icons with this update.

  • noc007

    Where’s the $99 tablet option? Sure there hasn’t been anything leaked recently, but there were some decent enough rumors within the past month or so.

  • Anyone who answers anything other than “Hoping for another surprise” or “Android 4.2” is wrong. Devices come and go, but Android evolution is important to all of us.

    • No one said it’s not important, we are just excited for other things such as new devices.

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    I WANT my Moto Droid Nexus!;… 2.0Ghz Dual core; 2G RAM; 10Hrs Battery, Android 5.0 NOW!!

  • Adam Cox

    Motorola RazrN(exus)

  • sagisarius

    I’d love a budget nexus phone… or even if they just kept the Galaxy Nexus around and knocked the price down more.

  • TheKockyRooster

    HTC Nexus

    • Diablo81588

      Yuck. Nexus devices already have bad enough battery life without HTC. No thanks.

      • Are you singling out Nexus devices in general? I’m sorry, sir, but that makes no sense. The GNex ran old hardware and gpu when it came out and couldn’t keep a signal, but that’s it.

  • Bill Anderson

    I want multi-user support in 4.2. I would love to fully share my Nexus 7 with my wife, so she can just as easily get to her gmail and other stuff as I can. It will be a big win for Android. People who balked at even the $199 Nex7 will reconsider if everyone in the family can log in and use a single device. Back in the ’80’s, no one wanted to buy a laser printer because they were so expensive to only work with one computer. Then different printer sharing options came out and sales took off. If you see a tablet in the kitchen, you don’t need to worry if it your tablet. Just pick it up and log in. Awesome.

  • HTC Nexus

  • wm snyder

    I will not buy nx10 unless it’s Quadcore! Quadcore flies check out the Quadcore benchmarks.

    • But it’s 2x faster the the previous Dual Core so it’s a possibility that the Dual Core might be as fast as the quad.

    • violator702

      I’d rather have a dual core A15, than a quad core A9.

    • Greyhame

      First off, it’s not all about the benchmarks. Secondly, this has supposedly benched higher than the S4 Pro. =] That said, I’d rather have an ultra efficient dual core.

    • joejoe5709

      Quadcore is only marginally better than dualcore in real life. Extra RAM and better Graphics chips is where it’s at.

    • wm snyder

      We shall see I’ve read the article about the 1.7 chip we will see?

  • NicholasMicallef

    I’m equally excited about Android 4.2 and the new nexus devices, but I’m voting for the only one I’ll be able to get for sure (assuming it will actually be released): Android 4.2.

  • jelly bean for my samsung s3!

  • i am most interested to see how it all works underwater..

  • I hope to see Project Butter V2 or something along those lines in 4.2 😀

  • ddevito

    Hurricane Sandy!


    • Lesser Version

      That was funny!!

  • Excited for WP8 on October 29 also!

    • ddevito


      • Hmm usually I get hated on here for wanting to switch from Android to WP8

        • Greyhame

          To each his/her own. =]

        • ddevito

          nothing wrong with Windows Phone 8 – I still prefer Android but WP8 is very slick. We have a Lumia 900 demo for work, i like it much

  • Google FTW

    Moto Nexus on VERIZON, if not Maxx HD for me!

    • Robert Jimenez

      Me too. It’s as close as we are going to get, plus you get that amazing battery life.

    • lemonhead127


  • gbenj

    Any word on whether the event will be postponed? Expecting Frankenstorm here in NYC MON/TUES

    • ddevito

      I’m sure it will be cancelled.

  • Is there a way to watch/stream the event on Monday?

    • Bill Anderson

      I assume it will be live here: http://www.youtube.com/android

    • Greyhame

      +1 for Calvin.

      As for the question, check here before 10 am eastern time… if there is a way, DL will lead us there.

    • Dain Laguna

      ofcourse bruh. http://www.youtube.com/android. google is great about streaming their stuff live

  • Greyhame

    I was going in sort of ho-hum………..until the N10 leak came out.

    Still, I’m hoping it’s 4.2 that steals the show. As you’ve mentioned numerous times, we are in desperate need of new camera software. Also, I would *REALLY* love it if the lag present when opening Google Now gets remedied, along with the lag Mobile Chrome Browser experiences while scrolling (very evident while scrolling through DISQUS comments on my GNex).

    Kellex, any rumors on Snapseed being integrated into Android?

  • David Hussey

    Why is there no “Nexus Program phone assortment” option? That’s what I’m really after, at least 3 options for Nexus phones.

  • Clay S.

    [email protected]

    hey a guy can dream!

  • Dlongb13

    Not interested in the Nexus 4 for some reason. Hoping for another Nexus phone that will run on VZW’s network. And if the Nexus 4 is the only option, hoping VZW gets it and it doesn’t take a month or more to drop.

  • Michael_NM

    Larry Page in his Steve Jobs Halloween costume.

    • Greyhame


      +10,000 internetz

  • Inquizitor

    There should be another option specifically for an improved Google Now!

    • r0lct

      Isn’t that all but confirmed for 4.2?

      • Inquizitor

        Yes. This poll isn’t about what you think the biggest surprise will be, it’s what you’re most excited for. I’m allowed to be most excited for something that’s pretty much confirmed. 😛

  • zUFC

    A Nexus for Verizon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Fayad

    i WANT to see a motorola nexus!!!

    • Greyhame

      We have. It’s called RAZR HD Developer Edition.

      • Adam Cox

        only on VZW 🙁

        • Greyhame

          True. The day will come (except for those of us stuck on VZW most likely).

      • Andrew

        How is that a Nexus? Just Because it can be unlocked DOES NOT make it a Nexus. The only Motorola Nexus that has came out is the Xoom. That came with Vanilla Android and you be unlocked,

        • I don’t think the Xoom was ever considered a real nexus.

        • Greyhame

          Understood, I know what a Nexus is. What I meant was the RAZR HD Dev is as close as you’re going to get to a Motorola Nexus anytime soon.

  • Looking forward to Nexus 10 info. I like my Galaxy Tab 10.1 but I think it’s time for an upgrade.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Verizon probably won’t be getting the Nexus 4. Since this is primarily a Verizon Android site, I don’t understand why everyone is so excited about this device. I’m excited for 4.2, since my GNex will likely get a leaked version very soon, much like we did with 4.1

  • r0lct

    While I’m most excited by the N10, is really 4.2 I’ll be more interested in after the hype since I’ll be able to use it right away on my devices.

  • CDMA nexus 4

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Personally I don’t think Google wants to deal with a CDMA carrier anymore. CDMA+LTE seem to pose more challenges than HSPA(+) and LTE. My SG3 im picking up is just a hold over until my 4 other lines contracts are up, then it’s splitsville with Verizon and off to a better carrier.

      • Boner

        Is there a way to have a phone with VZW LTE and HSPA from T-Mobile or AT&T? I’m thinking like a phone with 2 SIM cards. Is that possible?

        • Jarred Sutherland

          A lot of China phones have dual sim slots, but im not sure you can combine the LTE from one carrier with the HSPA from another .. you might be able to, but that seems a bit weird.

        • That’s a negative soldier.

          But really, I have no idea.

        • I read rumors that the Galaxy Note II will be dual-SIM in China, though, it’s not said if is both LTE and HSPA.


        • There is also the HTC One VX, which is able to run in both LTE and HSPA, but it’s not dual-SIM.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            That one is normal .. I think what he was talking about was the ability to have one sim do LTE while another connected to a different carrier and got it’s HSPA. I would imagine it would cause all sorts of issues because LTE still isn’t being used for voice services.

  • LG Nexus 4 is weak. Give us something better!

    • TheDrizzle

      Why is it weak?

      • Flatis

        Because it won’t be on VZ.

      • Mike

        let me guess why someone on droid-life calls possibly the best spec’d and without a doubt the phone with the best software weak…. because its not on verizon and it doesn’t have LTE. Let’s get 1 thing straight: there will never be another Google branded phone again on Verizon unless is Google is allowed to provide complete software support for it i.e push updates directly to it like Apple does instead of having Verizon be the middle-man and as far as LTE, all the US carriers operate on different frequencies for LTE and unless a device is carrier subsidized, it will not support LTE, at least in the near future

        • chris125

          I think more of what has to do with it is cdma and lte which are semi new to google and harder to code and get working properly. Plus rumors of the tiny storage( not everyone can use the cloud) plus camera that isn’t really top notch if it is anything like the optimus G camera, and that is why they call it weak. Other than the software the specs aren’t anything special, especially with the note 2, and htc DNA or whatever they are going to call it also with quad core processors.

          • michael arazan

            sorry doubled

        • michael arazan

          Seriously why? 8 gb of internal storage with NO expandable storage.. It’s like they are working with the carriers to make people use up their data allotments faster by having to stream everything including music.

          Seriously, I know they want GDrive to succeed, but by limiting storage to a minuscule amount is not going to sell phones. I have a Gnex with 32 gb, and that is small to me, I bought the 100gb gdrive plan also. I would never buy a phone with only 8 gb of storage in this day and age. And the more storage you use the slower the phone works. If you use 6 gb of storage the phone is going to be running very slow.

          • DainLaguna

            ……16 gig version?

          • I hate it when people complain “OMG, like, only 8gb? NOBUY!” Wow, it doesn’t take a smart person to realize there will be capacity options available.