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New Version of Google Wallet is on the Way, Request an Invite Today

This morning, Google added a line at the top of their Google Wallet page that reads, “The next version of Google Wallet, coming soon. Request an invite.” So what are you waiting for? Go request a damn invite! 

We would attempt to speculate as to what we may see in this new version, but your guess would be as good as ours. I think most importantly, Google needs to figure out a way to meet the security requirements of carriers, so that their app can be used on any NFC device on the planet. Up until now, carriers have decided that Google Wallet isn’t quite meeting their needs, and have asked Google to block the app from phones running on their networks. To me, the feature set of Wallet was already top notch, we just couldn’t use it.

What’s interesting, is that when you request your invite, you’ll see options to choose which kind of device you use:  Android, iOS, or other. If Google wants to flip the bird to carriers, making it widely available to any smartphone would be the way to do it. And if that’s the case, then maybe NFC will be partially taken out of the equation? Who knows, Google could adopt a similar system to what Apple has done with Passbook.


Via:  Google Wallet

Cheers Jeff!

  • termiNader

    Kellex can you make a how to use google Wallet at a store. I’m too scared of failing and embarassing myself!

  • alershka

    I side loaded the previous version on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I tried Walgreens, McDonalds and a news stand at the airport. It didn’t work for me. I sat my phone on the sensor, moved it around tried it upside down, nothing would work. I never got any sort of notification. I uninstalled it very frustrated.

    • SeanBello

      that’s embarrassing lol

    • SirCharles

      Many times it’s not your phone at all but he sensors at the stores. I have gone in different lines knowing which ones work and which ones don’t at Stator Brothers and 7-11.

  • ForrestTracey

    One Smart Phone – $200
    Google Wallet app – Free
    Redbull and a candy bar – $4.00
    The look on the cashiers face when I pay for everything
    buy waving my phone across the Pay Pass reader…Priceless!!

    • SeanBello

      even better if they’re an i*hone user and lose their mind

      • SirCharles

        Chicks did it too, “how’d you do that, i want to do it too”, my reply, “sorry, you have an Iphone, (laughs inside myself). Oh, you have an Iphone, you’re 2 years behind………..

  • farbster

    I still have the secure element error – so I guess I’m screwed for life with this phone 🙁

    • thedonxr

      Could be an issue with your battery… I read it in a post somewhere try searching it.

  • Think this might be available for rooted users?

    • mechapathy

      Just like the current one? Yeah. Probably.

  • MotoRulz

    This is technology that is simply ahead of its time. We are still at least 3-5 yrs away from it being adopted as a standard form of payment at most major retailers. That being said I’m glad Google is pushing hard to make it work..

    • So long as it’s not “pioneered” by Apple, we’ll be in good shape.

      • a.youth.in.Asia

        Apple will patent “payment system via phone” and everyone will be screweeeeeeddddddd

      • but if Apple will even get the technology, then many many more locations will get the technology. Companies will actually care for NFC payments.

    • Google will rightfully own the market when this hits mainstream

    • Daniel Maginnis

      i’m not quite so sure. i’ve seen this logo in the majority of places that i stop, including 7/11, gas stations, best buy and even petco. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mastercard.paypass

      • Tom Z

        It’s the same logo that’s on the back of my creditcard.

  • SecurityNick

    So I LOVE using Google Wallet. I have it side-loaded on my Galaxy Nexus LTE. I just wish there were more merchants that I could find that use the NFC payment option. I think Verizon is being ridiculous for not allowing it. I will say that I think it is super secure. I don’t know if you’ve really noticed, but when you put your debit or credit card on it, it doesn’t actually send the transaction with that card’s #s. They use some type of Master Card that they convert it to (no matter if you’re using Visa or whatever). So in essence, not only is the data encrypted, but they also use a completely different card # than what your card is. The only feature that I could think they may be adding would be a way to pay via QR Codes. I have another app that I’ve been testing out with my work from a company called Padiant. It’s kind of neat, but it seems to add an extra step because you have to log into the app, scan the QR code (provided by a screen or receipt from the point of sale terminal), and then approve the account you want to pay with. NFC is way better/more efficient. But, if they were going to add it to multiple devices w/o NFC, that’s probably how they’re going to do it.

  • Ever since updating to the GS3 (US, Sprint) I’ve been using Wallet from time to time. It’s not usable everywhere, not by a long shot, and it sometimes wigs out and doesn’t work for no discernable reason, but those times when I open the app, type my pin, and just tap my phone has been the “OMG wtf did you just do?” moment for many cashiers as they gleefully gather around to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, if a normal (i.e. non techie) person uses it and gets that kind of response, it might discourage them from using it (some cashiers have been suspicious and called their managers over, actually). I see it as my job to expose as many to it as possible, so it seems normal and commonplace.

    I was only able to use it as of the more recent “add whatever cards you want” update, though, and like I said, it’s definitely not useable everywhere (mostly gas stations and pharmacies so far, that’s about it). It very much feels like a fledgling technology, but I’m happy to see that it’s still making headway (unlike some other products I’ve hoped for, like GTV or [email protected]). Now just let me replace gift cards and loyalty cards, and I can even further empty my actual wallet…

    • Josh Fischer

      Totally agree on all points. I love the WTF looks I get. I use it at gas stations, PetCo, Best Buy, WalGreens, and McDonalds. I agree that I wish I could add all my gift cards and loyalty cards as well. I look forward to a day when I can use it at many more locations.

  • HotRodJohnson

    My hope is that more store carry the paypass system. So far the only places I can use it are McDonalds, Home Depot, Foot Locker, and CVS.

    • JDHokie

      I’ve been noticing a lot more places that accept it (Rite Aid, Wegmans, Sports Authority, and some others I can’t remember) but it’s just as easy to pull out my credit card at this point. Every once in a while I’ll do it just for the ‘wow’ factor if the cashier’s a cutie.

      • mechapathy


      • JSet12

        True, it’s just as easy using a credit card, but what I really want to “take off” is the discounts or deals available via NFC purchases. As in, Google Offers!!

    • Daniel Maginnis
  • Not interested. Nobody takes it!

    Even the places that have a big ole sign saying “paypass” or even explicitly “Google Wallet”, the person at the register doesn’t know what it is, and it doesn’t work at all.

    It’s just like the electronic boarding passes. Fancy QR code on the screen, they can never get it to scan so they just wave people through.

    • Yep.

      Around here, the 3 places that take it (CVS, Walgreens, McDonalds) don’t even know how to use NFC on their register. I can usually get it to work, but by the time the cashier is done being retarded and thinking their register is broken I could’ve just swiped my old fashioned card a hundred times over. There’s nothing convenient about Google Wallet. I take my phone out of my pocket with the same ease that I take a card out of my pocket…

      • EC8CH

        Debbie Downer

      • I know exactly what you guys are talking about. The way I deal with it is to use wallet at the self-checkout lines. Scan the NFC and hit credit on the reader. done.

      • KleenDroid

        What’s so hard about touching it and then hitting credit?

        • Same thing that makes life so hard for a good deal of those folks.

  • MikeSaver

    Verizon is a bunch of midgets

  • carlinscuderi

    Wish this was available in Canada.

  • Adrian Sciutto

    ALL I want is to be able to use this on my galaxy Nexus. Damn you Verizon!

  • Please let this launch in the UK (doubtful)

  • Rob

    done – I just hope it works in my Galaxy Nexus natively, without the need for a hack.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      not if VZW has any say about it… which they do

      • antwonw

        Actually, they don’t. Google holds the power when it comes to blocking apps in the Play Store, not VZW.

        • Doan

          Unfortunately, Google is bending over for Verizon in the case of which apps are available to Verizon customers.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          they DO have something to say about it. They were the ones to block it on the Nexus as 1 example.

          • antwonw

            Yes, they do have a say in it, but they are the ones dictating to Google which apps to block. VZW has physical no control of the Play Store, nor the apps that one can install on there. All of that is physically control by Google. VZW however can tell Google that they don’t want a certain app to work on their network therefore it gets blocked. The Google Play Store is not AOSP, it’s copyrighted and held by Google. VZW has some how pressured Google into not allowing Google Wallet to work on their network. Why Google agreed to block it is beyond me. But I have a feeling with this new version Google is going to say, “Screw you Verizon, we aren’t going to listen to your crap anymore.” Why do you think they’ve only made one LTE/CDMA Nexus out of the past 4? There’s a reason for that. Why do you think it took so long for the iPhone to come to VZW? It’s because VZW wanted total control of the OS. They wanted to load it up with crapware and Apple said, “No way Hosa!” I think it’s time for Google to do the same with Wallet.

          • Part of the deal in for to get the spectrum for there 4g lte, VZW can not block apps. That is why things like fox-fi poped back up after vzw got hit by the fcc for blocking data share apps. Oh couse they then went to share everything on your “better” tried data plans. So as long as they are using that spectrum they can not ask. Now with that said I think some back room bs is going on with VZW and google.

  • I’m really getting mad at Google for not releasing Google Wallet in UK, they promised it before the Olympics… Olympics gone by without a single god damn update

    • hey, its not really here in the US either…..sooo, guess we all wait together.

      • But you can side-load it and actually use it, in UK you don’t have that option, unless you are willing to convert your money from £ to $ and back to £ again as well as pay a sub allowing you to do that.

    • And it’s totally Google’s fault? If they had a choice it’d be available in every single country. This has more to do with governmental institutions and regulations than anything else.