Which Android Wear Watches Have NFC and Support Android Pay?

Android Wear 2.0 is slowly rolling out to your favorite smartwatches, but it’s also shipping on a new wave of devices. That new wave is pretty key to the success of one of Wear 2.0’s biggest features: Android Pay. In order to use Android Pay from your wrist, your watch needs an NFC chip and none of the old guys have one. Thankfully, most of the new guys do.

So for those curious about Android Wear watches that are capable of stepping into the card-less payment future we were promised years ago, we’ve put together a little list of the options.  (more…)

Android Pay App Listing Now Shows Screenshots for Android Wear Payments

Tomorrow or the following day is supposed to be the launch day for Android Wear 2.0, according to a couple of reports. If so, that would mean the official introduction of Android Pay to the platform outside of a developer preview. Of course, you’ll need an NFC-equipped device in order to get in on this payment action, but either way, we think the time is near for payments with an Android-powered watch. (more…)

Use Android Pay and Google Will Donate to Special Needs Education Projects

Android Pay and Google.org are teaming up with DonorsChoose.org to support the 6.4 million children in the US education system with special needs. Starting today and running through December 31, every time you use Android Pay, Google is donating a dollar to special needs education projects, up to $1 million. Not only that, but on Black Friday, when you use Android Pay to purchase goods, Google will double their contribution to $2.  (more…)

Capital One Wallet Now Does NFC Payments

Add Capital One to the growing list of companies getting into the NFC mobile payment game. Through an update released today to the Capital One Wallet app on Android, the credit card company is allowing you to pay for things with your Capital One card(s) outside of services like Android Pay.

The update also brings receipt capture for connecting receipts with purchases and fixes bugs.

So yeah, another app that does mobile payments. Are you keeping track of them all?  (more…)

Samsung Pay Launches in the US Today!

Samsung Pay, the mobile payment system from Samsung that I would argue is actually a game changer, launches today in the US. I say that it’s a game changer because it’s not just another NFC payment system that requires retailers to have NFC-ready payment terminals. With Samsung Pay, you can (theoretically) pay at almost every credit card terminal you encounter, because it uses magnetic secure transmission (MST) that emulates a credit card swipe. It’s awesome.

Anyways, here are the details for today’s launch in the US.  (more…)

Android Pay Launches Today! (Updated: APK)

Google announced moments ago that the rollout of Android Pay on Android begins today. We thought today might be the day, after seeing the new Google Wallet app last night, but yep, it’s now official.

Like the old Google Wallet, Android Pay (which will replace your Google Wallet app) works with any NFC-enabled Android device running Android 4.4+. Sorry, OnePlus 2 owners. Android Pay supports credit and debit cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Citi and Wells Fargo will be available “in the next few days,” while Capitol One is “coming soon.”  (more…)