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Google Adds Street View to Maps on Mobile Browsers, I Think We All Know Why

Google, those kind-hearted mobile enthusiasts, made Street View available through Google Maps in mobile browsers, this morning. While Android users probably couldn’t care less because they have the best mobile turn-by-turn navigation and maps experience on the planet for free in the Google Maps app, this could be used as a backup. Oh who am I kidding, the only reason Google did this, was to let iPhone 5 and iOS6 users know that the mobile version of their Maps service is still better than what Apple is doing. Thanks, Google.

Via:  Google Lat Long

  • Why Google? You are now the 2nd most valuable tech company BEHIND apple. It’s obvious apple doesn’t want anything to do with you. Why help them in anyway possible. You don’t need them anymore. Let them die their slow death quicker and become #1

  • rohicks

    I wouldn’t suggest that Google did this because of iOS users. I wouldn’t doubt that it was on their roadmap; it only makes sense.

  • Google should block safari mobile from it’s services….that would hurt googles click revenues, but it would send iSheep bleating to an android device lickety split.

  • lavman72

    finally..McKayla is impressed.

  • Can we just compliment Google for being cool enough to offer an olive branch rather than attacking a rival platform yet again?

    • angermeans

      They aren’t doing it to be nice. Google is panicking because they aren’t on Apples iOS anymore.

      • More like, they were making money from apple searching their servers via the app.

      • I hardly think they are panicking. Google is not in any kind of trouble whatsoever. They just know lots of people have iPhones and they want those eyes on their products.

        It’s a great business move.

  • This message stinks because of the “People’s Gas”

  • matt

    Love the Chicago pic! My Dad lives five minutes from there and Chicago will alway be my favorite city 🙂

    • cizzlen

      +1 for Chi town 😀

  • zepfloyd

    Face it Google just felt sorry for blackberry users. /s

    • Even though BB maps is powered by google.

      • zepfloyd

        LOL have you tried using the blackberry version? Yikes.

  • C-Law

    I kinda wish they wouldn’t have done this. One less reason for ifans to consider switching to android

    • If the iphone peeps cant see that they are being run through the ringer over and over again then GPS/Maps service isnt going to change their minds.

    • Google is truly living up to their motto, “Don’t be evil” …even if it mean fiewer Android sales

  • Johnson

    We are so quick to forget gmaps sucked something horrible in v1.0. I generally bash apple very hard but this time finding it hard to. You can’t possibly compare a v1 to current google it just doesn’t simply work that way never has in the whole industry.

    • Google maps didn’t suck in v1.0 since it was LONG time before that available as BETA product. In fact Navigation is STILL in Beta status.
      Apple defacto proced a beta condition product but decided to call it v1.0

      • jfr69

        It still boggles the mind, that as blatant as the problems are with Apple maps, that SOMEONE didn’t realize that it was messed up. It’s not like it’s a random anomaly while searching for ‘1313 Mockingbird Ln’, it’s widespread issues. Were they really in that big a hurry to rush that stuff out that not one person bothered to test it?

    • HTC1

      Because that was back when there was nothing!!!!!!!!!!! that was the start sir. so it was allowed to suck back then. But it is 2012 and all other map apps are perfected. so your not allowed to start with a garbage one. Let me make this simple for you (apple lover). You can’t invent a new car that sucks and say “we’ll the model-T sucked when it came out”. Catch up with the times. This same argument i keep hearing from you I-donkeys doens’t work. Nice try though

  • Havoc70

    Its all for the iSheeple

  • Edwin M

    It’s amazing to me that Apple couldn’t just allow Google to make a maps program for their OS.

    • Google is developing a new maps program. This was covered already.

  • Andy

    I like how you decided to use Chicago. sweet

  • Jeff Miller

    Odd? I thought IOS 6 could NOT run the app…therefore they will not know what they are missing no matter what extras are added…….Oh who am I kidding…I know I will personally tell every one of them I see how much better it is…LOL

    • WAldenIV

      This is for mobile browsers, not the application. Reading comprehension is your friend.

      • Jeff Miller

        Thanks for the clarification, I missed that….it would make a bit more sense.

  • Stewie

    Unfortunately if they are trying Apple Search to find this article, that would be as fruitless as Apple Maps for navigation 🙂

  • Murali Ponnaluri

    To Apple: Never go full retard

    • That is an insult to retarded people. They aren’t as bad as Apple.

      • michael arazan

        That movie is the only ben stiller movie, I ever liked.
        Also apple’s wifi on the icrap 5 is still using data when people are using wifi causing overages out the ass. And Apple has no comment, just like the antenna problem of the past.

    • master94

      too late

  • Michael_NM

    Cupertino streets show a lot of frowns.

  • JustTrollin69

    For dem Apple bitches.

  • MikeSaver


  • DanSan

    first. win. suck it iSheeps.