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Wednesday Poll: Would You Buy a 32GB Nexus 7?

This morning, we saw an inventory screenshot that points to the possibility of a 32GB Nexus 7 model. We’ve already been over the benefits of having the additional storage space, so now it’s time for us to ask how many of you would actually drop dough for this device. With most Nexus 7 owners already pleased with their 8GB and 16GB variants, is releasing a 32GB option necessary from Google and ASUS?

On top of this, how much would it go for? As far as speculation goes, my guess would be about $299 given their already in-place pricing structure – another $50 for double the storage of the 16GB model sounds fair to me. Or, as Kellex has pointed out, maybe we could see a price drop in the previous models and the 32GB option would be sold for $249. Lots to think about.

Let us know if a 32GB Nexus 7 is interesting you.

Would you buy a 32GB Nexus 7?

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  • If it was released with 32GB originally I would have. But the tegra 3 is too slow Q3 to Q4 2012. The cortex a15 should be out soon.

  • IF it was a Nexus 8.9 and IF it had a SD card slot….otherwise, forget it….

  • shopdroid

    No, I will never get a tablet without a microSD card. It’s just flat out greedy for these manufacturers to not include 1. I can understand Appl not including it, but Android tablets? Not so much.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hell, yes! I’ve been waiting for a Nexus tablet of this capacity.

    Like I’ve said before, if they can make it $250 like the Kindle Fire HD 7″, then it will be an instant by from me. No questions asked!

  • NexusMan

    My Nexus 7 died today ;(

  • Jason Hanford-Smith

    Where’s the missing option “Yes, if it also had a microSD slot”

  • don’t think that is how it’s going to be… I think they’re going to pull an apple and trickle prices down… the 8gb is going to go down to 150, 16 to 200, 32 to 250…

  • Hohlraum

    Doubt I’d ever buy another ASUS tablet that wasn’t a nexus device. They F’d all the OG EEE Pad owners with their craptacular OS updates. The current ICS build is crap as well and it doesn’t look like they are going to fix it. They might not want to update the OG EEE Pad to JellyBean but they owe it to the original owners/guinea pigs.

  • I’m waiting for the 10inch version of the nexux in 16 or 32 gigs, I would be all over that like a Hobo on a ham sandwich.

  • Sam_K

    With the Kindle Fire HD 16gb and Nook HD 16gb both for $199 and the 32gb versions costing $249 and $229 respecitively, Asus/Google has to come out with a 32gb version to compete. Flash memory is so cheap, it wouldn’t cost much more to make a 32gb Nexus 7. If the Nook HD had GPS I wouldn’t even be considering the Nexus 7 anymore because the $230 Nook HD 32gb also has a microSD card slot and a higher resolution screen than the Nexus 7, 1440 x 900 in the Nook HD vs 1280 x 800 in the Nexus 7.
    Like others have said the Nexus 7 memory options should have been 16gb and 32gb to begin with.

    • Simon Belmont

      Exactly my thoughts! They have to come out with a 32GB Nexus 7 to compete for the holiday season.

      It has to be at a competitive price point too. This is why I waited to get mine!

  • Havoc70

    I will keep my Current Nexus 7 16 GB, but i think that its crap that this wasn’t introduced at the same time as the other two. They should have brought out the 8,16,32 GB at the same time.

  • Where’s the choice for, I would still buy the 8GB version because the storage is meaningless to me.


    i can inmagine some people need more space on their nexus 7 i dont 16gb is enouch for me
    I have poto,s in the cloud ,music and documents.
    only some games in my internal memory.

  • This just got me upset cause after months debate on getting a Galaxy tab 2.7 or Nexus 7 Nvidia, I chose the Samsung, now this sucks I went out to buy a 32GB from sandisk for $24 at RadioShack and now I see this, a 32GB Device with possible expansion I’m so mad right now. Money doesn’t grow on trees

  • Yes, but only if it was at the $250 point or less because I could probably deal without 16gb more.

    • Simon Belmont

      If they offer the Nexus 7 32GB at $250, I could probably forgive the lack of the microSD card slot. 32GB of space would be plenty for me.

      I’ve done well with 16GB in my HP TouchPad, but these 3D games are eating more and more space lately. 32GB would give me some more breathing room.

  • cb2000a

    The 16gb should sell for $225 and the 32 should sell for around $280.

  • umataro42

    Since the price point was a big part of getting me to get a tablet, unless they sell it for the same $200 I paid for my 8GB Nexus 7, I’m happy with the one I’ve got.

    The main thing I use it for that I don’t use my Galaxy Nexus or laptop are the digital comic book apps, and since it loads up faster, I often use it for browsing instead of my laptop which I use more as a desktop.

    Thanks to Stickroot, I don’t have to worry about having space to store movies on it, and for music, I just use the music app to stream from my account. So its mostly comics and regular books.

    • Havoc70

      I just found the Stick Mount over the weekend, and it works great with my 64 GB SanDisk key.

  • Knlegend1

    Yes if they eliminated the 8.

  • i want it now.

  • dC

    Gotta have 3G 4GLTE too

  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    $250 Sound about right;;… (even if we’d be pushing it a little);… & to add to that,,, a base model for $99 wouldn’t hurt either… my 2yr needs a play thing…. lmao

  • ajavgeek

    I have 4.7″ Nexus so 7″ does not make any sense, if we can get 10″+ (Nexus) I am waiting for that for a long time.

  • NexusMan

    IMO a 32 gb version should have been released in the 1st place. Why on earth is my Nexus PHONE a 32 gb beast, but my Nexus Tablet not? They should have released them as 16gb and 32 gb from the jump @ $199 and $249.

  • fanboy1974

    I love Android/Google but I’m selling my Nexus 7 once the Galaxy Note 2 is released. There’s only a 1.5 inch difference at the same resolution. The S-Pen, Quad core exynos, removable battery, SD card support, rear camera and 2 gig of memory is just too much. I don’t think I’ll own another tablet.

  • I would definately be in. Can’t keep games in the cloud and with some of the game sizes out there and the ones to come, I maintain only about 3 gigs of open storage. My wife would inherit my 16 gig Nexus7 to replace her original Galaxy Tab 7.0, she doesn’t use a tablet for games other than solitaire so she would be ok with just 16.

  • Keii Graham

    The polls don’t have my option. I want a Nexus, but just not this Nexus. I want that rumored 3G one.

  • George264

    I know people are going to hate me for saying this, but I would really like a Nexus 7 with larger storage. The reason I don’t want a Nexus 9 or 10 instead is because of one big reason. Android for tablets at its current state, is pretty bad. Even if it is smooth, the thing is, most Android tablets are 16:9, or 16:10, and I like to do my web browsing mostly portrait. And I do my mail, and facebooking portrait. And 16:10 is not good for that. Especially in 10 inches. I personally have an iPad for my heavy tablet tasks. I know 100000 dislikes right there. I use my Nexus 7 for school, because it is less expensive, yet still be able to do the things I need to do in school. Reading, and dictionary, and other little things. It also makes losing it, less of a pain than the iPad. Nexus 7 and iPad are great. Perfect matches, both OS, and best of both worlds for me. That’s only my opinion. I hope Google continues to keep making 7 inch tablets. They can make a 10 incher, I wouldn’t buy it, but I would definately upgrade yearly if the Nexus 7 line stays the same reasonable pricing.

    • JoshGroff

      I personally avoid 10″ tablets simply because of the portability of a 7″ and when I need a larger screen, I go to my 17″ Toshiba laptop.

  • Davros

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just add a micro SD card slot? That’s what I would prefer.

  • George

    The news today really chaps my hide. I just bought my first Nexus 7 16 gig a couple days ago. I have a 90 day return policy from where I bought it. After putting all my apps, videos and everything else on it I only have 3 gigs left. I’ve been racking my brains trying to get used to using clouding with Google drive and Drop Box. I hope they confirm this soon. I’ll definitely get the 32 gig model.

  • greeknasty

    keep in mind that thise 32gig could also be a 10 inch screen..

  • Jeff

    I wouldn’t buy a tablet.

  • Tyler Chappell

    If they would have had the 32GB N7 out initially for $300, I would have bought it then.

  • moelsen8

    No.. I have a nexus 7

  • Jeff “Big Red”

    I don’t know if I’m just crazy but I would love to see a 15″ tablet! NEXUS 15!!! I know this may never happen but I would settle for a 10″ Nexus Tab…..

  • mustbepbs

    I’ve got my 8GB N7 with a OTG cable and a large flash drive with an app called Directory Bind. It allows me to offload app data onto the flash drive without any lack of game performance. I tested it with NOVA 3 and I had no issues with loading times or frame rate issues. It’s a minor inconvenience, but it’s very mobile and a cheap alternative. Plus I can always expand the flash drive as well.

    • vibbix

      OTG cables are crazy useful. I wish the android OS stack had more support for OTG cables, as it seems that root is needed for flash drives(if i remember correctly on the N7, my S3 handles Flash drives fine though)

      • Spongehead

        Will the S3 write to flash? I use an OTG cable with Nexus Media Importer on my non-rooted N7. It’ll only read from flash, won’t write.

  • billy routh

    Nope, but am looking to sell my 16Gb nexus 7 for 175.00

  • hkklife

    I think that the simplest move for Google and Asus would be to EOL the 8Gb Nexus 7 and bump the 16Gb one down to $199 and introduce a 32Gb at $250. Any other upgrades/updates (MHL, bigger battery capacity, higher clocked Tegra3) for the 32Gb would be awesome icing on the cake but extremely unlikely.
    What I THINK they will do is keep 8Gb @ $199, 16Gb@ $249, and bring the 32Gb out at $299, maybe as a Play Store-exclusive release. For that price, considering the impressive recent announcements from B&N and Amazon and the upcoming iPad Mini, Google would really need to juice up the 32Gb N7 SKU a bit more with a rear camera and/or some of the above improvements. A 32Gb model would also give them a nice and risk-free new release to ring in JB 4.2.
    I’m personally pretty fed up with my N7 right now, as it doesn’t charge reliably with any of the numerous 2A/10W USB AC or DC chargers I own and the horrible lag and performance reduction once free storage drops under 5Gb is simply unacceptable. And I haven’t even suffered any of the build quality woes of the early adopters! These are just design flaws! I grabbed a few of the recent apps on sale by mistake last week and let my available storage drop to <3Gb and I am now paying the price with horrible lag. Time for a hard reset! This kind of crap is to be expected from a bloated Sense, Touchwiz or Blur device but NOT a Tegra3 Jelly Bean machine! I doubt Asus or Google will ever officially acknowledge this (likely a TRIM) problem and will just try to sweep it under the rug, especially if you bought your device from a retailer and not from the Play Store.

  • nightscout13

    For $300 you can buy a refurbished 3G Xoom, and even Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • b_to_the_randon

    There need’s to be a fourth option: Yes, if they use a different I/O controller. The one currently in use is ridiculous, the fact that I’ve had 3 of my Nexus 7 slow to a grind if they go any lower than 2GB of storage is ridiculous. That I have to do a factory reset is just icing on the crap cake.

    • hkklife

      Amen! I am really surprised DL hasn’t covered this horrendous issue. I only discovered the N7’s peformance issues a few weeks ago but figured they were worked out in the newest batches. Wrong! Ironically, when the initial N7 reviews came out, someone (Anandtech?) said that the 16Gb used slightly faster NAND and thus offered slightly better performance out of the box over the 8Gb version, so a double-win I THOUGHT. I know of 4 people personally with the 16Gbs and every one of them grinds to a halt when they approach full capacity..but the strange thing is that is varies from unit to unit. Mine gets slow when it gets under <5Gb and others can get down to 2.x or 3.x Gb free before they notice performance issues.

      • Greyhame

        Honest question: how does available storage space impact the I/O Controller?

        • vibbix

          I believe its more that the system caches items to local flash storage, rather than RAM, to save space for crucial process’s.

          • Greyhame

            That makes perfect sense because I’ve experienced it, but then cleared my cache and it went away. This would explain the various points at which it happens as well. So, keep your cache clean and avoid the problem. Awesome, thx!

          • b_to_the_randon

            That might be the intended design of the Android system, but I can assure that clearing the cache has done nothing to resolve the system slowing to a crawl. Someone has actually posted their I/O benchmarks pre-post encountering this issue (and in fact they’ve done the same on the Asus Transformer Prime & Infinity) highlighting the specific issue to I/O.

            I apologize that while I’ve stated they need a new I/O controller I do not have the empirical testing data to say with absolution that it is in fact the I/O controller, I’m speaking purely from the viewpoint that it seems a strong corollary that SOMETHING Asus is using between these three devices is the culprit and the only obvious, measurable impact that you can test for the issue with is your I/O speed.

            Articles like the one below sort of help to hone in on it being I/O related:

  • Yep, but only if they fix any writing/reading lag problems like my 16gb has…

  • I would have if it came out initially, but I am perfectly happy now with my 16 gig model, an 89 cent OTG cable from China and my 32 gig sd card from my long retired Droid X.

  • Damu793

    GN2 Verizon lte!!

    • Taylor Levesque

      Turn your phone into hotspot. Boom Nexus 7 with LTE

      • Damu793

        I have unlimited data plus the hotspot on Verizon #OG

  • wm snyder

    Nope waiting for nexus 10.1 to take the place of xoom.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Yes and no. I’ve been waiting for such a 32GB Nexus 7 and no, I wouldn’t want to give up my current Nexus 7. Besides, if anything, I’d just wait until the 10″ Nexus 7 32GB gets released.


    Not interested in a Nexus 7 with any kind of storage configuration.

    Now a Nexus 9/10 I will throw some of my hard earned cabbage at.

  • Los

    I’ll take 2 to go

  • TD

    Would have already purchased a N7 for $200 if I could use SD for storage. Didn’t want to spend $250 and I felt 16 GB would be better for storage. Honestly though, I’d rather get a 10″ device if it were an option, at the right price of course. Nexus device, 10″ screen, 16 GB, $300 and you’ve got a deal.

  • nexus 10

  • Bill M.

    Is there a “waiting for the Nexus 10” option???

  • cooksta32676

    Maybe for $10 more. Internal storage on mobile devices is a rip off.

    • sdny8

      For $10 more me and a ton of others would be pissed. It should of been an original option. $225 for 16gb and $250 for 32gb

  • CapnShiner

    Give me a Nexus 10

    • nightscout13

      ^ this ^

    • I would definitely sell my TF700 if there was a nexus 10 with the same screen res and 2gb of ram.

    • user311

      Buy a Transformer Infinity, would be bascially a Nexus 10 but with an upgraded cpu, 1900*1200 resolution a keydock and expandable storage. I currently have 192GB in mine and quickly gave my mom my old Nexus 7.

      • CapnShiner

        Lower the price to match the Nexus 7 and you would be onto something. I don’t actually need a tablet. I have my Android phone and my Eee PC 1215n.

        • michael arazan

          why add memory, just put in an sd slot and let me add a 64gb card myself to keep the cost low on the nexus

  • nightscout13

    Why is there no option that says “I’m fine with a 16GB”

    • TrevorSP

      That’s the, “No, I wouldn’t give up my current Nexus 7.”

      • nightscout13

        Well, I haven’t bought that one yet… So no category for me…..But when I do buy one, I’m fine with 16GB and just accessing my NAS.

  • Cipher Zero

    Absolutely! I filled up my 16GB N7 very quickly. The Bard’s Tale alone was over 3GB. I had an 8GB white N7 from Google I/O that someone offered me $575 for because he didn’t want to wait, so it was a no-brainer selling it. After buying the 16GB for $250, and the 32GB for $250, I’d still be up $75.
    I love impatient people with money 😀

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Yes, and I would pass my 16gb on to a family member

  • EdsonDJ

    Yes, I would sell my 16GB model for a 32GB one.

  • But, But, But I just bought my 16 giger less than 24 hours ago…

  • David Rosen

    i’m surprised to be saying this, but my galaxy s3 (stock) runs better than my moms nexus7. granted she’s got some fancy live wallpaper that’s constantly pulling in pics from her facebook for a photo collage haha, but even with jellybean vs my phones ics, my phone is much noticeably smoother. so my answer is no, i’m not looking for a nexus7

    • I also noticed that so I ran benchmarks (which I never do), and SIII crushed, I mean CRUSHED nexus 7. I know, apples and oranges, plus I love them both..

    • I also noticed that so I ran benchmarks (which I never do), and SIII crushed, I mean CRUSHED nexus 7. I know, apples and oranges, plus I love them both..

      • David Rosen

        i got 10 downvotes haha. and i wasn’t even trolling! just if i’m gonna get a tablet i want it to perform at least as well as my galaxy s3. i just don’t see the reason for a device nowadays to have lag.

        • JoshGroff

          2 GB of RAM, combined with a newer processor and a smaller screen, I would hope it runs faster. That being said, I love my nexus 7 and it runs plenty fast enough for streaming video and playing Tegra games.

  • Steve Mac

    Don’t think your voting system is working. After I voted last week it’s not letting me vote this time around, just the poll results. Also – I love my 16GB but would really dig 32 GB

  • T4rd

    Yeah, but only if it stayed at $250 or lower. Memory is cheap and definitely doesn’t warrant a $50 markup. I’d love to see how much profit Apple makes on a 64GB iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Better yet though; put a damn SD card slot on it.

    • hkklife

      microSD slot would be NICE but it’s MUCH less useful on a modern (HC, ICS, JB) Android device than it was in the Gingerbread and earlier days. Remember, all apps have to go to internal storage and you really want that for performance reasons. Ideally, I’d like to have a 32Gb or 64Gb N7 WITH a microSD slot. However, I’d take a 32Gb version without an SD slot over a 16Gb + SD slot version at the same price.

      • vibbix

        The whole lack of a microSD thing has more to do with piracy, as most people who use microSD’s do it for there large amount of media, and as Google and most other services are streamed, and caching should only be temporary, microSD’s are scrapped. Kinda sad, as there crazy useful for gaming with ROM’s(which really doesn’t help my point).

        • Tony Allen

          What difference does internal storage versus microsd have to do with piracy. You can download anything, plug in the N7 and drop a pirated movie/game/app/etc.. onto the internal.

  • Chris Pinola

    i almost never use my nexus 7 :/ I just really can’t find a practical use for a tablet in my day-to-day activities

    • I just got a Galaxy tab off Ebay. I just wish i knew what i should be doing with it.

      • Chris Pinola

        Interested in buying a Nexus 7 to keep it company? haha 😉

        • Justin Swanson

          I would be 😉

          • Chris Pinola

            like ferrreal?

          • Justin Swanson

            ferrreal… hit me on G+ and we can talk…

          • Chris Pinola

            Would you mind linking me to your profile? There’s quite a few people with your name

      • nightscout13

        It’s good for downtime at work to watch pirated movies.

    • Butters619

      I use my tablet to browse the internet while watching TV. I almost always hear something that makes me want to Google it. And commercial breaks are a good time to reddit.

      • Chris Pinola

        Completely understood, I do 98% of my TV-watching online though as my roommates and I don’t have a cable TV plan from our provider. It’s cheaper and there’s no commercials 🙂

      • Simon Belmont

        Haha. I do the same thing.

        The best part is I normally just voice search it quickly. Then I can have the information/answer before the commercial break is over.

      • Devilsephiroth

        I Dont watch television. I watch my nexus 7 .

    • Really? That was the case for me with my Transformer Infinity. I had no use for it, really. But I use the Nexus 7 constantly. I take it with me to work to read, browse the net(love tethering from my GNex) or watch movies while on break, or sometimes when it’s slow. As well as at home for reading and browsing the internet while watching TV.

      Saves a lot of phone battery and I love how it’s usable with only one hand, unlike the Transformer was. I even have games on it now and usually I’m into just tweeking my phones. Currently obsessed with Rayman when I have time to play it. N64 emulators are a beast on it, too, though I rarely use it.

      • lensgrabber

        What program are you using to tether? I’ll be doing the same thing.

    • I’ll pay shipping, send it my way

  • Bryan James

    I won’t be getting a tablet that doesn’t have a microSD slot, replacing my Elocity A7 with a Matrix One S7

  • Greyhame

    Yes I would. I’d sell my 16 GB N7 to fund the purchase.

    • John

      How much? I use the “cloud” for most of my stuff so 16GB is plenty.

      • JoshGroff

        I use my G-Nex for music and my 16GB N7 for everything else. 16GB is more than enough for gaming and streaming via Netflix.

    • brando56894

      Exactly, I would sell my 8 GB in a heartbeat to get a 32 GB. I don’t like only having 5 GB available to me but I deal with it.

  • Crazydog

    I’m waiting for the next best 7″ tablet with 4G capability…I’d pick that up and drop my Xoom in a heartbeat.

    • T4rd

      I tether my tabs to my phone so every tab as 4G ;-).

      • Crazydog

        Yeah, but I’d rather not kill my phone’s battery just to use my tablet when I’m not near WiFI.

  • Only if they offered a trade-in deal for my 16GB. Newer and better will be showing up too soon to pay full price for it now.

  • triangle8

    I wish they just offered this from the start. Not going to try to sell my old one and then buy a new one…

  • I wish they had a 10.1 screen for the Nexus, then I would be more intersted.

  • Well i got an 8GB… it’s a joke honestly, not enough space for 2 high-end games, barely space for a movie, 32GB at the price of 16GB would be nice

    • brando56894

      Yea I hear you, I kind of regret buying the 8 and not waiting for the 16. Two HD games, a nandroid backup and a TI backup set and you’re full. It sucks but I’ve been dealing with it.

      • Tony Allen

        The 8GB has been perfect for my mom. Facebook, gaming, internet, and watching YouTube. I think people are severely missing the point of the 8GB machine, its designed for consumption of Google’s services obviously.

        Besides, you’re the one asking for it with mobile games that are larger than some desktop games. I think its ridiculous when a mobile game is measured in Gb.

        • I agree think of it as Google’s version of the Kindle Fire.

          Granted I have an iPad and the only thing my wife uses it for is watching YouTube Videos. We can’t upgrade it because they removed that feature and it isn’t working on the browser so I might be in the market for a Nexus 7 soon.

  • aNYthing6

    Definitely, as long as it’s like $279 or something. That’d be a killer deal.

  • AMGala

    This would be very frustrating after pre-ordering the 16 GB version…

  • I’m fine with my current 8gig N7

  • I’d give my son my 16GB N7 and buy a 32GB for myself.