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Wednesday Poll: Would You Buy a 32GB Nexus 7?

This morning, we saw an inventory screenshot that points to the possibility of a 32GB Nexus 7 model. We’ve already been over the benefits of having the additional storage space, so now it’s time for us to ask how many of you would actually drop dough for this device. With most Nexus 7 owners already pleased with their 8GB and 16GB variants, is releasing a 32GB option necessary from Google and ASUS?

On top of this, how much would it go for? As far as speculation goes, my guess would be about $299 given their already in-place pricing structure – another $50 for double the storage of the 16GB model sounds fair to me. Or, as Kellex has pointed out, maybe we could see a price drop in the previous models and the 32GB option would be sold for $249. Lots to think about.

Let us know if a 32GB Nexus 7 is interesting you.

Would you buy a 32GB Nexus 7?

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  • If it was released with 32GB originally I would have. But the tegra 3 is too slow Q3 to Q4 2012. The cortex a15 should be out soon.

  • IF it was a Nexus 8.9 and IF it had a SD card slot….otherwise, forget it….

  • shopdroid

    No, I will never get a tablet without a microSD card. It’s just flat out greedy for these manufacturers to not include 1. I can understand Appl not including it, but Android tablets? Not so much.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hell, yes! I’ve been waiting for a Nexus tablet of this capacity.

    Like I’ve said before, if they can make it $250 like the Kindle Fire HD 7″, then it will be an instant by from me. No questions asked!

  • NexusMan

    My Nexus 7 died today ;(

  • Jason Hanford-Smith

    Where’s the missing option “Yes, if it also had a microSD slot”

  • don’t think that is how it’s going to be… I think they’re going to pull an apple and trickle prices down… the 8gb is going to go down to 150, 16 to 200, 32 to 250…

  • Hohlraum

    Doubt I’d ever buy another ASUS tablet that wasn’t a nexus device. They F’d all the OG EEE Pad owners with their craptacular OS updates. The current ICS build is crap as well and it doesn’t look like they are going to fix it. They might not want to update the OG EEE Pad to JellyBean but they owe it to the original owners/guinea pigs.

  • I’m waiting for the 10inch version of the nexux in 16 or 32 gigs, I would be all over that like a Hobo on a ham sandwich.

  • Sam_K

    With the Kindle Fire HD 16gb and Nook HD 16gb both for $199 and the 32gb versions costing $249 and $229 respecitively, Asus/Google has to come out with a 32gb version to compete. Flash memory is so cheap, it wouldn’t cost much more to make a 32gb Nexus 7. If the Nook HD had GPS I wouldn’t even be considering the Nexus 7 anymore because the $230 Nook HD 32gb also has a microSD card slot and a higher resolution screen than the Nexus 7, 1440 x 900 in the Nook HD vs 1280 x 800 in the Nexus 7.
    Like others have said the Nexus 7 memory options should have been 16gb and 32gb to begin with.

    • Simon Belmont

      Exactly my thoughts! They have to come out with a 32GB Nexus 7 to compete for the holiday season.

      It has to be at a competitive price point too. This is why I waited to get mine!

  • Havoc70

    I will keep my Current Nexus 7 16 GB, but i think that its crap that this wasn’t introduced at the same time as the other two. They should have brought out the 8,16,32 GB at the same time.

  • Where’s the choice for, I would still buy the 8GB version because the storage is meaningless to me.


    i can inmagine some people need more space on their nexus 7 i dont 16gb is enouch for me
    I have poto,s in the cloud ,music and documents.
    only some games in my internal memory.

  • This just got me upset cause after months debate on getting a Galaxy tab 2.7 or Nexus 7 Nvidia, I chose the Samsung, now this sucks I went out to buy a 32GB from sandisk for $24 at RadioShack and now I see this, a 32GB Device with possible expansion I’m so mad right now. Money doesn’t grow on trees

  • Yes, but only if it was at the $250 point or less because I could probably deal without 16gb more.

    • Simon Belmont

      If they offer the Nexus 7 32GB at $250, I could probably forgive the lack of the microSD card slot. 32GB of space would be plenty for me.

      I’ve done well with 16GB in my HP TouchPad, but these 3D games are eating more and more space lately. 32GB would give me some more breathing room.

  • cb2000a

    The 16gb should sell for $225 and the 32 should sell for around $280.

  • umataro42

    Since the price point was a big part of getting me to get a tablet, unless they sell it for the same $200 I paid for my 8GB Nexus 7, I’m happy with the one I’ve got.

    The main thing I use it for that I don’t use my Galaxy Nexus or laptop are the digital comic book apps, and since it loads up faster, I often use it for browsing instead of my laptop which I use more as a desktop.

    Thanks to Stickroot, I don’t have to worry about having space to store movies on it, and for music, I just use the music app to stream from my account. So its mostly comics and regular books.

    • Havoc70

      I just found the Stick Mount over the weekend, and it works great with my 64 GB SanDisk key.

  • Knlegend1

    Yes if they eliminated the 8.

  • i want it now.

  • dC

    Gotta have 3G 4GLTE too

  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    $250 Sound about right;;… (even if we’d be pushing it a little);… & to add to that,,, a base model for $99 wouldn’t hurt either… my 2yr needs a play thing…. lmao