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Next Nexus Dubbed LG Optimus G Nexus, Program Changing to Allow for Any Manufacturer to Participate?

Ready to learn all about the next Nexus? According to our pal Taylor from Android and Me, the next in the program will indeed be made by LG and will be dubbed the Optimus G Nexus. For a couple of weeks now, rumors surrounding the next Nexus included LG, but Taylor claims to have essentially confirmed it with a handful of sources. We know him personally and tend to take him for his word, especially in Nexus talks.

As you all know, the Optimus G is already a favorite of ours because of its more-than-impressive set of specs which include a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM, 13MP (8MP in some cases) camera, a brilliant 4.7″ IPS+ HD display, and a slim body. The skinned version will arrive on AT&T and Sprint at some point in the near future, but according to today’s rumors, the Nexus version could arrive in November. Β 

We would assume that the phone will be an unlocked GSM phone, sold directly through the Play store, and not tied to a carrier.

Along with the arrival of this phone, we should see Android 4.2. While the numbers may seem like it will be a small upgrade, it could bring with it better power management, a new version of the Google Play store, new features geared towards a new Nexus program (which we’ll talk about in a minute), and lay the groundwork for Android 5.0. There could be one major UI tweak though – a change from multi-page home screens to a more tabbed approach. Lastly, there is a chance that we see some sort of a “customization center” that allows you to choose from a stock Android experience or a custom skin from the manufacturer of the phone (Sense from HTC, Blur from Motorola, TouchWiz from Samsung, etc.).

And finally, Andy Rubin may take the stage at the end of this month at AllThingsD’s Dive conference to talk about everything a new Nexus program that would include the device from LG. This new Nexus program will employ a more open approach that allows almost any manufacturer to join in on the fun, as long as they adhere to some strict guidelines. They must include a stock Android experience and 64MB of secure memory for media streaming. They can toss in their custom skin as part of the previously mentioned “customization center” to give consumers choice, but the base must be able to easily support Android 5.0, the next big release following 4.2.

Let all of that soak in for a second.

Excited? You should be. If true, this would give you choices in a Nexus device and would make it less of a competition for OEMs. Rather than being disappointed each year with the winner of the Nexus battle, you may have a device from a variety of manufacturers to choose from – maybe even one from Motorola.

Via: Β Android and Me

  • Bob G

    Taylor from AndroidandMe “confirmed” LG to be last year’s Nexus manufacturer too…….. just sayin.

  • Eric Peterson

    Am I crazy or would I be able to run a Sprint CDMA Optimus G on Verizon’s network? For some reason this excites me.

    • Bob G

      Sorry, you are crazy.

  • Christian

    If there is no CDMA LTE version of this phone I will be extremely upset.

    • then be prepared to be dissapointed. Verizon owns Google!

      • Christian

        I know it’s bleak, but I’m not giving up hope until all is confirmed.

        • *bangs head on wall*

          • Christian

            Sorry that you have something against Verizon. By the way, I didn’t really understand what “Verizon owns Google” means πŸ˜›

          • sarcasm dude. Verizon’s relationship with Google has as of the last couple of years been one of Car dealership>Car Salesman. Considering Google’s success in the mobile space it should be = if not nearly the other way around.

            Google’s own fault honestly. They won’t put their foot down, and stop giving in to big red. Their current closed door approach to the Nexus approach via software, yet not focusing on hardware/functionality is not good.

            They should open up the program and require the following to qualify manufacture a Nexus branded device:

            (1) Pre-defined reception requirements under the most adverse locations/conditions by Google, then later the carrier prior to approval. This includes roaming, all voice-only connections, and 911 performance as well.

            (2) Exceptional data performance.

            (3) Case construction of at least 60% RF conductive alloy.

            (4) Adoption of modern connection/data standards.

            (5) Unlocked boot-loader.

            (6) Ability to keep a phone call under 9/10 calls.

            (7) Display brightness level requirements measured by current industry standards.

            Others I might be forgetting.

          • Christian

            Lol sorry about that, I am just very adamant about being able to get this phone on Verizon. I agree that things shouldn’t be the way they are, but wireless carriers have always controlled manufacturers whether it’s apparent or not. In addition to that history, it’s more difficult for Google because they’re really only a software manufacturer. Like I said, I don’t think it’s right either but as we all know it’s hard to break a system that has been perpetuated. I also agree with your list of requirements, but I think that another thing to add is that Google should hold the hardware manufacturers (Samsung, in the case of the most recent Nexus) to a CONSTANT level of quality control. For example, I bought a Galaxy Nexus about a week after it was released, and it has worked perfectly for me since I purchased it, but I know many others have had a much worse experience. I’m hoping that this new program will change all of the things that we mentioned, but I’m ALSO hoping that Google and Verizon can reconcile their methods, because Verizon will always have the best network hands-down, and there’s no disputing that.

          • Yes, and that’s why I stay with verizon. Totally with you. Perhaps we will get lucky and moto will pump out a nice vanilla phone by February.

            Keep your fingers crossed freddy!

      • Yep, they tried the same move on Apple and Uncle Steve said “screw you” and VZW eventually gave in. Google (especially Moto), on the other hand is a different story.

    • Paul

      It’s unlikely for the optimus it seems, but with that new nexus program there’s a decent chance for a nexus incredible x.

      • Christian

        That’s a good point; it seems like the new program will make it hard to predict exactly what we’re going to get.

    • hkklife

      Considering the stunning amount of mediocre LG Android phones (and, traditionally, LG dumbphones) released on Verizon in the past 18 months or so, I’d say the chances to see it on Big Red are as good as any other LG release. VZW loves them some cheap LG handsets!

  • I don’t know much about reception on LG android devices – maybe better than Pantech(more south korean junk)? I am dissapointed that they didn’t simply send out guidelines to the OEMs and carriers and open the program up to more than that “one company”, which in this case is LG. Meh, more south korean crap. I don’t mean to be a downer, but if you guys are hoping for great “phone” functionality, you may be dissapointed. LG does not have the experience of a company like Motorola, Sony, Panasonic, etc,. They are junior grade.

    Mr. Rubin is NOT doing Nexus-loving power users any favors here.
    Sure the android fanboys will scoop this up faster than a kitty in a kibble factory, but for being used as a phone, I’ve a feeling this will be forgotten very quickly.

    Again, massively dissapointed! Even if big red gets one of these months after all the other carriers have iPhone 6.5, it will be a bug filled(which knowing them is probably the case, poor quality, bad reception, and a trademark for unreliability.
    Google needs to get its sh*t together and stop trying to appeal to aunt att and uncle verizon’s demands for ad filled, bloatware-filled phones for the masses. They are not going to win any battles with the competition by pushing out subpar quality devices with vanilla android.. Seriously it’s like trying to paint a turd – pointless.

    Open up the Nexus program to ALL OEMS’s and let the MARKET decide who can provide the best device.

    Google keeps trying to appeal to big red’s selfish need for control. How about putting the multibillion dollar foot down and saying NO to their demands for control of Nexus phones? After all the software is free. Allow them to be sold in all stores, but mandate them to be sold through the Play store as well. How hard is that?

    If Apple can do it, Google can do it.

    I’ve had enough of all these concessions to the almighty service providers, and Rubin’s constant need to feel validated by giving in to their demands.

    It’s time the boys in Mountain View started pushing their dam*ed weight around. Enough teasing!

    Am I the only one sick of this? CDMA shouldn’t mean smartphone bondage. So stupid…

    Google + lawyers + tough love + money + advertising = results.


  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    A few things.
    1. I can’t help but be disappointed that this next Nexus might be made by LG, they just haven’t done anything in years to earn that right IMO, even though the Optimus G has very nice specs. The hardware is just very boring and plasticly.
    2. I don’t like the idea of any old manufacturer being able to make a Nexus at any time, I feel like it will water down the name. Also, only getting one Nexus phone per year makes it feel more special and exclusive.
    Just my 2 cents

    • NicholasMicallef

      I have to agree, maybe Google is afraid OEMs might think google is showing bias towards Samsung if they choose them to make their next nexus because they have already built 2 nexus phones in succession (even though Samsung have been the most successful company). Similarly they might think they might not like Google having Motorola build their next nexus because they own the company. Still that leaves HTC, LG and Sony and out of those I think most would choose HTC.

      About the new nexus program, I wouldn’t mind having any company be able to build a “pure google” device which gets updates just as fast so long as Google doesn’t spread itself thin and start neglecting the actual nexus (which they release once every year), and they shouldn’t be given the right to give any device the Nexus name….

    • Suralin

      I thumbed you up, but I don’t agree with you. One of the things that made Android great was that we had options. Unfortunately, using one manufacturer for the GNex doesn’t really generate competition. Only a minority of people (like those who understand what its like to have the Google Experience) would be interested in a GNex. What we’ve seen is the bastardization of this User Experience by manufacturers and their bloatware and not everyone can say Samsung has the best hardware (the failure of GSIII to stand up against the iPhone 5 in a drop test is proof of that).

      By opening it up to all manufacturers, we can get the one manufacturer most of us here have been dying to see get the Nexus – Motorola. That’s the biggest, subtle news you will find in the whole “Nexus Program Opening Up To Any Manufacturer” bit. It allows Google’s Motorola to get a Nexus without shunting the other manufacturers.

      • PC_Tool

        “I thumbed you up”

        Will you please keep your bizarre sexual…

        Oh…wait…You meant…I get it.

        Carry on…

  • Lashawn

    I like where this is going.

  • rockstar323

    Tinfoil hat time. Motorola holding back RAZR HD so they can launch a Nexus RAZR at the same time.

  • I wish the HTC DIX will be part of this new Nexus program, that phone without senseUI would be awesome!

  • Devilsephiroth

    I’ll buy my next device full price thanks to Verizon , let’s hope Google steps up the game with Google play options

  • Android and Me put their article with a giant rumor disclaimer at the beginning while you guys are touting this like it is fact. What gives?

    • alex drum

      because it a given, this site if full or rumors and that is what droid life is really based upon, its like if you listen to fox news coverage of the election and believing everything they say about Obama, then getting pissed because you later found out that they gave you bias information but did not tell you… its just assumed.

  • ThMan

    This phone is a beast. I have personally touch it and ran some benchmarks. It is truly a great device. Custom ROMS will make it even better but the near stock UI is good to go.

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    Optimus G Nexus? Maybe Optimus Nexus, but not with the Gangsta like swagga

  • poseidon5213

    why would this be the nexus if this was just officially revealed to be headed for atnt and sprint>?

  • Simly

    OG Nexus? Hell yeah!

  • George264

    I’m so excited. If you could dual-boot HTC Sense and Stock, OMG. nerdgasm. The only thing I miss on Nexus is HTC Sense widgets and how good it looks. If I can turn on my phone and be like, hmm… today I want a good looking clean, bright setup with awesome widgets, I can turn on HTC Sense, then when I feel like I want the smooth awesome, stealth version, I can use Stock. Wow. If HTC makes one with the same One X screen, 64GB or more, and a S4 Pro with 2 GB of RAM, no kidding I will buy it ASAP. I might even line up for it.

  • James Jackson

    this better have on screen nav keys

    • Tim242

      WHY? It takes up valuable screen space, and the size of the phones do not change.

      • James Jackson

        not when they disappear, or even better, become merged with the status bar. PA for nexus, awesome

        • Tim242

          I have mine as small as they’ll go on AOKP. Removing them completely is not the ideal use. On screen buttons annoy me. They seemed like a good idea, but not very practical in use.

  • JulianZHuang

    bought galaxy nexus, i made a bad decision back then…..

  • Anthony Anobile

    i love my gnex a lot but this looks like a baller phone

  • Glen E Ston

    I’m all for an IPS display. Though i love my Gnex, the display is somewhat irritating to look at next to my OGDroid. Large battery will make this a winner!

    • Anthony Anobile

      YES battery needs to at least last all day on that monster

    • Bigwavedave25

      Stock display settings on the GNex definitely leave a little to be desired. Enter the awesome dev community. Franco with color tweaks just make this screen a thing to behold. Similar results available with other kernels and even Rom’s such as AOKP, etc.

  • G-Nex to be followed by OG-Nex? Interesting.

    • PC_Tool

      I still think they should call it the Optimus Prime.

      …come one, guys.

      License that sh*t.

      • then, add Peter Cullen as Google Now’s voice… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Cullen

        • PC_Tool

          That would be awesome.

          …Though I always wanted GladOS for my Google Maps voice. (…with attitude when not following her directions, please)

          • GlaDOS

          • PC_Tool


          • NicholasMicallef

            nope he’s right it’s
            GLaDOS xD

          • PC_Tool


            Got it. Thanks.

          • NicholasMicallef

            You’re welcome :)… Wait… :@:@.

  • dadllum

    Last years rumor – Nexus PRIME
    Today’s rumor – Nexus OPTIMUS

    Is it possible next years Nexus device is actually a Transformer, the Nexus Optimus Prime?

    • Futbolrunner

      Asus maybe?

    • NicholasMicallef

      The ASUS-LG Transformer Optimus Prime… yeah that will get banned before you can say google…

      • JoshGroff

        AOSP Padphone would be awesome. πŸ™‚

        • Asmodai

          I would be VERY interested in a Nexus Padfone, VERY interested.

    • cheezer88

      there is a store where i live selling the Galaxy Nexus as the Nexus Prime

    • r0lct

      I’m waiting on the triple-changer.

    • This could actually be perfect for marketing… “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

  • Craig Pardue

    Fellow VZW peeps…. we’re screwed…. time to consider a switch!

    • sc4fpse

      A good device on a bad network is always a bad experience. Verizon will have to pry my unlimited data from my cold, dead hands. If that means no Nexus for me, I guess I’ll have to make do with something else. But I’m not ready to give up actually being able to use my device to the max just so I can have something shiny and new.

      • Diablo81588


      • El Big CHRIS

        My thoughts exactly. If anything I’ll save up and buy it off CL or ebay. I dont have to have the latest and greatest right off the bat. I can wait a few

        • JoshGroff

          Swappa works wonders too.

      • Bizi

        It’s not going to kill you to leave big red. I finally left Verizon and I couldn’t be happier. Yes I do miss the great data network but I use wifi 85% of the time so I get by. Plus it’s so much cheaper being on Sprint. I had a friend add a line to his plan and got the SG3 for $200 and my cost of service for the year = $480 for Unlimited Talk, Text and data. Paid it all at once. $680 – for a SG3 and no cell phone bill until 8/2013. Something to think about..

        • Suralin

          Not everyone can use wifi 85% of the time. My company has a strict policy against personal devices on the WiFi due to the limited number of addresses that can be assigned.

          I would much rather wait 6-8 months to buy the phone on EBay for <$100 to keep my unlimited data. Heck, you can find the Galaxy Nexus bidding for a maximum of $300 on Ebay, and many are starting at $40.

        • sc4fpse

          I live in central lower Michigan. Around me everyone has decent signal, except on stretches of highway between major cities, T-Mobile and AT&T drop to EDGE. Just a little north of me, T-Mobile’s 3G coverage ends and it’s all EDGE, all the time (and what’s more, they roam on AT&T for that). No thanks. AT&T is just barely better coverage-wise north of here, with towers dotting the landscape here and there but nothing impressive. Sprint roams everywhere, so if you think you’re going to use any data at all (and I do — Google Music streaming), you’ll probably just get your account terminated in a few months. So while I would not keel over and die by switching to Big Red, my experience would be severely impacted. Not worth it at all.

        • Steve Benson

          So you went from one CDMA carrier to another? Wow, you failed miserably.

        • zUFC

          Dude, are you nuts!!!!!!! I’ve said this a thousand times and I’ll say it a thousand more. I’m not a phone pro like most here but I am a Network pro. I have had or used every service. I travel the country as well stay in my home area for weeks at a time. Verizon is probably twenty times better than the next. If you go on any other network you are not smart. I laugh at people when i don’t see the verizon logo on their phone. If your not on Verizon you don’t have a cell phone, PERIOD! It’s the ONLY one that works. No if’s ands or buts about it.

          • LegalAmerican

            Sounds like one of those Apple people who look down on others for stupid reasons. What a tool. (and i’m with Verizon, and still think you’re a jacka**)

          • zUFC

            Listen you two fools. I’m talking about people that threaten to leave them. Not people that can’t afford it or have no other choice. this is an advanced phone blog. so i ‘m giving advanced network information. I hate VZW as much as the next guy but trust me, if you leave for a stupid reason you will regret it. I have done it. i’m one of the idiots. Next time read better please. I don’t have time to defend myself from morons.

          • Wow! So everyone in the country who’s not on that blood-sucking CDMA POS network is an idiot? Cool story bro..

      • ok but what’s the use of a good network if you have a crappy device (such as every device on vzw besides the Nexus and S3)…… bottom line is if Google wants to really compete with Apple they’re going to have to have the next Nexus on all carriers just like the GN and Iph*ne5.

    • Ross Feller

      You really think manufacturers/google are going to ignore the biggest network in America?

      • if they look at Verizon’s GNex debacle, they would be foolish to make a Verizon version unless some agreements are made by Verizon not to interfere with updates.

        • They could just build one with a CDMA/LTE radio, and pay Qualcomm the royalty. Verizon can’t block you from activating it, so long as the sim card fits…

          • Bizi

            If that’s true you should be able to activate a Sprint Phone on Verizon but they will not let you.

          • r0lct

            They can’t prevent them from activating on the LTE spectrum, but can on CDMA. So until we don’t need 3G to fall back on Verizon still has the upper hand.

        • Ross Feller

          Agreed, but I’d hope that they are having those talks right now. The GSM statement in the article seems to be complete speculation which doesn’t appear on any other sights that I’ve seen.

        • chris125

          more than anything samsung had a ton of issues with their radios on cdma as shown by both the verizon and sprint having the same issues. Hopefully since there will be other nexus devices than samsung, it won’t be plagued with as many issues. Plus you also have to take into account it was google’s first nexus device with cellular and lte

      • AndroidUser00110001

        They did with the Nexus One and Nexus S. Then the Galaxy Nexus for VZW had lots of drama around it.

        • Ross Feller

          True, but they’ve added carriers with each new nexus, and it seems like it would be a big step backwards to write off such a large carrier. Maybe I’m just desperately hoping that the GSM only thing is a load of crap.

      • BGRUGGER

        Silly question, but when apple is ready to push out an OS upgrade, it comes from Apple…what needs to be fixed for android/google? this confuses the shat out of me!
        edit: even on vzw!

      • Of course they will, after all it is a CDMA network for the most part. Users on CDMA networks always get shafted on devices compared to GSM (haven’t you realized this by now LOL)

    • John Simonelli

      I hope Google does something for us Verizon users, Idk why they wouldn’t. I guess time will tell.

    • Tim242

      Note 2…enough said.

      • KOBALT

        The Note 2 is pretty amazing. I’m all about the size of it and the features as well. What would a Nexus have as an advantage over this? My upgrade is Dec.1 and I’m torn. I really don’t want anything smaller than a 5″

        • Main advantage would be stock AOSP. However, as a SGS3 owner, the new Touchwiz ain’t bad. If you want a Note 2, I’d say just get that. No Nexus will have all the pen-input features.

    • Jeff Stewart

      You would think that VZW would be more preferred then lets say Sprint. Seeing as the VZW GNex is actually part of AOSP were as the Toroplus is not. So in my opinion there is some sort of cooperation going on. Sprint still took 2-3 months to release JB for their GN and they arent AOSP so i think VZW still has a chance.

  • S2556


  • majormudafuckinhun

    HTC Nexus and I’ll sell my iPhone 5!

    • Apple called… They want their tool back.

  • user311

    Talk about a bad news good news sort of article. If you had to guess which was the bad news, you have obviously never owned an LG phone…

  • termiNader

    So if this is sold on the play store no Verizon right?

    • r0lct

      Maybe, but no subsidy.

    • Steve Mower

      I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

    • Mapekz

      We can only hope they take an iPhone-5 style approach (and Verizon doesn’t dirty the device) so that they sell a version that does global LTE/HSPA+ and Verizon/Sprint/NTT DOCOMO CDMA as well as an AT&T/T-Mobile LTE with global HSPA+

  • Bigwavedave25

    My recipe for my next phone…
    Look for build quality, hardware and features I want; Must have unlock-able bootloader; if new Nexus with “customization center” as described then rely on the awesome dev community to clean up my phone to only stock Android to gain the full memory available.

  • ~dArK.AnGeL


  • So we’re all pretty much assuming Verizon won’t be hopping on the bandwagon this time around? Much sadness…

    • r0lct

      Not with a subsidy.

  • No external memory….almost had me….almost lol

    • hkklife

      The last “Nexus” device we’ll ever see with a microSD slot was/is the Xoom and its expansion slot was barely functional. I could easily forsee all of the Android hardware manufacturers but Moto and Samsung abandoning external storage next year.

  • If google will sell the verizon nexus directly from the play store ill gladly sell my GS3 and purchase this πŸ™‚

  • NexusMan

    Not crazy about the “tabbed” homescreen idea, nor am I crazy about the “customization center” idea of having an option to switch to carrier skin. If I wanted a carrier skin, I’d just NOT buy a Nexus.

    • sc4fpse

      One of the greatest things about Android is that you have choices. The manufacturer skins would sit in the storage of the phone, hopefully NOT ever running unless you selected/installed them. Some people really like certain UIs. The latest Blur isn’t bad — in fact, it’s actually quite nice. Other people are hardcore stock users. Whatever the case, Android is about choice. It always has been, and it should continue to be. The more choice, the better. I would ideally like to see these skins be downloadable packs in the Play Store, but still, as long as I could have my stock skin, if they want to include the option to switch to another skin, that’s fine by me.

    • Kyle

      Im hoping android 5.0 has the vanilla android default on all phones. Google knows how awesome 4.0+ looks, but the general public doesn’t. If they create a “customization center” for android in general, and OEMs add their skins there, more people will become familiar with real android.

      • Bigwavedave25

        Thinking about it, it could almost be like back on 2.2 when you swapped back and forth between different launchers because you had them tweaked so differently they were like having separate skins.
        Though this will eat some Ram…

        • hkklife

          RAM is dirt-cheap nowadays. There’s no reason budget devices cannot be mandated to have 1Gb minimum in 2013 and high-end devices should have 2Gb. Samsung has already set the precedent with the GS3 six months ago…

          • Bigwavedave25

            I agree that it is dirt cheap, the problem is that manufacturers must not see that as an area they can get “pay back” in because so far everyone has been quite stingy with raising the bar in that department.
            SGS3 definitely setting the pace so far.

    • r0lct

      I think the tabbed setup will be to move it towards chrome and/or chrome OS look

    • Unless of course this signals a change for Android in which all phones must have the ability to use stock Android though on non-Nexus phones manufacturers can set their skin as default. I don’t really know how this would work though, so many of the custom things that they do are a lot deeper than visual tweaks.

      • NexusMan

        Just seems like unnecessary bloat to me

        • UrDoGG

          I agree.

  • nightscout13

    Maybe Motorola chose not to do a Nexus, because they can’t sleep at night, while there are unlocked bootloaders roaming around……

  • Bigsike

    Looks like I’ll be waiting for the Next Next Nexus. :/

  • geocab

    I wonder if this will be worth leaving Verizon for? Going to be tough choice for me to upgrade this year. Tired of my Droid X.

    • The only reason why I upgraded from my Droid X was Verizon decided to give me a free gnex w/ unlimited data. Mine still works just fine lol.

  • chris125

    So when will this be coming to my nexus 7? (android 4.2 that is)

    • Steve Mower

      I’d imagine 4.2 will be pushed to the Nexus 7 pretty quickly – especially since it’s not tied to any carriers.

  • Mathew Colburn

    Ugh… nooootttt LLLGGGG!!! About a year ago I called into their customer service and rebranded them LC, Life’s Crap, because their products are crap and therefore make Life Crap by using them. It was the worst experience I’ve had with a mobile handset and I refuse to go back to them, ever.

  • Is it just me, or does that look like an iPhone?

    I’m kidding!!!!!!!

  • Michael Forte

    The only thing that isn’t mentioned for this Nexus program is does the bootloader need to be unlocked. If the only requirement is stock Android, that doesn’t really help us with Moto phones.

    • r0lct

      I’m hoping the 64MB of secured memory satisfied the needs the locked bootloader required from the media companies.

    • mgamerz

      If it’s sold through the play store I doubt the manufacturers are going to care about the bootloader.

    • KRS_Won

      Hasn’t the Nexus always been a “developer’s” phone? …meaning unlocked boot loader was default.

    • lilmoe2002

      Unlocked bootloader is a synonym for Nexus.

  • Buy This

    Initial thought: Since I am not a fan of LG really anymore, I don’t feel immediately compelled to upgrade from the G-nex, which is a good thing and kind of a relief (I knew I would want it even though I knew I didn’t need it).

    Upon further reflection: I am happy LG gets this opportunity. Regardless of my personal opinion, LG is capable of kicking ass on this and I think people know it. This would just introduce some more competition into the market if they pull it off.

  • Steve

    I would be more excited if it was also cdma seeing as how I’m on Verizon and have no plans of leaving anytime soon unless ATT magically improves their service by the time the LG nexus comes it.

  • nightscout13

    I’m disappointed. I expected better specs, and a better OEM.

    • da heck

      Better specs?!? What else could you want?

      • nightscout13

        Note 2 screen size. Tiny bezel similar to the RAZR M. 4GB RAM. built-in pico projector. built-in toaster. 4,000mAh battery. space heater.

        • Steve Mower

          You forgot the accessory pop out for the ‘camera strap’.

          • nightscout13

            Or external flash port LMAO

  • Scott Willenborg


  • This is the DROID I am looking for! Excited for the lg nexus but more excited about he change to the nexus program! Can’t wait. Love the idea of a customization center. I have been saying they need that for 2 year to help solve the skin problem.

    • nightscout13

      Uh… I don’t think it will be part of the DROID marketing strategy. Just Android. DROID is reserved for certain Verizon phones.

      • Mapekz

        Man, you took that way too literally and failed to get the applicable Star Wars reference. You’re better than that.

  • John

    Oh no…not LG…oh well..i’ll wait for the next one πŸ™

    • violator702

      What’s so bad about LG?

  • Jason Rock

    I can’t wait for the next nexus to arrive i just hope google looks out for us in the US and makes a version like the Iphone where it works on both Sprint and Verizon CDMA and they both of their LTE and sells that on the Google Play store so we don’t get left out like we always do.

    • k_nivesout

      Would be awesome, although I HIGHLY doubt we would see a device that runs on Verizon’s network that isn’t sold directly by Verizon. As great as it’d be..

      • JoshGroff

        Developer S3 and developer RAZR M? Yes I know the only difference is an unlockable boot loader, but VZW doesn’t sell them. πŸ˜‰

        • PC_Tool

          But they were approved devices on Verizon’s network prior to the “dev” versions….

          • JoshGroff

            I know.

          • Jason Rock

            That’s why i think this could be a possibility since verizon is allowing oem’s to sell phones that will at least work on their network

          • JoshGroff

            I couldn’t have worded it better myself.

  • sergio

    Hands down I’ll take the Moto Nexus anytime..

    • Kane Stapler

      I think Rubin stepped into one of my dreams and stole it. Anyone know a good lawyer?

      • Not A Name

        Apple does.

        • dsass600

          This guy!

        • Fattie McDoogles

          HAHAHAHAHAHA well played.

        • I LOL’ed so hard…

    • Paul

      I don’t know, I’d personally have a hard time choosing a nexus razr hd over a nexus optimus g or incredible x – if the used that as the platform.

      • michael arazan

        Another worry of mine is, internal storage, the new chrome book had a max of 16 gb storage, the nexus 7 is 8 and 16, i hope they don’t gear the new phones to lower storage space too. I read they did this to get people to use the google drive cloud storage options. Even if my nexus was a 64 gb, I’d still use my 100gb drive, so hopefully they understand this and stop lowering the on board storage on all the devices. If the want to keep cost down, just put in an sd slot and I’ll add my own 16-64 gb card later.

        • JoshGroff

          Did any of the Nexus devices have an SD slot?

          • T4rd

            Nexus One did.

          • Paul

            Though the Nexus One came at a time where most apps didn’t work with internal storage. It was a problem with the Incredible, at first (though it did come with a 4GB card because of this).

          • T4rd

            Wha? Are you saying that apps only liked to be installed on external storage when the N1 came out? I’ve never heard of apps not working properly when installed on internal storage. I know this was never an issue on my OG Droid. If anything, moving apps to the SD card caused issues (and still do with apps that use widgets) with them working properly.

            Also, I’m pretty sure moving app data to the SD card was a Froyo/2.2 feature. The Nexus 1 and Incredible launched with 2.1, so you didn’t even have the option to move apps to the SD card when they came out (without being rooted anyways).

            Regardless, I don’t think apps are why people want an SD card anymore. Most phones out now have adequate internal storage to hold more than enough apps for the average user. Android should just restrict external storage strictly for entertainment media and file storage. That’s all we would really use it for anyways.

          • Paul

            It was more that the ones that used storage for files, like the version of gameboid back then couldn’t look on internal storage for bios or games.

            I was more pointing out that Google wouldn’t have considered not having a sd card slot due to compatibility with apps like that back then. Also, they didn’t have play music up and running yet and other apps that use the cloud as storage.

        • I don’t think they wanted to make sure you use there cloud service as much as its cost. Especially with most carriers not subsidizing these devices as much as say a GS3, or other skinned Android device. Yes I am aware of Verizon and the β€œGalaxy Nexus”. It also didnt get updates as soon as the unlocked one Google sold. Keeping this short, the Nexus devices that has been released the last few years are not groundbreaking in the hardware department. They are not going to put that in it and sell it for $550 or less. I hope they they at least put 32GB of internal storage but will not be surprised if they don’t.

        • balthuszar

          i’m confused about something, you say that even if the nexus was 64 gb you’d still use your own 100gb drive…so why does the onboard storage/sd card size matter to you?

    • Alexander Garcia

      Yes! Hands down indeed my friend. Make my Nexus a Moto built Nexus and I’m all in. =)

    • fixxmyhead

      NO!! just NO!!! anyone but that garbage OEM

      oh but then again this is droid life. u guys dont know anything besides garbagerola devices

  • Hanson


  • Captain_Doug


  • chris125

    Eh I will wait and see how it turns out but the whole allowing them to have a skin just seems like updates would take longer and manufacturers would have more of a hand in the process.

    • I sort of agree. Letting OEMs put skins on anything is a bad, bad idea. Unless they can figure out a way to dual-boot between skins, so that they can update one at a time, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

      • chris125

        I agree, plus no skin is ever as smooth or bug free as stock android is. I mean a phone with dual core processor should easily be able to handle the OS which is not the case with most skins.

      • ~dArK.AnGeL

        Not for the newbies out there;… plenty of people want the “next best thing” but are willing to compromise the OEM doing the hard part… and ease the transition for them…. Custom is sort of the “fool proof” way into a smartphone..

      • NyReynolds

        What if the skin is like any other launcher? I’d be okay with that because then it would just be an update from the play store and Google could control the stock update. I’ll cross my fingers for this!

      • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

        Didn’t I read something Google said, maybe about a year ago, that they wanted OEMs to stop skinning their devices altogether because it was causing fragmentation? And now they’re considering letting OEMs skin the sacred Nexus brand?? Google really needs to learn to stand their ground sometimes

        • billy routh

          Hate to burst your bubble but if OEM stripped skinning android than android wouldn’t last very long. Every year which android phones sell the most? It’s not a nexus.

          • billy routh


      • billy routh

        A bad Idea are you kidding more? You would want every Aandroid phone to be Identical software wise? What about the majority of people who just don’t like the stock look? Stock is simply boring, might of well have an IPhone.

        • Wyveryx

          Stock Android is NO WHERE near as boring and humdrum as IOS… Some OEM skins are just horrendous and should never have even seen the light of day.
          The problem that I see with this option though is that they will fix their skins first and push those updates and then work on pushing the Nexus update. Either way they’ll connive and weedle their own crap onto our phones and in our faces before we see true Andy.

          • billy routh

            Maybe I should of worded it different, The stock color scheme is just dull to me, I have a galaxy nexus, and a nexus 7 both rooted running stock roms. I also have a Galaxy s3 not rooted, care to guess which one gets used? The galaxy s 3 is just visibly more appealing, no need to root trying to Find a stable Rom and a visibly more appealing theme. Not to mention all the cool little tricks oems add. Stock android is good for hacking but when it comes to usefulness and looks custom skins just look better and add more usefulness

        • aaronfg

          you had me until your final sentence. “Stock is simply boring, might of well have an IPhone.”

          Up until that point you have a valid argument for the various skins that are out there.

        • JMonkeYJ

          One of the great thing about stock android is that it allows extensive customization even without root. Since you would be free to change the look of your device the aesthetics of stock android shouldn’t matter to you that much.

    • capecodcarl

      Not necessarily if they redesigned it so that skins were just themes to the regular user interface and launcher. You should really be able to just download a skin from any manufacturer from the Market and apply it to your phone if you want just like you change your theme in something like GNOME or KDE.

      • chris125

        yeah but as tied into the OS as the skins are I highly doubt they are just going to all the sudden switch it to just a theme

        • Mapekz

          Yeah that’s why this Nexus program change if true won’t happen until next year earliest.

      • Justin Swanson

        This, a thousand times.

        Android is compartmentalized enough that you can easily throw in a theme customization engine in with the defaults being TouchWiz or AOSP. The bonus being Google can push the updates out to phones and OEMs aren’t stuck looking stupid when their new phone (totally not the S3) doesn’t have the newest OS 3 months into release.

        Instead they theme it with touchwiz and all of the other ‘bonuses’ that touchwiz brings are just apps that are added to the OS (and easily updated in the play store)… kinda like how google’s apps are.

    • DopeSickness

      The skin will be on the regular Optimus G. The Nexus version will be good ole vanilla 4.2. At least that’s how I read it. Optimus G Nexus unlocked and unskinned available in November. Skinned and locked to carrier Optimus G available later.

    • PC_Tool


      …it will be a Nexus. As such, it will support AOSP, even if it ships with AOSP(+). If you don’t need the (+), simply run AOSP. If you don’t trust ROMs, build it yourself (simple enough with the guides everywhere).

      I’m not being elitist or talking down to you. It actually *is* that easy. Lord knows, if I can do it (and I couldn’t code my way out of a wet paper bag…I know that makes zero sense…hush), damned near anyone can.