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Jelly Bean Updates for HTC One X and One S Arriving in October

Along with its announcement of the One X+, HTC also announced that Jelly Bean updates for the One X and One S will arrive this month. Yep, we’re talking October. We sort of assume that they mean for the international variants, with a slow rollout eventually through the U.S., as U.S. carriers tend to be the slowest in approving software updates. 

The press release for the One X+ only mentioned the following:

The Android Jelly Bean with HTC Sense™ 4+ update is scheduled to begin rolling out for the HTC One™ S and HTC One™ X from October.

The AT&T press release for the One X+ would only mention this:

In the future, the original HTC One X and HTC One VX will be upgraded to HTC Sense 4+ with Android Jelly Bean andwill include the improved camera capabilities and new Tap and Go function found in the HTC One X+.

So that leads us to believe that it could be a bit longer for those who own the A&T version of the One X.

  • StruckByLightning

    Wait…HTC announces updates for the OneX and OneS? Is this the same HTC who just days ago said they would no longer announce when updates would be released? Surely not…It must be a different HTC ‘cuz the HTC I know would certainly stand by their word…I’m just say’in…

  • yarrellray

    That means March or April for the Htc One S on tmobile…

  • LionStone

    This is good news…I’m sure JB won’t be too far behind for the DROIDInc 4!

  • Chris

    Hmm I thought HTC didn’t give time frames on updates…..

  • Edwin M

    How about my Rezound gets something better than 4.0.3. Jelly Bean would be awesome but knowing HTC, that may not happen ever.

    • George264

      Not HTC, Verizon. Yeah, I’m as screwed as you are. If only.. If only… Verizon actually approved software updates within 3 months. Honestly, I would give them 3 months to get it out when the software gets released, hell, I’ll give 4. But nope. They took 9 months. From November, when ICS came out, all the way to August.

  • fakekellex

    Hey HTC, what about the Dinc2? This was a high end device when purchased. Are you apart of the update alliance or whatever calling it these days? 18 months we get upgrades. ICS was released many moons ago (well within the 18 months of release). Where is it?

    • Edwin M

      If my Rezound isn’t getting it, I doubt your Dinc2 is getting it.

      • Chris

        More than likely the Incredible 2, Thunderbolt and Rezound will get there updates after HTC’s precious One series get there’s.

        • LionStone

          I hope those three get ICS before the One series get JB…that would seem more likely to me.

          Oh and I hope they get ICS THIS month!

          • George264

            Rezound got ICS. It’s just the Thunderbolt.

          • LionStone

            Ah yes, thanks!

        • George264

          I hope so. Like after the One series. Then maybe the Rezound, Vivid, Sensation, and Evo 3D, all get Jelly Bean before 2013. I will love HTC forever. But if they don’t even promise Jelly Bean for Rezound, I’m going to really consider going to Samsung or Moto(Even though I hate Moto)

  • Butters619

    As long as the international XL gets JB it won’t matter for anybody with an unlocked bootloader. Feel bad for the people stuck on 2.20.


    just need a root/bootloader unlock option for the 2.20 update and the wait wont matter.

    • joe23521

      Hope that day comes soon. I’m certainly not counting on ATT to make JB happen quickly.

  • MikeSaver




      • joe23521

        You mean “idio”?