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The Next Nexus Phone, What I Want to See

If today’s rumor is true, and Google does plan to unveil the next Nexus phone in October, then I can’t help but start putting together a list of features I hope to see. To be honest though, my list isn’t huge, however, there are some things I must have in order for me to feel really good about purchasing this phone. Because after all, I will be purchasing this phone, no matter what. Overall, I really just want Google to take pride in hardware for once, along with focusing on the bells and whistles of software. 


I actually do not care if LG, HTC, or Samsung make the next Nexus. I have to admit that I would be somewhat disappointed if it were to be Sony, as the designs of their phones, in my opinion, have been some of the ugliest in the business for years now. Motorola would be welcomed, but their name hasn’t been included in even one of the Nexus rumors that have come out over the last few months. I’d prefer HTC if they could build anything close to the quality of the One X. They aren’t likely to produce the phone though, so that leaves us with LG and Samsung. While I’m still in love with the overal design of the Galaxy Nexus and wouldn’t be disappointed with a slight re-hash, it feels like it’s time for some new blood to enter the Nexus game, which is why I’d prefer LG at this point. If the design is anything like the Optimus G, I’d be more than happy.


Display tech on smartphones has come a long way, even since the Galaxy Nexus launched with the first ever HD Super AMOLED display last November. It’s crazy to think that as one of the first 720p displays in the business, it is now looked down upon as not being one of the best in less than year. Samsung has now improved the HD Super AMOLED so much, that it is no longer PenTile and is noticeably better than the one on the G-Nex. LG is using True HD IPS+ LCD panels with an impressive pixel density and Sharp is ready to start mass producing 5″ 1080p panels, that are likely first headed to HTC.

For the next Nexus, I don’t necessarily need for it to be 5-inches at a 1080p resolution and with 448ppi. I just want it to look stunning, dump the PenTile arrangement, get incredibly bright, and show colors that pop off the display. LG’s new LCD displays are what I would prefer, since they use an RGB Stripe arrangement, can generate 470 nits of brightness while using less power, and incorporate a new G2 Touch Hybrid Display technology that makes it seem like you are actually touching whatever is on your display.

As far as size goes, the Galaxy Nexus and its 4.65″ display are as big as I would like to see. And to me, that’s only bearable because the navigation buttons are on-screen, giving the display about 4.3″ of usable space. With the Galaxy S3 and One X, which have hardware navigation buttons, their 4.7″ and 4.8″ displays are too big for my liking.


The 5MP camera on the Galaxy Nexus is one of the worst in recent history. Well, you could also argue that stock Android’s camera software is partially to blame. The reason I bring that up, is because the HTC One X has arguably one of the best smartphone cameras ever, but with stock Android on it, it’s camera immediately turns to garbage.

So for the next Nexus, Google needs to focus on not only putting in a quality sensor, but also fixing camera software. Samsung and HTC are changing the way smartphone cameras function with impressive new feature sets in their custom skins, so I would love nothing more than for Google to adopt some of them. Make it an 8MP camera, fine tune the stock camera settings, give me burst mode, and better sharing capabilities.

Build Materials

Please Google, do not make the next Nexus out of pure plastic. Apple is over there tossing in fine metals, glass, and polish, while each Nexus phone seems to be made of some of the cheapest materials on Earth. And this is why we would love for HTC to produce a Nexus, because they are taking materials seriously with ceramics and fancy “microarc oxidation” processes. Just give me a uni-body design and don’t use flimsy plastic.


Since the phone likely won’t have a carrier partner at launch, we are looking at having to buy it at full retail directly from Google. Hopefully Google sticks to their Nexus 7 approach and makes the phone ultra-affordable. The Galaxy Nexus is still available for $350, which if you haven’t figured out already, is a steal for an unlocked phone. Give me everything above in a sub-$400 package and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Aside from those 5 things, I would of course, love to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, a 2500+ mAh battery, NFC, LTE, etc. These things are all sort of standard these days (or are about to be), so they aren’t receiving their own section. But please Google, let’s not go OMAP this time around.

In somewhat realistic terms, what would your next Nexus be?

  • Mushken

    sony phones ugly? are joking mate, wow!

  • RussyJo

    i wish manufacturers would realize that there are people like me who would pay ~$400 for a well built, unlocked, stock android device.

  • shadow skill

    i would love to see micro sd card slot, better antennas, hdmi out, 13mp camera, dlna, better speakers, and it should be from ASUS, or motorola. samsung is garbage. too many hardware/software incompatibility errors. AKA (Charge)

  • As I look at my GNex screen … Gorilla Glass would be helpful. Never had any issue with the OG Droid. This screen, as beautiful as it is, attracts scratches 🙁

  • Googenhiem

    Correct me if I’m wrong (or don’t) but I thought I remembered something about Android being all pumped about Intel joining the mobile processor space. Could they be supplying said chip for this Nexus? If they do, would you buy it?

  • owan

    upgraded camera, S4 Pro, SAMOLED HD (GS3 version) or THD IPS+ is fine, same size or slightly larger, 2GB Ram. NOT built by LG, definitely not built by Sony (not gonna happen). HTC or samsung would be good since they both make quality phones with decent designs… Motorola might be alright, it’d be built well but look like a polished turd

  • termiNader

    No Verizon???

  • b4bad
  • So do people not like the on screen buttons? Seem to get mixed reactions. I really like the way the GNex is set up, and prefer on screen buttons, as they go away for video and photo viewing and are interchangeable. Maybe that’s just me. All else in this post sounds good to me.

  • Martin Nilsson

    I know you guys are placed way “over there” in the states, but come on! Show Sony (Ericsson) some love. They make great phones, they innovate design, they have hardware of their own, both SoC, screen and camera (one of the better out there, even Apple borrowed the tech) and they are the number one manufacturer in contributing to AOSP. They would make one heck of a Nexus, especially since the Nexus never been about being the fastest or strongest. And throw in some of their other goodies and you get it water, dust and shock proof or why not their “floating touch” (with “glove mode”). I say they need to get building it ASAP! =)

  • InvaderDJ

    My realistic wants for the next Nexus are:
    -Don’t particularly care about the manufacturer
    -If you use plastic, make it like the One X or Lumia ie, actually looks and feels good rather than flimsy crap.
    -4.3-4.7″ 720p screen. I’d like LCD, but I’m not too picky about it. Honestly, the GNex’s screen looks great to me. Put the buttons on screen so the phone footprint can be smaller
    -Snapdragon S4 Pro would be a dream if battery life is good, but I’d be perfectly happy with the standard dual core S4
    -2GB of RAM for future proofing
    -32GB built in storage. I don’t care about an SD card but lots of people do
    -Good pentaband GSM, if you could somehow get it to work on Verizon that’d be great but after the GNex I don’t expect it. Just make sure its radio performance is flawless. Pull in Motorola for some expertise if you have to
    -I want an awesome camera, the GNex’s camera is straight up embarrassing. I don’t care about MP rating, just make it fast, sharp, and good in low light. Also make the front camera better than an after thought.
    -Battery, battery, battery, battery. If the battery is smaller than 2500Mah without some drastic improvement in battery life than Google has failed. Again, pull in Motorola if you have to for their battery expertise, but give me at least 6hrs of screen on time and web browsing.

    The biggest things I want though are in software. Besides radio and battery and the GNex is acceptable to me in hardware. Google has made great strides with ICS and JB, now with Apple getting some flak for their software and people favorably comparing JB to iOS this is the time to polish. Get rid of niggling bugs and inconsistencies, improve the camera app, expand Google Now to be more useful, keep buttering up the software to be smooth.

    Unfortunately, the Nexus is no longer primarily a developer phone, it is now the iPhone of Android phones, the flagship and the only way to get unmolested Android and quick updates, it isn’t acceptable anymore to have bugs or a flawed rollout. This is now a consumer device and Google needs to treat it like one.

  • Google need to stick to making GSM phones and drop the CDMA models

  • islandak

    Manufacturer – Just NOT LG. They’re phones seem to have decent specs, but when I’ve spent any time with them in the store the interface feels clunky and the phones feel cheap.
    I would (probably) LOVE a Sony Xperia Nexus. The specs will be solid, the build will be solid, the camera will likely be Fantastic.

    Screen – The Galaxy Nexus has about as big a screen as I want. But I can see the pixels, compared to the newer phones. I would like to see a big step up in this department to keep up with what’s current.

    Camera – As stated, this is the biggest dig in the GN. Seriously, let’s get a decent camera/software next time, PLEASE! Notice I said “decent.” Not even great, which would be cool.

    Build Materials – I don’t “like” the plastic construction of the GN. But I’ve dropped it a couple of times and it seems to take the abuse ok. I would like a tank like the OG Droid. And sexier materials, like HTC would be cool too. But the GN build, for me, is acceptable.

    Price – You guys think we can get a phone for sub-$400?I’m totally down with that!

    Other – quad-core processor (standard by now, right?), 2GB RAM, 32gb REMOVABLE storage, a 2500+
    mAh battery, NFC, LTE, etc.

  • Mr_Bucket

    I’m just really hoping to be able to get a CDMA Nexus direct from Google sometime in the future – there is no way I’m buying on contract through Verizon while I can still keep my current data plan.

  • Ross Newhouse

    30 pin dock adapter so we can use wife’s speaker dock

  • Kolawole Aremu

    Forget All That I Want A Nexus That Can Last At Least One Day Of Heavy Usage

  • [email protected]

    Gimme a break your argument about display size is ridiculous. So you can tell the difference between a 4.7″ screen and 4.65? Right

  • fgclolz

    Better radios, please!!!!