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Rumor: Next Nexus Phone Coming Within 30 Days, Maybe Android 4.2 as Well

You may not realize this, but it was just last year on October 18 that Google and Samsung took to the stage to reveal the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). Today, is October 1. So where are all of the rumors surrounding the next Nexus device? By this time in 2011, we knew that the Galaxy Nexus was going to be called the Galaxy Nexus and also that Android 4.0 was ICS and that they would arrive together. This year seems to be completely different, though. In fact, we know absolutely nothing about the next Nexus phone, if or when it will arrive, and who is manufacturing it. All we have are a couple of rumors to go on, one of which is new and paints a 30-day window in to the picture. According to our friends over at Android and Me, who spoke with numerous industry sources of theirs, the next Nexus has “already leaked” on some blogs and will be unveiled within the “next 30 days.” So which phone is it?

Are we talking about the rumor that LG will create the next Nexus based off of the Optimus G? Will it be Samsung producing a follow-up that is a re-hashing of the Galaxy Nexus with upgraded internals? Or maybe HTC will make their 5″ 1080p phone our next must-have? It’s anyone’s guess, but we are starting to lean towards LG getting the nod this time around. In fact, if you are curious, you may want to focus in on an LG device with model number LG-E960.

So let’s say LG does indeed make the next Nexus. When will we see it? In year’s past, we saw a lot of action surround AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile conference. You may remember Andy Rubin taking to stage with the Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb for the first time. Then last year, after Google cancelled their initial Galaxy Nexus event, held another the morning of the Dive Into Mobile conference, hours before Rubin was to take the stage as a speaker, again. Guess what? Rubin is scheduled to speak one more time at this year’s conference, which kicks off October 29. My guess is that Google and whoever their partner is, throws an event the week prior to show off their latest creation.

On a related note, there is also a chance that we see a new version of Android, only this will fall under Jelly Bean and not the rumored Key Lime Pie. It could land as Android 4.2 and may sport a handful of new features such as multi-user login, better camera software, a new dialer, and more. Google likes to launch new software versions along with new phones, so this certainly makes sense.

One thing we don’t know is if there will be multiple Nexus devices this year or not.

What are your thoughts? You OK with LG or are you leaning towards it being a different OEM?

Via:  Android and Me

  • zifnab

    Please anyone but LG. LG makes cheap garbage. After owning a G2x I refuse to touch LG again, even if its a Nexus.

  • I don’t care who makes the thing but if the battery sucks as bad as the Galaxy Nexus I’m done with Google. I have all the Nexus phones and this is one issues they’ve all had.

  • Jeff Miller

    There was already rumor that HTC would possibly make a Nexus device based on this new unannounced phone…is it possible that they have made the changes already that we don’t know about and are planning to release the next Nexus device in November?

  • dsass600

    I want a nexus on Verizon purely for the fact that it will have an unlocked boot loader. Can someone tell me what having a locked boot loader entails anyway?

  • Jim Beam

    At least my Nexus Galaxy Verizon was updated to Android 4.1 before 4.2 came out, just barely.

  • Jeff G

    4.2? I don’t even have Ice cream sandwich on my Bionic!

  • jcorf

    If it’s LG I’ll stay with my GNex. The Gnex/Nexus 7 combo is great. No need to upgrade. I’m really hoping for a GNex 2.

  • Start a pation for roll over data after all you did pay for it.

  • Suralin

    I would be really interested in finding out whether LG will make a Nexus device. LG Venus (which I enjoyed having) was my last phone prior to the OG Droid, and I’m looking forward to seeing whether an LG Nexus finally bring LG back on the map.

  • SeanBello

    the likelihood of me buying LG hardware is not very high. I like my OS vanilla, not the looks of my phone. you can have all the eye popping specs you want, but if they’re presented in a garbage bag, what’s the point?

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I just traded a Rezound for a G-Nex. LG makes pretty good hardware (on their high-end phones) so Im ok with them as the OEM

  • Stags

    Hey Google – here’s an idea for 4.2: differentiated SMS/MMS alerts by contact. How have we gone this far in the O/S’s evolution to NOT have something that I had baked into my BlackBerry???

  • Share n

    Its funny where supposed to be talking about to Nexus phone but all were talking about is unlimited data lol which is also important of course but as far as the Nexus phone goes I’m with T Mobile so as long as it’s a Gsm phone I’m good…I know it will bw HSPA+ but I’m hoping google future proof it and puts T Mobile’s future late radio in is also…then I’ll be set…because I know that the Galaxy Note that’s coming to T Mobile will be HSDPA and lte and that huge Cuz if the nexus phone doesn’t then next year when t Mobile’s lte launches …your already behind

  • I just got my nexus from Verizon about an hour ago via fed ex and it came with 4.4 then a minute ago I got offered the system update to ics4.2. I’m not sure what but I’m keeping the 4.4

    • Flat_Stanley

      You probably have 4.0.4. The update is for 4.1. You should do it.

    • Tyler Chappell

      And this my friends is why people really need to learn their chit about Android.

  • UrDoGG

    Noooooo! Please don’t let LG make the next Nexus. Their phones generally suck, and their hardware isn’t very impressive either…

  • Noel

    I will list OEMs in the order I will like to see who to make the next Nexus… HTC Nexus 5, Samsung GT-i9260 GNex 2 hopefully with the dual core Exynos 5250, LG Optimus Nexus based on a variant of Optimus G, Sony Xperia Nexus, and probably Motorola, ASUS, Huawei to a lesser extent. But hopefully HTC will do the honors as stated in last week’s rumor… Google Nexus 5 by HTC. Or just give me the One X+ with pure JB 4.2

  • Gr8Ray

    Since one Nexus device was already released this year (Nexus 7) wouldn’t
    another one make “Multiple Nexus Devices” this year? Just sayin…

  • Nexus users remind me of iPhone users when it comes to arguments. Funny thing is they will never get along yet there so much alike.

  • As long as there is a Nexus on VZW, it’ll be my phone. I love my GNex, even with Big Red’s delayed updates. Plus I bought mine for 100 bucks off contract. Booyah!

  • Knlegend1

    This is definitely one way to make me hate android. Not that I don’t want a new Nexus phone because that’s what I’ve been waiting on, but rumors of 4.2 when 4.1 is still fresh. That’s too damn fast. Personally I don’t even think its worth talking about. 4.1. It isn’t like its Windows Vista better yet Honeycomb.

    • 4.2 will be Jelly Bean part 2. If Google are clever, they will make it so a phone with 4.0 can be upgraded to 4.2, missing out 4.1 entirely.

  • Re-Do the System

    NO! Google needs to take a little time off and help all the OEM’s get their software up to date instead of pushing out more OS’s they need to stop this fragmentation. Hold the hands of the OEM’s so they can all be up to date, and then move forward from their. Also be alble to say that your “Carrier” is stoping you from updating your phone not us.

    • jak_341

      How long should Google wait? ICS is nearly a year old. JB is nearing 4 months. If the manufacturers can’t keep up, let them fall behind and don’t let them use Android anymore.

  • greenlatin

    also screw verizon. stop holding back nexus updates. but i would still like the option of getting another nexus on VZW just wish they would do it justice this time around.

    • We Got in Finally

      Jelly Bean is out

  • greenlatin

    hope they stick with the multiple nexus plan. Would like to see an xperia nexus. something that looks close to the v but with the xperia s transparent notification. on another note all the nexus devices need to ditch plastic as a basis for material and innovate but if they can jam 3300 mah batterys inside like the razr maxx hd i really wouldnt care. 😉

  • Diablo81588

    Interested, as long as its not a Samsung again…

    • Alexander Garcia

      I agree with you fully on this one. =)

  • sounds like any possibility of a motonexus will have to wait until next fall

  • If they have a “universal” LTE capable nexus, it wont matter if Verizon approves it or not. Just pop in your sim and call it a day. LOL @ subsidized pricing though.

  • George Fayad

    I want a Nokia 3585i based nexus device.

  • Alexander Garcia

    LG’s premium hardware with Google’s pure software!? I’m all in on this one! =)

  • Jacob Svonavec

    Would be nice to see a 5.5″ Note 2 based Nexus. With a 4000mah Battery. That would be my Next Nexus for sure!

  • Benjamin Sicard

    I’d really like Google to build a brand around the Nexus name, and considering that, I’d really be disappointed if there were multiple OEMs creating this year’s phone. Let the other brands dilute themselves with dozens of phones a year and ridiculous naming schemes. Keep the Nexus to one incredible phone per year, and please market it this time.

    The Galaxy Nexus was the premier phone on the market at its release, despite its issues; there’s no excuse for not marketing it and killing its sales potential.

  • People the 5 nexus device rumor does not mean 5 nexus phones.. It could mean the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Q, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and whatever the new phone is

  • no LG for me.

  • fiveHellions

    I could be wrong (and I hope I am), but I don’t see a nexus device or a new android version coming out before the end of the year. A spring release maybe. Google usually uses nexus devices to either debut a new version or to push android hardware forward.

    Because it wanted to get a tablet out there jellybean probably came earlier than it would have otherwise. They have been trying to slow the update cycle down so there will be less fragmentation. I don’t know if they would release another major update this soon. But if they wanted a new nexus phone they could release an incremental version. Maybe even 4.2 but still be under jellybean (kinda like eclair started 2.0 and ended with 2.1)

    The galaxy nexus is still one of the top phones a year later. The gsIII and one X may top it slightly in performance but it still performs really well so I don’t see them doing it just to bump the speed or performance. Are there any thing else new that they want to push in the hardware like they did with NFC? I can’t think of anything. So I don’t see them having a need to push hardware forward this fall.

    The one shining light in which you may see a new nexus phone before the end of the year is that the nexus brand is now more of a consumer brand than a development brand it once was. With the nexus tablet aimed squarely at consumers and not developers Google may want a new flagship phone to keep the nexus name fresh.

    • jak_341

      Nonsense. I want Key Lime Pie! Release it already!

  • chuckg73

    I would love it to be a Moto Nexus, but probablynot happening