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Rumor: Next Nexus Phone Coming Within 30 Days, Maybe Android 4.2 as Well

You may not realize this, but it was just last year on October 18 that Google and Samsung took to the stage to reveal the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). Today, is October 1. So where are all of the rumors surrounding the next Nexus device? By this time in 2011, we knew that the Galaxy Nexus was going to be called the Galaxy Nexus and also that Android 4.0 was ICS and that they would arrive together. This year seems to be completely different, though. In fact, we know absolutely nothing about the next Nexus phone, if or when it will arrive, and who is manufacturing it. All we have are a couple of rumors to go on, one of which is new and paints a 30-day window in to the picture. According to our friends over at Android and Me, who spoke with numerous industry sources of theirs, the next Nexus has “already leaked” on some blogs and will be unveiled within the “next 30 days.” So which phone is it?

Are we talking about the rumor that LG will create the next Nexus based off of the Optimus G? Will it be Samsung producing a follow-up that is a re-hashing of the Galaxy Nexus with upgraded internals? Or maybe HTC will make their 5″ 1080p phone our next must-have? It’s anyone’s guess, but we are starting to lean towards LG getting the nod this time around. In fact, if you are curious, you may want to focus in on an LG device with model number LG-E960.

So let’s say LG does indeed make the next Nexus. When will we see it? In year’s past, we saw a lot of action surround AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile conference. You may remember Andy Rubin taking to stage with the Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb for the first time. Then last year, after Google cancelled their initial Galaxy Nexus event, held another the morning of the Dive Into Mobile conference, hours before Rubin was to take the stage as a speaker, again. Guess what? Rubin is scheduled to speak one more time at this year’s conference, which kicks off October 29. My guess is that Google and whoever their partner is, throws an event the week prior to show off their latest creation.

On a related note, there is also a chance that we see a new version of Android, only this will fall under Jelly Bean and not the rumored Key Lime Pie. It could land as Android 4.2 and may sport a handful of new features such as multi-user login, better camera software, a new dialer, and more. Google likes to launch new software versions along with new phones, so this certainly makes sense.

One thing we don’t know is if there will be multiple Nexus devices this year or not.

What are your thoughts? You OK with LG or are you leaning towards it being a different OEM?

Via:  Android and Me

  • zifnab

    Please anyone but LG. LG makes cheap garbage. After owning a G2x I refuse to touch LG again, even if its a Nexus.

  • I don’t care who makes the thing but if the battery sucks as bad as the Galaxy Nexus I’m done with Google. I have all the Nexus phones and this is one issues they’ve all had.

  • Jeff Miller

    There was already rumor that HTC would possibly make a Nexus device based on this new unannounced phone…is it possible that they have made the changes already that we don’t know about and are planning to release the next Nexus device in November?

  • dsass600

    I want a nexus on Verizon purely for the fact that it will have an unlocked boot loader. Can someone tell me what having a locked boot loader entails anyway?

  • Jim Beam

    At least my Nexus Galaxy Verizon was updated to Android 4.1 before 4.2 came out, just barely.

  • Jeff G

    4.2? I don’t even have Ice cream sandwich on my Bionic!

  • jcorf

    If it’s LG I’ll stay with my GNex. The Gnex/Nexus 7 combo is great. No need to upgrade. I’m really hoping for a GNex 2.

  • Start a pation for roll over data after all you did pay for it.

  • Suralin

    I would be really interested in finding out whether LG will make a Nexus device. LG Venus (which I enjoyed having) was my last phone prior to the OG Droid, and I’m looking forward to seeing whether an LG Nexus finally bring LG back on the map.

  • SeanBello

    the likelihood of me buying LG hardware is not very high. I like my OS vanilla, not the looks of my phone. you can have all the eye popping specs you want, but if they’re presented in a garbage bag, what’s the point?

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I just traded a Rezound for a G-Nex. LG makes pretty good hardware (on their high-end phones) so Im ok with them as the OEM

  • Stags

    Hey Google – here’s an idea for 4.2: differentiated SMS/MMS alerts by contact. How have we gone this far in the O/S’s evolution to NOT have something that I had baked into my BlackBerry???

  • Share n

    Its funny where supposed to be talking about to Nexus phone but all were talking about is unlimited data lol which is also important of course but as far as the Nexus phone goes I’m with T Mobile so as long as it’s a Gsm phone I’m good…I know it will bw HSPA+ but I’m hoping google future proof it and puts T Mobile’s future late radio in is also…then I’ll be set…because I know that the Galaxy Note that’s coming to T Mobile will be HSDPA and lte and that huge Cuz if the nexus phone doesn’t then next year when t Mobile’s lte launches …your already behind

  • I just got my nexus from Verizon about an hour ago via fed ex and it came with 4.4 then a minute ago I got offered the system update to ics4.2. I’m not sure what but I’m keeping the 4.4

    • Flat_Stanley

      You probably have 4.0.4. The update is for 4.1. You should do it.

    • Tyler Chappell

      And this my friends is why people really need to learn their chit about Android.

  • UrDoGG

    Noooooo! Please don’t let LG make the next Nexus. Their phones generally suck, and their hardware isn’t very impressive either…

  • Noel

    I will list OEMs in the order I will like to see who to make the next Nexus… HTC Nexus 5, Samsung GT-i9260 GNex 2 hopefully with the dual core Exynos 5250, LG Optimus Nexus based on a variant of Optimus G, Sony Xperia Nexus, and probably Motorola, ASUS, Huawei to a lesser extent. But hopefully HTC will do the honors as stated in last week’s rumor… Google Nexus 5 by HTC. Or just give me the One X+ with pure JB 4.2

  • Gr8Ray

    Since one Nexus device was already released this year (Nexus 7) wouldn’t
    another one make “Multiple Nexus Devices” this year? Just sayin…

  • Nexus users remind me of iPhone users when it comes to arguments. Funny thing is they will never get along yet there so much alike.

  • As long as there is a Nexus on VZW, it’ll be my phone. I love my GNex, even with Big Red’s delayed updates. Plus I bought mine for 100 bucks off contract. Booyah!

  • Knlegend1

    This is definitely one way to make me hate android. Not that I don’t want a new Nexus phone because that’s what I’ve been waiting on, but rumors of 4.2 when 4.1 is still fresh. That’s too damn fast. Personally I don’t even think its worth talking about. 4.1. It isn’t like its Windows Vista better yet Honeycomb.

    • 4.2 will be Jelly Bean part 2. If Google are clever, they will make it so a phone with 4.0 can be upgraded to 4.2, missing out 4.1 entirely.

  • Re-Do the System

    NO! Google needs to take a little time off and help all the OEM’s get their software up to date instead of pushing out more OS’s they need to stop this fragmentation. Hold the hands of the OEM’s so they can all be up to date, and then move forward from their. Also be alble to say that your “Carrier” is stoping you from updating your phone not us.

    • jak_341

      How long should Google wait? ICS is nearly a year old. JB is nearing 4 months. If the manufacturers can’t keep up, let them fall behind and don’t let them use Android anymore.

  • greenlatin

    also screw verizon. stop holding back nexus updates. but i would still like the option of getting another nexus on VZW just wish they would do it justice this time around.

    • We Got in Finally

      Jelly Bean is out

  • greenlatin

    hope they stick with the multiple nexus plan. Would like to see an xperia nexus. something that looks close to the v but with the xperia s transparent notification. on another note all the nexus devices need to ditch plastic as a basis for material and innovate but if they can jam 3300 mah batterys inside like the razr maxx hd i really wouldnt care. 😉

  • Diablo81588

    Interested, as long as its not a Samsung again…

    • Alexander Garcia

      I agree with you fully on this one. =)

  • sounds like any possibility of a motonexus will have to wait until next fall

  • If they have a “universal” LTE capable nexus, it wont matter if Verizon approves it or not. Just pop in your sim and call it a day. LOL @ subsidized pricing though.

  • George Fayad

    I want a Nokia 3585i based nexus device.

  • Alexander Garcia

    LG’s premium hardware with Google’s pure software!? I’m all in on this one! =)

  • Jacob Svonavec

    Would be nice to see a 5.5″ Note 2 based Nexus. With a 4000mah Battery. That would be my Next Nexus for sure!

  • Benjamin Sicard

    I’d really like Google to build a brand around the Nexus name, and considering that, I’d really be disappointed if there were multiple OEMs creating this year’s phone. Let the other brands dilute themselves with dozens of phones a year and ridiculous naming schemes. Keep the Nexus to one incredible phone per year, and please market it this time.

    The Galaxy Nexus was the premier phone on the market at its release, despite its issues; there’s no excuse for not marketing it and killing its sales potential.

  • People the 5 nexus device rumor does not mean 5 nexus phones.. It could mean the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Q, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and whatever the new phone is

  • no LG for me.

  • fiveHellions

    I could be wrong (and I hope I am), but I don’t see a nexus device or a new android version coming out before the end of the year. A spring release maybe. Google usually uses nexus devices to either debut a new version or to push android hardware forward.

    Because it wanted to get a tablet out there jellybean probably came earlier than it would have otherwise. They have been trying to slow the update cycle down so there will be less fragmentation. I don’t know if they would release another major update this soon. But if they wanted a new nexus phone they could release an incremental version. Maybe even 4.2 but still be under jellybean (kinda like eclair started 2.0 and ended with 2.1)

    The galaxy nexus is still one of the top phones a year later. The gsIII and one X may top it slightly in performance but it still performs really well so I don’t see them doing it just to bump the speed or performance. Are there any thing else new that they want to push in the hardware like they did with NFC? I can’t think of anything. So I don’t see them having a need to push hardware forward this fall.

    The one shining light in which you may see a new nexus phone before the end of the year is that the nexus brand is now more of a consumer brand than a development brand it once was. With the nexus tablet aimed squarely at consumers and not developers Google may want a new flagship phone to keep the nexus name fresh.

    • jak_341

      Nonsense. I want Key Lime Pie! Release it already!

  • chuckg73

    I would love it to be a Moto Nexus, but probablynot happening

  • MikeSaver

    It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t get my Verizon upgrade for another year, so I’ll be getting the Nexus phone after this newest one. And if that one isn’t on Verizon, I guess I’m switching carriers.

  • MarkNorf

    Lg hardware is great, software and updates suck, so actually a good fit for a Nexus

  • mandorawk

    Really hope asus makes a nexus phone love the nexus 7.and they have s great track record

    • Their tablets are amazing, but I’m not so sure a phone would be the same.

    • UrDoGG

      I’m with you. If they put the same quality into a phone that they put into their tablets and ultrabooks, then I’m sold.

  • zepfloyd

    The LG E960 is listed only as 3G phone sporting Bluetooth 3. I doubt it’s a Nexus….

  • Greyhame

    I think it would be nice if Google started implementing a couple of features many consider must have’s and reasons why they ROM their phones: fully customizable notification toggles, built-in theme engines, multiple configurable lockscreen targets, navigation button customization, and customizable navigation bar rings to add more to the awesome swipe gesture they introduced with Google Now. And speaking of Google Now, add in college sports and the ability to vocalize calendar appointments.

  • fauxshizzl

    I am pretty surprised by the number of people that would be ok with an LG Nexus. Aside their old dumb phones, I wouldn’t piss on an LG smartphone if it were on fire.

  • Bionicman

    meh if it was an LG, then i’d wait for reviews. I’d be excited nonetheless but would not be jumping to buy it till i saw some videos of it in action.

  • Zach Armstrong

    I hope LG doesn’t make it. I’m not really a big fan of LG I’m hoping for HTC Nexus or another one made by Samsung.

  • As long as it’s quad-core, LTE, with a camera above 8 MP, maybe a 32 GB option so I don’t have to use Google Play Music, I’m in.

    Otherwise, I’m sticking with my Galaxy Nexus and 7, maybe the Note 2.

  • Bob G

    Just so you guys know, AndroidandMe has an atrocious record when it comes to rumours. 90% of their so called rumours from sources have been wrong.

  • moelsen8

    woooo nexus season! can’t wait til the hypebeast machine gets moving here!

  • TuckandRoll84

    Can they turn the original enV into a superphone nexus? I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  • I would love a Moto Nexus.

  • Butters619

    I just hope we get a GSM/LTE model this year, or a GSM/CDMA/LTE model like a boss.

  • bull3946

    Honestly, I’m less interested in the device at this point and more interested in Google refining their services. I want to see enhancements to the Play store that makes managing apps easier. For example. I would like to be able to disassociate apps from my account that I no longer care to use. I would also like a multiple select and then send to device as app restore doesn’t always work predictably.

    Above all else, I want true cloud syncing of game progress/saved games. I want to be able to start playing a game on my Galaxy Nexus when i’m out and then pick it up on my Nexus 7 when I get home. I want to be able to do a factory reset of my device and then restore it by just signing into my account, no rooting or 3rd party apps needed.

    Google Voice needs to become part of the OS on an operating system level. They started that with voicemails in the call log, but there’s no reason why messages in google voice aren’t just part of the normal messaging app.

    Google also needs to fix clearing of G+ and Google Voice alerts on multiple devices. Talk and Gmail work perfectly in that they clear the notifications on other devices and computers once acknowledged on one, but G+ and Google Voice must be cleared on each individual device.

    Basically, I want google to tighten up their services with their operating system and make them run more like a cohesive whole.

    • Butters619

      “For example. I would like to be able to disassociate apps from my account that I no longer care to use.”

      I have been praying for this feature.

    • UncleFan

      I agree, but I’ve got a growing bad feeling about Google Voice. It’s really weird how Google downplays, even hides such a critical service.

      • I’m concerned its going to be part of a new ‘Spring Cleaning’ too.

    • Also while we are at it content in Google Drive should also show up in its related Google Play App (Movies in Play Movies, Music in Play Music) and also actual streaming of video would be nice.

      • Kookas

        Full sync with Drive would be brilliant – as it is, I use FolderSync, which is not ideal just because I imagine an official app could do it better (e.g. not spending ages just to compare the entirety of the local and remote stuff every time it’s scheduled to sync would be nice).

    • grimmet

      Let’s add Google music as another fix. I would love to use Google music but its no where near as refined as iTunes. I can’t get it to upload my music half the time.

  • Scott Hartman

    As long as it works on Verizon and Google has worked with the OEM on the design I don’t care who makes it to be honest.

  • JoshHenry

    I will be kinda upset if android announces android 4.2 as a big update. Jellybean is barely out there. This fragmentation thing is getting ridiculous and old. The nexus phones getting the first updates isnt even true anymore. Come on android! Fix this!

    • 4.2 will probably be Jelly Bean again. Think of it as Jelly bean part 2.

      The Nexus phones getting updates is true, but not VZW. Because it isn’t a true Nexus.

  • duke69111

    If it does come with Android 4.2, theirs going to be a bunch of unhappy phone owners.

    • Brett Besa

      Unrelated: awesome avatar

  • Greyhame

    Please let there be another VZW Nexus!… PLEASE!!

  • CAPerkins22

    With Google running Motorola Mobility, how are we not yet talking about a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD Nexus?

    • Mapekz

      Because that would have taken months of planning, months during which Motorola wasn’t owned by Google.

    • Robert Jakiel

      Because Motorola sucks. Google knows Motorola sucks. That’s why they won’t do it. Motorola screwed over SO many customers with lack of updates to ICS. They lied about unlocking boot loaders. They have become the pariah of the Android community. The only good Android handset Motorola has ever made was the OG Droid. Hopefully Google gets everything square with Moto and then sells off most of it and break even or maybe post a loss. Either way it’s in Google’s best interest to dump the turd known as Motorola.

      • Except for the part that despite their community reputation they have arguably the best built hardware on the market… You’re obviously peeved with them about how they’ve treated their customer base but that doesn’t exactly translate to crap equipment.

        • jak_341

          Motorola hardware is WAY overrated. The only people that are saying superior hardware are the few Moto fanboys here.

          • pappy53

            You are absolutely full of crap! Moto has the best build quality of any Android phone, and is close to the build quality of the iPhone.

          • We’ll see in a year. My last moto phone has a completely non functioning screen. If my VNex works in december of next year. I’m going to have to call BS on moto’s build quality.
            BTW: i treat my phones like special snowflakes and beautiful dancers.

      • michael o’brien

        So, the small community that actuals care about that stuff, sends motorola off. I doubt that. The one thing that failed motorola was the fact that they released too many phones within a short amount of time. At though Samsung may be the leader of Android phones sold world wide. I know more people that are in love with their Motorola’s than I do of people that own a samsung or HTC combined. Motorola is still really popular, their profits are also hurt by the amount of advertising that they do, and paying for Lucas Arts properties.

      • Butters619

        I really doubt Google would have dropped the kind of money they did to buy a company they didn’t think they could make extremely profitable. No way they would ever just dump Moto.

    • Because Google can’t do much with Motorola because a condition of the merger was that it doesn’t make Motorola higher than the other Android OEMs.

  • Robert Jakiel

    If the new Nexus is based on the LG Optimus G w/ the same S4 Pro quadcore and Adreno 320 GPU I will be all over that like white on rice.

  • I would be disappointed to see LG given the nod to make a Nexus device… the basic phones were decent (I’ve had several of them) but their smartphones have not seemed to have taken off… unless, this is part of the deal. Maybe LG “bought” their way into the Nexus line hoping to capture some market share as a manufacturer.

  • Michael

    I feel like 4.2 is wrong. I’d love it, but we still have a to of phone trying to get ice cream sandwich!

  • rohicks

    That’s a hell of a rumor.

  • i hope HTC make the next nexus, i stil have the Nexus one and i love but i need to upgrade. if it is LG then i am in a nightmare

  • Joshua and Bristol Kantor

    saw an LG intuition in real life for the first time yesterday…and laughed out loud at the absurdity

    • Southrncomfortjm

      They were trying to fill that 4:3 aspect ratio smartphone niche. I don’t think we’ll be seeing an encore.

      • fauxshizzl

        Didn’t they just last week unveil its successor? Though not in the states.

  • Dave

    Never had a LG phone before. As long as the build quality feels top notch, camera rivals or exceeds competitors, and battery isn’t sacrificed, then I’ll be happy no matter the OEM.

  • I’d be seriously disappointed if it was LG. LG made some good dumb phones (I actually had LG from my first phone, until I got my first Android phone – which was NOT an LG) but their smartphones are NOT the same caliber.

    I’d like to see another GNex, or maybe something from Moto. I doubt it’ll be Moto though.

  • teknic

    LG Optimus G is a pretty killer phone… remove those hardware nav buttons and it’d be my next Nexus device for sure.

  • user311

    Idc who makes it, I just hope that Verizon would stop taking their sweet ass time with updates.

    • Justin W

      That’s much better than the previous render. I would definitely jump on that phone.

    • Remove the red highlights and make them more like the One X and it’s a instapurchase.

      • UrDoGG

        Agreed – The red is pretty damn ugly. Usually, the red is meant for “Droid” branded phones. Am I the only person that doesn’t want a 5″ screen? 4.65″ seems perfect to me.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Here’s hoping Verizon still gets a Nexus. If not, I’ll be switching to T-Mobile or some pre-paid carrier (probably Straight Talk) to feed my Nexus addiction.
    In other news, I’d be all about an LG Nexus if its based on the Optimus G. The phone is beastly and looks as future proof as any phone out there with that 2gb of RAM, not to mention that slick camera.
    Then again, I’d love to see something like the Asus Padphone 2 made into a Nexus. I really like the idea of a Nexus phone and tablet with keyboard dock for some real synergy across devices. Got the phone for day to day, tablet when I want to use a bigger screen and a keyboard dock for laptop like functionality. I’d pay decent money for that combo off contract.

    • Oh, i’d almost ofrgotten the Padfone! Wishing on a star…

  • triangle8

    Since the updates will come from Google and we won’t have to rely on LG, I would be OK with LG.

  • SethMcDonald

    I just want to see it on Verizon, whoever makes it

    • LG and VZW have had a pretty good relationship in the past (by that I mean for some reason VZW buys phones from them that they really shouldn’t carry but they have some sort of agreement probably to help each other out) so I would expect to see it unless Google themselves doesn’t want to see the next nexus on VZW after last time around.

  • Paul

    LG seems to have put a lot of effort into a new phone’s skin if it is going to be also sold as a nexus device.

  • I’ll take LG. If nothing else they design good looking phones. It sounds superficial but as cool as the Galaxy Nexus was in function, it was a paltry, plain, bland and generic looking device. Kinda like a test model.

  • derekross

    LG Nexus. That is all.

  • jc

    This is great news, as long as we don’t end up having to wait until January for the actual release 🙁

  • The comments in the source article are filled with hate, anger and trolling and it is hilarious.

  • MichaelFranz

    I dont think LG has had as many big hits with phones as compared ot Samsung, and HTC, even Moto. The GS3, OneX, and Razr have all been top of the line standards for the last year. The last few LG phone,s while they may have been decently spec’d, lack a certain sense of design and just seem to plain. Plus their UI isn’t all that great, then again who’s is…

    I knwo it will be Stock Android, and thats fine, but i need some kind of wow factor with both phone and look before i make a choice

    • ckoll

      If LG does make a Nexus it would be running pure google, so no need to worry about the bad LG UI

  • I thought the rumor mill was saying that we’d see multiple nexus devices.

    • That’s a pretty old rumor, but who knows. There are more rumors flying around than a elementary school lunch room.

      • You mean high school? Maybe it’s just me, but all I remember doing is making sure I could sit with my friends and getting a chocolate milk carton.

        • JG

          Those two things never changed in high school for me either…I am always on the hunt for the half pint cream-o-land chocolate milk cartons.

    • r0lct

      I think them trying to market 5 devices under the Nexus name would be impossible without mass confusion. I think that rumor was really the PDK all the oems are using so it’s like they are in the Nexus program.

  • I would just like Google to sell one that’s VZW capable so I can buy it outright and keep my unlimited data… as long as it’s a Nexus, it’s hard to go wrong with OEM.

    • +1 times a million

      • Michael_NM

        +another million

    • Mark Lewis

      If you’re not under contract, neither is Verizon. They can and will revoke your unlimited data eventually. 🙁

      • KleenDroid

        Sadly you are correct

      • at which point they will have revoked my business.

        • I will then go to T-Mobile. They will get LTE eventually…

        • Jarred Sutherland

          The problem is, you (we) are a minority. Plenty of people happy to shell over lots of cash to Verizon for “share everything!” plans.

          It sucks, but it’s the truth.

          • JoshGroff

            Well considering I have never had unlimited data and never went over my 4GB allotment I guess I have no real say, but I have no problems with my data cap. Would I prefer unlimited, hell yeah, but do I need it, no.

          • MyStroPro

            For me its less the limit, and more that my overall price just went up for less service (tiered instead of unlimited with a monthly fee update — explain to me the benefit as a consumer VZW?!?!)

          • JoshGroff

            That’s just how American carriers are, you always get less and the price always rises. At least T-Mobile and Sprint are offering true unlimited (mainly because they have no real network to boast about, so they need it to get sales.)

          • MyStroPro

            That is the problem though — the Shared plans do not benefit the vast amount of the consumer base that Verizon has (Conjecture sure, but I doubt most accounts have enough devices to actually get cost benefits out of it).

            If the issue was to move people to limited bandwidth, but they made it a cost incentive to limit one’s account, I could understand. With just 3 phones (2 smart, 1 feature) it is just a cost upper for my family, and makes zero sense to switch too. I have a feeling most accounts are fairly similar to this sort of situation, give or take a device or two.

          • JoshGroff

            Right now we have 4 phones, 3 feature and 1 smart, the base plan is 1400 shared minutes and unlimited text for 100+20 per feature phone, and another 50 for my line. I could get a comparable plan with 2GB of data, and unlimited t/t for no price differential. Sure I’d lose out on 2GB of data from my promo, but after converting a second line to a smartphone, I can swap to 4GB with the same pricing. If I were near a PC right now, I’d map it out in excel.

          • G_Romero

            Same here. It’s the pay more for less plan.

          • Hunter

            Currently a minority*. Or are we just ahead of the trend? How long before we reach the tipping point where more and more people say this is too much for what I am getting? Data usage will grow, and as people are forced to pay more and move up tiers you can’t stand there and tell me they will remain satisfied. Consumers are still in the “honeymoon” phase of “share everything” because they are currently saving money. It will wear off. And as more carriers expand their network coverage and offerings, competition will grow. Verizon currently has a lead on the rest of the industry and is enjoying this period where they can seemingly do no wrong.

          • michael arazan

            The FCC will soon be monitoring all the Carriers in the US and showing research information about how much, how fast your data is compared to the price you are paying, in a statement from the FCC. This way consumers will have a fair and unbiased data to actually refer too before going into these 2 year plans which all advertise better than each other.

        • There was some speculation on Android Central about Verizon possibly bringing back Unlimited data in November due to customer complaints / competition but I find it highly unlikely! They’re too busy raping Shared Data users for their cash!

        • again, 100% agree with you

      • They technically can….but they will not. This very thing happened back when 3G first came out and I never lost unlimited 3G.

    • + infinity

    • coveblue

      I’ve found Verizon employees on Craigslist who are able to upgrade you to a new phone while keeping your Unlimited Plan. It’s a little on the shady side, but it works. My girlfriend updated to a Galaxy S III recently through this deal and we still have unlimited.

    • I agree 100% with what you said Jeff, I’m in the same boat, and my next phone will be whatever the next Nexus is

  • John

    I don’t care who makes it as I’ll probably get it no matter what. I’m a Nexus person for life now.

    • r0lct

      Unfortunately/fortunately my job pays for my phone and the bill so I’m stuck with whatever phones Verizon has to offer. Have a feeling I’ll be looking at a GN2 or DIX as my only options come end of year.

  • r0lct

    Just when I thought the Nexus hype machine was broken!

  • calum wilper

    lg as of yet has left my fully unimpressed with their android releases, and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one that feels that way. This being said i would be surprised if they were picked for being the next manufacturer of the nexus.

  • ilovetechnology

    Moto Nexus Please!

    • The only Nexus to come with a locked bootloader lol

      • ilovetechnology

        If it actually comes to Verizon, I wouldn’t put it past them…

        • Kip, you can make the next nexus. 🙂 I have faith in your love for technology.

  • normmcgarry

    Judging by how big of a mess the Gnex for Verizon has been, I’m going to speculate that Big Red wont be getting this one.

    • jak_341

      What mess? It is simply the best device on the market to date! You can’t beat it!

      • Paul

        Besides signal issues a ton of them had, they didn’t get updates like they should have.

        • Southrncomfortjm

          True for unrooted phones. Its been a great experience if you were willing to take that plunge.

          • JoYu

            Incorrect, there was no fix for the muting problem. I tried many ROMs/Radios and the problem still existed. My solution was to get switched to a Razr Maxx.

        • I never had signal issues, and the Nexus on Verizon still gets Android updates faster than any other Verizon phone.

          • counsel dew

            I had huge issues with the mid-call muting issue… Google “Google code 24019″…

          • Superguy

            I did. Mine had horrid signal. It was sad when an old 3G Incredible could have data coverage in a building and I had voice coverage and that was it – no data.

            I went back to the Rezound and had a MUCH better signal.

          • Diablo81588

            Yes you did. You said so yourself a few months back that you had data drops. Don’t make me dig through your comments lol.

          • If I don’t remember it, it must have not been very serious. Plus, no phone is perfect and the radio is rock solid now with the new updates.

        • It’s not so much the signal itself as it is the incompatibility with CDMA. It’s easier to develop for and update GSM based phone (which is why I bought the GSM version). I don’t know what the technical issues are, but that’s wh the updates are late. And Verizon trying to throw its apps on the phone probably doesn’t help matters.

          • There were only 2 apps and believe it or not they were actually useful to many people. MANY people still use Backup Assistant. Who the hell knows why, but they do. Also, if the Nexus was your first Android phone, you may have actually needed Backup Assistant to get your contacts onto the phone. And the My Verizon app is actually useful. I run BB, but I have My Verizon installed anyway. Do most people not pay any attention their Verizon account details?

          • Why would i care about what the My Verizon says! I have unlimited data!

          • Good for you, so do I, but I don’t have unlimited txt or voice and I’m on a family share plan.

      • teleclimber

        My local VZ store doesn’t even have the GNex on its shelves anymore. When I asked them about it last week they said they “don’t recommend” that phone. “It has signal issues” they said. They immediately redirected me towards other phones.

        • Because they don’t have any stock, and they can make more money by selling you an S3. I work for a retailer and we only 15 in the entire company.

      • Diablo81588


    • What mess? So it gets software upgrades a few months late. Your only alternative is to get another OEM phone and get software updates even later. The Gnex is still the best phone on Verizon and will be until the next Nexus.

      • Paul

        It’s still not what Google wanted for their image and they and Verizon aren’t too happy with each other. It is possible there won’t be one…

        • Southrncomfortjm

          Yeah, but Verizon came back to the table and got AOSP verified or whatever its called. There is hope.

        • Can you forward me some verification to your claims? I’d love to read a statement from either Verizon or Google about this “not too happy with each other” claim. Where are you getting your information?

          • fauxshizzl

            Go look through every thread on every blog full of complaints about Verizon holding up updates, and then ask yourself why Google would be happy about that.

          • I’m aware of what we, as nerds think and what bloggers think. I want to know what Verizon and Google thinks. There is no evidence that the relationship is strained at all. Also, even if the Verizon Nexus gets updates a little later than other Nexus devices, it still gets updates faster than any other phone on Verizon.

            Don’t believe everything the internet tells you.

          • fauxshizzl

            “Also, even if the Verizon Nexus gets updates a little later than other Nexus devices, it still gets updates faster than any other phone on Verizon.” If that is something you are ok with by all means go ahead. To me it plain stomps all over what the “Nexus” name stands for. If they do get another one and don’t keep it up to date as fast as all other carriers, they should not be allowed to carry it, or at the very least be forced to drop the “Nexus” moniker.

          • All I know is my co-worker has a Nexus S form Sprint and he received his Jellybean update weeks before my G-nex. I am not a techie still quite a noob to a lot of this stuff but even I know that there is something seriously wrong with that. Verizon has got to loosen the raines a little atleast on the Nexus branded phones.

          • fauxshizzl

            Exactly! Nations smallest national carrier pushes out the most current build to an OLDER phone weeks before Verizon can manage to do the same even for the most current Nexus. I don’t care if it is only nerds and blog readers that know and have a problem with it. When others say the “majority of buyers don’t know or care” is a piss poor excuse to let it slide. Just because we are a smaller segment of the overall buyers market doesn’t mean our opinion matters any less.

          • This kind of goes without saying, but neither Google or Verizon conduct business based on what blogs think.

          • Butters619

            High up Google developers posted on their G+s a few times since the Nexus came out basically blaming Verizon for messing things up.

          • There ya go. Thanks. I do recall this. But still, complaining about a relationship not being perfect and completely ending it are 2 different things. Google wants as much exposure for their Nexus brand as possible and what better way to do that than maintain a presence on America’s biggest carrier.

          • Butters619

            I don’t think they would pull off Verizon either. Especially because Verizon also sells way more Android phones than any other carrier. AT&T will always be the iPhones bread and butter.

          • Paul

            Google also cares about the nexus image, which is why it’s possible verizon won’t get one. They’d still make money off of the many android phones verizon has. I’m not saying it’s probable, but it is quite possible.

            One of the main separations of a Nexus device from other Androids is the update speeds, which verizon greatly delayed

          • Kookas

            The Galaxy Nexus is unheard of by most people, at least it is here in the UK. Everyone just thinks it’s an S3 because Google hardly advertised this thing outside of YouTube. There’s a lot more to work to do to get ‘exposure’ beyond simply being on a big carrier – that ‘a’ word is the key, and with Google being an advertising beast with enormous web presence, there’s no reason they shouldn’t advertise their next Nexus (like they have done with the Nexus 7).

          • TheWenger

            There was a TV interview way back between the time the GNex was unveiled but before VZW announced a date. The Samsung guy who was being interviewed was asked when we can expect to see the phone in the US and he said “Ask Verizon, it’s their phone.”

      • HotRodJohnson

        I have to agree with Adam. Most phone owners don’t necessary care about the latest and greatest phone OS. For example, I got a GNex and one for my wife. I rooted mine and have been doing Google Wallet and wireless tethering for months. My wife (and many others) could careless about the OS. Does it do the simple task they need it to do is all that is important.

        • This right here is why Verizon will probably still get a Nexus phone. Your average person doesn’t give a crap about OS updates. And the signal issues were not in any way related to it being a Nexus phone in particular. That can happen on any phone.

      • Diablo81588

        Seriously? Late upgrades are the galaxy nexus’ only problems? Wake up from your dream there dude.

        • No phone is without issues. The Gnex is not perfect, but it’s still the best phone on any carrier. The bad battery life is probably the only thing I take issue with, and even that doesn’t bother me very much.

          • But it bothers everyone else with the phone. It wont last a day while the S3 and Iphone have no problem accomplishing this.

          • The battery is the ONE and only thing I don’t like about the phone. I’m sure they will fix that with the next Nexus here in a month or so.

      • LiterofCola


    • You are likely right in a way. Verizon won’t see it because why do they need it? It really seems that they only did the Nexus last year because of all the OG Droid owners ending their contracts and they wanted a device that people could still tinker with and/or had vanilla Android on it, both like the OG Droid. So in otherwords I believe they took and released the device to keep customers on their service, but since all owners are still under contract I doubt they’d be as interested in another Nexus this year, but you never know……

      • normmcgarry

        There are a lot of pissed off Bionic users though.

        • fauxshizzl


        • zepfloyd

          But even they still have a year to go on contract…

        • I called Verizon a week ago telling them the 4g issue. On Saturday, they returned me a phone call telling me they are gonna send a razr replacement phone to mewith the 2 days shipping. If you can’t stand the bionic,try that!

      • Larizard

        I agree. I think Motorola’s RAZR lines will be for Verizon this coming holidays, while the new Nexus will be in the Google Play Store for AT&T and T-Mo users. Sprint, I don’t know.

    • I would want to stick with a Nexus device and will go out of my way to as well. but if i got stuck with buying a phone, why not something like a Galaxy S3 developer edition. at least you can open in up and load roms on it in a similar way.

      • KleenDroid

        All Nexus phones ship with the ability to be fully unlocked. Which means that there will be a much larger developer community than a phone that only a few are unlocked. In otherwords a small audience will draw less attention.

        But the good news for S3 owners is that an unlocked bootloader was leaked so all of them can be unlocked without having to purchase a developer edition.

  • It’s disappointed to see just one Nexus phone this year. I expected there will be multiple Nexus phones from different manufacturers!

    • nightscout13

      There can be only 1 Nexus!

    • Well, we haven’t had the announcement yet. Don’t count out the WSJ and their reliable sources just yet.

  • I’d be just fine with LG. They made seriously great dumbphones back in the day that would last forever and their stuff has always looked really nice. And they know what they’re doing with displays.

    • EndiSky

      My circa 2008 LG Dare was pretty Legit