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Motorola RAZR HD Goes on Sale, Unfortunately It’s in South America

For anyone looking to score Motorola’s new RAZR HD, you can finally pick one up. Hope you don’t mind waiting for it to go through US customs though. The device is currently being sold through a Brazilian retailer for approximately $500, which seems to be a pretty good deal, yeah? If you’re thinking of importing the device and hoping it to work on a CDMA network though, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Although, you’re better off waiting for its official US release sometime “before the holidays.”

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Cheers Eric!

  • nai97™

    I would love to buy one now, it is just that i cant understand spanish. dame

  • nai97™

    I would like to order 1 from the site, only i don’t speak spanish

  • SouthAmerican

    Fortunately It is in south america, this people thinks they are the only country in the world or what…..

  • Hatyrei

    how could they…. :(…should be in US first 😛

  • Like Styliano said, $500 is on contract. Retail price is something like $1000… u.u…

  • Butters619

    Quad Band GSM and LTE…..damn you Moto release this on AT&T at once!

  • Butters619

    Seriously Moto, Verizon works you so hard.

  • r0lct

    If Google is serious about fixing Moto phones then hopefully the first true Google inspired phone will not carry the Droid branding.
    For Google/Moto to put the phones out they want they need to let Droid die.

    • michael arazan

      I’d like to see all new Moto phones with the Lettering of Motorola colored in Google’s colors, the blue, red, yellow, and green.

  • Bionic

    Im sure we’re looking at an early October release if they are doing this today. Unfortunatley for me it matters not, my upgrade isnt until may and im sure we’ll have a good idea of the new motorola direction for 2013 by then.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Go to hell Verizon!!!

  • Actually, the price of $500 will be with a 1-year contract at a $135/month plan. If you want it without a contract it will cost around $1,000 (which is the price of an iPhone 4S at Brazilian Apple Store).

  • Ardy

    Verizon is really staring to piss me off!!! C’mon release the damn thing before it’s obsolete.

    • Jared Persinger

      Hey it is owned by Google so I dont think it will go obsolete anytime soon

  • Cory

    Does anyone know the specific ICS build number on these or even on the RAZR M?

    • kixofmyg0t

      Both the HD and the M SHIP WITH 4.0.4

      4.1 builds are up and running, expect them before December.

      It’s all up to Verizon though.

      • Cory

        What about the System Version? My RAZR (the bugged build) is running 6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.US

        • kixofmyg0t

          You also have a regular RAZR….The HD and M run very similar versions of blur.

          I don’t know what system version will ship with the HD, it’s up to Verizon approval. So what I say can and will change by the time it ships.

  • joneu

    screw verizon, would it work on T-mobile?

    • Yes. It should work on T-Mobile. GSM.

    • Yes, it’s GSM, although the Brazilian 4G runs at a 2800 mhz frequency, so I think the 4G won’t work.

  • kixofmyg0t

    It should still have CDMA radios in it, so it’s possible to use it on Verizon. From what I’m tracking all RAZR HD’s have the same radios.

    Or you could wait a couple weeks.

    • T4rd

      Even if it has the right radios to work on Verizon, they won’t activate it on their CDMA network if the MEID isn’t registered to operate on their network (i.e. it’s not sold through their stores). It’s retarded how locked down Verizon and Sprint are. GSM is the only way to go if you like to use any phone you want at a moments notice.

      • Is that really true? I know I’ve stuffed Verizon sim cards into non-registered phones and they worked.

        • T4rd

          What’s your definition of “non-registered”? You can swap SIM cards with other Verizon-branded phones and be good to go without any other activation steps (just like standard GSM phones), but you can’t just throw a Verizon SIM card in any other phone and have it work.

          • Non-registered as in, let’s say, the phones aren’t supposed to exist.

          • jonscurve

            i work for verizon and he is mostly correct….verizon now registers all meid (esn) numbers and if we dont authorize the code…we wont fully activate the device. or the system rather wont. BUT i did get a straight talk phone to activate a few years back by inputing the esn into our change system. i couldnt get the internet to work on it so i called tech support and the guy was so amazed i was evening using it because the model wasnt in his system. lol he told me he couldnt talk to me about that phone. to be honest i bought it from a customer and didnt know it was a straight talk phone.

  • Pegleg

    MOTO strikes again!

  • Radgatt

    I know someone in this community will buy it and stuff a sim card in it.

  • Evan Knofsky


    Memory Card Not
    Internal Memory 16GB