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When is My Android Phone Getting Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)? [Verizon]

The Jelly Bean update situation on Verizon is a tricky one. I say that because most Android phone manufacturers have yet to even update most of their phones to Ice Cream Sandwich. So how can we start talking about Jelly Bean updates? Well, we know that many of you are always looking for the most current information on this subject and thought we may as well create the official page for it just like we did with Android 4.0. Once word starts trickling out from Motorola, Samsung and the rest of the major players, we will update this post. I’d say that this is definitely one that you should bookmark. You will also find a shortcut to it in the sidebar. 




  • Intuition:  Assuming that this will make the cut – no time frame given.
  • Spectrum:  Assuming that this will make the cut – no time frame given.
  • Spectrum 2:  Assuming that this will make the cut – no time frame given


  • Incredible 4G LTE:  Assuming that this will make the cut – no time frame given.
  • Rezound:  Assuming that this will make the cut – no time frame given.
  • DROID DNA:  Update approved and began rolling out December 6, 2013.

*As you can see, we left a lot of phones off of this list. We basically went back a year and took all of the higher-end phones that we think will get the Jelly Bean update. Almost all of these are already on ICS and are likely candidates to see another major update to Android 4.1. If other phones make the cut or some of these don’t, we will add them to or remove from the list.

  • Ernest Fernandez

    Installing right now!!! I’m in Louisville ,KY

  • Anthony Fernandez

    Pffft my sprint gs3 alreadyvhas jellybean 4.1.1

  • Richard Fisher
  • James131370

    I to see it in your test last update I thought I was supposed to get this update early…. what happened to that? Why are the one’s that tested your last software update being crapped on. See if I ever believe anything you all say again….I do believe my wife might be right and I do need to drop DROID and buy an Iphone5 like her….

  • I love this Jelly Bean it’s like a Droid on steroids. Love Google Now – LOVE IT!

  • Nick33

    You guys left out The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, and jelly bean is rolling out in the UK, and And soon the U. S.

  • not happy

    I bought a top of the line Xoom 4g lte, for top dollar, and I get bottom of the list support! Outrageous. Never again, Motorola you suck.

  • Ashy

    When will my samsung galaxy s2 lte i727r get the official jelly beans update …Pls do reply ……

  • WonTann

    I recently left iPhone to go to Android (Galaxy S3), best thing I ever dide.


  • for those waiting on jb and parying thy get it (razr guy here) just remember moto is a company along with everyone else and they are looking for sales numbers so it does make sense if thy hold off jb for some phones and kinda put you in a perdicament.

  • E A butler

    no more developer skins!!!

  • tomn1ce

    That’s messed up that the bionic is not included in the list. I hope that under Google, Motorola treats their fans a lot better…..



  • Ok, I don’t understand why the Razr Maxx can’t get an update. Is it not the same as the Razr Maxx HD? I’m confused. There can’t be THAT much of a difference.

  • Feeling left out Bionic owner

    Why are the Bionics not getting the Jellybean? Haven’t we been patient with the ICS? We should get the Jellybean on principle.

    • Feeling left out Bionic owner

      BTW 10 days left in Q3…… Where is my ICS?

  • bmpster

    My coworker’s phone just received an update to 4.1 overnight.

  • Andrew Davis

    I have been waiting to root my phone until the official 4.1, but that is the only real reason. Hey, Verizon. Update my phone or I will. This isn’t an iphone.

  • koldmeat

    Come on Motorola. Get Jelly Bean for Razr Maxx soon. We spent a lot to get this master piece.

  • bob

    my guess is the reason Verizon does not release Jelly bean is to protect the sales of the apple iphone5 if everyone got jellybean it would mess up verizon sales with apple.

    • And to protect the sales of the Galaxy S3. After all, why would people buy a GS3 with ICS when they could buy a Gnex with Jelly Bean?

      Verizon makes more money off of GS3 sales because of bundled apps and games, so why make a moneymaker less desirable?

  • dbam987

    Someone explain to me why the Droid RAZR would potentially “not make the cut”? It’s well within that 18 month update/maintenance window Google promised (someone powerful said it at least).

  • Marikel

    Droid Bionic, Droid RAZR, and Droid RAZR maxx made the cut. Motorola said at the end of the year when they announced the new razrs. Where were you guys? Lol

  • Cliffy444

    When the [email protected] upgrade is offered and I do the download, will I lose any of my previously stored data?

    • Shawn Goede


  • Shawn Goede

    Spectrum won’t get it it’s not even guna get ics till maybe next year but spectrum 2 i would say guna have better chance at getting jelly bean

  • Scott Sochacki

    What about the Galaxy Note?!?

  • I’ve been supportive of Android since day 1. I’ve had the Asus Transformer, the original Droid, the Samsung Fascinate, the HTC Droid 2, the Droid Bionic, and now I have the SGS3, and the Nexus 7. I get the feeling that these companies are holding back updates to make the newer phones look more tempting. They claim that older hardware can’t run different versions of the Android software, then lo and behold, some hacker puts ICS/Jellybean on the original Droid and it runs very well. When I bought the Droid Bionic, just about a month later, Motorola released the RAZR, and there I was with this $600 phone that was giving me problems that Verizon said I was not having (it became much more stable with bug fixes later on). Now you’ve got the RAZR, the RAZR Maxx, soon you’ll have the RAZR HD, the RAZR MAXX HD, etc. These companies just don’t know how much they’re shooting themselves in the foot withholding updates and releasing 100 phones running 50 different versions of software. It’s just too much for me anymore. When Windows8/Surface is released, I’m switching and selling all of my Android stuff.

  • Pegleg

    This update process by Motorola/Verizon is pathetic…like everything else this duo has done! Where in hell is Google in getting Moto’s act together? Now we wait to have them make judgement on who makes the cut! Time to look elsewhere!

  • So i see bionic isn’t getting jelly bean so are we still getting ICS

  • gavin

    Does JB bring hapless playback for Google Music? It’s the only feature i miss from selling my ipod and transferring my music to the cloud when I got a GNEX

    • gavin


  • Mark

    Don’t care about OS updates anymore. My phone isn’t much better each time I get a new OS version. There are a few little features here and there but nothing I’d go “OMG” for. If anything, my phone slows down. All I care about is if my apps work and new OS’s usually break them for a while. I only see very noticeable differences in my experience when I get a new phone.

  • Diablo81588

    The bionic should be on that list. ICS hasn’t been released because the RAZR and Droid 4 builds are garbage. Verizon insisted flash should work properly before they approve it. There is no reason the bionic can’t support jelly bean.

  • I think from this point on, it’s safe to assume that Motorola will be the most responsible manufacturer when it comes to OS updates — especially if you buy one of their flagship. It may not be a “Nexus”, but it will be unforgivable if Google does not update a Motorola flagship for at least 2 years after its launch.

  • Assuming the Xoom 4G LTE makes the cut? WTF? The Verizon Xoom is a Nexus device in all but branding. Google does the updates for the US WiFi-only and Verizon Xoom devices and Verizon is already testing the build. It’s 4.1.1/JRO03H, just like the WiFi-only version. It has been leaked for a month now and is readily available on XDA. In addition to the OS update, that update also has a new CDMA radio (but the LTE radio remains the same from the ICS build).

  • Michael Lewis

    My xperia play is getting JB as we speak. Thanks devs, for doing what verizon won’t do.

  • What about my D2G? 😛

  • Sp4rxx

    if they (developers) can get JB to run as proof-of-concept on the OG Droid, all the the “assumed” phones above should be able to run it fine; but again, that’s up to the manufacturers unfortunately.

  • Markuz

    F*** You Verizon!!!

  • coolsilver

    Forget the Thunderbolt. ICS leak runs ok if you ignore the same annoying reboots it had when it was shipped with Froyo.

  • The Razr was supposed to be confirmed to get Jelly Bean? Of course no time frame was given and I’m not expecting until Christmas at the earliest considering the Razr M and Razr HD series aren’t even getting it til the end of the year.

  • RoadsterHD1

    and ROOTED phones get it sooner and more phones get it.

  • It’s all very strategic, and VZW has been doing this for years. To avoid bastardizing sales of their new device lineup, they delay updates on prior flagship devices until well after the new models have been available. All highly abominable.

    Best advice is go root your Nexus, grab Jelly Bean, never purchase new hardware from VZW again, and use as much of your unlimited monthly data as you can. 😉

  • Galaxy-s3

    Meanwhile, all the iOS folks get ver 6 at once this week. Fragmentalation stinks.

    • Bryan

      Except people with older phones don’t get all of the iOS features. So yes, fragmentation happens in the Apple world as well.

  • I switched from the nexus to the S3 yesterday, I do miss JB, but I can wait for google now.. I do love this phone

    • I switched from a GNex to a GS3 myself, its way better. S-Voice drives me nuts sometimes but I can live with it.

  • I would post this article on Motorola’s facebook page, but I’ve been banned from posting due to encouraging others to make sure their friends know how the Bionic owners have been treated. Someone want to post it for me.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Verizon seems to really hate my HTC Thunderbolt….

    • Grab Liquid’s ICS release. It doesn’t excuse VZW’s anti-consumer, early obsolescence practices, but it will get you fully functioning ICS. It’s really an amazing release for a phone that otherwise has one foot in the grave.

    • f_vzw

      running it now, and it’s bawss… i have faith liquid will get us jb, and i hope to get that $100 credit as well!

      • smwandrie93

        for moto only devices that $100 credit is…

  • You could have easily shortened this article.

    “When is my Android phone getting Jelly Bean? [Verizon]”
    Q3 2014

    • LionStone

      Or just say “soon” and be done… hah!

  • Michelle

    Brian: Hi, my name is Brian. How may I help you?
    Michelle: since the bionics are not getting ics are we going to get jelly bean?
    Brian: Hi Michelle. I will be happy to check that for you.
    Brian: Thank you for patiently waiting.
    Michelle: i would appreciate it since we were promised and promised to get an update and nothing.
    Brian: I did check on my end and the Android ICS update for the Droid Bionic will be released this third quarter of 2012. However, we do not have any exact dates, yet, on when it will be released. Do not worry, as soon as we have the update it will be pushed to your device.
    Michelle: and then once we get ics will the bionics also get an update for jelly bean? And i thought this is the 3rd quarter.. isnt it past due? :0)
    Brian: For the Jellybean, we do not have any details, yet, if the phone will be updated to Jellybean. Do not worry, this will be noted.

    • Michelle

      I chatted with Motorola and that is what they said… pftt.. smh

      • mustbepbs

        The third quarter doesn’t end for another 2 weeks. It’s not past due. There’s still time.

  • enob

    This is the biggest problem with Android. All the ish*t gets updates at the same time as their new stuff is released.

    • Bryan

      And older phones just don’t get some of the features in iOS. What’s the difference? What does JellyBean have that ICS doesn’t have that you want so badly?
      Guess what? If you have an iPhone 4, you have to get a new phone to get Siri even though you get iOS6. So tell me how that is any different?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    this post was utterly worthless

    • Mike

      It’s a placeholder. They’ll update it when details come in.

      • Mark F

        Also for people to blow smoke until this stuff gets sorted out.

  • Keii Graham

    Summary: No time frame given.

  • My Xoom LTE and Galaxy Nexus have had 4.1 for months. I stopped caring when they would release it and now control it myself.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    how come these developers can release stable builds in a matter of days after a leak, but verizon takes 50 thousand years to get their act together. either higher new techs, stop loading your devices with all this buggy bloatware, or stop promising updates that you can’t possibly do.

  • Droid4All

    ANY manufacturer that releases a new android phone with 2.3 or lower is well… They are automatically deemed crap at software.

  • Dan

    Is there a JB hack root for the Bionic yet?

    • Mike

      Sort of… it behaves pretty much the same way the ICS ROMs did when they ran on GB kernels, but it’s out there.

  • Knlegend1

    This article was written because? Lol

  • jepfannin

    I just want to call Verizon and ask them why they don’t want to sell android phones. If they did they get the updates out much quicker. My husband has a Sprint galaxy nexus and he got jelly bean two days ago. He has horrible service in most areas, but at least he is up to date!

  • edmicman

    I’m on a stock VZW Galaxy Nexus. I’m thinking of finding a Windows PC and running the Nexus tool to update the damn thing. I’ve been looking at the Bugless Beast one as a no-nonsense ROM. One thing though – I’ve seen mentioned, in addition to the ROM itself, having to mess with bootloaders and radios? If I’m on 4.0.4, do I need to do something with a radio something? Where and how does that work? Is that part of the BB stuff? Or do I have to get that from somewhere else?

    Everyone says that the whole flashing whatnot is easy and I don’t doubt that it is, once you do it. But easy or not it seems like a PITA vs just having something pushed to you OTA. I had really hoped the Nexus brand would reinforce that even on Verizon but that has proven to be wrong. :-/.

    • JDHokie

      I decided to root when Jelly Bean came out – knowing I wouldn’t see it on Verizon for a long time. Running Bugless Beast, haven’t messed with radios or kernels or anything else. I haven’t regretted my decision for a single second. If you know anyone who’s rooted before, it helps in case you need to troubleshoot as you go. But if you don’t, there’s plenty of info on XDA, RootzWiki, and other sites that can get you through.

    • SparkyXI

      If someone thinks going through the process of rooting is a “PITA”, then said person shouldn’t complain about not having it, and just wait it out. It’s like saying, “I want a steak, but that means I have to go to the store. Someone go get me a steak.” If you want a steak that badly, you’ll go get it yourself. (Not meaning to sound like “that guy”, but…)

  • AranelAlasse

    I care more about this: when will cyanogenmod start offering real support for newer moto phones? What with kexec and all… Droid4

  • never

  • Buckoman

    The Maxx and “assuming it will make the cut” bothers me.

    We should at least have confirmation that it will undoubtedly make it. All this “maybe” stuff bothers me, especially for a phone that can handle JB without a problem.

    • Mike

      I think the announcement about the $100 credit is confirmation enough for RAZR & Maxx owners. The “assuming it will make the cut” part is probably just there because they haven’t officially gone on the record to say it will be updated.

      They sold way too many of those to give out credits like candy; from an income statement perspective, they’re better off spending the money on developers to update it than giving out all that credit. That’s not to mention the loyalty it breeds among the owners.

      Wish I could say the same about all of Moto’s phones…

  • this could have been a much shorter and more acurate article had you left it at just “NEVER”

  • HTC1

    I have always wondered how hard is it really? I know some of you will yell at me and say “it’s a lot of work and it takes time”. But these people are computer geniuses. It’s not like there lifiting 80lbs pallets all day to do the updates. I’m sure they could be done almost instantly if they really wanted to be. I’m probably wrong. But i bet they could be done much faster than they are. You know those typer of people arn’t in a hurry. “they’ll git to it when they git to it”

  • jammer

    Still anxiously waiting for ICS to come to my Droid Inc2. I wish they would release updates faster too. It’s bs to wait for an update if your device is able to run the update well.

    • Zach Armstrong

      I’m too waiting for the update for the Incredible 2. They better release it soon.

  • PC_Tool

    ICS Spectrum: First half of 2012

    Well, that didn’t happen. JB? Yeah…right.

  • captainbc52

    I have a RAZR Maxx and I assume I’ll have to upgrade to the HD or M…and lose my unlimited data plan…to see jellybean.

  • fauxshizzl

    XOOM 4G LTE: Assuming that this will make the cut – no time frame given. Assuming it makes the cut? The WiFi version has had it over a month already! There is absolutely no reason reason it would not make the cut. It is technically a Nexus device without the branding of one.

    • Exactly right. Verizon is already testing 4.1.1/JRO03H for the 4G LTE Xoom (compatible with the 3G CDMA-only version too). Who knows when it’ll be released, but it has been leaked already. It also includes a new CDMA radio, but the LTE radio remains the same as the one from ICS.

  • This is why I rooted and unlocked my GSIII. To be Frank I was really happy with ICS, and it was flawless. But it’s nice to run a bug free version of Jelly Bean

  • Matt Tithof

    I went into a Verizon store a few weeks back with JB on my Gnex and I asked one of the workers when JB was coming to my phone. His response: “I’m guessing Google will release it around the time the iPhone 5 comes out”

    … I had to fight back the urge to say that it’s already been released and ported over to the VZW Gnex. Why can’t some other carrier have the amazing LTE coverage that VZW has but without all the BS!

  • What about the Bionic?

  • SparkyXI

    Yep. I rooted my Galaxy Nexus the 2 days after I got it. Waiting for VZW to provide an update for you is a lost cause. Root up and flash JB yourself. You really don’t know what you’re missing.

  • T Hall

    For all of you sick of waiting for Verizon – I agree. I finally rooted my Nexus and installed the leak. Could not be happier.

  • Bionic

    Jesus Christ I’m just hoping to get ICS this weekend.

  • Where is the Droid 4?

  • Dohman

    Bionic? How about the bionic.

    I am getting sick of these slow updates, especially on verizon. I feel OTA updates should be made available within 1-2 months after the source code is out. And why on earth are phones released now shipping with ics? Why not jelly bean?

    In my case I could use a custom rom, but no jelly bean rom for bionic has working data/camera because of locked bootloader!

    • root4life

      i agree new phone should be coming with jellybean period. no excuses

      • Dohman

        Yea. The Razr M and LG tuition should ideally ship with Jellybean.

        • root4life


    • mustbepbs

      You have to remember: new phones coming out NOW have been in development for months and months. It’s nearly impossible for them to jump to a newer OS once development has begun; it’s basically starting all over again.

      Now that JB has been out for a while, new phones that are being developed now should be built with JB.

    • Jason E.

      Moto says any phone RELEASED in 2011 will get Jelly Bean. That would include the Bionic. It remains to be seen if they keep to that.

  • Lambo_21

    Way to forget the Bionic

    • T Hall

      Bionic still hasn’t even got ICS, so at this point I think Jelly Bean is out of the picture…

      • Lambo_21

        It’s getting it this month. Although the sad thing is I agree

        • Mike

          Supposedly… but you know how well they’ve done with deadlines and promises in the past.

          • Lambo_21

            Haha very true. If the Bionic doesn’t get ICS I think Motor would be in major trouble. I’ve learned to now get Nexus only

          • Mike

            Yeah, I’m with you on that. I have a Nexus 7 and it’s pretty much amazing. Of all the good things about it, I think the best is its ability to distract me from all the anger I have towards Moto and Verizon, haha.

          • As of last week neither Moto or VZW had a date for ICS on the Bionic. As per the Twitter accts for both

          • Lambo_21

            Q3 ends this month therefore it would get it this month

  • Superdroid

    No Droid 4, time to root………..

    • KleenDroid

      This is why an unlocked bootloader is helpful. Developers extended the life of the D1 far beyond the end of official updates. Verizon doesn’t want this because they want to sell new phones.

    • mustbepbs

      The D4 will get it. There’s no way it can’t. It came out in 2012 and Moto said they’d be updating the entire 2012 line to JB, and some of the 2011 line. It has the same internals as the RAZR and MAXX and both of those are definitely going to get it.

  • my Verizon Galaxy Nexus received jelly bean last week when I rooted it and flashed the AOKP rom! I would highly recommend the same to anyone else who is tired of waiting for verizon.

  • Murphy

    Holy! It never hit me until now as to how many damn Razrs are out there.

  • Rommer1

    Yesterday when I went into a VZW store, it was funny how my OG Droid was the only device running Jellybean.

    • awesome.

    • Mine too. I have the og (on jellybean), D2 (gingerbread), Bionic (stock root), DX (defunct), and Razr Maxx (ICS rooted). I’ve tried to out the CM10 on the Maxx, but it’s still lacking some key components

    • I went to the verizon store like a week ago one phone had jelly bean the nexus and when I asked about it the nincompoops working there were like “it does?! …really it does?! how do you know”….EPIC FACE PALM

    • tomn1ce

      what rom do you have on your OG Droid and does it run smoothly?

  • mustbepbs

    Why does everyone forget about the DROID 4? That device came out after the RAZR and RAZR MAXX.

  • justincase_2008

    Man i hope my Xoom runing EOS3 JB makes the cut. Not sure if it can handle JB…. oh wait i know it can!

  • Mike

    Take anything related to Verizon and updates with a grain of salt. When the Bionic launched, Motorola and Verizon promised to push out ICS “soon”. A year later it’s all but discontinued, and there’s still no OTA.

    If it isn’t here by the end of the month, I’m just going to grab a leak and do it myself.

    • mustbepbs

      A year ago the Bionic was available for a week. ICS wasn’t even released until an entire month after in late October.

      • Mike

        I know, I bought it on launch day. I’m not unrealistic — I know these things take time. However, it was promised a timely update, and it wouldn’t have bothered me if it took them 3-6 months to hammer it out.
        Several missed deadlines and broken promises later, there’s still no OTA, no reliable estimate, and no explanation as to why. That’s what gets under my skin.

        • mustbepbs

          But they didn’t say the Bionic would get ICS soon when it launched. The source wasn’t even available until a month later. They said that the RAZR would get it “early 2012” when it launched in November and that the Bionic was going to get it at an unannounced date.

  • Our demo wifi xoom recieved jb about a month ago and some of our s3’s are being shipped with it

    • hkklife

      Can you confirm that the the demo S3’s are gdtting JB? Are these VZW versions??

  • They say the updates have to go through Verizon because of the LTE radios and that they need to be tested. If/when the iPhone 5 doesn’t have to wait to put out updates with their LTE phone i’m going to get pretty angry

    • Shaunwin

      The JB update has nothing to do with radios and VZW knows it.

    • desiman26

      I read somewhere that Apple and the carriers have some kind of agreement so Apple can release the updates quickly.

  • xXAaronSXx

    It should be embarrassing to Verizon that the Galaxy Nexus is not already out. Hell, if it weren’t for Peter Alfonso and others like him, I’d be down right pissed that I don’t have it yet. Thank fully I do but I still think that Big Red has egg all over there face for letting the GSM and Sprint versions out, what will probably be months, before them.

  • The only way to update on Verizon is to install a leak/rom or upgrade your phone that has an updated version.

  • GalaxyBoy23

    Here we go with when are we getting the update thread. Root and flash a JB rom people.

    • PC_Tool

      Not all of the devices listed there can get JB…..or even ICS for that matter…root or no.

  • normmcgarry

    You’re missing the Bionic on there.

    • Agreed

    • Buy This

      +1 it was confirmed I thought?

      • normmcgarry

        Well… I know they’re giving out $100 for phones in 2011 not getting JB. I would hope that wouldn’t give us 2012 phones the middle finger like that.

        • But the BIONIC came out in 2011. 🙁

    • Kusold

      I would like to know when the Bionic is even officially getting ICS. I’ve been running the leaks since June with 0 issues. They are ready for prime time.

      • normmcgarry

        Yeah me too. Those leaks were pretty solid.

      • Here is the Moto response:

        Doug Kulp [email protected]@Motorola When is the Bionic getting the ICS upgrade? What is the hold up?Collapse Reply Delete Favorite1RETWEET2:37 PM – 6 Sep 12 · DetailsTweet textImage will appear as a link6 SepMotorola Mobility [email protected]@infidel0331 Hi Doug. Your device will get the upgrade in Q3. When we have more details, we’ll post them here: http://moto.ly/icsupdate Expand Reply Retweet Favorite6 SepDoug Kulp [email protected]@Motorola your site says early Q3 & we’re in the last month of the Q. What’s the holdup?Collapse Reply Delete Favorite7:29 PM – 6 Sep 12 · DetailsFYI, Moto did not respond back to my second query.

    • Charlie

      Just a gut feeling from a past Bionic owner but I bet it won’t see JB. Owners will get the $100 credit though.

      • normmcgarry

        Yeah I have that feeling too. I wish companies would at least unlock the bootloaders when the 1 year warranty is up. The dev on the Bionic has been trash lately.

      • Mike

        Eh, I hate to be mean but they can take that credit and shove it. It’s nice of them to extend an olive branch, but this whole experience has left a sour taste in my mouth. I will be going with a new OEM and probably a new carrier when my contract is up. If Google’s ownership is really going to change things, they need to prove it before Moto gets any more of my business.

        • Kusold

          I’m planning on switching from my Bionic to the iPhone 5 within a month. At least Apple updates their phones promptly.

          • LegalAmerican

            Yeah they update em alright. You just don’t get all the features. Talk to iPhone 4 owners after they get iOS6. (Google Maps will be removed, Apple Maps will not function. No mapping service unless you find an app)

    • I know this isn’t the answer you want to hear but I have been using a “leaked” ICS build (.232) for almost 2 months and it is rock solid. Supposedly they are going into soak tests soon as a couple more builds have been leaked since then.

      If you don’t want to wait you can do this now and you are %100 able to go back to stock for the official ICS build once the OTA begins. On top of that th process is fairly straight forward. I know I am not the only one that will be sticking with Nexus devices from now on.

      • normmcgarry

        I am using .232? What does this have to do with Jelly Bean?

        • It means that you don’t have Ics out officially so Jelly bean might be wishful thinking.

          • normmcgarry

            I’m not sure I understand your response. The .232 leak being solid and going into soak tests soon means that Jelly Bean is wishful thinking?

        • Your right it’s not but it’s a lot better than Gingerbread and as close as we are going to get to JB i’m afraid.

      • SA

        Question for you Ryan, I’ve been finding it difficult getting an answer on this: Is there a big difference with JB (versus ICS)? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the effort, on my G-Nex. Whenever I try to research this, all I can find are talking points about when JB’s going to be available/how to install it, then precious little discussion about whether it’s actually a big deal in fact. What say you? Thanks in advance.

        • normmcgarry

          The expanded and detailed notifications in the notification area is reason enough for me. Those are amazing.

        • theentropic

          Jelly Bean performs a heck of a lot better on my Nexus than ICS did. Plus, Google Now is pretty freaking awesome. I would recommend doing it.

          • SA

            Thanks, that’s helpful.

        • Google Voice is another reason. Amazing.

        • Biggest difference for me is the smoothness of the UI as well as the general optimizations which seem to improve battery life and make the system more stable.

          Google now and the notifications are nice additions but aren’t life changing features in any way.

          • I also have been running an ICS leak (ver .223) on my Bionic since June & I’ve had no problems other than there are times that I will notice some lag when backing out & closing apps. In comparison, I have the N7 with JB & it just FLIES!! Now I understand that there is quite a difference in the hardware spec between the 2. However, I couldn’t be happier with both devices and Android releases. On my phone, I have noticed a big difference in battery life with ICS, as it will last me from 7 am until 10 pm with the extended 2700 mA battery and running FoxFi to connect my N7 for roughly 5 hours or so per day. Either way, I would absolutely recommend to SA to make the jump. I’d love to find a JB build for the Bionic. I’d root in a heartbeat!

      • Buy This

        Nah I know, I am already rooted and running Eclipse. For some reason, I cannot get RSD LITE to install on my computer. I thought I left my unsafe side stock but apparently not cause I couldn’t get .232 to flash. IDK why but since I can’t use RSD I can’t rock the leaks right now.

    • Buy This


      • OfTheDamned

        What phone?…{waves hand in Jedi fashion}…..you have no phone.

        • Vmaster

          /waves hand: “Those are not the updates you are looking for.”

          • Feeling left out Bionic owner

            LMAO OfTheDamned and Vmaster

      • normmcgarry

        Motorola gave the impression that phones released after 2011 would get JB, so I would assume the Droid 4 and Bionic should be on the list up there. Considering Motorola has had leaks for the Bionic and Droid 4 roughly the same time that the Razr got ICS, I would think that these phones would be the same way with JB.

        • I just don’t have a good feeling about either of them. The DROID4 is on ICS, so I’ve added it to the list, but would be sort of surprised if they update the Bionic. Don’t know why, just feel that way.

          • normmcgarry

            You know this whole time I’ve been thinking the Bionic is a 2012 phone, but it actually was 2011. That’s depressing.

          • I don’t see the D4 on the list anywhere…I really hope it gets it. If the Razr family does there is no reason they can’t put it on the D4.

          • theres no reason they cant put it on any android phone… but that doesn’t stop em (from not doing it)….

          • Well actually the Droid 3 and earlier Droid’s don’t have the operating speed to handle Jelly Bean

  • Michael Forte

    Easier answer: when you decide to root and do it yourself.

  • root4life

    this really sucks for you verizon guys. i am on sprint and was surprised we got it before you all, but in all honesty i think verizons new direction on a lot of things lately is sucky

  • Barry Taylor

    -2 months ago?

  • KleenDroid


  • Captain_Doug

    Dinc2? Nobody?

    • Zach Armstrong

      I’m still patiently waiting and hoping its going to get released. Its been long enough release it already.

      • Captain_Doug

        You could try Aeroevan’s rom. It works like 90% of the time. Just doesn’t do youtube(stream videos) at all. Otherwise, works great.

  • Andrew Remmers

    Anything with “Verizon” and “Updating Android” in the same sentence basically doesn’t exist. This company is terrible at updating anything. Might as well wait till Android 5.0 before you hope to get Jelly Bean.

    • Sobr0801

      Anything with android in the name and last year is not getting an update. The whole process has become a joke. Either get nexus or get out. I almost regret getting my Rezound over the nexus now, but I just cant stand Samsung.

      • Ken Bosse

        Nexus or get out would work if VZW had actually pushed out JB by now. Yea the nexus is unlocked, but so is the S3 and I have been running JB for a while too. Regardless, were strapped down by good ol’ VZW and it sucks.

      • Rich

        I understand, but HTC is FAR WORSE than Samsung let me tell you… and since Veriz-a-nazi won’t update anything its a f’ing joke… its funny how they don’t want unlocked bootladers for fear it will mess with or someone will mess with their system files yet they allow the nexus on their network which is the same thing in those regards…

        There politicians basically so why would they do whats best?

      • cartersims

        Get a N3xuS or get out Yo! Yeah getting this Nexus has really helped me get the fresh Jelly Bean bro. It Rocks! When I got JB pushed like a week after it was announced I was all like :O

        GNex on VZW FTW Suckas! This sh1t is so buttery bros!

        Yeah none of that happened. Eff this buggy f*cking sh*t phone. Eff Verizon. Eff Samsung and Eff Google.

        But it’s SOOOOO open.

        • Sobr0801

          Troll. But yeah i am switching to Wp8

        • Chris Hughes

          I had JB on my VZW nexus the day it was released…

      • EnigmaV8

        Um…hardly. Verizon maybe, but Android itself is fine. I’ve had Jelly Bean on my Xoom (wireless only) since late this past spring.

        • Sobr0801

          Yeah, my xoom did as well Shortly before i sold it.

    • coolsilver

      They were terrible with WinMo updates as well.

  • 4n1m4L

    This “leaked test build” I have found no glitches in. Occasionally I have difficulty highlighting text, but it is solid. My daily driver since the day of the leak.

    • I’m with you. Have had almost zero issues with it.

      • Mark F

        I found one, when you try to create a folder by dropping one icon on top of the next, it sometimes moves out of the way instead. I know that this moving out of the way is a feature but there is no reason why it does move or just makes a folder right there.

        • Hover over it for a second. I think that’s the feature. To prevent unwanted folder creation.

          • Mark F

            By me the second I move the icon slightly next to the Icon it starts to move. There is no way I can hover.

          • ah ok, nevermind then. Unfortunately that small bug will probably delay the entire update by another 2 months. It is pathetic of VZ. In reality, we can flash a new ROM but the general public can’t(doesn’t know about them). The difference between ICS and JB is incredible. JB runs so much smoother and feels way more polished. I do believe VZ would sell more of them with JB installed. Maybe another reason they are dragging their feet?

          • Mark F

            Trolls. NO worries

        • RW-1

          It’s a feature of the new home screens to auto adjust, most may not realize you can stack to make folders now. I just drop two icons onto that screen quickly, then move one over the other to get the folder, to me, quicker than playing icon chase from the app menu to create.

      • Mark F

        Also is it just me or “Google Now ” on the new build for Galaxy nexus is just a bit slow ?

        • 4n1m4L

          Sometimes it has trouble initializing for me. But I love it.

          • Mark F

            I doubt thats whats holding up the update though.

          • I think the slowness is a hardware performance issue, as in, the device is just slow. If you open Google Now on the Nexus 7, there is no stutter or delay – it just opens. But on my GSM Nexus and LTE Nexus, it’s slow as molasses.

        • just you google now works flawless ; )

          • Mark F


      • mtkregs

        I’ve had a handful of random reboots, although infrequent. It runs pretty well. I like Google Now (especially now that it shows the card with the Lions game scores)

        People shouldn’t get overly excited about the new radio software, though.

  • Michael Schnider


    -OG Droid: Right Now lol

    • Captain_Doug

      Android rocks my socks.

  • If the damn phone can run ICS, it can definitely run Jelly Bean. If these companies say otherwise, that is pure B.S and they know it!

    • summit1986

      If anything, it may be easier to run JB than ICS with all of the optimizations they have made.

    • bpow

      Amen! My maxx better receive it!

      • Pegleg

        Only if it “makes the cut” ! Good luck!

    • Joey Miranda

      jelly bean has been proven to work on the original droid LOL, so therefore any android phone released in the last 2 years should be able to run it, its just a fail on the manufacturers part.

    • Nick C

      If the OG Droid and G1 can, then any phone can.

      • T4rd

        Well “running” and “running well” are two different things. The OG Droid and G1 don’t do the latter.

        • Nick C

          you are right about the G1. The og droid…well that depends on the number of apps you have.