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Galaxy Note 2 Launching on AT&T October 21?

Could we see the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on October 21? According to today’s rumor out of BGR, AT&T is at least planning to sell it on that day. I know that many of you are looking for a release date from Verizon, but we likely won’t have one for another few weeks. We had heard that this oversized phone may see a staggered launch in the States, so don’t be surprised if AT&T gets it first and the rest of the carriers follow closely behind.  
We spent some time with the new Note earlier this week and came away impressed. If you thought that a bigger than big phone would fulfill your every desire, then this is the one to look at. Well, until HTC drops at 1080p phone on us.


Via:  BGR

Cheers Taylor!

  • Jeffree

    So when exactly is the Note 2 launching? has it been confirmed? will it launch world wide?

  • I own the note I bought when it came out. Will I be eligable for upgrade to the note 2 its going to be 6 months since the first came out.

  • Hatyrei

    how about in Verizon? 🙁 ,. iDitched the iPhone 5 because they said it’s coming to Verizon too… hmmmp.

  • matti861

    Its really annoying how manufacturers announce a phone then don’t sell it for another 2 months. One thing they could take from crapple is that when they announce a iPhone its out literally a week or two later

    • macboy74

      I like that little insult/ praise you did there. That was genius. :-/

      • matti861

        Speaking the truth my friend

        • macboy74

          I’m not your friend. And its Apple not crapple. If you’re gonna insult them try spelling the name correctly.

          • matti861

            Oh man the apple fanboy comes to a droid based site to defend his love to a inferior company. Get a life bro seriously. Head to a Mac site if you want people to slob all over apples knob

          • macboy74

            Ill go where the fu*k I please. I have a right to be here like anyone else. I have 5 android devices my first being the HTC Dream before half of you even knew what android was. And who is defending Apple? Some of you simpletons just cant handle the truth. I have their computers not their phone.


    This is my choice to replace the worst Android 4G phone, HTC Thunderbolt. I’m keeping my finger crossed that it would be available on Verizon.

  • jay_peter

    If you want something that works as it should, get the iPhone 5. If you want to go out and search for an update to your phone, get Android.

    • Chris

      Go. Away.

      please ban this guy’s IP. It’s obviously the same guy that has been trolling for days now.

      • jay_peter

        Oh, so you want to ban me because my opinion is different than yours? There really is no reasoning with fandroids.

        • Johnny Murillo

          This is an Android website you idiot! No one on this site cares about the low end iPhone! Go to a iDrone site if you want friendlies to your mindless cause.

          • macboy74

            So its low end now? A few days ago you people said it “got what android phones have had for a year” and it was “on par with android phones”. Lol simpletons will be just that.

        • macboy74

          While I’m an android user I understand that everyone has their own choice and taste in phones. And yes the new phone is a great update for iPhone users and it has always been an awesome phone as a whole. But you’ll have to excuse people like Johnny Murillo and others here. They are dedicated to android just like people are dedicated to iOS. But they feel they can call people names like sheep and whatever else they say. Truth is they are sheep as well just of a different color. And unless their buying the phone for you they should keep their yap shut. Just saying.

    • cb2000a

      You obviously know nothing about Android. Trading my Samsung Note for a iphone would be a huge downgrade (and yes I have used an iphone).

      • jay_peter

        In what way is it a downgrade?

  • Answer2K1

    WOW! BGR got in almost 20 words before the obligatory i5 hyperlink in an article about the Note II and the Lumia…

  • Butters619

    I have AT&T and that’s the day after my birthday. Now if only it wasn’t $800 off contract 🙁

    • bigkitty

      How’s AT&T’s coverage; do your calls drop a lot? I know they are pushing LTE towers within 30miles-50miles of where I live and work. I am just not sure whether to drop Verizon or not.

      • Butters619

        Since I have LTE in my area and an LTE phone it has been wonderful. Before I had an LTE phone it was pretty bad. AT&T’s HSPA network is just so bogged down in CA. I wouldn’t be able to even get a sustainable data connection on my drive home from work. I honestly never dropped calls, I just couldn’t hold a usable data connection. I hope the influx of LTE iphones won’t ruin it

      • cb2000a

        Here in Hawaii we still have HSPA+ and it is very fast (on Maui). Fantastic coverage…just as good as Verizon (which I used to be on).

    • You could sell your current phone for 300 bucks to help offset the cost. Even at 300 dollars, your phone would be a bargain compared to buying a new one off contract for $550 and up 🙂

  • hkklife

    My predictions: AT&T Note 2 in Oct, Sprint in Nov (around BF), T-Mobile in very limited quantities right before Christmas, VZW in early-mid January (if it comes at all). If the LG Intuition turns out to be as big of a flop as I am predicting it will be, it could have either a positive or a negative effect on the Note 2 release schedule for Big Red.

    Not that it really matters, since I just got the GSIII, but a Note 2 on VZW would be THE hottest phone for the immediate future, IMO.

    • yarrellray

      Correction At&t in October, Tmobile in November matter of fact November 14th to the 21st will be it’s launch time. Let’s not forget the Galaxy S3 came out in stores first with Tmobile June 21st.

      • squiddy20

        Says the dope who “knew” the Note 2 would be coming to “all carriers except Verizon” “by mid September”. Let’s face it, you base your “facts” on nothing more than unconfirmed rumors. Always have, and probably always will.

        • yarrellray

          What do you base your opinion on college boy??? Why don’t you tell us all what you are going to do. Least i know I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 on launch day. What will you be doing on Sprint with your crappy ass 3g Galaxy Nexus??? If you’re not working or don’t have a job kinda hard to buy a smartphone you loser.

          • squiddy20

            As I’ve had to tell you repeatedly, it’s not an “opinion” if it can be proved time and time again. Your “prediction” that the Evo 3D would be out on June 4th? Based on *rumors*. Your “prediction” that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus would be out November 8th, then sometime late Nov., then again early December? Based on *rumors*. Then there’s your above mentioned “predictions” that have so far been proven completely false.

            “If you’re not working or don’t have a job kinda hard to buy a smartphone you loser.” And yet, the fact that I have a smartphone at all pretty much means I do have at least some source of income, so your laughably stupid “insult” just failed. Not to mention that you yourself state I have a Galaxy Nexus, so if I didn’t have a source of income, where’d that smartphone come from? Riddle me that, Dick. Good lord you are stupid.

            You go around insulting iPhone users about being “uneducated simpleton’s”, and yet you don’t even know how to spell “asinine” or when to use the correct form of “you’re”. Not to mention that you once claimed over a year ago that Sprint had simultaneous voice and data while in a call, but that’s only been true since the Evo 4G LTE. You claimed (supposedly as an insult to me) that rooting was for “2plus year old devices” despite owning an Evo 4G at the time, which had a HUGE root community behind it.

            Oooo! Look at the big man using a .jpg to make himself feel better! If only it was nearly as intimidating as you hopelessly hope it is….

  • Anyone else things that At&T actually tries to get phones in a timely manner? They get everything before Verizon and seem to care more about getting phones out to their customers, im really thinking about switching.

    • Answer2K1

      They have to, since they lost exclusivity with iPhone and most well-known/respected polls and surveys put Verizon ahead of them, AT&T has to take every advantage it can get. Verizon can basically keep doing what they want until AT&T can truly challenge them in terms of network, customer service, reliability, and LTE.

      • hmm those are some solid points. Yeah the network is the only thing keeping anyone on Verizon. I just dont get why its to hard to release phones on time. The finally did it with the S3 so I hope they will do it here. Why pass on the One X? ATT even offers all the windows phones if you wanted them.

        • Answer2K1

          I think once they get further away from the whole Droid branding, things will be better but until someone can dictate to them how they want a release to go (see Samsung & Apple) we’ll still be subject to their schedules, but in the end, the updates are up to them unless someone teaches them a lesson by selling CDMA Nexus phones directly (looking at you, Google).

          • cb2000a

            ATT has better phones than Verizon and updates models faster. I have had nothing but good experience with their support.

  • jphanes24

    Screw the HTC device. It’s rumored to be only 5″ hahaha honestly though, just because the HTC device will be 1080pi doesn’t make me want it more than the Note 2. C’mon Verizon… playing with my devices is like playing with my emotions lol

    • interstellarmind

      Actually, the HTC device will probably have the S4 pro quad core chip wit an adreno 32o graphics chip this chipset makes chump-meat out of the exynos quad core in the Note 2.

  • Please Verizon! Please bring this phone to my hands!

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    The guys over at BGR are a joke. Windows 8 isnt supposed to be out until the 26 yet they say the lumia and the GN2 will be out on the 21. I dont trust a damn thing those morons say,

    • Moron

      Windows 8 was released to manufacturers a few weeks ago.

      • Jroc869, Cool story bro

        Obviously manufacturers have already had access. I am obviously talking about for consumers.

        • ChrisTraeger1

          Should have read his name before responding.

    • macboy74

      Agree.You should scroll down to the comments sometime. Its a bigger flame war than here.

  • RoadsterHD1

    SPEED TEST PLEASE !!!!!! Quadrant AnTuTu Nenamark

  • Timothy McGovern

    All the phones coming out are killing the iPhone 5. Why don’t people realize this?

    • CopierITGuy

      In a word… sheeple!

    • yarrellray

      Don’t worry people really realize it. They are just fooling themselves totally. Whenever the Galaxy Note 2 arrives i will be purchasing it day one on Tmobile.. Check out this great video.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u28sTUxk3jw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • Donthate

      Because you like Galaxy Note doesn’t mean it killing the iPhone Lol

      • DanielHsu2

        “Because you have bad grammarz doesn’t mean you right.”

        But seriously, learn english before you post on the internet. A spelling mistake here and there is excusable, but don’t post as if you’re a 7-year old mashing keys.

        The Galaxy Note 2 and numerous other modern smartphones demolish iPhones spec-wise. Software is the only thing that #iSheep can claim is “better” than Android devices.

        • jay_peter

          Specs are not important in the long run. If your OS is garbage like Android, then specs ultimately don’t matter.

        • macboy74

          Let explain something to you big shot. And I know some of you here are slow and so hypnotized by android you cant here reason but here goes. IOS doesn’t need massive specs like android phone do. Iphones run one os from one company and that is all. Android phone have android ui and os, OEM ui ans os and carrier os and other bloatware. Plus any other miscellaneous stuff they throw on it. Now you’re gonna need that heavy spec sheet to push all this plus all the other things that you out on it.

          • jay_peter

            You’re going to get downvoted for trying to reason with fandroids. They don’t like facts here.

    • Answer2K1

      Simple, they’re not interested in equal or better phones, they want familiar and safe products, throw in enough “enhancements” to be able to say “See, we have them too, and probably better!” and everyone is happy.
      They’ll sell a gazillion of ’em and it’ll be the most “successful” iPhone launch in history, until next year and why?
      1. They have a built in base that’s locked into their ecosystem
      2. It’s mainstream
      3. People don’t like change
      4. It’s actually a pretty good phone

      • DanielHsu2

        Exactly. Of the 2 people who disliked your post, they were probably #iSheep, hipsters, or trolls. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken an AP Psych class in HS/@ a University, but studying the “mainstream” habits of society and the conformity associated is especially true in the case of smartphone purchasing habits.

        When faced with factual evidence against them, they choose to use the least provable argument so that they can either a) defend their purchase or b) make sure that they are defending the “mainstream”.

        Building upon your points
        1) The OS is simple “enough” and gives “enough” flexibility that people can somewhat customize the OS to fit their needs.
        2) iPhones are the very definition of everything hipster. It is the most “mainstream” thing you can get—which is astoundingly non-hipster….
        3) When faced with change, people like to grasp onto something tangible and familiar, usually blocking out obvious facts.
        4) The specs are good “enough” to warrant some people to upgrade.

        • CRH45

          no daniel, im afraid you and your douche bag friend jay_peter are the trolls here.

        • michael arazan

          If it is so cool to have an iPhone, wouldn’t the “hipster” thing to do , is not have an iphone because it is so cool just to be ironic?

    • jay_peter

      Specs aren’t everything. I’ll take the superior user experience on the iPhone over the lagfest that is Android.

      • DanielHsu2

        User Experience? You mean the experience that is monitored and censored by Apple, where you have literally no customization without j/b-ing?

        iPhones are the epitome of everything that is wrong with people in the world. Holding a gorgeous piece of tech in your hands that you don’t understand because the OEM has coddled the software so much that a simpleton could effectively use it.

        Linus>Windows>Mac OS X

        It’s as simple as that. Understanding your tech is part of the experience, as well as manipulating it to fit your needs. If you truly believe that Android is “laggy”, then you are a #iSheep in denial or you’re just trying to defend your frivolous purchases of iPhones every year.

        • jay_peter

          Wow. If anyone is in denial, it is you. Linux is the most overrated OS in history. Is it still sitting at 1% marketshare?

        • macboy74

          Lol I’m guessing you never used a Mac. Lol

          • Paul

            I ove my Mac and prefer to use it daily. I don’t care if my PC gets a virus, I’ll just wipe it since I don’t use it for anything important.
            I still don’t like iDevices, they’re limiting. Android has a better user experience for me!

      • Johnny Murillo

        Have you used a high end Android Smartphone lately? They don’t lag at all, in fact there super fast, smooth & open & run applications much quicker than the “mainstream” iPhone!

        • macboy74

          Come man who you kidding. My nexus 7 and SGSIII lag, reboot on there own and sometimes slow down all the time. But I’ve learned that it is just the way android is. But I can deal with the truth and not try to dress up a pig in a suit if you will like some of you here.

          • jay_peter

            It’s nice to find someone else who’s not living in denial.

      • Dave Coulter

        Who asked you?

    • cizzlen

      And with all the playing around in that 4 minute video the battery level only decreased a meager 1%. Okay, I need this phone like NOW!