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Initial Reactions to the iPhone 5…

Reactions? We know you have them after hanging with us during Apple’s iPhone 5 event. The announcement has had an hour or so to soak in, so after reading our initial thoughts below, be sure to drop yours as well. Did anything impress or surprise you? Are you dying for Google to announce the new Nexus, now?


I’m confused, did Apple announce the iPhone 4, 4S or 5 today? At this point in Apple’s history, it’s tough to tell anything they do apart. Each time we get a new product, we all walk away saying, “Wait, where is the redesign?” They’ll tell you that what they are showing you has been completely redesigned, but even commenters in our live chat were having difficulty telling the new 5 apart from the 4S on stage. Basically what I’m saying, is that Apple has their formula, and unless you buy into it, you aren’t ever going to come away all that impressed.

They fine-tune, they don’t reinvent or re-create or any other fancy word they may use. Clearly it’s a winning formula, but it’s one that feels more stale today than it ever has. The big bold numbers in slides, inflated stats, and wordplay aren’t changing. Every time Tim Cook and his crew takes the stage, you can predict what they are about to say, show, and reveal. I’m sure this phone will be a massive hit, but even to an Android guy, I expected more this time around.


Well Apple, you’ve done it again. Thankfully, it looks like the media is finally starting to cut through the B.S. and is realizing these devices are getting less and less cool as the years go by. What’s even more amazing is that my Facebook feed is filled with less, “OMG, the new iPhone is awesome!” Is it possible that consumers are starting to see a trend and are actually unimpressed with what Apple is producing these days?

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is the definition of a boring product in comparison to previous works. It has a bigger display! Whoopty doo. It has 4G LTE! What top of the line Android device doesn’t? If you’re going to stick to iOS as an operating system, then by all means, this is all going to be awesome for you. If you’re serious about getting a real smartphone that has had all of these features and then some, go get yourself a good Android phone. I’ve been let down, Apple.

These of course are just my initial reactions and I’m sure my opinions will change as much as I change my clothes. Often.


For a company that likes to tell their users what they should have in a mobile device, Apple has really painted themselves into a corner with the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is not really that striking, or exciting. It’s lighter and thinner and has a few more technologies that Android phones have had for a while now. Where is the new? Apple rolled out iOS 6 again today, as if we didn’t see it months earlier, and even that wasn’t a big upgrade either. Apple is taking the word “redesign” to the next level and relying on their fans to buy the next version of the iPhone just because it’s an iPhone. It will indeed “just work” but the mantra is soon become “it’s just an iPhone.” When it was first released it was revolutionary, now it just seems reactionary. Nevertheless, it will sell well and 4-inch screens are now ‘in-style’ but Apple’s announcement today was on par with the 4S announcement last year: disappointing.


The iPhone 5 was everything I expected and nothing I hoped for. It matches the competition without really innovating in any way. I’m not sure if Apple isn’t innovating anymore because someone else will come up with something, or if Apple is trying to ride this out instead of innovate on top of its cash cow like it did with the iPhone killing iPod sales. At the same time, I’m not sure what to expect from Google in the coming weeks. It’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to really innovate with software and hardware as everything comes into parity. In short, while Apple was pretty boring today, I’m not sure I’m really excited for anything from Google either. Please Google, dare to surprise me.

  • joejoe5709

    Now… I will refrain from tearing Apple apart. They are a worthy competitor with a massive following. But one thing is for sure… this was the year of the Android and this release just sealed it. If I were already an Apple fan, I would be excited about this phone. But for new buyers looking for a smartphone, I can’t say the iPhone5 is as easy of a sell that it used to be. Better luck next year, Apple. Oh wait… next year will be the iPhone5S. Well okay… Better luck in two years, Apple. Take these two years and come up with something that will truly wow us!

    • Jackson

      By then phones will be a thing of the past lol it’ll be like a contact lense that show or emits holograms lol this was there last chance lol.

  • Anybody else watch the live police chase in Cali instead of following the unveiling?

  • fanboy1974

    My initial reaction:

    When is the release date for the Verizon Note 2?


    When is that HTC 1080p phone getting revealed?

  • joejoe5709

    I think their biggest mistake was the design. If it were a little more than a little bigger iPhone4S, I think the media and the public would be all over this. The general public and iSheep could care less about what’s underneath. For once in their lives, I think a lot of people will be asking themselves if it’s worth upgrading. I consider this the iPhone 4S2, not the iPhone5.

  • Soofdawg

    iPhone 5 is disappointing and that’s being completely objective. It’s obvious they are holding major, true upgrades for a 5S model…which is stupid for consumers, but great to guarantee cashflow for Apple. Regardless, I don’t see 4 & 4S owners jumping on this…The minor ‘upgrades’ are not enough value to justify an upgrade. If you believe your life will improve with the newest thing, than go for it. Unfortunately for Apple, more average consumers are going to have a hard time seeing the difference between a 4S and a 5.

  • Jon Tobin

    I love my Android phone, but I would kill for a phone with half as nice industrial design. The only Android phone to date that even comes close is the HTC One S. I still don’t like iOS, but no one can deny that the unibody all aluminum and glass sure beats out the “premium” Galaxy S III plastic mess.

    • Jackson


    • NexusMan

      I don’t like glass phones. Glass breaks. And cracks….it’s dumb to put a glass BACK on a phone…and almost dumber to put a MOSTLY aluminum back on a phone with unnecessary glass at its top and bottom borders.

  • Trevor

    Wish they would have put NFC in there to boost its popularity. Thanks for nothing Apple. Though they may be waiting on the phantom NFC system ISIS.

  • tech247

    My reaction??? Yawn……..

  • 4″ smartphone…bwah ha ha ha! Droid-Life please compare iPhoony to the Nexus S, screenwise. Better yet, do a drop test. Android for Life, suck it Windows Phone. err, I mean Apple.

  • itznfb

    Apple finally has a smartphone that is competitive with my almost 2 year old Thunderbolt…. is my first though. My 2nd is that it’s funny that Apple touted the camera as the smartphone’s greatest asset yet they didn’t even bother to update the iPhone 5 camera to something decent.

  • I want Goophone

    • Jackson

      Lol it’s actually better lol imagine that

  • Personally I thought the most important piece of info was the higher-end iPod Touch being $299. With all the talk of an iPad Mini being a potential Kindle killer, how can they price it lower than the Touch?

    • Kernschatten

      Damn. That’s an excellent observation.

    • Tyler Chappell

      by not releasing it, lol The fact that they unveiled new iPods today pretty much shows that they wont be making a smaller iPad any time soon, the iPod touch IS the smaller ipad.

  • MicroNix

    Meet the new iPhone.
    Same as the old phone.

  • Iamalwaysbetter

    The reason they have not changed anything is because other
    companies have not changed anything as far as form factor. They have nothing to
    steal innovate; this is what happens when you constantly rely on others
    to do your innovation for you. Not to mention people who buy Apple are people
    that will in most cases always buy Apple no matter how subpar, overpriced, or
    blatant rip of their products are.

  • while CM10 m1 has been pretty solid so far, I am totally sick of relying on custom roms to get the jelly bean experience. selling my gnex and getting this. peace out!

    • Jared

      Why would you run CM10 on a Nexus device?

    • Jackson

      If you’d never had an ifoon I understand you thinking they’re smoother personally I have had more lags and force closes with iod then android by far.

      • Jackson

        I had the 4s

  • Kernschatten

    The iPhone 5 could have been so much more. But, they diverted too many resources trying to name the wriststrap on the new iPod Touch.

    Wristpod? No.
    Podstrap? No.
    The Loop? Brilliant. Where’s that patent application?

  • Aaron

    My reaction is: looks nice(as with all iphones), very underwhelmed with the lack of new features, and what the hell is the point of a larger screen if it is not any wider. The wider the screen the easier it is to type on.

    • Aaron

      I also like the idea of a reversible data/charge plug, but why not just go for wireless charging? Wireless charging just seems like a very apple feature that it’s fans would just eat up.

  • Knlegend1

    I wonder if Nintendo will let me down tomorrow!!!

    • Conartist

      I just got excited x 1000.

  • I was stuck in a bad service area and relied on DL’s coverage of the event. Typically, during events, I’d be eyes glued to the feed as it refreshes. The “improvements” and revealed features were so lackluster and unsatisfactory that I found myself actually heading back into my RSS feed to read about non-tech news. To say that their unveiling was eventful would be true. It has finally shown that Apple is losing steam and focus. You can be assured that Apple fans and fanatics will continue to praise their fruit overlord, as we will appreciate our Robot prince. It’s just nice to know that Android is now proving to not just be a follow-up success, but a true leader in features and mobile computing breakthroughs.

  • Jake

    The iPhone 5 looks too narrow now. They should have added a little more width to balance the new height. It looks phallic.

  • OnlyNexus

    4″ Screen, thinner, and LTE!?!? Android better catch up soon or they will be left in the dust! :/

  • Have Samsung lawyers called Tim Cook yet?

  • c4v3man

    The iPhone going widescreen means apps will look better on android phones now, so that’s a plus…

  • Paul

    It’s kinda like how Porsche says they completely redesigned the 911’s exterior with each one but it’a a few millimeters wider and the headlights are slightly different each time.

  • Esteban_Colberto

    You know… honestly, it’s not as much fun to bash a company that just isn’t trying anymore. I can’t get into an argument with an iPhone user anymore because they don’t want to battle on specs or innovation, a fight Androidians have daily between their favorite manufacturer. The sad part is when Android crosses the 50% threshold in most respects, Apple will now be the “underdog”, which is just wrong in so many ways. They have a product their fans want, but can’t really brag about anymore. If they like 2 year old tuna fish, let them have it. They just can’t show you any more cool features because now they are the ones copying everyone else just to have their users feel good about using the only product they’ve known for so many years now. Meh.

  • Samsung must be sprinting to the court house after hearing about LTE
    Samsung: If Apple Releases an LTE iPhone, We’re Ready to Sue

    • SeanBello

      between Samsung and HTC’s LTE patents, I hope they can’t get the damn things past customs. then all the sheep will know how all the people that pre-ordered the One X felt like.

  • Thank you Jesus that all these people have the same opinion as me!

  • PC_Tool

    Honestly glad they finally got rid of the silver collar the other iPhones all have. I’ve always hated that.

    Of course, now it looks more like an Android / WP7 device than an iPhone….so go figure.

  • znewman

    I was mostly unimpressed with the announcement. Nothing that was really all that exciting, but now I am excited to see the next Nexus device. I love my Galaxy Nexus, but I think that the more and more competitive that Android Phone developers get that we will see better and better Nexus phones to come.

    Edit: I also can’t wait to find out if Apple violated any of HTC’s LTE patents.

  • Nate

    I like the construction of it. It looks sleek and cool and all, but….

    GNexus’ screen is WAY better. I don’t care what it is–AMOLED is da bomb.

    • PC_Tool


      Sorry, I even own a Nexus, and…yeah. Sorry. Try again.

      The screen on my Fascinate was better.

      • I agree that the screen on the GNex doesn’t even approach a retina display butI completely disagree with you PC_Tool. The screen on the GNex is *BY FAR* better than the Fascinate…

        • PC_Tool

          Brighter, crisper, cleaner colors.

          …especially with the help of supercurio and hiss Voodoo app.

          The G’Nex? Either washed-out blue or yellow tint to everything unless you root and install a customer kernel with display mods…and even then, meh…

          (I’ve gone through 3 GN and own 3 Fascinates)

          Perhaps we can agree to disagree.

      • Nate

        Sorry you feel that way. I upgraded from an Incredible and an OG Droid. So, your comment/my comment is subjective.

  • HeartStrong07

    Anxious to feel, touch and use the Galaxy Note 2 – not the iPhone 5. GN2 was a step up, the iPhone 5 was not IMHO. Samsung has an excellent opportunity jump far ahead of the iPhone with the next GNex .. we will see if they do

  • bakdroid

    Ron, what a surprise type of comment from you. BGR is waiting for your resume.

  • NexusMan

    First off, someone tell Tim Cook that the iPhone 5 is NOT “the world’s thinnest smartphone,” as he erroneously claimed onstage. The Droid Razr is .6mm thinner. At least Johnny Ive got it right by calling it “the thinnest iPhone ever.” Big diference. Next, here’s a list, so far, that I’ve compiled of all the features Apple stole…uh, copied…uh, borrowed…uh, lifted…uh were inspired from Android and put in this iCrap: larger screen, LTE, Panorama mode, Take pics while shooting video, face detection, HD Camera, 3D maps, Maps, Turn by Turn Navigation, Google’s Chrome syncing (they call it iCloud Tabs!), and call rejection with an automatic text… Unbelievable that these are the same people crying about others not innovating, and stealing what they’ve “created,” and “copying” their products, innovations, ideas and leads. Gimme a break.

  • KT

    I was very underwhelmed by the iPhone 5. I’m sure it’s a good device, but aside from it being a little bigger, it pretty much looked like the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

  • Robert Jakiel

    $99 for a GS3 or Moto RAZR M. Upcoming GNote 2 and LG Optimus G both w/ quad core beasts under the hood, incredible displays and according to everything I have seen the Optimus G is supposed to have a superior camera. Let’s not forget the other monsters on the market. HTC One X and One S, RAZR HD, Xperia T. For the budget conscious the Xperia SL looks like a winner too. Lastly the good ole GNex. All of these make the iPhone 5 look dated.

  • Brent Cooper

    Anyone have a rough idea when Google plans to unveil the next Nexus(s)??? Within a month? 2 months?

  • Aaron Burroughs

    Technology as it stands is at a stalemate. These events need to get smaller and smaller. Not much more a phone can do these days without a radical change. now when a phone that can double as a desktop/ laptop comes out, ill be impressed.

    • NexusPhan69

      Google Glasses.

  • Joe

    Seems like the iPhone 5 is just a placeholder. They added the two things that it had to have (bigger screen and LTE) in order to still compete, but even Apple fans would have to agree that this new phone is not groundbreaking by any means.

    • That’s 2 placeholders in a row – yikes

    • SeanBello

      isn’t that what the 4S was? LOL what’re they putting off?

      • PC_Tool

        “The Next New iPhone”, obviously. 😉

        • SeanBello

          the funny thing is in a couple months they’ll start developing the next one and this one is a year behind everything now except for the processor. I think we’re witnessing the death knell

          • PC_Tool

            That might be a tad over-dramatic. Apple could stop releasing new iPhones completely and still come out ahead of everyone else in revenue for years to come.

            No, ain’t no-one at Apple HQ hurting.

  • New iPhone. New 4 inch screen, no phone has had a 4 inch screen before! LTE for faster speeds, no phone has ever had LTE before. Amazing Apple! You invent everything ever! /sarcasm. Congrats Apple for catching up to 2 years ago. zzzzzzz

  • jaykay

    Jelly Bean!!!! So fast, smooth and simple!! Apple can’t touch this…

  • sayntboi

    I can guarantee that Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave right now.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I read the specs and then took a nap…thats how underwhelming the iPhone 5 Is to Me…The 16 GB SGSIII for $99 on amazon is looking more and more appealing to me now…don’t see any real need to upgrade to the iPhone 5 from my 4S..

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    I pooped after dinner today, put an Apple sticker on it and showed it to my friends. They found it more exciting than the iPhone 5 and are willing to sell a kidney to get their hands on my “Apple Poop”.

    P.S: Yes, this comment was inspired by @facebook-10602828:disqus ‘s comment. kthxbey.

  • J

    ….not to be redundant, but I feel compelled- my Droid X had a panoramic portrait mode. My Droid X. Kudos to Apple for bringing old innovation to their loyal user base. Let’s watch AAPL soar, shall we?

  • Android4life

    My co worker just came up to me gloating about the new Iphone. She goes “it has a bigger screen, something called lte and panoramic view”. *sigh. This is who Apple was hoping to target.

    • John

      Did you take a panoramic photo of her wool on your Galaxy Nexus?

      • soc13kid

        ha ha (baa baa?)


    I think the biggest news from Apple today was the new connector. The 30-pin was so outdated it wasn’t even funny. Other than that, I came away disappointed too.

  • I was just as underwhelmed with the actual release as I was with all the leaks. Beautiful materials, no doubt, but no imagination.I was hoping that Apple would take a step forward with the hardware, and I didn’t see that. It’s laughable to hear the “Hey! Look at me!” features being touted with the iPhone 5.

    Apparently, Apple is/was more than content to play it safe with design. That probably won’t stop the phone from selling like hotcakes; but as someone that takes design seriously, I’m disappointed.

  • Mike Butler

    Seems to me that the general consensus is that “the phone looks great” and nothing else…well, it loses that positive aspect once you put a protective case on it…then what do you have? That’s right….same ole, same ole.

  • Sour grapes. They are finally getting some features we are getting bored with.

  • im super disappointed for my brother hes a iphone and apple lover