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Initial Reactions to the iPhone 5…

Reactions? We know you have them after hanging with us during Apple’s iPhone 5 event. The announcement has had an hour or so to soak in, so after reading our initial thoughts below, be sure to drop yours as well. Did anything impress or surprise you? Are you dying for Google to announce the new Nexus, now?


I’m confused, did Apple announce the iPhone 4, 4S or 5 today? At this point in Apple’s history, it’s tough to tell anything they do apart. Each time we get a new product, we all walk away saying, “Wait, where is the redesign?” They’ll tell you that what they are showing you has been completely redesigned, but even commenters in our live chat were having difficulty telling the new 5 apart from the 4S on stage. Basically what I’m saying, is that Apple has their formula, and unless you buy into it, you aren’t ever going to come away all that impressed.

They fine-tune, they don’t reinvent or re-create or any other fancy word they may use. Clearly it’s a winning formula, but it’s one that feels more stale today than it ever has. The big bold numbers in slides, inflated stats, and wordplay aren’t changing. Every time Tim Cook and his crew takes the stage, you can predict what they are about to say, show, and reveal. I’m sure this phone will be a massive hit, but even to an Android guy, I expected more this time around.


Well Apple, you’ve done it again. Thankfully, it looks like the media is finally starting to cut through the B.S. and is realizing these devices are getting less and less cool as the years go by. What’s even more amazing is that my Facebook feed is filled with less, “OMG, the new iPhone is awesome!” Is it possible that consumers are starting to see a trend and are actually unimpressed with what Apple is producing these days?

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is the definition of a boring product in comparison to previous works. It has a bigger display! Whoopty doo. It has 4G LTE! What top of the line Android device doesn’t? If you’re going to stick to iOS as an operating system, then by all means, this is all going to be awesome for you. If you’re serious about getting a real smartphone that has had all of these features and then some, go get yourself a good Android phone. I’ve been let down, Apple.

These of course are just my initial reactions and I’m sure my opinions will change as much as I change my clothes. Often.


For a company that likes to tell their users what they should have in a mobile device, Apple has really painted themselves into a corner with the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is not really that striking, or exciting. It’s lighter and thinner and has a few more technologies that Android phones have had for a while now. Where is the new? Apple rolled out iOS 6 again today, as if we didn’t see it months earlier, and even that wasn’t a big upgrade either. Apple is taking the word “redesign” to the next level and relying on their fans to buy the next version of the iPhone just because it’s an iPhone. It will indeed “just work” but the mantra is soon become “it’s just an iPhone.” When it was first released it was revolutionary, now it just seems reactionary. Nevertheless, it will sell well and 4-inch screens are now ‘in-style’ but Apple’s announcement today was on par with the 4S announcement last year: disappointing.


The iPhone 5 was everything I expected and nothing I hoped for. It matches the competition without really innovating in any way. I’m not sure if Apple isn’t innovating anymore because someone else will come up with something, or if Apple is trying to ride this out instead of innovate on top of its cash cow like it did with the iPhone killing iPod sales. At the same time, I’m not sure what to expect from Google in the coming weeks. It’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to really innovate with software and hardware as everything comes into parity. In short, while Apple was pretty boring today, I’m not sure I’m really excited for anything from Google either. Please Google, dare to surprise me.

  • Kheir Francis

    Really, its a longer 4S with LTE capability. Im glad I got the phone i have now, i bet all the people tat were waitig for this since last year are dissapointed. i would be.

  • Chris Clancy

    i was thoroughly bored by the entire event…. blah blah blah… 4g … blah blah we redefinisignengineered everything…

  • Turn by turn directions is a pretty huge feature that the iPhone has been missing. Of course, it is something that Android’s had for years…

  • bpow

    I love how apple fans are freaking out cuz the new iphone has a “5th row of icon!”. With go launcher, or pretty much any launcher, you can CHOOSE how many rows AND COLUMNS! Plus choose a billion other things! Shows what a closed universe apple runs.

  • Brian Sargent

    People who own 4s can’t tell that the 4s they have been handed is not the new iphone 5.


  • Stabone

    That back looks slightly different. That’s a redesign… I guess.

  • robertoblake

    I’ve been saying this for the longest time, and yes I know its probably getting old, but Apple stopped innovating a long time ago. The iPhone was innovative, the iPad and iPod and iPod Touch were innovative (sort of) but that is it.

    Now they just rehash and remarket the same product after refining how to produce it as cheaply as possible, continue to screw their vendors on their cut and price at the largest premium. And people will buy because they are trapped in the App Ecosystem.

    Mostly because they believe the hype instead of fact checking. This phone doesn’t come close to standing up the Galaxy S3 it barely touches the S2. As for the huge app store its mostly games nobody plays. The main apps people use are available in the Android ecostyem as well.

  • microdot

    I read the funniest comment on another forum – “apple should sue itself for copying the iphone4s”…hilarious

  • bane

    No matter how big of an android fanatic you are, we all get a boner when we walk into an apple store

    • MisterFrancisco

      Buy an Android phone first, then you have my permission to troll.

      • bane

        I have 2 galaxy s3s, a galaxy nexus, i’ve owned the NXS4g, htc evo 4g, evo design, photon(p.o.s), galaxy s2, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s. Created apps on the android market, and developed my own rom. Don’t get me wrong.. I love android, but its just a fact that Apple does a great job of marketing. No matter how much you despise Apple, I guarantee you smile when you walk into an Apple store.

        • MisterFrancisco

          Haha I had to do the bane quote. But I agree with the power that apple’s marketing has over the masses, can’t deny that.

      • bane

        I did like your use of the Bane quote 😉

  • In the past month, I have had 3 friends come and ask me what Android phone they should buy. All 3 friends are replacing their i*hones with Androids. I feel powerful.

  • Now it’s time to fork Jelly Bean onto it! {{^_^}}

  • JulianZHuang

    if the new nexus cant offer more battery life, it’s a useless phone.

  • ndog21

    For HTC and Samsung to file lawsuits against it and win

  • Anil Reddy

    I have one straight question to whoever says that iphone just works..do u buy a premium phone just for the fact that it works?? You dont buy a device that costs atleast $199(with contract) to “just work”. You need something that is worth using after a long time and feature-rich when compared to other phones in the same class. If you still want iphone despite all the facts, its due to the marketing power of apple and nothing else.

    • brandnew234

      That’s not true, some people are scared to have the power to customize&are to stupid to figure out how to use Android.

  • DainLaguna

    man i forgot how unsubjective some droid-lifers are.

    personally, i like the design. first time i’ve liked an iphone in black. its not OMG amazing, but it does look nice and seems to be very high quality…i want the build on the next nexus to be something along these lines.

    and the camera will probably be fantastic, something else the next nexus needs to benchmark or one up.

    • jaxxmjd

      It’s too bad that making a phone-shaped phone has been patented by iPatentTroll.

  • brando56894

    I almost want to watch the event to see how lame it was.

    • SeanBello

      bet they pumped in crowd news like WWE lol

  • It’s not new, its not different, it’s a little thinner, with a slightly bigger screen.

  • largemargethehungry

    Enuff about the iPhone 5…..Let’s get back to that POOP way better news

  • Drew

    This phone does not even come close to a Galaxy S III. The iPhone has a smaller screen, no NFC, it’s design is archaic + unpleasing to the eye, it’s not the thinnest smartphone in the world as they claim, the camera was not improved from the last version, the OS looks the same, Siri still sucks, passbook can only pay for like 3 things, and the list goes on. If you want a real smartphone, where everything is simple, yet customizable, fast, reliable, and fits your budget and style then you should get an Android. When I see someone with an iPhone, I immediately think they have never picked up an Android phone, because why else would they want this overpriced, piece of crap. Apple has been releasing products so similar to the last one, yet they get so many sales. This is ridiculous, there should not be so much hype for a phone that could have been released a year ago.

  • GoNoles

    what about the Samsung and HTC suing over LTE patents and stuff?

    just a none trolling question…

  • The latest edition to the iPhone family is garbage!
    What ever this mediocre iPhone can do, the Samsung Galaxy S3 does way better. They’re just adding features that’s been present in android for years. This isn’t innovation. This is just coping android and trying to make it seem as if they came up with it first. Want blazing fast LTE speeds? Just get one powered by Verizon Wireless. They cover 75% of the nation with LTE speeds.

  • RW-1

    “Facebook feed is filled with less, “OMG, the new iPhone is awesome!” ”
    Yes, this is due to a portion of the forced labour at Foxconn commiting suicide, less personnel available to make posts …
    But you guy’s are missing the next big thing to hit, and I’me sure it will soon:
    *** I’m eagerly awaiting the “Hitler React’s to the iPhone 5 Event” Video to come out! ***

  • shecalledmejay

    What is the pointing in claiming the world’s skinniest phone, if your costumers have to buy an Otto box case, to keep it from breaking?

  • johnc7995

    This is getting annoying, this site needs to stop covering so much iPhone / Apple related news. It is completely pointless.

    • Take it easy John. We are finally sitting at the throne resting easy and enjoying the moment. 🙂

  • RoadsterHD1

    Dam, Apple couldn’t even make the icons different? Iphone 3, 4, 5 are boring phones.

  • Alan Paone

    Its nice for them that they get to join the party, but everywhere I look is a resounding ‘meh’. Now bring on the Nexus rumors!

  • The last line from Ron really sums up my thoughts too.. This was a total let down and was a reactionary catch up to specs and features android has had for awhile. But the leaked specs for the new nexus are just an incremental upgrade as well.

    • Jackson

      I hope not because if it’s not amazing I’m just going with the Note 2 lol wilil be either the only or one of the only quad core on Verizon if those to play nice together it’ll be the fastest phone on the market for a long time.

    • Bryan

      But here’s the thing – nobody gets on stage and says the Nexus is revolutionary and is the first phone to do the same things phones have been doing for a while now.

  • joejoe5709

    Now… I will refrain from tearing Apple apart. They are a worthy competitor with a massive following. But one thing is for sure… this was the year of the Android and this release just sealed it. If I were already an Apple fan, I would be excited about this phone. But for new buyers looking for a smartphone, I can’t say the iPhone5 is as easy of a sell that it used to be. Better luck next year, Apple. Oh wait… next year will be the iPhone5S. Well okay… Better luck in two years, Apple. Take these two years and come up with something that will truly wow us!

    • Jackson

      By then phones will be a thing of the past lol it’ll be like a contact lense that show or emits holograms lol this was there last chance lol.

  • Anybody else watch the live police chase in Cali instead of following the unveiling?

  • fanboy1974

    My initial reaction:

    When is the release date for the Verizon Note 2?


    When is that HTC 1080p phone getting revealed?

  • joejoe5709

    I think their biggest mistake was the design. If it were a little more than a little bigger iPhone4S, I think the media and the public would be all over this. The general public and iSheep could care less about what’s underneath. For once in their lives, I think a lot of people will be asking themselves if it’s worth upgrading. I consider this the iPhone 4S2, not the iPhone5.

  • Soofdawg

    iPhone 5 is disappointing and that’s being completely objective. It’s obvious they are holding major, true upgrades for a 5S model…which is stupid for consumers, but great to guarantee cashflow for Apple. Regardless, I don’t see 4 & 4S owners jumping on this…The minor ‘upgrades’ are not enough value to justify an upgrade. If you believe your life will improve with the newest thing, than go for it. Unfortunately for Apple, more average consumers are going to have a hard time seeing the difference between a 4S and a 5.

  • Jon Tobin

    I love my Android phone, but I would kill for a phone with half as nice industrial design. The only Android phone to date that even comes close is the HTC One S. I still don’t like iOS, but no one can deny that the unibody all aluminum and glass sure beats out the “premium” Galaxy S III plastic mess.

    • Jackson


    • NexusMan

      I don’t like glass phones. Glass breaks. And cracks….it’s dumb to put a glass BACK on a phone…and almost dumber to put a MOSTLY aluminum back on a phone with unnecessary glass at its top and bottom borders.

  • Trevor

    Wish they would have put NFC in there to boost its popularity. Thanks for nothing Apple. Though they may be waiting on the phantom NFC system ISIS.

  • tech247

    My reaction??? Yawn……..

  • 4″ smartphone…bwah ha ha ha! Droid-Life please compare iPhoony to the Nexus S, screenwise. Better yet, do a drop test. Android for Life, suck it Windows Phone. err, I mean Apple.

  • itznfb

    Apple finally has a smartphone that is competitive with my almost 2 year old Thunderbolt…. is my first though. My 2nd is that it’s funny that Apple touted the camera as the smartphone’s greatest asset yet they didn’t even bother to update the iPhone 5 camera to something decent.

  • I want Goophone

    • Jackson

      Lol it’s actually better lol imagine that

  • Personally I thought the most important piece of info was the higher-end iPod Touch being $299. With all the talk of an iPad Mini being a potential Kindle killer, how can they price it lower than the Touch?

    • Kernschatten

      Damn. That’s an excellent observation.

    • Tyler Chappell

      by not releasing it, lol The fact that they unveiled new iPods today pretty much shows that they wont be making a smaller iPad any time soon, the iPod touch IS the smaller ipad.

  • MicroNix

    Meet the new iPhone.
    Same as the old phone.

  • Iamalwaysbetter

    The reason they have not changed anything is because other
    companies have not changed anything as far as form factor. They have nothing to
    steal innovate; this is what happens when you constantly rely on others
    to do your innovation for you. Not to mention people who buy Apple are people
    that will in most cases always buy Apple no matter how subpar, overpriced, or
    blatant rip of their products are.

  • while CM10 m1 has been pretty solid so far, I am totally sick of relying on custom roms to get the jelly bean experience. selling my gnex and getting this. peace out!

    • Jared

      Why would you run CM10 on a Nexus device?

    • Jackson

      If you’d never had an ifoon I understand you thinking they’re smoother personally I have had more lags and force closes with iod then android by far.

      • Jackson

        I had the 4s

  • Kernschatten

    The iPhone 5 could have been so much more. But, they diverted too many resources trying to name the wriststrap on the new iPod Touch.

    Wristpod? No.
    Podstrap? No.
    The Loop? Brilliant. Where’s that patent application?

  • Aaron

    My reaction is: looks nice(as with all iphones), very underwhelmed with the lack of new features, and what the hell is the point of a larger screen if it is not any wider. The wider the screen the easier it is to type on.

    • Aaron

      I also like the idea of a reversible data/charge plug, but why not just go for wireless charging? Wireless charging just seems like a very apple feature that it’s fans would just eat up.

  • Knlegend1

    I wonder if Nintendo will let me down tomorrow!!!

    • Conartist

      I just got excited x 1000.

  • I was stuck in a bad service area and relied on DL’s coverage of the event. Typically, during events, I’d be eyes glued to the feed as it refreshes. The “improvements” and revealed features were so lackluster and unsatisfactory that I found myself actually heading back into my RSS feed to read about non-tech news. To say that their unveiling was eventful would be true. It has finally shown that Apple is losing steam and focus. You can be assured that Apple fans and fanatics will continue to praise their fruit overlord, as we will appreciate our Robot prince. It’s just nice to know that Android is now proving to not just be a follow-up success, but a true leader in features and mobile computing breakthroughs.

  • Jake

    The iPhone 5 looks too narrow now. They should have added a little more width to balance the new height. It looks phallic.

  • OnlyNexus

    4″ Screen, thinner, and LTE!?!? Android better catch up soon or they will be left in the dust! :/

  • Have Samsung lawyers called Tim Cook yet?

  • c4v3man

    The iPhone going widescreen means apps will look better on android phones now, so that’s a plus…

  • Paul

    It’s kinda like how Porsche says they completely redesigned the 911’s exterior with each one but it’a a few millimeters wider and the headlights are slightly different each time.

  • Esteban_Colberto

    You know… honestly, it’s not as much fun to bash a company that just isn’t trying anymore. I can’t get into an argument with an iPhone user anymore because they don’t want to battle on specs or innovation, a fight Androidians have daily between their favorite manufacturer. The sad part is when Android crosses the 50% threshold in most respects, Apple will now be the “underdog”, which is just wrong in so many ways. They have a product their fans want, but can’t really brag about anymore. If they like 2 year old tuna fish, let them have it. They just can’t show you any more cool features because now they are the ones copying everyone else just to have their users feel good about using the only product they’ve known for so many years now. Meh.

  • Samsung must be sprinting to the court house after hearing about LTE
    Samsung: If Apple Releases an LTE iPhone, We’re Ready to Sue

    • SeanBello

      between Samsung and HTC’s LTE patents, I hope they can’t get the damn things past customs. then all the sheep will know how all the people that pre-ordered the One X felt like.

  • Thank you Jesus that all these people have the same opinion as me!

  • PC_Tool

    Honestly glad they finally got rid of the silver collar the other iPhones all have. I’ve always hated that.

    Of course, now it looks more like an Android / WP7 device than an iPhone….so go figure.

  • znewman

    I was mostly unimpressed with the announcement. Nothing that was really all that exciting, but now I am excited to see the next Nexus device. I love my Galaxy Nexus, but I think that the more and more competitive that Android Phone developers get that we will see better and better Nexus phones to come.

    Edit: I also can’t wait to find out if Apple violated any of HTC’s LTE patents.

  • Nate

    I like the construction of it. It looks sleek and cool and all, but….

    GNexus’ screen is WAY better. I don’t care what it is–AMOLED is da bomb.

    • PC_Tool


      Sorry, I even own a Nexus, and…yeah. Sorry. Try again.

      The screen on my Fascinate was better.

      • I agree that the screen on the GNex doesn’t even approach a retina display butI completely disagree with you PC_Tool. The screen on the GNex is *BY FAR* better than the Fascinate…

        • PC_Tool

          Brighter, crisper, cleaner colors.

          …especially with the help of supercurio and hiss Voodoo app.

          The G’Nex? Either washed-out blue or yellow tint to everything unless you root and install a customer kernel with display mods…and even then, meh…

          (I’ve gone through 3 GN and own 3 Fascinates)

          Perhaps we can agree to disagree.

      • Nate

        Sorry you feel that way. I upgraded from an Incredible and an OG Droid. So, your comment/my comment is subjective.

  • HeartStrong07

    Anxious to feel, touch and use the Galaxy Note 2 – not the iPhone 5. GN2 was a step up, the iPhone 5 was not IMHO. Samsung has an excellent opportunity jump far ahead of the iPhone with the next GNex .. we will see if they do

  • bakdroid

    Ron, what a surprise type of comment from you. BGR is waiting for your resume.

  • NexusMan

    First off, someone tell Tim Cook that the iPhone 5 is NOT “the world’s thinnest smartphone,” as he erroneously claimed onstage. The Droid Razr is .6mm thinner. At least Johnny Ive got it right by calling it “the thinnest iPhone ever.” Big diference. Next, here’s a list, so far, that I’ve compiled of all the features Apple stole…uh, copied…uh, borrowed…uh, lifted…uh were inspired from Android and put in this iCrap: larger screen, LTE, Panorama mode, Take pics while shooting video, face detection, HD Camera, 3D maps, Maps, Turn by Turn Navigation, Google’s Chrome syncing (they call it iCloud Tabs!), and call rejection with an automatic text… Unbelievable that these are the same people crying about others not innovating, and stealing what they’ve “created,” and “copying” their products, innovations, ideas and leads. Gimme a break.

  • KT

    I was very underwhelmed by the iPhone 5. I’m sure it’s a good device, but aside from it being a little bigger, it pretty much looked like the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

  • Robert Jakiel

    $99 for a GS3 or Moto RAZR M. Upcoming GNote 2 and LG Optimus G both w/ quad core beasts under the hood, incredible displays and according to everything I have seen the Optimus G is supposed to have a superior camera. Let’s not forget the other monsters on the market. HTC One X and One S, RAZR HD, Xperia T. For the budget conscious the Xperia SL looks like a winner too. Lastly the good ole GNex. All of these make the iPhone 5 look dated.

  • Brent Cooper

    Anyone have a rough idea when Google plans to unveil the next Nexus(s)??? Within a month? 2 months?

  • Aaron Burroughs

    Technology as it stands is at a stalemate. These events need to get smaller and smaller. Not much more a phone can do these days without a radical change. now when a phone that can double as a desktop/ laptop comes out, ill be impressed.

    • NexusPhan69

      Google Glasses.

  • Joe

    Seems like the iPhone 5 is just a placeholder. They added the two things that it had to have (bigger screen and LTE) in order to still compete, but even Apple fans would have to agree that this new phone is not groundbreaking by any means.

    • That’s 2 placeholders in a row – yikes

    • SeanBello

      isn’t that what the 4S was? LOL what’re they putting off?

      • PC_Tool

        “The Next New iPhone”, obviously. 😉

        • SeanBello

          the funny thing is in a couple months they’ll start developing the next one and this one is a year behind everything now except for the processor. I think we’re witnessing the death knell

          • PC_Tool

            That might be a tad over-dramatic. Apple could stop releasing new iPhones completely and still come out ahead of everyone else in revenue for years to come.

            No, ain’t no-one at Apple HQ hurting.

  • New iPhone. New 4 inch screen, no phone has had a 4 inch screen before! LTE for faster speeds, no phone has ever had LTE before. Amazing Apple! You invent everything ever! /sarcasm. Congrats Apple for catching up to 2 years ago. zzzzzzz

  • jaykay

    Jelly Bean!!!! So fast, smooth and simple!! Apple can’t touch this…

  • sayntboi

    I can guarantee that Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave right now.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I read the specs and then took a nap…thats how underwhelming the iPhone 5 Is to Me…The 16 GB SGSIII for $99 on amazon is looking more and more appealing to me now…don’t see any real need to upgrade to the iPhone 5 from my 4S..

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    I pooped after dinner today, put an Apple sticker on it and showed it to my friends. They found it more exciting than the iPhone 5 and are willing to sell a kidney to get their hands on my “Apple Poop”.

    P.S: Yes, this comment was inspired by @facebook-10602828:disqus ‘s comment. kthxbey.

  • J

    ….not to be redundant, but I feel compelled- my Droid X had a panoramic portrait mode. My Droid X. Kudos to Apple for bringing old innovation to their loyal user base. Let’s watch AAPL soar, shall we?

  • Android4life

    My co worker just came up to me gloating about the new Iphone. She goes “it has a bigger screen, something called lte and panoramic view”. *sigh. This is who Apple was hoping to target.

    • John

      Did you take a panoramic photo of her wool on your Galaxy Nexus?

      • soc13kid

        ha ha (baa baa?)


    I think the biggest news from Apple today was the new connector. The 30-pin was so outdated it wasn’t even funny. Other than that, I came away disappointed too.

  • I was just as underwhelmed with the actual release as I was with all the leaks. Beautiful materials, no doubt, but no imagination.I was hoping that Apple would take a step forward with the hardware, and I didn’t see that. It’s laughable to hear the “Hey! Look at me!” features being touted with the iPhone 5.

    Apparently, Apple is/was more than content to play it safe with design. That probably won’t stop the phone from selling like hotcakes; but as someone that takes design seriously, I’m disappointed.

  • Mike Butler

    Seems to me that the general consensus is that “the phone looks great” and nothing else…well, it loses that positive aspect once you put a protective case on it…then what do you have? That’s right….same ole, same ole.

  • Sour grapes. They are finally getting some features we are getting bored with.

  • im super disappointed for my brother hes a iphone and apple lover

  • Kernschatten

    Stale. Nothing innovative at all.

    Can’t wait to see what real world battery life is like on this thing.

  • I was really hoping the body of this article just read “…meh.”

  • garrett sullivan

    At this point I’m starting to think that Apple is ignoring NFC simply so that it can say it isn’t copying Android. We need NFC. I can’t believe they don’t have it yet. I share my contact info and directions to places quite often with it. Why won’t they get with the times!

  • Answer2K1

    After the presentation and reading most of the mainstream blogsphere, it seems that Apple’s iPhone 5 release went exactly as they thought/wanted it to go.
    They gave the world the next iPhone with beefier specs and a larger screen but more importantly, they kept the previous models relevant by giving their customers/users “choice”.
    “Choice” being that for the spec-heads that have to have the latest/greatest (they can have the “5”).
    For the ones that want a great phone but at a better price, they now get the “4S” and for the really budget-conscious, the can have the “4” (the one that changed everything again and pretty much what the other two are based upon).
    Now you have this “family” of 3 that offers something to the folks that want an iPhone while still raking in more cash than Apple has time to count.
    So in the end, it wasn’t so much about the “5” as it was about making sure Apple was still on top of the “heap” and ahead of any individual phone.
    Of course, though, it made sense to cherry-pick some of the best features of Android or android’s best apps while making the best parts better for the “5” and adding LTE. Pretty much Mission Accomplished, no one “blown away” but now folks are going to buy iPhones more than ever now.

  • With the iPhone 5, Apple has securely placed the iPhone in more of a Smartphone category compared with high-end Android phones which are more along the lines of mobile computers with phone functions. I fail to see the need for an improved processor in the device since multi-tasking is so crippled and think the taller phone design is only good for single-thumb use while driving. The looks are somewhat improved but seem off-set by the awkward ‘virginia-slims’ design. Better low-light camera may be the best thing about the new iPhone. And LTE – but it that is pretty much a given on any smartphone these days. The only way I might think its a worthwhile buy is if it can be hooked up to a TV where games can be played on it like a console. Another let down.

  • Justin

    Here are my thoughts on this… iOS is very simplistic, very “user-friendly” – Android is for people who have used smartphones before. People start with iPhones, and move on to Androids. Maybe THAT is a new trend?

  • zepfloyd

    Apple has gotten like Microsoft did initially after XP, lazy. They view it as why change what works, but what goes up…still must come down….

  • John S.

    I see now why Apple tried to eliminate its competition through litigation……

  • Jorge Guaman

    LETS talk about key lime pie.

    • NexusPhan69

      And the next Nexus! Yes!

  • RBI411

    When you play the game of phones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

  • Hey guys, take a look at that new apple pin connector adapter for the 30-pin. It says “Video and iPod Out not supported” on the store page. Does that make any old device that used the 30-pin adapter useless, except to charge the device?


  • SeanBello

    I wonder how laughable this was in Europe, where they’ve had quad core phones with LTE for awhile

  • ericsf8

    i now understand why Apple was so aggressive in the court room… they should be scared

    • Chronon7364

      Spot on.

  • Joshua and Bristol Kantor

    I do not enjoy apple products. Like just about everyone else here (been reading since the DROID came out) i love tweaking my phone to make it mine. I would never purchase an iPhone. I currently have a RAZR running Full Throttle Nitro.

    However, my wife has one (4), and the one thing that i wish i had was a better camera hardware/software selection. Maybe it’s just motorola, but i’ve never seen an android phone with a better camera than an iPhone.

    Looks like the DROID RAZR HD has a similar sensor in it. Am i missing something, or is this a common problem?

    • ozo012

      My Rezound camera is pretty awesome.

    • SeanBello

      the One X camera obliterates the iPhone camera, and the iPhone camera is absolute garbage in anything but absolutely perfect lighting conditions.

      • Joshua and Bristol Kantor

        FFC too?

        the iPhone camera seems to me to take better low light pictures than my RAZR.

        i’ll have to check out the One X. maybe the new nexii will be great with pictures?

        • SeanBello

          ehhh, they don’t seem too concerned about it for some reason. they could’ve easily made a big improvement with the gNex.

  • gorkon

    Apple is feeling more and more like the Palm of yore. I remember when Palm was the top dog in smartphones with Windows Mobile playing second fiddle. Then….Palm stretched out Garnet for a long….LONG ….LOOOOOOONG time. Then Palm made the choice of choices: Switching to Windows Mobile. Then there was the Pre with WebOS. Now there’s nothing. Apple is doing fine, but at some point the normals will wake up. We have.

  • If my LTE speeds go down I will be pissed and Verizon WILL be hearing from me!

    • Pedro

      Oooooh. I bet they will be so concerned they either
      A. Send out a truck to your neighborhood.
      B. They’ll just start counting the cash from all the new iPhone customers who didn’t jump ship last year when the 4S left ATT customers in a ‘blah’ state

      I’m thinking B.

      • I’m thinking B as well! But seriously if it drops like ATTs network did with the iPhone I will be pissed and I will call and call and call Verizon until they can no longer ignore me

  • Wait that announcement was for the 5? I thought it was a 4s Plus or something.

  • MichaelFranz

    OK i’ll be honest. Looks wise i think the black looks great. I like that brushed aluminum black look. but besides that, its got nothing. I am curious to see how it holds up with wear and use

    The dock connector will eventually drive people nuts. If you don’t want to buy other new toys then rock the ugly adapter….
    LTE – whatever LTE is great we know that, and now thanks to apple and the iphone5, providers will have to beef up their network because every fan boy will get one and bog down my network….jerks..
    but just as the guys said, i really did not see anything ground breaking or innovative. They just improved on an existing product. I haven’t heard much buzz on the internet that sports a positive reaction to this. I expected some big battery tech that would make LTE use not matter, but didnt.

    As much as Steve Jobs might have hated Android, i think he is rolling in his grave (may he rest in peace) knowing what they did

  • kentholio

    Initial media reaction is usually always meh. Over the next few ways they will find ways to morph things into revolutionary.

  • Droid

    Andorid is just a carbon copy of what it wants to be…IOS

    • Mack

      How is that even remotely possible? Serious question btw.

    • maratu
    • summit1986

      Android has a time machine?!?! Because many features “unveiled” today have been on Android for months, even years in some cases. /donefeedingthetroll

      • Jake

        No, he’s talking about Andorid, the mobile OS for people who can’t spell.

  • DanWazz

    You people don’t understand! Five rows of icons! Five days on the calender! Apps that aren’t updated, will be centered with a black border! Still has the same “vintage” hardware button! This is a game changer.

    • abqnm

      In the whole announcement the only thing that actually looked interesting was the new iPod Nano. At least something new-ish was announced.

  • MrEnglish

    Don’t care. Pre-ordering Friday. It’ll be nice to have a phone that doesn’t feel like it was made by a teenager.

    • James

      BOOM!!!!! I AGREE 1000000%!!!!!

    • DanWazz

      It will just look like the software was designed by a toddler. Also, the phone was probably, in all reality, built by a child laborer.

    • SeanBello

      no, it was made by a Chinese slave laborer instead.

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      maybe you shouldn’t have bought a Kin

  • derek connolly

    The all-black design looks cool…but thats it for me.

  • Joey

    *Waits for A6 to run circles around your most current Android phone

    • Not going to deny that. New Qualcomm quad-core S4 should do just fine though. 🙂

      • MichaelFranz

        which im hoping for in that HTC phone. That might be my next device as long as they stuff a nice battery in it

        • iNfAMOUS70702

          I like htc but big batteries isn’t their thing for whatever reason..

          • MichaelFranz

            agreed, but at some point they have to hear the public cries

    • tehserver

      Still waiting…

      edit: curse you disqus for converting my awesome gif to a lame jpeg.

  • Mallahet

    Gonna have to go with Ron on this one. I’m hoping for more innovation, but we may have hit a plateau. Here’s hoping Google keeps striving forward.

  • tehserver

    It looks like the Goophone.

    • moelsen8

      oooooh snap

    • NexusPhan69

      IDK why but I found this one of the most hilarious I’ve ever seen on DL. I’m going to remember it later in the week and laugh out loud again. Pure amazingness.

      • tehserver

        I’m actually curious if the company that makes the Goophone will follow through on their threats and sue Apple.

      • arthur2142

        My thoughts exactly!

  • DeeMat

    I was quietly hoping for a device that would justify me buying full retail to replace my RAZR – I guess I can ride this one out.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      It would have had to be one heck of a phone to warrant spending $600-700! Eesh that’s a lot of money just for a phone.

      • Actually, I wish we had the model in Europe and elsewhere where you buy the phone for $500+, but its unlocked and compatible with all the carriers in your country. If you don’t like your carrier, just cancel without an ETF, put in a new sim card and go!

        Because of contracts and Americans loving subsidies, we are stuck with locked down phones that usually only work on that carrier (even if you terminate and pay the ETF), carrier bloatware and branding, etc. > : (

    • ozo012

      Ebay is your friend

    • JoshHenry

      Whats wrong with your Razr?

  • ozo012

    This is how I feel

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Also, I’m glad that Apple finally got with the crowd and put the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone.

  • jdrch

    2011 hardware. Apple is a year behind.

    • What is wrong with this hardware.
      It is thin and light, feels solid, and looks good.
      I like my Galaxy Nexus but it definitely doesn’t look as good as this.

      • jdrch

        And you would know the “solid feel” how? Were you at Apple’s event today?

        I was referring to the lack of an HD screen and NFC, the just recent addition of LTE which Android phones have had for over a year, the low RAM (GS3 has 2GB) and the lack of storage compared to a maxed out GS3.

        • ceejw

          The screen is higher DPI than the Gnexus and it isn’t pentile. There’s plenty of things to complain about with the iPhone but I don’t think the screen is one of them.

          • jdrch

            The Gnex screen res is higher. So is that of the GS3. And the Razr MAXX HD. And the Lumia 920, which also has a higher PPI than the iPhone 5.

          • ceejw

            Screen res doesn’t matter by itself. If someone made a 6″ phone with 720p resolution it would look terrible because of the low PPI. There are very few phones with screens that have a higher PPI than the iPhone, so I don’t really see it as something you can knock it for.

          • SeanBello

            the screen isn’t one of them? when HD screens have been out for almost a year? bigger screen + same DPI = less clarity

          • ceejw

            I think you’re confused: bigger screen + same DPI = equal clarity. bigger screen + same resolution = less clarity. The iPhone 5 has a resolution bump to keep it at the same dpi as the 4 and the 4S

          • SeanBello

            I stand corrected. had DPI and res mixed up.

          • SeanBello

            for the record though, I’d much rather have a screen that is 10 dpi less, but HD.

      • NexusPhan69

        I think thats personal preference. I prefer the GNex look by a little and the GNex feel by a thousand times. Cold square pointed glass is not comfortable to hold at all.

      • PC_Tool

        “feels solid”

        …says the guy who’s never felt one.

        Is it any wonder no-one can take a positive Apple comment at face value anymore?

        • Let’s look at Kellex who wrote in THE ARTICLE saying:
          “it’s tough to tell anything they do apart”

          Thinner, lighter, and longer can make a huge difference.
          Maybe we shouldn’t be taking Kellex’s posts at face value anymore.

          It was a logical assumption based on what people said who were actually there in person just like Kellex made the logical assumption that there would be similarities in how it looked.

          • PC_Tool

            We can all see how it looks…even Kellex.

            We cannot see how it feels.

            Try again. (Or rather, don’t. Take a deep breath and admit you have no freaking clue how it “feels”…)

          • I do not personally know how it feels. I have to go by what other blogs have been saying.

            However if we truly want to see how something looks in real life we have to be there. Which none of us were.
            How many times have you seen a render or a video of something and then it looks completely different in real life?
            You make an assumption based on what you see.

          • PC_Tool

            “I do not personally know how it feels.”

            See? Was that so hard? You really could have just stopped there…the rest is just you using thinly veiled rationalizations in defense of what cannot be defended with logic and reason.

            I think we’re done here. (edit: or would have been, had I been able to stop typing…)

            People are wrong all the time. It happens. To everyone. We get excited, we get caught up in the moment. We’re human. Why is it so damned hard for anyone to admit?

            FWIW: I do agree with the rest of your response to the OP. The hardware seems very good. Hardly “2011”…

      • Jake

        Tastes vary, but I get what you’re saying. Even though the iPhone’s 5 new additions only bring it to parity with many Android phones, that’s okay. Many of us would kill to have an Android phone with a screen as nice (pixel density, saturation, & color accuracy), as good a camera, a build that was as solid & sexy, equal reliability, and an app & media store half as robust. All that being said this was an embarrassing show for Apple. They didn’t even try to innovate.

        • eehhhh, I was agreeing with you on a hardware standpoint, but Apple’s app store is a joke to me. Having used an iPhone 4 for quite a while, I find most of the apps lackluster. There’s a lack of good OS integration with them and there’s several key apps I use on Android that are either free or $1 that are $3-5+ on iOS for less quality.

    • Andrew Remmers

      They were that last year

    • zepfloyd

      Cortex A15 isn’t 2011 hardware…at least be serious.

      • Robert Jakiel

        No it isn’t but the Exynos 5512 already exists and is waiting for its’ debut in the GS4. Let’s not forget that the Snapdragon S4 uses MANY Cortex A15 design elements as well so while not being a true Cortex A15 is performs very closely to one. Then of course there is the imminent announcement and release of the Tegra 4, Snapdragon S4 Pro and TI OMAP 5 series.

        • zepfloyd

          I didn’t say the A6 was world class leading, but it’s certainly not 2011 hardware. Allegedly it’s actually based on Exynos. Don’t really care.

    • Apple’s hardware has always been top notch. Let’s not needlessly knock Apple for their great hardware. Let’s knock them for something they’ve always sucked at, especially when talking about the iPhone…….the software. iOS is a dinosaur and this hasn’t changed with the iPhone 4S2, sorry iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        4S owner here and I agree…love my iPhone but there’s no way I could use iOS as a daily driver without jailbreaking

  • 4 more icons…….. Ok when is the next nexus.

  • AlexKCMO

    I’m actually surprised they went to a 4″ screen because of how Lord Jobs called them TVs. I saw a friend of mine today who’s an iPhone guy and asked if he’s going to buy a TV. He was unsure what I was referring to then when I mentioned he called my Droid X a TV… he went “Well…. yeah… I guess.”

    Apple is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Their users are getting used to the basics and wanting more, but they want to keep the idea of simplicity and universal ease of use. I think when Google finally releases 5.0 that will probably be a complete redesign, Apple will really have to scramble just to compete.

    Tim Cook is playing it way too safe and within a couple of years, it’s going to bite him in the ass.

  • Jose C

    Well said, gentlemen, I like Eric’s comment the most, he really hit the nail on the head.

  • Rob

    “Are you dying for Google to announce the new Nexus, now?”


    • Yes, and I will buy it no matter what it looks like!!! 😉

      • PC_Tool

        Isn’t that the same attitude we accuse Apple users of? 😉

        • thatsthejoke.jpg

          • thatonenewguyontheinternet

            i cant open your link

          • cartersims


          • Andy


          • again, thatsthejoke.jpg

    • Yes. Please let that be Nexuses, though.

      • Andrew Bernath

        I like Nexi for plural.

        • Alan Paone

          Its been discussed ad nauseum on G+, its nexiises

    • cartersims

      Another Nexus? No. I get 2 less bars on my Gnex than all other Verizon phones. Half of my phone calls get effed up and I am not the only one. The pure android Nexus has been a bad experience and there are no real android alternatives. Crappy bloatware and skins on most devices and being locked into whatever OS version it shipped with. I’m tired of rooting and hacking my phones. The iPhone isn’t sounding so bad right now, given that it doesn’t have radio issues.

      • Boot879

        I agree. The only thing my GNex does that I really
        Ike is share my 4g connection with my iPad. The GNex is actually the main reason I have an iPad. I have had such a lame experience coming from the OG Droid to the GNex that I took an interest in apple. Now I am looking down the line at my next phone and I doubt it will be an android.

        • cartersims

          Its a shame because I went OG Droid to Gnex too. I had an upgrade and waited a year to get the Nexus. I checked this site constantly for news and when it was finally confirmed and released I snatched it. I didn’t think there was any way that the phone could be anything but awesome. It mic muted on my first call. I’ve had 2 replacements. They all suck. Google’s given me no choice. This is THEIR phone…. and it blows.

          • Scott

            I’m somewhat in the same boat. I had to get one replacement because the first rebooted every five minutes. It’s absurd to pay Verizon’s high cost, yet get a terrible signal everywhere I go. My wife’s iPhone has signal everywhere where mine doesn’t. There have been times I actually needed to use her phone to make a call. I still love Android, but it is probable the GNex will be my last. I can always get an older model to tinker with for the fun of it. Also someone tell Google and the manufacturers to stand up to the carriers.

          • Brian Sargent

            I don’t know what the deal is. I went from OG to GNex and have been very happy with it. I don’t believe I have lost any calls. Signal is decent everywhere but at my house and even my wife’s Iphone isn’t that great there either. As far as I am concerned, the Nexus is still one of the best phones on the market. The only disappointment I have with the phone is that Verizon is piddling around with the updates. I wasn’t going to rom this phone as I wanted the phone to last longer than the OG did but I wanted Jelly Bean too bad so I threw a rom on there. I cannot stand iOS.There are so many things that iOS has in it that keep me from ever getting their phone. The device is designed well and it looks nice. Other than that, nothing interests me about their devices.

          • OfTheDamned

            Talk to Verizon tech support about getting a different phone. I did and i couldn’t be happier.

        • FYI: I jumped from the Verizon Galaxy Nexus to the GSM one. The VZW version was false advertising because it was not a pure Nexus device, and the radio sucked ass. The GSM version has none of these issues. But you lose LTE 🙁

          • i also jumped the cdma ship. straight talk hspa+ gives me about the same as i was getting on vzw lte though..

      • MicroNix

        You lost me at the iPhone not having radio issues

        • DestinyGurl

          You obviously missed that the iPhone 5 features dynamic LTE Radios then…

      • brando56894

        Have fun being locked into whatever Apple forces upon you, which is funny because you complain about ”
        being locked into whatever OS version it shipped with”

        • cartersims

          I’ve had two OS versions on my iPad2 and am about to get another one. So why don’t you bite these nuts.

  • All I got out of this was there is going to be a lot more people on the LTE spectrum now, slowing the rest of us real smartphone users down 🙁

    • Yeah, it’s going to be painful in two weeks when it gets flooded and Verizon goes, “OMG!”

      • majormudafuckinhun

        yeah but who better to handle it than them right?

      • Stevedub40

        I know, I live in CA and everyone is an iDiot around here. It sort of makes me sick a little bit.

      • Michael Grubbs

        Which is why I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 at Walmart for $299 and put a Tmo value plan on it…I knew Tmo wouldn’t have to deal with the iCongestion.

      • rohicks
        • What he means to say is: your average user won’t notice the congestion because all they do is surf facebook and send txts anyway.

      • I am honored that you replied to my comment

      • Instagram doesn’t take that much, does it? I don’t think we’ll notice anything.

        • drawz

          Well said, sir.

      • Thats prob why they put caps on their LTE plans. Anticipating the iFail wave of idiocy

      • jerkoff_guy

        Wait until we see Twitter light up with iPhone5 and 4G or whatever hashtags proclaiming that 4G speeds are the greatest thing since the dawn of mankind and how awesome Apple is.

      • LTE is alreay pretty horrible here in Virginia Beach. I honestly don’t think Verizon has prepared their network for what kinda loads it’s about to get; from what I’ve heard, when they bring LTE to a city, they usually don’t have more than 8 LTE sites, if that. That’s not enough. And backhaul for the towers here sucks. I can’t even pull 5mbps on LTE in my house.

    • I am worried that thanks to the iPhone 5, Verizon will start throttling their unlimited data customers like ATT did, right around when the 4s launched last year. Coincidence? I think not! 🙁
      At least most iPhone 5 users will be on tiered data, since very few will buy it at full-price to lock in unlimited data. Most Americans MUST have their smartphones subsidized.

      • abqnm

        They can’t touch 4G though. It was part of the legal agreement when they leased the spectrum.

        • Why did this guy get voted down? He’s right. Verizon cannot legally throttle LTE…. they also aren’t allowed to have locked devices but…

          • abqnm

            Probably the Apple trolls just downvoting all posts. Nothing to worry about.

      • MicroNix

        If someone gets a new iPhone 5, there is no unlimited data plan for them. Wait until they try to start using that LTE and find themselves with the world’s largest phone bill. Oh the magic!

        • The scary thing is that there would be those that have unlimited data that would buy the Jesus phone at full retail :-/

    • nimbyist

      amen 🙁 i’m already only getting about 1mbps down on my razr. miraculously, during days at work where there are less ppl (long weekends, day before holidays etc.), my speeds spike to 8-10.

  • Bob


    • Joey

      A6 >>>>>

  • carlisimo

    One of the commenters in the live chat pointed out that this same formula works fantastically well for Porsche.

    On the plus side for Apple, it’s one of the few good smaller phones out there, and in terms of software Apple is mostly competing against older versions of Android (21% on ICS isn’t bad, but 1.2% on JB is).

    • It does.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Porshe isn’t exactly the market leader in sales and innovation as Apple is supposed to be. Never was. I’m not sure you can continue being the worlds highest valued company following the Porshe model.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        But Porsche is the highest rated company as far as customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Which seems to be what Apple is going after. They want their products to “just work”. With that kind of mentality it doesn’t have to be revolutionary it just has to “work”. And since their phones fall right in line with every other companies phone prices they will sale significantly more phones they Porsche will sale cars because Porsche’s cars aren’t in mainstream consumer price ranges.

      • carlisimo

        Porsche’s profits are massive these days. Apple products aren’t nearly as expensive though (other high-end smartphones are close in price) so they don’t have the same volume limitations as Porsche does.

        What they both do is incrementally update their product lines while adding the occasional new product line. It seems to work.

        Though I like the iPhone’s new size, I do think they should offer a jumbo phone for those who want one. It seems like a painless thing for them to do.

        • Pedro

          Apparently the 3.5 to 4″ migration is a problem for them.
          Imagine them having to tell all the developers there are 3 options (ZOMG!) and not just two.

  • Apple has defiantly lost the visionary touch.

    • MissSmitten

      They lost it with Bill Jobs.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Without the 4inch screen and LTE there would be nothing to talk about. To the average consumer the new iPhone will look like a slightly longer version of the 2 other iPhone right next to it. The phone is nothing to get excited about.
    But then again, there hasn’t been a reason to be excited about the 4S for the last 6 months compared to the better Android phones available, but people still bought the 4S in droves, only slowing down because the 5 was coming.

  • James

    this better be the last iphone post

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah, this site used to censor the word iphone, now we get an entire post about it, what disgusting hypocrites that run this sellout site, maybe Apple is throwing some money their way. This isn’t Verizon life, it’s DroidLife, how about you guys show some integrity for once here? As stupid as every single Apple site is, at least they stick to their retarded story, and don’t post about a new Android release and say they are dissapointed, that is sick, what were you hoping to be wowed by Android’s main competition? Hypocrites.

  • Honestly, this is starting to feel a lot like RIM. RIM was on top of the world, everyone had a BB, but what happened? They quit reinventing themselves, and died a fast death. The smartphone world changes so fast, you better keep up, honestly, you better be ahead. RIM didn’t innovate, and neither has iOS. Is the death of iOS near? At this pace, maybe…

    • Manny

      The only problem with this is that if death at a pace of about 10 million by the end of the month something as it takes an android phone 4 months to reach is a great feat. If this is what death is supposed to be like Apple wishes to die every month.

      • You are making zero sense, and I’m not sure you have seen the S3 numbers yet…

        • NexusPhan69

          Actually in terms of Android in general it will take about 8 days to reach 10 million.

          • True, 1.3 million per day * 8 = 10.4 million

        • Manny

          10.4 miilion includes your 79.99 tablets running gingerbread. S3 Numbers were plastered on every android blog. But most convieniently left out the fact that iphone 4 sales were down due to the rumors of the iphone 5. Android drops 25 devices per year for a reason…its crap. Any device worth something takes time to develop. Android devices are developed over a stop at a gas station hence droid razr razr maxx razr maxx hd razor maxx hd type r, amg. All the same phone 36 times. Quality over quantity..

          • chris125

            And how exactly is the iPhone any different? They release one same phone for 3 years. Same lol, same os

          • Quality with a case on it…

          • brandnew234

            That makes a lot of sense, except that Android is an OS, and phones (the hardware) is a completely different entity. Android has several phone makers who sell flagship models, which is what the iPhone 5 will be stacked up against. See, each manufacturer makes one flagship a year. Samsung has the Galaxy S, HTC has the One X, Motorola RAZR HD, LG Optimus G, etc. So far you’ve only perpetuated a well known stereotype-Apple fans are ignorant. Plain and simple.
            See, if you actually took time to, maybe get informed a bit, you’d quickly discover iOS has no leg up on Android, not this time around. The SGS3 still reigns supreme in benchmark scores.

      • MicroNix

        In case you haven’t been around the scene for the last 2 years, Android is completely smoking iOS around the world. Android activations are at 1.3 million PER DAY, every day. Not just when a new OS/phone comes out 🙂

    • MBSMD

      I’m beginning to agree with you. And I’m a big Apple user (iMac, MacBook Air, iPad, AppleTV) but I got a new Galaxy S3 instead of waiting for the iPhone 5. And we knew weeks and months ago what it was going to be like.

      • How is the S3? I have zero experience with that line.

        • dude.. s3 is awesome, go get one! or get the note2 :). no seriously.. get it.. now. in white blue black grey brown etc…

      • OreoMan

        Since you seem to be an avid Apple fan, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts/opinions on the Android OS and S3 phone.

  • Sergio

    So it’s the 4S.0.1? Kellex wouldn’t have allowed this.

    • Treknologist

      No, as someone else pointed out elsewhere it is the 4XL!

      • NexusPhan69

        Haha yes! Its the 4S XL MAXX

        • Don’t forget the 4S XL MAXX HD

          • This actually happened to be the 4S XL MAXX Retina .. because theyre too cool to use hd

    • Apple_is_RIM_wanabe

      Personally I’ve been calling this the 4.5S for sometime. I’m kind of let down in a way by Apple just because…

  • It’s almost sad, their new model seems to be to fine-tune and sue the competition. If they’d spend some more of that money on innovating, some cool features might get adopted by a larger group of people.

  • If this was an android phone with a Google logo on the back, Android users would love the design.

    It’s still a beautiful phone.

    • MCO

      No, they wouldn’t. If it were Android, people would be twice as pissed. Why? Because Android DOES innovate, and push the envelope, just like Apple used to. Sadly, nobody really expected Apple to push things forward at all..this phone is exactly what a lot of us were afraid of.

    • Mark F

      That’s where your wrong, Android users have a plethora of phones to choose from so if one OEM company decides to make a phone of last years technology people would just ignore it. It would be a total fail for that company. I do agree the physical phone looks nice, but whats the point if nothing good is inside it ??

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      You mean to tell me you think that Android users would love a phone with only a 4″ screen, no NFC, and a physical home button? Do you even read the comments here????

      • tehserver

        Yes, no, and no.

      • I know a lot of people who would love a 4″ screen.
        I don’t know anybody who has used NFC more than once.
        Look how many people on here have the Galaxy S3.

    • OreoMan

      We already did…….it was an HTC phone with the same two-toned backplate last year. That phone still had more features than the iPhone that was presented today!

  • IAmVideogames

    I bought a used Droid X off ebay as a replacement phone. This nearly 3 year old phone has a bigger screen than the iPhone 5. And its very comfy.

    • But the resolution sucks. I love Android and hate Apple, but don’t compare the old school low res DX screen to the beautiful display in an iPhone. Sometimes quantity is not better than quality.

      • IAmVideogames

        It honestly looks satisfactory to me. Its no sammy display, but it gets the job done. For 2 years ago, its a nice display.

        • Bryan

          I loved my Droid X screen. But compared to the newer hi def screen on my old GNex I can see the difference. But I still think it is better than my current Razr Maxx screen.

    • It’s a different strategy.
      Some people like bigger phones and some people want phones with smaller screens. A 17″ laptop isn’t better than a 15″ laptop just because it has a bigger screen.

      • IAmVideogames

        Yes I agree, my reaction is essentially a response to the apple fans on other sites saying things like “This 4 inch screen is revolutionary!!”

  • TheRobotCow

    It looks good i’ll give it that, but i dont think its looks are going to be changed. The iphone is going to be its own thing. But i still think its last year’s android made by apple.

  • Galaxy-S3

    Most Android users are 1 to 3 generations behind on their software. Every iOS user can download ver 6 next week. Doesn’t that tick any fandroids off?

    • ^^ Still lives in 2009

    • DroidzFX

      Every iOS user? Are you sure about that? I will let you edit your statement before bombarding you with facts.

      • Galaxy-S3

        Oh, pardon me – every iOS user who bought their phone after June 19, 2009. I have a Galaxy S3 that’s running an OS that’s been out almost a year, with no upgrade in sight (VZW).

        • I’ll take year old Android over brand new iOS any day.

          • OreoMan

            And you’d still have more features.

          • Aint that the truth. iOS 6 is just now catching up with Gingerbread.

        • DroidzFX

          Do you generalize everything in hopes that it is actually true?

      • jnt

        Still going back farther than Jelly Bean or ICS will ever reach *officially*.

    • NexusPhan69

      Actually on my iPad I bought 18 months ago I can’t.

    • sru571

      I am not part of a collective, my phone is my experience. What another android or ios user has on their phone doesn’t affect me and if you think about it, it probably doesn’t affect you either. I have a gnex, so I want the latest. If someone owns the iphone4 and doesn’t have siri, does that tick any apple fans off?

    • TheRobotCow

      We can just get a new android device since its magical, oh wait see you guys in a few years, apple’s lawyers are banging on my front door for describing a non apple item magical.

    • You may want to take a look at this chart. Apple steals Android features all the time, now they’re stealing fragmentation.


      • Paolo_Ozaraga


      • jnt

        Fragmentation is becoming an obsolete argument. (see what I did there?? :P) But in all seriousness, at some point fragmentation is inevitable. The fact that a 3.5 year old phone is getting any official iteration of iOS 6 is somewhat impressive. I know there isn’t a single Android phone pre-2011 that will be getting JB, and most won’t get ICS. Yes, JB has been ported to the OG Droid and G1, but y’all know that’s irrelevant when it comes to a true “daily driver” phone for the mass public.

        • I hate fragmentation, but there is a reason why Android will always suffer from it (thought it is a getting better). iOS is a walled garden. It runs on one piece of hardware (sort of) and is directly controlled by Apple. You can’t do much with it, but that also means updates are easy. Android is open source, and OEMs control the distribution (other than on Nexus devices).

          Apple cares that you have the latest and greatest version because that makes the iPhone better and that makes people buy more of them. And that’s how they make their money.

          Google cares not so much about Android as it does about it’s own services like Gmail, Maps, Search, Google Now, Drive, Calendar, etc. Android is a portal into those services. They want Android (it doesn’t really matter which version) in as many hands as possible so that it can serve as a tool to use their services. And that’s how they make their money.

          So in other words, Apple makes money from the product itself. Google makes money from their services, and Android is just a window into those services. Google couldn’t care less if you’re using GB, or ICS, or JB as long as you’re using Gmail, Drive, search, and Calendar.

          Obviously the more awesome Android is (and it’s pretty freaking awesome, especially compared to the dinosaur that is iOS) the more people will buy it and the more people buy it the more people will use Google’s services. And the easiest way to get Android in as many hands as possible is to make it open source, and that leads me back to why keeping an Android phone updated is much harder.

        • Bryan

          But who cares what OS people have on their Android phone? What apps can I use with ICS that I can’t use with Gingerbread or Froyo? It’s not many apps that require ICS or a newer OS to run.
          I may be missing features from Jelly Bean, but how is that any different than iPhone 4 users missing Siri. Oh, they get IOS 6, but they don’t get any of the features that they really want. So, what’s the advantage?
          If Gingerbread or Froyo are working fine on the phone as is, why does the average user need a new OS? They don’t – they just want to be able to use their apps, and they still can. Us techies care that we have Jelly Bean and all the new features, etc.
          It’s not as if Gingerbread phones just shut down and don’t have access to the Play Store or their app drawer once the next version of Android comes out.

    • RoboRobP

      Every iOS user cannot download v6 next week because it won’t be released on every iOS device. You can always buy a GSM Nexus device if you want updates. Also, the “fandroids” usually run roms on their phones so this is a non issue.

    • fixxmyhead

      oh yea cuz i see the first iphone sporting iOS6 meanwhile they have gotten ics on the g1 and the og droid.

    • jdrch

      Not when your nearly 1 year old Android phone exceeds the specs of an unreleased iPhone 5.

    • Maybe, but we’re not 2-3 years behind on our hardware or features.

    • cns2007

      Not true really. With each release there are features the previous generation iPhone cannot do. Like Siri only worked on the 4S, none prior. Same thing happened when the 4 released and the 3GS couldn’t do certain features.

  • Arkbird

    Not impressed. I felt like this was the iPhone 4SS or something. It didn’t bring anything new to the market, it isn’t a game changer. It just seems like a larger iPhone 4S or iPhone 4. Apple didn’t bring their A game this year (pun intended) and I feel as if this year belongs to Samsung and the S3.

    Also looking forward to seeing if HTC and Samsung proceed with the lawsuits because of the 4G LTE.

    • NexusPhan69

      4S XL MAXX

  • I’m sure Walt Mossberg will find the 4″ iPhone5 screen superior to the 4.8″ Galaxy S3

    • jdrch

      It is in terms of PPI, but it’s also behind the Lumia 920, which is embarrassing considering Windows Phone’s relative position in the market.

    • cns2007

      Without a doubt, he loves him some Apple.

  • I had a glorious poop after eating a reuben sandwich for lunch. It was more exciting than this.

    • Mike

      Glorious Poop would make a great high school band name.

    • Kyle Cummings

      Mmmmmmm, Reuben.

    • Stevedub40

      Probably had better features as well, lol.

      • michael arazan

        Apple claims the iphone 5 has over 200 new features? Really?!?! If they’re going to blantly lie, why not make it a 1000 or better yet a million

        • Art Holguin

          probably is they call ” 2x as fast as before a feature… better sound a feature a screen a feature a bigger screen than before a feature…… more icons a feature… you get the picture

          • Are the bigger G.B.’s and Why-Fies a feature?

      • kidheated

        Yeah, like half a raisin and an undigested almond.

    • drawz

      Better patent that. Ok, that’s my last patent “jab”

    • Aaron

      Did it have rounded edges? Better lawyer up!

    • anon

      Hope it had corn cause corn is awesome.

      • anon

        the poop that is.