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Initial Reactions to the iPhone 5…

Reactions? We know you have them after hanging with us during Apple’s iPhone 5 event. The announcement has had an hour or so to soak in, so after reading our initial thoughts below, be sure to drop yours as well. Did anything impress or surprise you? Are you dying for Google to announce the new Nexus, now?


I’m confused, did Apple announce the iPhone 4, 4S or 5 today? At this point in Apple’s history, it’s tough to tell anything they do apart. Each time we get a new product, we all walk away saying, “Wait, where is the redesign?” They’ll tell you that what they are showing you has been completely redesigned, but even commenters in our live chat were having difficulty telling the new 5 apart from the 4S on stage. Basically what I’m saying, is that Apple has their formula, and unless you buy into it, you aren’t ever going to come away all that impressed.

They fine-tune, they don’t reinvent or re-create or any other fancy word they may use. Clearly it’s a winning formula, but it’s one that feels more stale today than it ever has. The big bold numbers in slides, inflated stats, and wordplay aren’t changing. Every time Tim Cook and his crew takes the stage, you can predict what they are about to say, show, and reveal. I’m sure this phone will be a massive hit, but even to an Android guy, I expected more this time around.


Well Apple, you’ve done it again. Thankfully, it looks like the media is finally starting to cut through the B.S. and is realizing these devices are getting less and less cool as the years go by. What’s even more amazing is that my Facebook feed is filled with less, “OMG, the new iPhone is awesome!” Is it possible that consumers are starting to see a trend and are actually unimpressed with what Apple is producing these days?

Apple’s new iPhone 5 is the definition of a boring product in comparison to previous works. It has a bigger display! Whoopty doo. It has 4G LTE! What top of the line Android device doesn’t? If you’re going to stick to iOS as an operating system, then by all means, this is all going to be awesome for you. If you’re serious about getting a real smartphone that has had all of these features and then some, go get yourself a good Android phone. I’ve been let down, Apple.

These of course are just my initial reactions and I’m sure my opinions will change as much as I change my clothes. Often.


For a company that likes to tell their users what they should have in a mobile device, Apple has really painted themselves into a corner with the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is not really that striking, or exciting. It’s lighter and thinner and has a few more technologies that Android phones have had for a while now. Where is the new? Apple rolled out iOS 6 again today, as if we didn’t see it months earlier, and even that wasn’t a big upgrade either. Apple is taking the word “redesign” to the next level and relying on their fans to buy the next version of the iPhone just because it’s an iPhone. It will indeed “just work” but the mantra is soon become “it’s just an iPhone.” When it was first released it was revolutionary, now it just seems reactionary. Nevertheless, it will sell well and 4-inch screens are now ‘in-style’ but Apple’s announcement today was on par with the 4S announcement last year: disappointing.


The iPhone 5 was everything I expected and nothing I hoped for. It matches the competition without really innovating in any way. I’m not sure if Apple isn’t innovating anymore because someone else will come up with something, or if Apple is trying to ride this out instead of innovate on top of its cash cow like it did with the iPhone killing iPod sales. At the same time, I’m not sure what to expect from Google in the coming weeks. It’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to really innovate with software and hardware as everything comes into parity. In short, while Apple was pretty boring today, I’m not sure I’m really excited for anything from Google either. Please Google, dare to surprise me.

  • Kheir Francis

    Really, its a longer 4S with LTE capability. Im glad I got the phone i have now, i bet all the people tat were waitig for this since last year are dissapointed. i would be.

  • Chris Clancy

    i was thoroughly bored by the entire event…. blah blah blah… 4g … blah blah we redefinisignengineered everything…

  • Turn by turn directions is a pretty huge feature that the iPhone has been missing. Of course, it is something that Android’s had for years…

  • bpow

    I love how apple fans are freaking out cuz the new iphone has a “5th row of icon!”. With go launcher, or pretty much any launcher, you can CHOOSE how many rows AND COLUMNS! Plus choose a billion other things! Shows what a closed universe apple runs.

  • Brian Sargent

    People who own 4s can’t tell that the 4s they have been handed is not the new iphone 5.


  • Stabone

    That back looks slightly different. That’s a redesign… I guess.

  • robertoblake

    I’ve been saying this for the longest time, and yes I know its probably getting old, but Apple stopped innovating a long time ago. The iPhone was innovative, the iPad and iPod and iPod Touch were innovative (sort of) but that is it.

    Now they just rehash and remarket the same product after refining how to produce it as cheaply as possible, continue to screw their vendors on their cut and price at the largest premium. And people will buy because they are trapped in the App Ecosystem.

    Mostly because they believe the hype instead of fact checking. This phone doesn’t come close to standing up the Galaxy S3 it barely touches the S2. As for the huge app store its mostly games nobody plays. The main apps people use are available in the Android ecostyem as well.

  • microdot

    I read the funniest comment on another forum – “apple should sue itself for copying the iphone4s”…hilarious

  • bane

    No matter how big of an android fanatic you are, we all get a boner when we walk into an apple store

    • MisterFrancisco

      Buy an Android phone first, then you have my permission to troll.

      • bane

        I have 2 galaxy s3s, a galaxy nexus, i’ve owned the NXS4g, htc evo 4g, evo design, photon(p.o.s), galaxy s2, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s. Created apps on the android market, and developed my own rom. Don’t get me wrong.. I love android, but its just a fact that Apple does a great job of marketing. No matter how much you despise Apple, I guarantee you smile when you walk into an Apple store.

        • MisterFrancisco

          Haha I had to do the bane quote. But I agree with the power that apple’s marketing has over the masses, can’t deny that.

      • bane

        I did like your use of the Bane quote 😉

  • In the past month, I have had 3 friends come and ask me what Android phone they should buy. All 3 friends are replacing their i*hones with Androids. I feel powerful.

  • Now it’s time to fork Jelly Bean onto it! {{^_^}}

  • JulianZHuang

    if the new nexus cant offer more battery life, it’s a useless phone.

  • ndog21

    For HTC and Samsung to file lawsuits against it and win

  • Anil Reddy

    I have one straight question to whoever says that iphone just works..do u buy a premium phone just for the fact that it works?? You dont buy a device that costs atleast $199(with contract) to “just work”. You need something that is worth using after a long time and feature-rich when compared to other phones in the same class. If you still want iphone despite all the facts, its due to the marketing power of apple and nothing else.

    • brandnew234

      That’s not true, some people are scared to have the power to customize&are to stupid to figure out how to use Android.

  • DainLaguna

    man i forgot how unsubjective some droid-lifers are.

    personally, i like the design. first time i’ve liked an iphone in black. its not OMG amazing, but it does look nice and seems to be very high quality…i want the build on the next nexus to be something along these lines.

    and the camera will probably be fantastic, something else the next nexus needs to benchmark or one up.

    • jaxxmjd

      It’s too bad that making a phone-shaped phone has been patented by iPatentTroll.

  • brando56894

    I almost want to watch the event to see how lame it was.

    • SeanBello

      bet they pumped in crowd news like WWE lol

  • It’s not new, its not different, it’s a little thinner, with a slightly bigger screen.

  • largemargethehungry

    Enuff about the iPhone 5…..Let’s get back to that POOP way better news

  • Drew

    This phone does not even come close to a Galaxy S III. The iPhone has a smaller screen, no NFC, it’s design is archaic + unpleasing to the eye, it’s not the thinnest smartphone in the world as they claim, the camera was not improved from the last version, the OS looks the same, Siri still sucks, passbook can only pay for like 3 things, and the list goes on. If you want a real smartphone, where everything is simple, yet customizable, fast, reliable, and fits your budget and style then you should get an Android. When I see someone with an iPhone, I immediately think they have never picked up an Android phone, because why else would they want this overpriced, piece of crap. Apple has been releasing products so similar to the last one, yet they get so many sales. This is ridiculous, there should not be so much hype for a phone that could have been released a year ago.

  • GoNoles

    what about the Samsung and HTC suing over LTE patents and stuff?

    just a none trolling question…

  • The latest edition to the iPhone family is garbage!
    What ever this mediocre iPhone can do, the Samsung Galaxy S3 does way better. They’re just adding features that’s been present in android for years. This isn’t innovation. This is just coping android and trying to make it seem as if they came up with it first. Want blazing fast LTE speeds? Just get one powered by Verizon Wireless. They cover 75% of the nation with LTE speeds.

  • RW-1

    “Facebook feed is filled with less, “OMG, the new iPhone is awesome!” ”
    Yes, this is due to a portion of the forced labour at Foxconn commiting suicide, less personnel available to make posts …
    But you guy’s are missing the next big thing to hit, and I’me sure it will soon:
    *** I’m eagerly awaiting the “Hitler React’s to the iPhone 5 Event” Video to come out! ***

  • shecalledmejay

    What is the pointing in claiming the world’s skinniest phone, if your costumers have to buy an Otto box case, to keep it from breaking?

  • johnc7995

    This is getting annoying, this site needs to stop covering so much iPhone / Apple related news. It is completely pointless.

    • Take it easy John. We are finally sitting at the throne resting easy and enjoying the moment. 🙂

  • RoadsterHD1

    Dam, Apple couldn’t even make the icons different? Iphone 3, 4, 5 are boring phones.

  • Alan Paone

    Its nice for them that they get to join the party, but everywhere I look is a resounding ‘meh’. Now bring on the Nexus rumors!

  • The last line from Ron really sums up my thoughts too.. This was a total let down and was a reactionary catch up to specs and features android has had for awhile. But the leaked specs for the new nexus are just an incremental upgrade as well.

    • Jackson

      I hope not because if it’s not amazing I’m just going with the Note 2 lol wilil be either the only or one of the only quad core on Verizon if those to play nice together it’ll be the fastest phone on the market for a long time.

    • Bryan

      But here’s the thing – nobody gets on stage and says the Nexus is revolutionary and is the first phone to do the same things phones have been doing for a while now.