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Chart: iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 vs. One X vs. RAZR HD

Apple is wrapping up their iPhone 5 announcement as I type this, but so that you can see how this new phone of theirs stacks up to the top dogs in Android, I thought a chart would be a good way to display it. As you can see, Android devices have been doing what the iPhone 5 introduced today, for months now. But truthfully, Android devices have moved in a completely separate direction and the iPhone is driving down its own path. Android phones are big, the iPhone remains smaller. Android enthusiasts care a lot about specs and seem to want OEMs to push the envelope, while Apple is more into fine tuning and making incremental updates. Comparing them is sort of silly, but that’s what we do in the tech world. And while a chart only tells one side of the story, the paper side, it’s still worth a look.

  • eric

    Trying to find out if the razr hd camera vs sg3 camera which is better

  • No, apple needs to wait for the 6 so they can show off the new feature they invented, IPHONE 6 now with a new technology we invented called close field synergy

  • Jobs was an innovator, Cook is a bean counter who is VERY GOOD at cutting costs and maximizing revenue. Under Cook, Apple will be like everyone else now: small, iterative improvements to keep up with everyone else.

    I was (really) going to switch from Droid to the iPhone 5, but after reading the specs, I can’t find a rational reason why.

  • Hint: If you don’t like people talking about their phones, maybe you could avoid the phone forums.

  • Ugly

    Seems this report is off the S3 and One X both have quad cores not dual cores.

  • JeffDenver

    Wow…my 2011 Rezound still spanks them all for display. 342ppi and true 720p HD.

  • HTc One X working on Tegra 3! not qualcomm..

  • Cellphone Fiend

    I know this is a Droid Life forum and some of the comments can possibly lean biased in favor of Android; but that aside – what the hell was Apple thinking? ALL of the specs on the iPhone5 are still trailing behind my GS3 that was released two months ago. No wonder Apple was pushing for people not to buy the S3. I mean if the iPhone is the the ONLY phone in Apples line up, then Apple should have made sure it would have the highest specs of any cell phone on launch day. No GS3 or DroidRazr owners are gonna switch to a lower spec phone. So the iPhone5 may ultimately only appeal to people with an older iPhone.

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I happen to like the size of the iPhone much better than any of the others compared here. The Galaxy, HTC & RAZR are too big and clunky for me so I’m going to stick with the iPhone. And who needs NFC anyway?

    • jboogie1289

      Ummm……….LOL!! No comment.

  • fernando carrillo

    ahmm i prefer razr hd or gs3..

  • Glen E Ston

    so much wasted space on the bezel on the iphone 5. look at that!

  • Sam_K

    I’m on Verizon Wireless and I’m trying to decide between the Galaxy S3 and Razr Maxx HD. There are several things I like in the Razr Maxx HD over the Galaxy S3 such as the huge built in battery, the nano coating and the lack of a physical/capacitive buttons. The only thing that bothers me about the Razr Maxx HD is that only it only has 1gb of RAM compared to 2gb in the Galaxy S3. Could someone definitively tell me if there’s a big difference in performance between 1gb and 2gb of RAM? I’d like to know if sacrificing 1gb of RAM by going with the Razr Maxx HD will make a big difference in performance compared to the Galaxy S3. I guess I’ll have to wait until the performance benchmarks come out for the Razr Maxx HD so I can compare them to the Galaxy S3.

    • Tyler Chappell

      It likely wont for the time being at least. My Thunderbolt has 768MB and even with my bloated Sense ICS leak, I still get surprisingly good performance and can have many things open at once to freely swipe away when I choose. 1GB will remain the standard until the end of the year, but next year I expect all high-end models released will feature 2GB. It ultimately probably comes down to whether or not the battery life is the absolute most important factor for you. At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with either phone, and with Google now owning Motorola, the MAXX HD is probably a safe bet even though it is still more Motorola’s child than Google’s.

  • Alexander Garcia

    The REAL competition here is Android versus Android. The iPhone 5 has been eliminated from the arena by default.

    • jboogie1289

      Uh oh!!! Android vs Android, someones gonna get sued over this!!!

  • carl rainey

    i havent seen much talk of the new screen technology that the iphone 5 has. Most articles just claim that is a sRGB display that makes it thinner and more clear. Does anyone know more about the screen?

  • What it comes down to is that the iPhone 5 is the most competitive that Apple has been hardware wise since they set the standard with the iPhone 3G. But Nokia just announced the Lumia 920, which has a 1-2-3 punch with NFC/BT4.0/Inductive charging, while Apple introduced yet another proprietary cable. That’s a huge fail as far as innovation goes. Given that next year’s iPhone 5S will be an incremental improvement, Apple just put themselves another 2 years behind true innovation.

  • Peter

    Really does nobody realize that a SGS 3 and a HTC One X doesn’t have a Dual Core S4 ??? they are both Quad Cores. Am I the only one who sees that ????

    • tnfcngs

      Only the international version… US version is double core and 2gigs of ram… International is quad and 1 gig

  • Joe

    The chart needs physical dimensions. It’s a 3D object and thickness isn’t the most important dimension.

  • MattSweeden

    battery is probably not even going to last 4 hours with the 4G LTE. Bet there isnt any way to turn that off either xD

  • Meticode

    Jeez, it’s still dual-core and 1GB of RAM? I would’ve thought they’d have quad-core and 2GB by now.

  • Lane252

    hahahahahahahahahaha all that talk and the 1.5 billion and there phone is Still crap. after winning the money i wud have @ least delayed the release to make it better

  • Stew

    The only 3 things that really stand out as any phone beating the iPhone is the S3’s 2GB of RAM and the S3 and RAZR HD’s microSD slot and NFC

    • tnfcngs

      Battery!!! Not showed here but it’s smaller than 1800mAh, terrible!

      Also the front “HD” camera is only a 1.2mp versus 1.9 of the S3 and 1.3 of the other three!

      1 gb extra of RAM it’s a damn huge LOT! Still, I yet to see how the “multitasking” thingy works on iOS 6, but I’m sure Android still outperforms in this field.

      The s3 features a barometer or pressure sensor. Not sure if any other phone has it. Yet to see on the phone here in question.

      • Stew

        Well we don’t know how big the iPhone 5’s battery is… But I’ve seen iPhones in action and they have great battery life, and Apple said in their unveiling that they didn’t sacrifice battery life in the making of the iPhone 5. Also, they have one chip with GSM LTE and CDMA and one radio, so it won’t have to use battery powering multiple chips.

        The HD camera is HD at 720p. It’s primarily used for video chat, so the megapixels don’t matter that much. You talk like HD is a measure of megapixels. There’s a difference.

        The 1GB of extra RAM may be a lot, but there isn’t much out there that really utilizes that RAM in a smartphone. I don’t think multitasking was being compared in this article.

        The barometer/pressure sensor isn’t mentioned on the chart. What purpose does said barometer serve in a smartphone?

        • jboogie1289

          Oh here we go!!!
          “and Apple said in their unveiling that they didn’t sacrifice battery life in the making of the iPhone 5.”
          You sir sound like that lady on the State Farm commercial, because “they” said so. Lol. I think the GNex had an 1800 mah battery, or something close to that, and it wasn’t that bad on batter life but the iPhail is still no where near the size you get in a S3. And the GNex also had an “HD” front facing cam but at a smaller MP.

        • tnfcngs

          I guess you have your answer now… smaller than 1500mAh battery, lower battery life. Enough?

  • Scott Bowen

    Will NFC be the new Flash? Apple chose against (mobile) Flash and it died a slow death…