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Chart: iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 vs. One X vs. RAZR HD

Apple is wrapping up their iPhone 5 announcement as I type this, but so that you can see how this new phone of theirs stacks up to the top dogs in Android, I thought a chart would be a good way to display it. As you can see, Android devices have been doing what the iPhone 5 introduced today, for months now. But truthfully, Android devices have moved in a completely separate direction and the iPhone is driving down its own path. Android phones are big, the iPhone remains smaller. Android enthusiasts care a lot about specs and seem to want OEMs to push the envelope, while Apple is more into fine tuning and making incremental updates. Comparing them is sort of silly, but that’s what we do in the tech world. And while a chart only tells one side of the story, the paper side, it’s still worth a look.

  • eric

    Trying to find out if the razr hd camera vs sg3 camera which is better

  • No, apple needs to wait for the 6 so they can show off the new feature they invented, IPHONE 6 now with a new technology we invented called close field synergy

  • Jobs was an innovator, Cook is a bean counter who is VERY GOOD at cutting costs and maximizing revenue. Under Cook, Apple will be like everyone else now: small, iterative improvements to keep up with everyone else.

    I was (really) going to switch from Droid to the iPhone 5, but after reading the specs, I can’t find a rational reason why.

  • Hint: If you don’t like people talking about their phones, maybe you could avoid the phone forums.

  • Ugly

    Seems this report is off the S3 and One X both have quad cores not dual cores.

  • JeffDenver

    Wow…my 2011 Rezound still spanks them all for display. 342ppi and true 720p HD.

  • HTc One X working on Tegra 3! not qualcomm..

  • Cellphone Fiend

    I know this is a Droid Life forum and some of the comments can possibly lean biased in favor of Android; but that aside – what the hell was Apple thinking? ALL of the specs on the iPhone5 are still trailing behind my GS3 that was released two months ago. No wonder Apple was pushing for people not to buy the S3. I mean if the iPhone is the the ONLY phone in Apples line up, then Apple should have made sure it would have the highest specs of any cell phone on launch day. No GS3 or DroidRazr owners are gonna switch to a lower spec phone. So the iPhone5 may ultimately only appeal to people with an older iPhone.

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I happen to like the size of the iPhone much better than any of the others compared here. The Galaxy, HTC & RAZR are too big and clunky for me so I’m going to stick with the iPhone. And who needs NFC anyway?

    • jboogie1289

      Ummm……….LOL!! No comment.

  • fernando carrillo

    ahmm i prefer razr hd or gs3..

  • Glen E Ston

    so much wasted space on the bezel on the iphone 5. look at that!

  • Sam_K

    I’m on Verizon Wireless and I’m trying to decide between the Galaxy S3 and Razr Maxx HD. There are several things I like in the Razr Maxx HD over the Galaxy S3 such as the huge built in battery, the nano coating and the lack of a physical/capacitive buttons. The only thing that bothers me about the Razr Maxx HD is that only it only has 1gb of RAM compared to 2gb in the Galaxy S3. Could someone definitively tell me if there’s a big difference in performance between 1gb and 2gb of RAM? I’d like to know if sacrificing 1gb of RAM by going with the Razr Maxx HD will make a big difference in performance compared to the Galaxy S3. I guess I’ll have to wait until the performance benchmarks come out for the Razr Maxx HD so I can compare them to the Galaxy S3.

    • Tyler Chappell

      It likely wont for the time being at least. My Thunderbolt has 768MB and even with my bloated Sense ICS leak, I still get surprisingly good performance and can have many things open at once to freely swipe away when I choose. 1GB will remain the standard until the end of the year, but next year I expect all high-end models released will feature 2GB. It ultimately probably comes down to whether or not the battery life is the absolute most important factor for you. At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with either phone, and with Google now owning Motorola, the MAXX HD is probably a safe bet even though it is still more Motorola’s child than Google’s.

  • Alexander Garcia

    The REAL competition here is Android versus Android. The iPhone 5 has been eliminated from the arena by default.

    • jboogie1289

      Uh oh!!! Android vs Android, someones gonna get sued over this!!!

  • carl rainey

    i havent seen much talk of the new screen technology that the iphone 5 has. Most articles just claim that is a sRGB display that makes it thinner and more clear. Does anyone know more about the screen?

  • What it comes down to is that the iPhone 5 is the most competitive that Apple has been hardware wise since they set the standard with the iPhone 3G. But Nokia just announced the Lumia 920, which has a 1-2-3 punch with NFC/BT4.0/Inductive charging, while Apple introduced yet another proprietary cable. That’s a huge fail as far as innovation goes. Given that next year’s iPhone 5S will be an incremental improvement, Apple just put themselves another 2 years behind true innovation.

  • Peter

    Really does nobody realize that a SGS 3 and a HTC One X doesn’t have a Dual Core S4 ??? they are both Quad Cores. Am I the only one who sees that ????

    • tnfcngs

      Only the international version… US version is double core and 2gigs of ram… International is quad and 1 gig

  • Joe

    The chart needs physical dimensions. It’s a 3D object and thickness isn’t the most important dimension.

  • MattSweeden

    battery is probably not even going to last 4 hours with the 4G LTE. Bet there isnt any way to turn that off either xD

  • Meticode

    Jeez, it’s still dual-core and 1GB of RAM? I would’ve thought they’d have quad-core and 2GB by now.

  • Lane252

    hahahahahahahahahaha all that talk and the 1.5 billion and there phone is Still crap. after winning the money i wud have @ least delayed the release to make it better

  • Stew

    The only 3 things that really stand out as any phone beating the iPhone is the S3’s 2GB of RAM and the S3 and RAZR HD’s microSD slot and NFC

    • tnfcngs

      Battery!!! Not showed here but it’s smaller than 1800mAh, terrible!

      Also the front “HD” camera is only a 1.2mp versus 1.9 of the S3 and 1.3 of the other three!

      1 gb extra of RAM it’s a damn huge LOT! Still, I yet to see how the “multitasking” thingy works on iOS 6, but I’m sure Android still outperforms in this field.

      The s3 features a barometer or pressure sensor. Not sure if any other phone has it. Yet to see on the phone here in question.

      • Stew

        Well we don’t know how big the iPhone 5’s battery is… But I’ve seen iPhones in action and they have great battery life, and Apple said in their unveiling that they didn’t sacrifice battery life in the making of the iPhone 5. Also, they have one chip with GSM LTE and CDMA and one radio, so it won’t have to use battery powering multiple chips.

        The HD camera is HD at 720p. It’s primarily used for video chat, so the megapixels don’t matter that much. You talk like HD is a measure of megapixels. There’s a difference.

        The 1GB of extra RAM may be a lot, but there isn’t much out there that really utilizes that RAM in a smartphone. I don’t think multitasking was being compared in this article.

        The barometer/pressure sensor isn’t mentioned on the chart. What purpose does said barometer serve in a smartphone?

        • jboogie1289

          Oh here we go!!!
          “and Apple said in their unveiling that they didn’t sacrifice battery life in the making of the iPhone 5.”
          You sir sound like that lady on the State Farm commercial, because “they” said so. Lol. I think the GNex had an 1800 mah battery, or something close to that, and it wasn’t that bad on batter life but the iPhail is still no where near the size you get in a S3. And the GNex also had an “HD” front facing cam but at a smaller MP.

        • tnfcngs

          I guess you have your answer now… smaller than 1500mAh battery, lower battery life. Enough?

  • Scott Bowen

    Will NFC be the new Flash? Apple chose against (mobile) Flash and it died a slow death…

  • Scott Bowen

    Apple is still spoon feeding updates to it’s users… and spending more time making devices thinner… ok, after a certain point who cares how thin a phone is …

  • Wait wait wait, the RAZR HD has Android 4.1, not 4.0. Just being nitpicky =)

  • No Galaxy Nexus in the comparison chart?

  • Guest

    I see a lot of talk about NFC, but what’s the big deal? What does NFC offer me that a remote starter for my car, a Credit Card, and a simple key for my house don’t already?

    • nhizzat

      File sharing and mobile wallet for starters

    • SeanBello

      umm…it offers you not having to use those.

    • Master O’Disaster

      Here are some NFC features: The opportunity to have viruses inserted into your cell phone by some dude who bumps into you at the subway station and (possibly) get your identity stolen, and credit information hacked. Proof of concept for the passerby NFC virus has already occurred. I hope that all manufacturers start to implement “NFC Off” by default, with an automatic time-out after NFC enabling. It’s the smart thing to do. For me, NFC is always “Off” until I manually turn it “On”, and then “Off” when I’m done.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I think @Kellex said it right… Its not about reinventing the wheel for Apple. They have always been about tweaking and fixing instead of innovating. Now they have an amazing marketing and sales team who can make people believe they reinvented the wheel with each tweak but thats just spin. Its probably a better version of the 4s but bigger with LTE

  • bogy25

    How does the Rezound stack up against the iphone 5

  • Nick

    Is it me, or does the new iPhone look like a cross between a Nexus S and a Galaxy S II? this could be a Trade Dress issue, right? πŸ™‚

    • tnfcngs

      It’s you. Everybody agrees first sight this is an stretched 4s.

  • All the apple fanboys I know are like “oooo I want one” when I showed them that specs wise it was a weaker product than the S3 they just said “apple is better” I asked how is it better..no response…damn sheep

  • Apple will next announce that they copyrighted Apples are are going to sue God for eleventy billions dollars for copying their design of the fruit.

  • The A6 is a quad-core CPU and quad-core GPU. The chart is wrong. Really, that’s the only part where iPhone5 best the various Androids (even those not in list). Of course that will be the same as the fall line-up is announced and releases.

    • Robert Jakiel

      The A6 is a DUAL core CPU and a quad core GPU. According to whats been written about it it is using Cortex A15 cores and the GPU is the same as the A5X.

      • AH… A15s in that bad boy. I’ll have to research that as I was thinking they just upgraded to the quad-core A9s… i.e. same as Playstation Vita. Interesting overall.

  • Viciousking1914

    iPhones are like Jordans…They keep releasing the same thing and these people keep buying them.

  • fixxmyhead

    wheres that manny guy,wonder what he will praise about this gaiphone.

  • Hey I didn’t hear anything about multiple accounts on ios6. Still lagging behind Android.

  • I thought the A6 was Quad Core. According to multiple sources it IS Quad Core O_o

  • John Davids

    Kellex!!!!! Make a chart with all the “new” features that Apple announced today and compare each one with when it was implemented into Android. Would be hilarious.

    • axeman25@

      Why don’t you take that chart back a few years. Apps, pinch to zoom. And if you put any phone from 2007 next to it’s current android model, guess what? It’s evolved into a close resemblance of……..wait for it………an iPhone. The iphone still resembles it’s predecessor and weather you hate them or not, they make some of the longest lasting and durable products. And their turnaround time for repair is ridiculous.
      As far as speed goes. You need to realize that the OS and processor makes a HUGE difference in speed. The S3 has a great processor and 2gb or ram. It’s a good phone, my kids got one and he loves it.

      • John Davids

        Did I ever say that virtually all smartphones did not evolve from the iPhone in 2007, 2008, and 2009? No. They did, its pretty obvious. But beyond that, your 2007 musings are totally irrelevant to my point, which is that iOS6 is just another catch-up / copy of the Android OS (or of tech that Android has adopted long ago) which is what the chart that I requested would have illuminated.

      • jboogie1289

        And I bet you play with your kids phone all the time. LOL.At least they have the best!!

  • The Galaxy Nexus I own still feels new after reading the specs of the iPhone 5.

  • djdsf

    Should have used the International version of the S3 or maybe the Korean version

  • Bob

    What the hell is Passport for if you don’t have NFC? Do the vendors scan my barcode off the phone to get my ticket info?

  • Dan

    Battery life: 8 hours of browsing on a cellular connection, up to 8 hours of talk time, and up to 10 hours of video playback time.

  • Answer2K1

    Truer words were never spoken… I salute you Kellex.

    “But truthfully, Android devices have moved in a completely separate direction and the iPhone is driving down its own path. Android phones are big, the iPhone remains smaller. Android enthusiasts care a lot about specs and seem to want OEMs to push the envelope, while Apple is more into fine tuning and making incremental updates.”

  • holmes221b

    apple has still not revealed if A6 chip will be dual core or quad core !!!
    soo it will be wrong to make assumptions :/

    • Adam

      I’m guessing dual, since quad’s dont play nice with LTE

  • Jeff

    The software line up there is why I’m seriously considering breaking down and picking up an iPhone. I know 4.1 is coming, but it’s so god damn frustrating to see phones released after the OS was don’t have it at launch. Add to that my BIONIC still hasn’t “officially” received ICS almost a year after THAT was released.

    I absolutely love Google, and I love certain freedoms I get with Android, and I’m absolutely I hardware fanatic, but I think I’m at the point where I just want some consistency. I want to know that when a new OS is released my phone will definitely be getting it, and that when I buy my phone I wont be pissed at the better one that comes out to weeks later. The BIONIC > RAZR > Nexus release block from 2011 still irks me…

    I still have a few months to decide, but, an iPhone may possibly be in my future.

    • Paul

      If you go with apple, then you will have to buy a new phone to get the new OS. And you seem to not understand that once an OS is released, manufacturers have to make sure any drivers, etc will work on their phone which is a lot of work.

    • Adam

      Just flash a ROM

  • AZguy

    Apple will add NFC and more ram in the next Iphone, that will be called the Iphone 5s.

    There all about making money not innovation…lol

  • @kellex you should put the nexus on that document as well.

  • goldenfootball12

    iPhone 5 postives: it is both lighter and thinner then the Razr (top Android phone in those categories) and the build quality is great. But all other things aside, Apple is no longer innovative. The past three phones they released (4, 4S, and now 5) have been playing catch up to Android’s high end devices.

    • Jason James

      the razrHD and razr maxxHD have 2x and 3x the talk time. so are the fewer mm and grams really worth it at that point?

  • Anil Reddy

    the iphone 5 looks like shivering n standing thin and starved(it looks like stretched out iphone4s) in comparision with the androids which look bold, strong and have a wider, prouder stance!hahaha!

  • Haha, the 5S will be NFC enabled and built in Wireless Charging

  • Alan Ng

    S3 rulling the world πŸ˜€

  • holmes221b

    galaxy s3 has 1 GB ram and not 2GB…and the processor being 1.4 GHZ and not 1.5 !!
    i gett the name of the site is droid life but that doesn’t mean u have to fovour it by giving wrong info !!!!

    • Droid4All

      Not the us version.

  • iamneuron

    The S3 has a quad core and 1gb of ram. Also 4G i believe.

  • Chris Clancy

    letterboxing legacy apps = fail

  • DR001

    NFC will come on the *phone 5S. They need something to sell the *phone 5S.

  • Who gets to the courthouse first? HTC or Samsung? Both are seeking sales bans on any and all lte products by apple.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Anyone else notice that the headphone jack is now on the bottom of the phone? Nice move Apple!

    • jboogie1289

      Can Samsung sue for that? Lol.

  • S.D.

    Seems like Iphone finally caught up!

    • jboogie1289

      Yeah, caught up to “next to last” place. Poof….be gone!!!

  • jseah114

    Here’s whats funny. The iPhone is touted as being so thin and light, and yet whenever I see someone with one “in the wild” they always have a thick, bulky Otterbox style case on them. Their iPhone then becomes as thick as my Rezound with the extended battery.

  • how about a chart compairing EVERY iphone version to well itself. oh wait it would almost be the same.

  • Shawn Kim

    A6 is quad core, no?

    • Robert Jakiel

      From everything I have read on the A6 it is a dual core Cortex A15 based SoC w/ quad core PowerVR GPU similar to the A5X

  • G_Romero

    Please add resolutions to this chart please! PPI is a marketing ploy. I have a 40 inch HDTV. I’m not going to tell all of my friends that own 50 inch TV’s that mine is better because of the PPI.

  • Tweekex

    iPhone is playing catch-up now. Ha!

  • root4life

    Most under whelming apple event ever….well other than the foo fighters showing up

  • Southrncomfortjm

    The big takeaway here is that Apple is set to release a new phone that is, at best, a mid range Android phone on its best day, except for maybe the build quality. Everything in it is contained within the RAZR M, or even the GNEX from a year ago. Without the extra half inch of screen and LTE there would be *nothing* to talk about.

  • enerjak

    Apple should implement a dedicated camera button then maybe the Android OEMs can follow suit.

    • Um, the Droid X?

      • enerjak

        I haven’t seen one since.

        • True. I had the DX and was able to take some decent pictures, I got by on my Thunderbolt because Gingerbread still had a delay. With the S3, I’m having a hell of a time taking decent pictures, tapping the screen makes it shake and I end up with blurry pictures.

  • possomcrast

    The reason apple left out 2gb of ram and nfc: iPhone 5s. Like all iterations of the iPhone features that could have been in the last iPhone are pushed off so they have things to put in the next one.

    • 2 gigs of ram is a total waste 99 percent of the time and apple users don’t care about specs anyho

      • possomcrast

        I have an s3 2gb of ram makes a huge difference over my galaxy nexus.

  • Futbolrunner

    Can we lose this ridiculously huge ABSOLUT Punch ad on DL??

    • Nathan Cox

      No, we NEEEEEEEEED it.

  • zaxwashere


    do i smell a lawsuit from samsung/htc?

  • This is why I will never buy an iOS product (I can’t say Apple in general bc I have a MBP lol) and its because the people who own them are the people that feel as if Apple is a social statement. Such as if they have anything with an Apple Logo they are immedietley somehow better than everyone, and it is this elitist idea of thinking that makes me mad. My Droid Razr cost just as much as the 4S when it was released but yet you don’t see me walking around trying to waive it like its a hundred dollar bill! Now I may take it out and wave it in some iSheep’s face but thats only because I basically have had all the features the iPhone 5 now offers but I’ve had mine for almost a year now. T

    • axeman25

      What makes me mad is someone who is ignorant enough to classify everyone who owns a specific brand because of a few douche bags. It’s like if I was to say that everyone who owns an android posts angry messages on boards because they secretly want an iPhone, or are just trying to prove what a giant douche bag they aren’t by being a douche bag to a brand they don’t own or have any experience other than before mentioned douche bags. Or they have little wieners, and cottage cheese thighs. Maybe they are compensating for something by needing a 4.8″ screen. Who knows? I’m probably just a douche bag. LOL

  • MKader17

    As someone said in the Live Chat – you guys NEED to do an info chart that shows the “new” iPhone features and when they were first introduced on Android.

    • Answer2K1


    • axeman25

      Really? Apps, pinch to zoom, rotating screen, why don’t you take that time line back to 2007. At least the iphone still looks like an iphone, just as it started. The average user wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the iphone and an android if they were shown only the screen. You always hear of the next great phone to come out to be the ‘iphone killer’. Why do you think that is? I don’t own an iphone but I sure am not blinded enough by the stereotype to know that they have come out with some really great ideas over the years (as well as a few turds. And not just phones). I think the closest thing I’ve seen to something ‘new’ in the mobile market is the windows phone. Apple see’s the current state of NFC as a security issue (go ahead and throw up the IUD issue……who leaked them again?). How long do you think it’ll be before a fourteen year old kid comes up with his own little NFC device (Numbers For Collecting) and walks through a Starbucks and then walks over to buy a new xbox with your money. I get a little sick of beta testing everyones ‘great idea’. Sure, they could just do like hundreds of other companies do and just throw crap and see what sticks. I.E. vista (or ME), betamax, laser disc, esata, netbooks, jersey shore. I do own a macbook, my son has one as well, we have three other pc laptops in the house, and a couple iPods. The one thing I can say for sure is that their customer service is next to none regarding turnaround. It’s amazing how bothered people are with a product they may have never even owned. Imagine if people liked their phones as much as the hated iPhones? LOL. Just remember that the great thing about this country is you get to choose. No ones forcing you to buy it.

      • apple_pie

        I had apps on my Nokia n73 which was sometime in 2006, my nokia n95 had an accelerometer with a rotating screen which was pre- iPhone era.

        • rickshaw

          Hey it’s another ex-Symbian/Nokia user! I used to use the N82 and remember when the iPhone first came out, us Symbian users laughed at how the iPhone didn’t have stuff like copy-and-paste or 3G? Back then I never really knew how much Symbian really sucked…

      • MKader17

        Man such a crazy rant for such a simple post. let me explain; I’m not saying that the original iPhone was not revolutionary. However Apple did not invent pinch to zoom, rotating screen, or Apps. They were just the first implement it in a way that took the public by storm, and rightfully so. I can say that if the iPhone would have been on Verizon earlier I would have had one at some point.

        Now past that, you have to agree that at this point Apple is playing catch up. Thin phones are not that necessary, camera upgrades were incremental and the screen got a little better. Big whoop.

        What I’m afraid of (truly) is Apple iPhone just made itself the way of the Apple Mac. The hardware will never be the greatest, it will look good, it will work smooth and it will cost a lot. In the Macbook market Apple is so ahead on form factor that I really want to buy a Macbook pro just because they look so nice. Apple is now going to ride their cash cow of incremental upgrades while Android continues to innovate for the 5% that don’t want a phone that just works. Apple will never introduce and OSX variant when your iphone is docked, they wont ever lead the way in NFC (which, by the way, is more secure than your wallet), while Android will continue to push the envelope creating devices for every niche of person.

        The Iphone will resemble Mac in market share (it’s already close now) but will likely have more than its computer market because of carrier subsidies.

        Believe me, the last thing I want is for Apple to be mediocre in the innovation department.

      • vzio

        I think you don’t understand NFC, for one you would have to be touching the users phone, second, you need to enter your pin into your phone to complete the transaction. So its basically the same as a debit card, as far as security is concerned.

  • 5 rows of icons?? Oh boy. Android has been doing this for awhile, but I smell an addition to the ongoing litigation as Apple clearly just invented it for the first time ever.

  • MKader17

    You know I do realize that Apple has a great product for 95% of people but seriously it took 2 years to upgrade a camera, make a bigger screen and add LTE?

    • Its the same camera as before, its just they made some software enhancements and are now calling it new and revolutionary. I loved the statement they made about the Panoramic mode offering 24mp photos, all the tech illiterate people will now think the iP5 has a 24mp camera when its really just 3 pictures taken at 8mp put together, a complete fail considering the Droid Razr can do I believe 5 or 6 photos together and if you add this the way Apple did that would result in a picture with over 48mp!

      • Answer2K1

        Nothing I love more than taking panoramic pictures with a smartphone.

      • MKader17

        I was taking into account that the iPhone4 was released 2 year ago and the jump on the 4S camera was noteworthy, but the 4S was certainly not. However, if you consider the jump from the 4 to the 5 Apple did add an “all new” dual core processor.

      • ERIC REED

        Come on now let’s not compare the Razrs camera to the 4S camera….that’s a losing battle

        • I will admit the Razr isn’t the best camera but its great for a phone, I like the Rezound’s better (I actually made a lot of iPhone users jealous with that thing) but thats a whole nother story! I can’t wait to see the Droid Razr HD vs the iPhone 5 and when the new HTC device is released I expect that to put the iP5 to shame!

          • ERIC REED

            HTC does have some great cameras, Motorola not so much…

          • The Rezound beat the iPhone 4S hands down and the Rezound has the display to actually view those pictures in somewhat of their maximum detail (its still not full 1080p but 720p is close enough for me) however I was forced to give up my Rezound because it had bad data connection issues after ICS update and I got the Razr as a CLN, so far the Razr is about identical but the web dock takes the cake and makes this phone the best device I have ever owned (Previous devices- Droid 2, Thunderbolt, Rezound and now Razr)

  • Answer2K1

    Thank goodness you put names under the phones!

    I was completely confused as to which one was the iPhone but I did point out the Motorola.
    But isn’t this just the “iPhone 4S HD LTE”, but then again, after typing that, I’d have called it “5” too.

  • Inquizitor

    You do realize there’s a dark grey HTC One X as well, right? My dad has had it for months…

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Apple is claiming 8 hours of LTE uptime. That I just can’t buy, especially since their chart says 8 hours for both 3G and LTE. There is no way they are getting 8 hours of LTE, but then again no more than 8 hours 3G. I call shenanigans.

    • Answer2K1

      That was slide they sped through at LTE speed: pretty much every tech blog mentioned that they kinda gloss over that really fast.

    • Anthony_Armando

      that was one of the first things i looked at and quickly bulked. that figure must be at “idle” because it will automatically set the 4G radio to idle/off when not needed. maybe it will automatically kick 4G on only if ios detects that it will need it for a certain data stream. ie, web browsing, video streaming, etc.

      i do have a hat ready to eat though if need be.

  • I love how they call the connector Thunder when in reality it can’t work with true Thunderbolt! I guess they’re trying to trick all the technology illiterate people into buying it.

    • the connector is called Lightning, and I think it’s their dumb play on the Thunderbolt on the Mac. I’m too busy laughing at everyone who’s about to buy their new adapter.

      • lol that was a dumb move making a different adapter! I feel bad for the people who just bought a brand new car with the connector built in, now they have to deal with an extra rectangular adapter if they upgrade.

        • well the cars usually had USB inputs and the lightning is still usb enabled, but I bet there are some cars out now that just won’t connect to the ios6 firmware and that’s a bummer. I mean… that’s hilarious.

  • 112g. WOW, that’s light. I wonder if all the writers out there are going to rip it for feeling too light like they did for every Galaxy phone ever released.

  • hkklife

    Galaxy Note 2 or bust if you want a phablet. GS3 or RAZR HD MAXX if you want a “big” phone. The iPhone 5 is as late arriving to market as the RAZR HD is, and both would have been a lot more impressive 6 months ago (ie before the Galaxy S3). Apple will still sell oodles of 5’s to people who are slack-jawed over LTE and having a “big” screen.
    I still would give anything to see a 5″ Moto Nexus Phablet with a Tegra 3 or S4 Pro before the end of the year but that’s likely to never happen. Moto seems to be very conservative when pushing the screen size boundaries, for whatever reason.
    I have to admit, the carryover iPhone 4S does make a pretty good showing as a 16Gb $99 handset compared to big red’s current $99 devices like the G-Nex or RAZR M or the Atrix HD on AT&T. I bet all of the teeny-boppers and soccer moms will go nuts over the free iPhone 4s for “free” too. It is also nigh miraculous how long the IPhone 3GS lasted in the marketplace–remember, folks, the 3GS came out BEFORE the OG Droid and it’s still receiving official iOS updates (though how well it handles them is up for debate).

  • Ryan Kratochvil

    damn kellex, no love for comparing to g-nex?

  • Finire

    Doesn’t samsung hold the patents, and produce the screens for the icrap? Why can’t we just have sammy have “factory issues” and stop producing the screen. I know it’s a low blow, but is it really any lower than crapple has already stooped?

    • Detonation

      Contract Obligations.

      • Finire

        I’ll be glad to err… “help out” at the factory until there is an issue that some loophole I’m sure exists for…

        • fixxmyhead


      • There could be a random accident or fire that starts from “unknown reasons” lol

    • Apple has contracted Sony and LG to start producing their screens. They have been reducing their dependency on Sammy for awhile.

  • luis quintero

    the Snapdragon S4 its a QuadCore not DualCore

    • Paul

      the S4 is dual core. the S4pro is quad. They are not the same thing,

  • luis

    the S3 proccesor is QuadCore not DualCore

    • Morris

      depends what carrier and country

  • Guest

    pretty sure the iNferior 5 has bluetooth by the way

    • Finire

      Bluetooth 4.0, no NFC… I know, the small lines are difficult (seriously, no sarcasm), but the chart isn’t THAT far off..

  • Suck it iPhone

    If you have common sense then you can see the clear winner here. The SIII trumps all of these devices except in battery life which by the way gets me through the day and then some

  • Finire

    Galaxy S3 @ amazon.com for $99… Just saying the new chart is outdated.

  • I hope one of the android manufacturers advertise how their phone can make NFC payments and the iphone can not.

  • Neutral

    Anyone surprised how Apple brought A15 to the table?

  • Nexus FTW

    wow they actually didnt do anything innovating this time around. Usually they have at least ONE thing “cool” going for it. Its about time they made the screen bigger…not by much, but its finally bigger. Almost all new android phones have 4.3 or larger now.

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    It just looks like they stretched out the 4S. Looks like crap.

  • jdrch

    Missing from the chart: the fact that iPhone 5 lacks an HD screen. Pretty underwhelming release if you ask me. The GS3 will still be the best phone available when the iPhone 5 drops, which is pathetic for Apple considering the relative age of both devices.

  • Droidzilla

    The only good reason to buy the iPhone 5 over the others is . . . um . . . uh . . . what were we talking about?

    • The new lightning connector is pretty cool, other than that, it’s a dud.

      • NotTheTodd

        If by cool you mean “you get to buy a fat ugly adapter so you don’t have to buy all new accessories” then yes

  • I’m going to hug my Galaxy SIII today πŸ™‚

  • sholtkamp

    One thing I like is the single dual radio chip. That’s probable how they are able to keep battery life decent.

    • willstilson

      Isn’t the S4 similar?

  • Fly_Dog

    Even if I was an Apple fan, I’d say iPhone5 = Weak. Probably somewhere a lonely Apple FanBoy will say “Insanely Greattttt!!!!!!”

    [edited for extra snark]


      As an Apple fan I was excited. LTE, bigger screen, HD front facing camera and improvements made to almost all parts of the phone. How is this disappointing to people who use the iPhone?

      • billy routh

        Because all they did was play catch up to every device out there and didn’t introduce nothing special

        • ERIC REED

          They release one phone a year. Sure all features will not be new, but they will work extremely well!!

          • Answer2K1

            But let’s be honest, their following and marketing are so top notch that they could’ve shrunk the phone, left out the camera enhancements and STILL sell 10 million units by Christmas.
            And it seems like the real money is made from discounting the previous two models also. A 4S for $99! A 4 for free! Fuhgetaboutit!

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I think everyone was hoping for something new. This is an improved version of something old. Put a turbo in a camry and it is still a camry. If you like the Camry, great, if not, you certainly aren’t any closer to buying one like this. Apple builds excellent products, everyone is aware of that. (hardware wise) For the past 5 years, everyone (droid folks and all) have been waiting to see what the new WOW product will be. I would bet good money that the only reason the screen is bigger is due to the needs for a larger form factor to house a larger battery to support the LTE radios.

        • ERIC REED

          If you like your Camry you’ve had and want a new car with upgraded features then by the newest Camry. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make your product better for your consumers.

          • Futbolrunner

            Right because it’s still a Camry. Some of us opt for the BMW of phones.

          • ERIC REED

            Well good news you can pre-order it on the 14th!!

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            That is exactly the point. We are all happy that you enjoy what you have, but for those of us who don’t like theold Camry, we wanted to see something that would add some type of temptation to entice us towards the new Camry, something that would tease us a little but spur new innovation. If your new Camry came sporting an HD radio with a 300hp engine that got 40mpg, we know that Honda, Ford, and Chevy would follow suit. Then we all win. πŸ˜‰

          • ERIC REED

            Oh Man that would be one awesome Camry…lol

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            lol… πŸ™‚ to be honest, I would be forced to at least take a test drive..

      • Fly_Dog

        Eric, I appreciate your presence and don’t want to be rude. I think the iPhone 5 It should have aimed higher. LTE and screens 4 inches and up are commonplace outside of Apple, and have been for all of 2012. Overall the hardware specs are at best even with already released phones from others. It seems underwhelming for a phone that will likely be Apple’s premier model for a year.

        One CNet commenter: “I love Apple, I own Apple everything except the iPhone,I must say Apple you dropped the ball with the iPhone5.”


        • ERIC REED

          Android has a ton of options I get that. This year alone I have owned the Galaxy Nexus, Razr Maxx and the S3. But iphone owners are a different camp. They just appreciate upgrades to the simplicity that is the iPhone. It doesn’t need to be the Galaxy S3 for them to enjoy. And in my opinion it is still the best looking phone on the market. The design did not need to be changed all that much!!

          • JoshGroff

            I agree on the design, but I wish Apple allowed for a more customization on the software side.

          • ERIC REED

            A little more customization would be awesome…

      • JoshGroff

        Compared to the changes from the 4-4S, I’d say this is more of a game changer, LTE and the larger screen size alone make it quite a catch. Not to mention the HD front facing camera, panoramic pictures, and what not.

        • ERIC REED


  • im feeling i made a mistake buying an S3 when the Razr HD might be just as worthy and ive always been a moto fan except the locked bootloaders

  • moelsen8

    this event was more “bleh” than last year’s. they “perfected” early-2011 technology, they really did. too bad it’s fall 2012.

  • James

    So much for the future of NFC.

  • fixxmyhead

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT LOOKS SOOOOO………………………………………..THE SAME

    seriously this is it?

    • josh


  • Is that aperture for the Razr HD confirmed?

  • TheWenger

    Since this thing has no NFC, I see it as an excellent opportunity to really push Wallet and NFC. They have a whole year to establish more thorough penetration of Wallet before the iDevice even thinks about it. Unless Apple uses some other method than NFC (like Starbucks using QR codes), NFC and Wallet need to take off fast.

  • I smell Samsungs lawyers already starting the process with the announcement of 4G LTE support being official. Let the birth of LTE patent wars begin!

    • Begun, the LTE patent war has!

    • If Samsung and HTC win I will throw a party! A win and consequently a product ban on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 would render Apple useless during the busiest shopping season of the year and hopefully between the overwhelming price of Lawyers and no profit, Apple will go belly up and die in a fiery hell.

  • andy
  • S.Ober

    How come you don’t have the Lumina 920 in this review? LMFAO!

  • King of Nynex

    Second year in a row that I’m totally disappointed in Apple. I’m not gonna buy an iPhone, but competition breeds innovation. This iPhone is basically what the iPhone 4s should have been. All these features are now considered standard now.

    • The sad thing is everyone was disappointed by last year as well, then a few weeks later convinced themselves it was the greatest technological achievement to date and it broke sale records.

      • Because iSheep don’t care what the device looks like or has! I literally had one this morning that said he would buy it no matter what. This was before the announcement!

        • ERIC REED

          Please please please post this again!!!

        • axeman25

          Hmmm. So even though it broke sales records and continues to dominate the market, everyone who buys it is an ‘isheep’? You don’t own an ipod or anything? Sticking with your Zune?I know it’s kinda like trying to understand why Justin Bieber has sold all those albums.LOL. Maybe that sheep you were talking to actually likes apple products for a legitimate reason? Have you ever bought an album from a band the day it came out even though you haven’t heard it? Just because of the bands name.

          • What I don’t get is why anyone would buy an ipod or any other personal music player when they own a smartphone already.

  • Kane

    I would like to point out that the Galaxy S3 is expandable to Infinity and Beyond us a USB OTG adapter, i can use my 32gb S3, with a 64gb microSD, and a 128gb usb flash drive all at the same time…. LOTS of storage!

  • Justin

    Don’t forget – the iPhone has a NanoSim card. Not sure what difference that makes, but it’s something CNet has been all over.

    • RobMorris

      With the micro sim it has more room for an SD ca….oh wait

  • Laki S.

    I’m still being hopeful that I’ll get a RAZR Maxx HD in my hands soon… If not, I’m totally ready for a new Nexus!

  • One X is the best bang for the buck according to this

  • Steven Fields

    I like how the iPhone5 now has a new connector. However, I like even more so that every iPhone zombie has to buy new adapters (which adds about an inch to the connection, not to mention less stability) or buy new docking devices all together.

    Specs don’t challenge any Android device out on the market today. The only positive I’ve seen is:
    1) Single Radio chip – we’re all getting there eventually anyway, and
    2) SOOO many points of reference to pre-existing technology/software.

    I can’t wait for the legal battles…

    • Agreed. The i-Drones will have to turn in unison and move in a different direction like a school of fish. I’ve also seen some emerging posts of i-Bots proclaiming that the new screen is “perfect” (the same i-Bots who previously proclaimed that the tiny 4s screen was “perfect” and anything else was “too big.”) LOL. Steve Jobs is rolling over in his infernal grave laughing at what he created. A true evil genius, that Lebanese bastard was.

    • neutral

      A15 and potentially SGX543MP4 easily trumps any Android phone out there.

      • jmasterj

        Did they say it was an A15?

        • Justin

          On a somewhat similar sidenote, isn’t the S4 an A15 cortex (maybe it was an A9 with better tech than an A9?) with the SGX543MP4? Or is that the S4 Pro Quad Core?

          • neutral

            No, actually S4 is close to A15 but the actual performance is slower than A15 (S4 Krait does 3.3MIPS vs 3.5MIPS for A15). Adreno GPUs in general do not even come close to SGX543MP2, MP4 would be way out of reach.
            If you look at http://www.anandtech.com/show/6275/our-apple-iphone-5-live-blog search a15.


    • jseah114

      Not to mention that Apple is going to charge $30 for the adapter as well.

  • Buckoman

    “Oh, you don’t like our product lineup? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of THE FOO FIGHTERS!!”

    – Tim Cook

    • TheRobotCow

      HahaGoogle created GLaDOS at I/O this year hahaha

    • JoshGroff

      Heck yeah!

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    How about a features chart…. You know all the awesome things we’ve had for quite some time! LOL

  • Tony

    Looks like its stacks up to the competition pretty well

    • Booyah

      Well, that’s going to be Apple’s top of the line for the next year. Imagine what Android will do in that timeframe.

      • fart salad

        pump out 20 more phones from various manufacturers that wont see updates beyond 6 months after launch?

        • JoshGroff

          Also, 3 Nexus phones that will also outclass the iPhone 5 and get timely updates (for the GSM unlocked versions of course.)

          • ERIC REED

            Your beloved Nexus has not outclassed a single phone that I’m aware of..

          • JoshGroff

            I’m talking about the next batch… Of course last year’s Nexus doesn’t top this year’s top devices.

          • ERIC REED

            They better really make improvements to this years Nexus, because the last one was a bit disappointing. But I will say the screen was a thing of beauty!!

          • JoshGroff

            Well, they have 3 chances to do so, and I’m interested to see what Sony has up their sleeves.

        • Booyah

          I’m on Verizon and get very timely updates (rooting).

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      Surprising… Could have done more!

    • stupidllama

      i think you mean caught up.

  • MichaelFranz

    honestly, the 326PPI is nice and all, but really the untrained eye will not notice the difference…

    the only thing going for it is the HD front camera…..

    ..but wait didnt the nexus 7 just have its hacked to do 720 video, so that means other camera may be able to be hacked for it, just saying maybe. if anything that camera in the front is the only thing i see.

    I will say i am upset about no NFC. I was hoping for it because lets face it, if apple has it, the people will adapt to it. meaning more places to use NFC payments. That was a disappointment

    • will bartlett

      i was sooooo hoping for NFC…id like to use google wallet at more places than walgreens and cvs…

      • MichaelFranz

        i work for a retail POS company and we alreayd did the google wallet mod for American Eagle and Foot Locker stores. There are more store on the Horizon to use NFC enabled devices. We are also working on ISIS products

        • John

          Nice, thx

        • Southrncomfortjm

          Hey, you shouldn’t talk that way about your company!

          • TheKaz1969

            I see what you did there!

          • Tutunkari

            Stands for Point Of Sale.

          • Southrncomfortjm

            I know, otherwise it wouldn’t be a joke!

          • MichaelFranz

            haha…point of sale not piece of sh*t

      • Jackson

        711 and Hess gas stations have it too lol

        • will bartlett

          neither of those exist in minnesota.

          • Jackson


    • I’d agree with you on the ppi thing but to be honest, GSIII an iPhone 4 side by side, IP4S still looks sharper. Don’t know why.

      • smaller screen size will make things look better

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        My new iTouch has the newer display and there is something to be said about it. It is very, very clear. You rarely notice because very few things actually display that well but every now and then, something just pops out at you. The SIII is an awesome display and nothing to goff at, but the retina display is pretty sweet. Seeing is how it is made by Sammy, I don’t know why they don’t use it themselves.

      • Try putting it side by side with the One X. Super LCD2 is the best display on the market. S3 is a great phone but it’s screen and build quality leave something to be desired

  • select

    Wow, no NFC for apple? I htink they will regret that in a few months when both isis and wallet with nfc payments are available on all new androids

  • mustbepbs

    No NFC is pretty lame. Apple dropped the ball on that. I was really looking forward to an iProduct having NFC to spark the need for more support.

    • That is the ONLY good thing about Apple copying features Android has had for a while, widespread support thanks to the millions of Apple sheep.

      • I had one sheep say to me today, I don’t care what it looks like I’m buying it!” I suddenly had the urge to smack this guy on the back of the head for being so stupid! (This was this morning before the announcement)

        • TheKaz1969

          surprised you didn’t hear, “I don’t care what it costs, I’m buying it!”

        • ERIC REED

          Come on champ..please post one more time somewhere so I can go and find it and write this again!!

          • I only posted it twice, it just happened to be that the two posts got put right next to each other.

    • Need to save something for next year

      • CivilDroid

        and the year after that…

    • nightscout13

      Apple always implements features one at a time, so that next year the new model will seem better.

  • Darren

    My S3 seems so much thicker and heavier because of the extra 21g and 1mm thickness.

    • … and extra inch of screen, extra gig of ram, etc.

      • ryanallaire

        1/2 inch of screen πŸ™‚

    • I can’t even lift mine anymore. Off to the Apple store.

      • ERIC REED

        Alright I grinned reading that…

    • Joe

      yes but I will take that with an extra G of Ram πŸ˜›

    • tnfcngs

      So basically NFC chip + 1gb RAM = 21g? I’m even sometimes scary of how light the s3 is, sometimes I don’t even feel it in my pocket and I freak out!

      A guy with the iphart 4s once lifted my s3 and said “Oh wow, this is really impressively lightweight!”… after a second he rethought and rephrased: “too light for my taste, my phone weight is just right”
      Next statement: “iphart5 is lighter! Can you imagine!?” Meehh

      • September 11: iSheep complain that anything over 3.5 inch display is too big
        September 12: iSheep praise Apple for making a 4 inch display on their phones

        I will never understand why the iSheep love Apple!

  • Josh Flowers

    as it’s been said before, “Apple should sue themselves for copying the iphone 4S”

    • Yes. They should

    • Where_is_NFC

      No NFC=Apple Fail. I guess iFans will need to wait for the i5S before getting NFC. Although I am sure most Android users were hoping Apple would include NFC to quicken adoption by companies (i.e. cars, hotels, restaurants, concerts, door locks, etc.)

      • nightscout13

        Introducing the new, iPhone 5NFC!

        • I was really looking forward to an iProduct having NFC to spark the need for more support...AppleMillionaireProject.webs.com

        • tyguy829


          • nightscout13

            I wonder, when Apple releases NFC on the iPhone 6, will the iSheep be amazed with the “new” feature?

      • ERIC REED

        Or we don’t care to have it. Had it on my Nexus and S3 and didn’t use it once.

        • moelsen8

          But would you if every store you went to supported it? I would, definitely. Unfortunately, I don’t do all of my shopping at Rite Aid. This is why I wanted Apple to include NFC.

          • prestone1

            exactly, these things take a while to become adopted. if apple would adopt it, then it would catch on much faster. not having to carry your physical wallet around is a great thing. i love the starbucks app, i really wish more stores would follow this road or the nfc one.

          • vzio

            and where will your drivers license / ID go?

        • prestone1

          you didnt use it because you didnt want to use it. can be used at any credit card machine with pay pass or with any other nfc device to transfer content.

          • JoshGroff

            I don’t use it on my N7 or my G-Nex, just not a fan of the idea of NFC.

          • prestone1

            have you ever once used nfc?

            there isnt much use for it on the n7 for payments, however it is great for transferring content between the gnex and n7. i do it with mine, especially in a hurry.

          • JoshGroff

            Not really, there’s not much transferring that I do in general though, outside of dropbox.

          • vzio

            when you have friends or relatives, or meet someone new, its nice to be able to easily transfer contact information, photos, links etc Any application that is open decides what to send to the other device, so you can send youtube videos etc just by touching the back

          • vzio

            not even to transfer things back and forth? It makes things so simple…

          • ERIC REED

            Way to hit the nail on the head…

          • Guest

            Yes, but why? CC reading machines are so ubiquitous at this point, you’d be hard-pressed to find a store that didn’t support CCs. What does NFC offer that a CC doesn’t?

          • prestone1

            the need for a CC…

            why do you drive to work, when you can take the bus? they are taking you to the same place? if i dont have to carry around a CC, id rather not have to

          • Guest

            I have no bus that goes to my work. It is a poor comparison as well: the convenience of a bus (supposing there was one) compared to a car is greatly overshadowed by a regular CC compared to Google Wallet. I already have a wallet for my ID and occasional cash, an extra 1mm of thickness does nothing, however a bus would be significantly less convenient than a mode of transportation that does not lock me into a specific route on a specific schedule.

          • prestone1

            i cant argue with stupid. carry your CC everywhere you go.

          • vzio

            Buses have NFC boarding passes

          • vzio

            yea it would be one less thing that could be lost, stolen etc

          • vzio


        • John Davids

          That would be because adoption in the consumer marketplace has been dismal to non-exsistant. Primarily because most vendors follow what Apple does. I can promise you that if the iPhone 5 launched with NFC that every hotel, airline, gas station, and restaurant worth their salt would be scrambling to be NFC ready.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            that is so incredibly true! Before the end of the year there would commercials everywhere offering NFC payments and NFC docking stations and light switches and information hubs

          • cooksta32676

            And their new beautiful, elegant, and innovative payment system.

          • I wonder if they would call it “iWallet.” Just a guess.

        • Perfect answer from an Apple Sheep/Lemming

          If apple didn’t include it, it doesn’t deserve to exist.

          I use it at gas stations, grocery stores. I use it to unlock my house, shed, garage.

          • John Davids

            I’m confused. Are you calling me an iSheep? If so, you have way missed your mark. I am about as anti-Apple as you can get. However, I am also a realist. To say that there wouldn’t be a huge outpouring of NFC support from the payment community because the iPhone 5 included it would be just willful ignorance. Love them, hate them, or otherwise…Apple and their iPhone command extreme brand recognition and loyalty, something that a multitude of other sectors have been capitalizing on for years.

          • AJA0

            How do you use it to unlock your house? That’d be epic. What if your phone’s dead?

          • I have an Insteon system in my home. The have an NFC module. I can unlock it with NFC, but normal keys work too πŸ˜›

          • vzio

            There is a bunch of tutorials online… you can use bluetooth also… I would suggest having a back door that is a regular bolt lock

          • AJA0

            Thanks man, I’ll look into it.

        • aznmode1

          But also NFC can be used for NFC tags which I care more over NFC payment.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            Exactly. NFC is a terrible payment option. But its fantastic for information gathering and setting changes. Imagine walking into a restaurant and being able to put your phone down on the table and the menu shows up on your screen. Or checking into a hotel and putting your phone on the counter and the weather came up with a list of popular places to go and eat popped up. How amazing would that be?

          • Shane Girodat

            That was Bill Gates original vision for Microsoft Surface.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            Yea i remember Surface. But what makes it even better is the fact that its mobile.

        • Crack Monkey

          As android phones around the world outpace apple you’ll start to see a shift in the market. Apple has not come up with anything new in a while. They prefer to spend their time suing rather than innovating. Given that the iPhone 5 was nothing new other than a slightly larger screen and a faster processor even apple fan boys are starting to wonder if apple is not falling behind.

      • I can honestly think Apple may pursue an entirely proprietary mobile-payment technology that will gain a huge marketshare to make companies adopt to hem and screw over Android.

        • prestone1

          i was thinking the same thing. sad thing is, it would catch on faster than nfc has

      • I’ve still got a Google Nexus with NFC. Recently uninstalled Google Wallet, the only program I ever had that used NFC, because I’ve only used it three times in the past year. NFC hasn’t really gone anywhere so far.

        • vzio

          You obviously don’t have any clue what else NFC can do… if you have others who have a device which has NFC, then you can transfer almost anything instantly… for example if you have a photo, contact, map location, webpage or youtube video open you just touch your phone to the back of another device and you tap the screen and it will transfer… no pairing or anything.

      • MicroNix

        Don’t be too hard on Apple. They had to have something magical for the iPhone 6 next year!

        • Jt

          yep…a 4.3inch screen

          • Doubt they would increase the screen size again. There weird pixel numbers are magical

      • Gnorb

        OK, honestly, does anyone USE NFC for anything right now? Are there devices that use NFC (other than Android smartphones)? I’ve never seen one, so really, I don’t know. I keep hearing it’s supposed to be this big, important feature, but… outside of the Android community, I’ve never heard of NFC being used anywhere.

        Don’t get me wrong, new tech and new standards are cool and all, but I guess I’m sort of expecting this horde of things using NFC, or business taking NFC payments or… something. But I guess I’m just not looking in the right places.

        • vzio

          my local Mcdonalds has NFC payments and I am in a small town in alaska… there are about 30 or so other merchants that have it, with more coming on board soon… Search google for “See where Google Wallet is accepted.” I use it alot with my nexus 7 as my grandma has one, and a friend..

    • Naga Appani

      a Product that’s got nothing new to the current generation of
      technology yet can fool millions around….Welcome back 2010… Stop
      getting fooled u iTrolls… Learn from Mistakes… Meh Meh Meh

    • Chronon7364

      iPhone 4S2

    • Who uses NFC anyway?

      • michael arazan

        NFC by me includes 7-11, BP, PetCo, Macy’s, another clothing store at the mall and some other gas station but not a quiktrip. Walgreens by me had one but never turned it on or set it up cause no one ever requested to use it before.
        More business’ need to adapt it for functionability, maybe when isis hits more companies will adapt to it because the carriers will market it better, right now the average person has no idea what it is or does.

  • Guest

    Any Benchmarks on A6 to Snapdragon S4?

  • The only one I care about is the Software column and they all fail for not saying “Android 4.1”

  • Andrew

    Is that the iPad mini in the picture?

  • Ha…

  • KleenDroid