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Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Sales Reach 20 Million in Only 100 Days Since May Launch

This morning, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S3 has become their quickest selling device of all time, reaching 20 million in sales in just 100 days since its launch in May of this year. JK Shin, President and Head of IT and Mobile Communication at Samsung has sent out a heartfelt thank you to the millions of Galaxy S3 owners:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to customers who have chosen the GALAXY S III. We will never stop providing the latest smart mobile technologies to help users live a life extraordinary.

Now all they have to do is get us some Jelly Bean love and we’ll send a thank you right back.

Via: Samsung

  • pop

    I gettin tired of all this talk about the iphone5 that nobody never saw, only made up models from obsess iphone users.they didnt even launch a date to even comfirm the iphone5…face sumsang whip dat ass this round and sent iphone back to that drawing bored thats why yhey sued them they thought samsung was trying to just make a new phone not. Chane the phone game..face it its the best phone out..and its affordable with a contract.

  • richie

    Yeah but the iPhone 4 can video record my bands practice with no distortion and my galaxy 3 distorts so bad I just put it back into my pocket while my boy gloats and says “I thought that was the best phone on the market?” I go yeah but it does everything but do live recordings lol!

    • K. Nelson

      Really? This is the first I’ve heard of this. Are you sure you don’t have a defective lens? It’s entirely possible.

  • yarrellray

    Samsung deserves it’s credit and all the compliments possible. They have the best in class smartphone on the market period. Software wise the Galaxy S3 will be the best device on the market the next 6months easy. No new iphone will ever compare to Samsung and the products they have made. They push innovation to it’s limits yearly. Apple can only wish they were Samsung one it’s best day. Meanwhile with the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 on it’s way there is no possible way apple will ever matter. Unless your those uneducated simpleton’s who have no knowledge of technology. Apple has plenty of simpleton’s out there.

  • Scott in MA

    And I am one of those 20 million who couldn’t be happier with my SIII (except for not having Jelly Bean yet or knowing when I will (without rooting)).

  • OldErotic

    Dem d’er sum big numbers!

  • serrastone

    Even with so many sales, I’m very very disappointed at how little development there is for this phone. Not many original roms compared to the Gnex, hell- even AOKP isn’t supporting all variants officially yet!

    • Jim McClain

      well for one thing, the gnex has been out for 9 months

  • Galaxy-S3

    Anybody else with an S3 have the copy/paste crash bug? Every time I copy in an app – Chrome, Voice, etc., it crashes and doesn’t copy.

    • not here

    • JohnPA2006

      not happening on my Verizon S3 either.
      You may want to factory wipe.
      (after you backup your stuff of course)

  • 20 million sold? No wonder Apple wants to squash it….

    • steve

      only that apple is going to sell that many iphone 5 in the first 2 weeks

      • Jim McClain

        so true,there is no shortage of idiots out there

      • violator702

        Cuz they only release one phone a year.

      • 1324356565

        The 4s took a week to sell 4 million, say they do reach 4 million the first week again, think they can sell 16 million more the next?

      • apple lover

        You can find them at the mall, waiting in line for 3 days just to be first at a device that wont work properly but wont be lambasted because it was designed by the almighty steve jobs

        • michael arazan

          You can find them waiting at the mall to buy the new iDevice. How nice of apple to not allow the convenience of preorders and the day it comes out you receive it in the mail. Truly proves the fact that they are sheep being herded by apple.
          What’s that Google and Samsung and Motorola? Your coming out with phones and all I have to do is preorder it and receive it in the mail the day it comes out. Thanks for treating me like an individual and not some animal in a feeding frenzy out of a troff, and making me waste my time sitting in line for three days.

      • only cause apple buys back older phones but ok

  • Morrie

    No Bluetooth headset works with the voice dialing feature. Verizon is now acknowledging the issue and said that the Jelly Bean update may fix this issue, but no guarantees about the release date or if in fact Jelly Bean would fix this issue. The rep did offer to let me change to one of the new phones coming out. Maybe the new LG will work since it comes with its own Bluetooth headset!

    • Trueblue711

      Good to know.. I thought it was only me. If S Voice closes out, just open it again and then it will work. Annoying, but its a workaround I’ve been doing.

    • KleenDroid

      Did you try installing Jellybean to see if it fixes your issue?

    • Kevin McClain

      I have a simple LG Bluetooth headset and that feature works just fine. maybe I just got lucky

    • bohgid

      Love the s3, but it will not stay connected to my Motorola s10-hd Bluetooth headset. The set works fine with my desire and Acer a500. it seems other ppl are having Bluetooth problems with headsets and car audios, fingers crossed for a fix. (former HTC fanboy)

  • When are we going to get some more information about those fancy new colors?

  • A few billion $, nbd.

  • Jim McClain

    was at a verizon store monday,saw a video ad running for the nexus lol

    • KleenDroid

      One of my tenants is a manager at a Verizon store and her work phone is a Nexus. The only advertising on TV I remember for the Nexus was more about Google+ and its circles.

      • Jim McClain

        well this is what I saw in concord mills mall in concord N.C.

    • jak_341

      The GNex is still the top must have phone. The GIII is a close second.

      • Really how so? What makes the nexus superior to the Siii

        • K. Nelson

          I know! It’s their phone, so it must be better! LOL

      • Jim McClain

        well i have a nexus and wife has the s3, the s3 is a lot better phone

  • Jim McClain

    wife has it, very impressive phone and who cares if it has a button, grow up

    • Hunter

      preference around whether or not it has a button is not a matter of maturity. Google/Android has stated that on-screen buttons is the direction they would like to see OEM’s head.

      ps my wife also has it, we both think the button layout is a little messed up but it is a solid device.

    • CRH45

      Grow up? Lol im old enough to know that button ruins the look of the phone.

      • rodney11ride

        im with you on this… buttons SUCK

      • al

        The s3 would still be ugly without the button. I’d like all lower buttons to be physical. It’s annoying when I hit a button accidentally while playing a game on my galaxy. Thank god they kept it on the note 2, or I would consider something else.

    • jak_341

      ICS rendered buttons obsolete. I am not sure why manufacturers are still using them.

      • al

        because alot of people actually hate accidentally hitting softkeys. Especially when playing touch games.

        • feztheforeigner

          I accidentally hit my S3’s capacitive buttons FAR more often than my Galaxy Nexus’ on screen buttons…

    • Go Hawkeyes

      My only complaint about the phone, now that the bootloader is unlocked, is the button. Physical buttons suck. It’s harder to press when only using one hand. I’d rather it be a capacitive button like the others. Or, more preferably, only on screen buttons like Google intended.

      • al

        Why not get a nexus phone from the beginning?

    • I like the button. I miss it when I happen to use my old phone (with capacitive buttons). I will agree though that it can be hard to use one-handed though, although the size of the GS3 doesn’t help either.

    • PC_Tool

      Grow up? Really? You had to troll?


      Ignoring that…

      Have you used it? I bought one for my wife and I *despise* that button.
      It has almost *zero* tactile feedback (What’s the point?) and pressing it seems to lag the phone like hell. I often catch myself hitting it multiple times because (due to lack of tactile feedback and slow response) I wasn’t sure I actually “engaged” it.
      Don’t get me wrong, she and I both love the device other than for that one complaint. Hopefully JB will see the on-screen feedback respond faster and solve some of that.

      Never had that issue with the capacitive keys on my Fascinate or Spectrum, and have both on-screen and vibration feedback to the on-screen keys on my Galaxy Nexus…physical keys “done right” may work…the key on the SIII wasn’t…and doesn’t.

    • Ubi2447

      Button or not, the placement of the button on this device is very low for me and from what i’ve seen, it’s low for many others aswel. I have to drop my thumb into a strange position to reach it.
      The device is also so slick that one must constantly reposition his/her hands on the device or purchase a case that makes it more grippy. This phone terrifies me when I hold it with out the case on.
      Even with all this I have really come to enjoy my little s3. Beautiful camera and speedy to work with. Not to mention the display.

  • Dills

    I got no thank you 🙁
    Love this phone though.

  • New_Guy

    I can believe the numbers. I’ve seen a number of people I know actually switch from the iPhone to the SIII over the past couple of months. I haven’t seen a lot of people switch so readily before. We’ll see how the numbers look after the 12th though. But, either way, big ups, Sammy!!!

  • Any news on the wireless charging gear yet? Not just one or two random cover plates from Verizon

  • Man, remove the logos on the front and get rid of the physical buttons and that is one beautiful phone. But with those 2 things present, it is unbuyable.

    • CRH45

      Isn’t that the truth

    • I agree with the physical button comment. Really dumb with a physical surrounded by two capacative buttons, but i like the capacative. Going form gnexus to this you realize how on screen buttons are just wasted beautiful screen space. As long as they keep the bezel small like they did then I am not a fan of on-screen buttons. On my Nexus 7 i use a gesture command app to hide the nav bar 95% of the time which is great and lets me use the full screen on the n7.

      • zUFC

        Nah, onscreen buttons are the bomb. Doesn’t waste any space. why do people say that. Hate my S3 just because of the stupid buttons. Only have for batt life (just like i’ll have to get the MAXXHd for the batt life and onscreen buttons).. Can’t wait to get rid of this toucwized, hard button thing.

    • usmitcboy

      1 thing I’ve never gotten is why do people want to remove the logos off phones so bad??? Everything you drive or use in the world is logo’ed & badged so what’s the big deal about a phone.

      • Jim McClain

        i heard that,its the kids on here

        • Hunter

          Did you wake up today and think “you know what, I want to get online and talk down to people. Lets see how that goes.”

          In reference to the topic, I agree with Dills. Everything is branded. In addition to purchasing a product its how you show support for a company.

          • Maxx

            No i think Jim is telling the truth. It’s pretty silly to fuss over a logo on your product. I actually agree w/ the second thing you said. everything is branded. As I type this my work keyboard says “Logitech” and my monitor says “Acer”. Do I care? No, the logo doesn’t get in the way of what I’m doing.

          • JoshGroff

            This ^ but I prefer the branding on my phone to be on the back, it just looks better that way.

          • EC8CH

            Yep… ala g-nex.

            I still don’t like the VZW branding on the back but it is 10000X better than having it clutter up the front.

            G-Nex is beautiful blackness when turned off… nothing but screen.

          • cns2007

            Exactly. i don’t mind the manufacturer and carrier branding on the back of my GNex, but the front looks awesome without it. In fact, I hope that if/when the rumored multiple Nexus phones launch, that other if not all the OEMs take this approach.

          • Maxx

            Understandable, but it’s all for marketing purposes. For example, you’re on public transportation, you see somebody w/ a device (a phone in this case) you find interesting. You notice the words Verizon and Samsung planted on it. So now you’ll know where to find it and what brand the product was. It may be unpopular to users like yourselves but it’s a good way to market.

          • JoshGroff

            If the phone is held up to your ear, depending on the logo placement, the back plate is better.

          • Maxx

            Based on my observations, the majority of people on public transportation aren’t actually talking on their phone (holding the phone to the their ears for the back of the logo to show). They’re using it to text, browse the internet, play music, watch videos, etc.

          • paul_cus

            I think the S3 got it right. The only writing I want to see on the front of my phone is the OEM badge. Carrier logos should only be on the back on the phone.

        • EC8CH

          better the kids be on here than on your lawn… eh old man?

          • Jim McClain

            thats why god invented pit bulls and shotguns lol

    • LionStone

      I think that physical home button is more psychological, to give iphone converts some security when they make the transition 🙂

  • wow! an android phone finally did some advertising and sold a ton of phones!! weird how that works!

    • New_Guy

      Haha! It really boggles my mind how little advertising outside of Samsung’s their is for Android. Glad to see someone finally taking advantage.

    • Droidzilla

      Their advertising didn’t feature flipping ninja robots, so it had no relevance to me.

      • EC8CH

        Yep, I’d rather have some awesome stop motion ninja’s on you tube than a touchy feely madison ave spot on the boob tube.

    • Trueblue711

      The DROID lineup was heavily advertised.

      • jak_341

        Not to mention the DROID lineup stunk since the OG Droid.

        • Trueblue711

          That’s irrelevant to the original comment.

          • jak_341

            On the contrary, it is very relevant. The SGIii was advertised and sold much. The DROID brand was heavily advertised and stunk up sales. Wjy? Mediocre products.

          • Trueblue711

            No, it’s not. The original poster’s comment implied that the reason other Android phones did not sell was because they were not heavily advertised. Saying that they were mediocre phones has nothing to do with building a correlation between advertising and sales. Lousy products that are advertised well can still sell well.

    • chris125

      it wasn’t the advertising that did it, it’s the fact that it is the same on every carrier no more carrier messing around bs like with the htc one series

    • JoshGroff

      So, just like the S2? If they had a variant on VZW, they would have probably sold many more.