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Verizon Reportedly Blocks Vacations in September Because of iPhone 5 Launch, Poor Motorola

According to TechCrunch, Verizon has blocked employees from taking vacations between September 21 and September 30 because the next iPhone will launch during that time. Their source didn’t specifically mention that the iPhone was indeed launching on the 21st, but since everyone is expecting Apple to announce the phone on September 12, a launch of a week later matches up to previous releases. 

So why do we care? Well, because Motorola has told us all to save September 5 on our calendars because they would like to announce something as well. Thanks to Moto employees on photo sharing and benchmark sites, the FCC, and video tutorial leaks, we are essentially expecting it to be for the DROID RAZR HD, a top tier phone, and the XT907 (Mini?), a mid-tier phone similar to the Atrix HD and original DROID RAZR.

Am I alone in asking, “What the hell are you thinking, Motorola?” Don’t get me wrong, Moto will have the attention of the world on September 5 because the smartphone industry is beyond boring right now. But the next week, most of the world is going to forget about whatever it is that they just announced thanks to the new iPhone. Assuming Moto does the standard Android release and announces it 2 months before allowing it to be sold in stores, maybe it will eventually show up in October and iPhone sales will have cooled off? Not likely?

I definitely do not envy any of the Android manufacturers who are going to try to make a buck in the 4th quarter of 2012. Apple has positioned themselves to completely destroy the game again. Well, maybe HTC’s 1080p phone, codenamed dlx (also headed to Verizon), will arrive and steal the show? Ugh.

Thankfully, I’m not in the business of trying to sell Android phones in the same quarter as a new iPhone. I’m simply in the business of enjoying all things Android and sharing it with all of you.

  • TO

    I am using a Motorola Razr Maxx running ICS and it is the worst OS I have experienced since the release of Android. My device worked great before ICS update. I not only have terrible battery life with a 3300 MHz battery but it over heats. Signal strength is terrible. I cannot believe they changed the notification of missed calls from red to gray. They made the icon for Exchange emails the same color as the POP email. The notification for Exchange email is the same color as POP email, Gray. Can it get any more boring? It was nice to be able to tell the difference as to what email has mail as well as tell the difference between the icons without having to double check because they look exactly the same. I think the worst part for me though is the fact to place a call sometimes can take over 60 seconds. When I dial a phone number and hit send, it just sits there and will not call out. I have had to power cycle my device once 50 percent of the time and sometime twice before the device will place a call. I have even tried to use voice dialing and I have the same results. This is completely unacceptable. I also cannot go back to my previous OS. I am stuck with ICS no matter how bad it performs or doesn’t perform. Android has taken three steps backswords with ICS. Then Google has the nerve to say, be patient. Motorola wants me to reset my phone back to factory settings and set it all up again. They don’t seem to care that it takes me over six hours to do this because none of my apps are backed up like in iTunes so I have to write down what I have and re download them. I have be anti-Apple but the iPhone 5 4G LTE cannot get here soon enough. Screw Android!

  • Mike Yost

    I am not a big fan of Quad Core phones. I would much prefer a higher frequency dual with 4G LTE, personally. At least until Android is updated to make full use of all four cores.

    • yeah–but verizon service is much to be desired–they suck

  • J

    I have a 4s and honestly it’s going to take a lot more then a 4 inch screen and an ugly two tone looking back to get me to upgrade.
    I love my iPhone I use it everyday but these yearly updates are getting annoying, and only the fanboys and people who need to have the hottest new toy will buy them.

  • Wait for the DROID 5. {{-_-}}

  • frankandsimple

    I have.. but I never will .. buy any other NON apple product… EVAR!!

  • Akashshr

    I really dont think the iphone launch will have anything to do with the Motorola launch, People who will buy the iphone 5, mostly all of them will have or would have used an iphone 4/4s/3/3s in the past, and so they will buy it no matter what.
    Motorola on the other hand actually has the upper hand, if they manages to really impress the crowd on Sep 5th, then it will stick! Start selling their phone almost immediately they should be good. People who buy android like it, and will buy Moto irrespective of how the iphone 5 will turn out to be!
    Sure sales will be slow initially cause people want to just See the iphone 5, after that it shouldn’t matter!

  • Sinofueramos

    I had a 4S the first half of this year. Now I’m using a GS3 I got with my final Unlimited upgrade. The LTE and screen size are fantastic on the new phone, but the iPhone was superior in just about every other way. Siri is great compared to the voice command options I have now. Battery life was much better (no LTE, I know) already had to wipe this phone once due to the copy and paste bug crashes. The iPhone is much smoother scrolling when reading anything like websites or reading apps. Looking forward to getting the new one, even at full price. Thankfully the GS3 will still be worth good money, since it’s also a good phone. Not as good as the new iPhone though, especially with LTE and the bigger screen.

    • frankandsimple

      same here.. I’ve tried pretty much most of the android devices out there.. I keep going back to the 3.5″ iphone 4s… It just works!.. and everything is just fantastic. Whats the point of having a gigantic screen only to be a pentile!!.. the 3.5″ iphone 4s screen vs 4.65″ pentile nexus screen.. difference is like “heaven and earth”.
      People may ridicule the lack of app drawer blah blah blah.. but seriously.. the closed ecosystem and definite updates and stability is any day better than the cluster fuk that android is.

  • MrEnglish

    Anxiously awaiting new iPhone. Couldn’t possibly care less about anything Motorola at this juncture. Want stuff that works properly and doesn’t have apps and OS’s all over the board. This may be ship jumping time, but then again, who knows what the next day holds, let alone month. Good thing is everybody is throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks and that gives all consumers plenty of choices for their favorite device.

  • C-Law

    What iPhone is that pictured above? I don’t recall seeing an all black one like that. I thought they normally had silver on the side?

  • cooksta32676

    So the iphone will be the first quad core LTE device on big red? That seems like a big fail…..

  • cooksta32676

    Yes. SInce the new Iphone will be the first quad core LTE device on Verizon…..fail.

    • Jroc869, Cool story bro

      Just curious as to what the fail part of my comment was?

      • verizon sucks period–metro 40.00 a month unlinited down this away–my trac phone works better

    • lets just say verizon sucks

  • johnc7995

    Why would this matter for us?

    • Because Motorola’s about to throw a whole lot of money at an event that won’t be remembered a week later, and a product whose sales will likely be overshadowed regardless of its merits.

      Remember how the Droid Bionic took Verizon by storm last year, and customers only had Motorola on their mind for weeks to come? Me neither.

  • yarrellray

    Your giving the iphone …WAY TO MUCH CREDIT…..Many people I know have left that platform for the current Galaxy S3 and aren’t looking back. And as for the new iphone or iphone 5 being released on September 21st that’s ONLY if it doesn’t get BANNED from the Google/Motorola ITC suit. Plus the Galaxy Note 2 is going to be announced August 29th and the whole world will find out when that will come to market. Trust this the Galaxy Note 2 will cut into any and all iphone sells bamk on that..Nothing more than a bunch of uneducated fools will be standing on line for this upcoming iphone. And with LTE especially on Verizon you can count on battery draining complaints form dorkey iphone users..My Galaxy S3 PIMP SLAPS any iphone

  • nightscout13

    Death to the Apple.

  • Vzw Sales Rep-droid4life

    As a VZW sales rep,I DO dread that black day. : (

  • bakdroid

    No, it “was a top-tier device” would be correct. To call it a mid-tier implies it was always a mid-tier device which is false. Last year you still bought a top-tier device, your device still exists doesn’t it? Then how is it non-existent?

    • Doan

      You’re both correct and incorrect. “It was top-tier” is correct, because it is is no longer top-tier, which means is is mid-tier (or whatever tier it is, currently). Calling something mid-tier does not imply, in any way, that it was never a top-tier device. Your logic is a bit off.

      Also, I never said the device doesn’t exist anymore; I said past tiers do not exist anymore. Because they do not. They were used at one time, but no longer.

  • Tyson

    iPhone does really well, and Nokia/WP8 have a chance to do really well for two reasons; limited hardware releases that are not outdated after 3 weeks, and supported software upgrades. People may say that the public does not care about software upgrades, but they do, just not to the extent of following news sites and rooting and flashing. People like iPhones because they know what to expect and know they will be supported. Same with the upcoming Nokia/WP8 phones. However, with Android, when an owner who owns an Android phone looks at someone elses who may have an upgraded version of the OS, they become frustrated by the fact that theirs is outdated in look and feel. With iOS and WP8, you don’t have to worry about that.

    I bought a Nexus phone, trying to steer clear of being left behind in updates. To my annoyance, I have bought a Verizon GNEX and have had to root and flash just like EVERY OTHER Android owner if I want the latest updates. My next phone will not be an Android phone (probably will be a WP8, I HATE Apple) and it will take a momumental effort on Google’s part for me to trust them again. Microsoft has learned that if it wants to compete in the phone, PC, and tablet business, it needs to streamline it’s hardware and software experience for consumers. Look at it’s partnership with Nokia and look at Surface. These products can only help Microsoft’s current situation. And Apple has know this for a long time, look at it’s record setting stock price. Google would do well to learn this, and learn it fast. Otherwise, it is going to go the way of Blackberry and become a niche product for people who like to dick around with their phones. A vocal, but small population.

    • Bob Hope

      The problem with WP is the lack of apps.

    • Sobr0801


  • Tim242

    iPhone 3GS = $0. iPhone 4 = $99. iPhone 4S = $149. Pretty cheap, eh?

    • Edube24

      Now list all the Android phones that are free to fifty dollars. I’m not sure this page is big enough!

      • Tim242

        Maybe on Amazon. Not in stores. I should know, I work in one. Anyway, what’s your point?

        • Edube24

          Read the first post, that’s the point. And from now on when I come to the store make sure there are no bubbles in my screen protector I’ll make you put on!!

          • Tim242

            At&t “sells” twice as many iphones as Verizon, because of the Free3GS. So, it’s not just people buying Android phones looking for a cheap phone. I never sell screen protectors. I hate putting them on haha

          • Edube24

            I’m sure there are people looking to get cheap iPhones. But when people say android phones outsell the iPhone for the operating system it drives me nuts. I love mobile devices and read these blogs everyday, but i’ve got to believe we all know the truth. By the way loving my SIII!!

          • Tim242

            The truth is that more people want Android phones, than iphones, for many different reasons. Sales of Android phones are divided by several phones. In my store, we have 9 Android phones, 5 of which are high end. Those are the ones we sell most of. We only have two iphones. If iOS had more choices in hardware, the OS would sell better.

  • Tim242

    It’s the freaking iPhone 6, not the 5. Blogs are lucky apple is dropping the numbers, and it will just be the new iPhone. Calling it the 5 makes you seem reaaly uninformed.

    • Stevedub40

      Or someone who could care less about apple, as all iphones look the same anyway.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Still not correct. It is merely the 6th gen iPhone at this point. Otherwise, by that logic, youd have to go back and rename the 4S the iPhone 5 and the 3GS the iPhone 3. It’s stupid for Apple to call it the “new iPhone”. The iPhone was new in 2007, not since then.

      • Tim242

        You totally missed the point. Sometimes they name by product gen, sometimes they don’t. They opted to skip iPhone 2 and iPhone 3, for other names. They opted to call the the 4th iPhone the iPhone 4. By your logic, the iPhone 3GS would’ve been the iPhone 2. They skipped up the 5 name, just as they did 2 and 3. They don’t go backwards. I’m glad they are dropping the numbers. It obviously confuses too many people.

        • Tyler Chappell

          Not at all, it all actually makes perfect sense to me. It’s the fact that they are no dropping the numbers is what’s confusing ignorant consumers. You can just go into any Best Buy or carrier store and you always here people asking what the difference is between the 4 or the 4S, and the iPad 2 vs the “new” iPad. Guess what fixes the problem, telling the stupid consumer that the new iPad is the iPad 3, and then suddenly they are no longer confused!

  • bkosh84

    I used to work at Lowe’s and they did this ALL. THE. TIME. The blocked dates were Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July and Labor Day Weekend. EVERYONE had to work those holidays.. It sucked.. Thank goodness I work for a private company now. haha.

  • droidbeat

    iPhone events are irrelevant to Android users. Moto, bring it.

  • Prime7

    See? Verizon doesn’t *just* screw consumers; they screw their own employees equally! I (don’t at all) feel better about being a Verizon subscriber now.

    • yarrellray

      Being a Verizon customers sucks royal balls so I can only imagine what employees go through for Big Red. Glad I kicked them to the curb…

  • durangojim

    If the iphone 5 has a better camera than the S3 and LTE, I’ll pick one up and hopefully be able to swap sims between it and my Galaxy Nexus. I’m not going to get rid of the nexus, as I love JB on it, just am really disappointed by the camera (I know it’s not bad, but it’s not great either). It’ll be interesting to see how the battery life will be on the iphone.

  • Raven

    This is not intended to be a troll, but a serious question. As I don’t follow Apple at all, what new specs/features is the iPhone 5 supposed to have (other than 4G) that is going to make it such a huge seller (or is 4G and the iPhone name enough).

    • Probably another slight bump in CPU power and an updated camera. It’s also a bit taller than the old models if I understand correctly (which I know my gf won’t be a fan of and will be staying android because if it’s too tall her little hands can’t reach the top with her thumbs)

      • gokusimpson

        No gestures in IOS?

    • kevin

      supposedly its going to sport a 4 inch screen since in the “new” IOS6 you can add an extra row of Icons. Also apple is supposedly going to screw everyone over by changing the charging dock so you have to buy all new gear for your IPhone. From what I hear thats really the only new things to the Iphone

      • Trollin

        yeah but an extra row of icons = MAGICAL

    • PhillipCun

      it FINALLY has 4g. iPhone users been saying they don’t need it the past two years. They say 3g is fine, they are in for a rude awakening knowing they were shut off for the past 2 years from LTE. IMO LTE is more important than a phone’s OS it completely changes how you use the phone. I hate that Apple uses this as a marketing scheme. They’re EVIL I SAY

    • Here’s the most common rumors/leaks:

      – 4.1-inch, 1136 x 640 display
      – LTE for at least North America
      – faster processor (at least a die-shrunk A5X, my hunch is either an upgraded/quad ARM Cortex-A9 or a dual Cortex-A15)
      – slimmer, ~7.9mm body
      – new, much smaller dock connector, likely with new tricks (double-sided? USB 3/Thunderbolt? Don’t know)
      – possibly more storage for the money
      – possible camera upgrades

      The best way to think of it is as an HTC One S with the gloves taken off — a high-end phone in a mid-size shape, but without the artificial limitations meant to shave costs. If this is what we see, it won’t be a gigantophone like the Galaxy S III or One X, but it doesn’t need to be. Apple has been doing well selling a 3.5-inch phone even in 2012, so it’s not as though customers sit there measuring screen sizes like they would… well, you know.

  • Wow, the iPhone 5 looks huge on that deck. Didn’t know it was going to be a 42″ tablet!

  • lvmydroid

    My first thought in this ? Most people buying the new iphone are those that are already iphone users. Those that are Android users and looking for a new phone will have a couple new choices. I also know a few folks that are dumping there iphones as soon as they are able because of apples lawsuit crap. I’m sure it will go well for apple but only based on their current fan base.

  • PC_Tool

    Google should totally add to their search pages after Apple’s event:

    Oh, one more thing: The New Nexus 10″ Tablet is now available in 16/32/64 @ 300, 350, and 400 respectively. *dons sunglasses* Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh!

  • bakdroid

    HOW is the original Droid Razr a “mid-teir” device?!? When it launched this site said it was the best thing since sliced bread. I really hate the hypocrisy on this site.

    • PC_Tool

      When it launched….it was.

      Now it ain’t.

      Time and tech move forward. Amazing, isn’t it?

      • bakdroid

        WRONG! You cannot call a device top-tier and then later call it mid-tier just because something better comes along.

        • PC_Tool

          What the…

          I don’t even…

          Um…yeah. Ok. Sure thing. Just maybe *try* and dial it back a bit, ok?

          This me me, backing away…slowly…

        • kevin

          Yes you can. For example. The Galaxy s III is top tier right now but by this time next year it will very well be mid tier

          Put it this way. If the specs on the phone is no longer relevant and not comparable to what is out currently then how is it top tier?

          • bakdroid

            So why buy anything? Based on your thought processes, everything you buy in a year or two will be a POS. So why not buy a POS in the beginning and STFU!

          • kevin

            And that is a Perfectly valid argument. I bought a Galaxy s III well knowing that by this time next year it will be a POS. So what you said does make sense. Nothing stays high end forever.

        • arc

          oh i see, so i guess apple, moto, and all electronic companies have it wrong. according to you, the iphone 3GS, 4, and 4S are all, and forever will be, top-tier devices. apple must be seriously leaving money on the table by setting different pricing levels for those models.

    • Edube24

      It went mid-tier when it’s top-tiered daddy the Maxx was released!!

      • bakdroid

        A bigger battery does not a top-tier phone make.

        • Edube24

          In the case of the Razr, why yes it does. That would be a stupid argument to try and make!!

  • KleenDroid

    The only thing I want to hear out of Motorola is that Google is getting “hands on” instead of this firewall between the two companies nonsense.

  • Motorola needs a Nexus device. Please stop upgrading the same phone with one feature better more or less. Less devices more quality plz. I wonder when the Google ownership will knock some sense into Moto. Hopefully soon.

    • Tim242

      My Moto rep says that the stars are aligning for this to happen this year : )

  • Apostrafee

    Unfortunately I work for a Verizon Wireless retail store that doesn’t sell the iPhone…I think the only one left in America. We sell off the iphone with ease and I’m thinking the 5 won’t be too hard to sell off since there isn’y anything magical being implemented

  • If whatever Motorola decides to announce in September does not come with Jelly Bean, I don’t think anyone will care.

    • cooksta32676

      You have to realize that 95% of consumers don’t care what operating system an Android ships with. They play with it in the store and buy it if they like it. We are the minority.

      • Knowing what you know you probably know that those 95% probably don’t read this blog either so the comment isn’t directed towards them. But agreed most people don’t care. But with JB being as smooth as it is it would be a good selling point.

      • umopapisdn

        True, but since Jelly Bean is such a better experience than non-Jelly Bean devices, when people play with it in the store, they’ll be more likely to buy it if it has Jelly Bean out of the box.

  • Alex

    People who have the iphone dont care what the next iphones features will be. if it has 4g they will be amazed and buy it. Thats all apple has to do, add one feature. Last time it was siri, this time itll be 4g which is actually pretty old. I hope every person with an iPhone learns that 4g isnt always stable and can drain battery life to no end.

    • Well, that’s an interesting desire. Given that their solution to the iPad 4G battery life was to use a bigger battery, we’ll just have to see what they have up their sleeve

  • Apple is going to crush Q4 ’12. My Apple stock is ready 🙂

    There is also rumor that the A6 chip will be a modified exynos SoC according to digitimes.com


    • DroidzFX

      You own one share.

  • Sobr0801

    I know many of you will not take this seriously, but Microsoft AND Nokia are expected to announce WP8 on the 5th as well, so this is another thing that Motorola will have to compete with.

    • I agree. I’m keeping a close eye on WP8, and win 8 in general. I like Android, but I must say the overall design cues of WP have me intrigued. If they can get devs interested, it may just be the sleeping elephant in the room.

    • Did not know that…yikes.

      • feztheforeigner

        I didn’t either. When the head of a technology blog doesn’t know when the release it is, we all know it isn’t important…

        Windows Phone: Dead on Arrival

        • Sobr0801

          I have been following WP blogs for a few weeks now and Ill tell you what, they have little to no interest in Android, just as little as many Android users have in WP8. WP8 is likely going to come out as a strong contender much like the second Xbox was to the console race. Android would do it self well not to look past it, but take it as a serious threat.

          • feztheforeigner

            The first XBOX sold well and built itself a name. I think we can all agree that nobody uses or cares about WP first or second generation. Just look at that market share…

          • Sobr0801

            I guess only time will tell, but turning ones back on a competitor can only leave one vulnerable. I was a strong android supporter, but when details started leaking about WP8 I quickly lost interest in android and jumped ship to WP.
            That said DL is the only blog left that I follow of android to keep up with things, I am kind of glad they are no longer Verizon Droid exclusively.

          • Bob Hope

            The phone and operating system are nice, but no one makes apps for it. Without good apps it may as well be an dumb phone.

  • cns2007

    Didn’t they do that when they first got the iPhone and there were no lines. Most people that wanted one ordered online.

  • hkklife

    Motorola has COMPLETELY done this to themselves. Unlocking bootloaders, aggressive software updates schedules, and slashing prices are the only way they stand a chance of competing for the next 6 months. I don’t envy anyone releasing high-end Android phones this fall, ESPECIALLY ones with early 2012-era specs like the Photon Q, RAZR HD, and Atrix HD. Time for a quad-core Moto Phablet PRONTO!
    Had they shipped the Bionic as promised in Q2 2011, the RAZR MAXX instead of the RAZR in Q4 2011 and the RAZR HD in Q2 or early Q3 of this year, we would not be having this discussion right now. Heck, Moto might as well go ahead and scrap anything else on that roadmap that Jha had a hand in and start totally fresh if they haven’t done so already.

    • Wow, I pretty much agree with everything you just said.

      • Tristan Cunha

        It’s probably a calculated risk. If they can make a big announcement and ship relatively quickly, then it will sell a little bit better with a little hype before the iPhone. If they can make a big announcement and the iPhone comes in where people expect it, or slightly below, Moto might actually be a decent alternative if people start to look around for something to compare the iPhone to.

        Most likely it’s going to get swamped by iPhone news, and just do OK, but for an update of a phone that’s 10 months old, that might be OK. They just might not have any other attractive option. Like hkklife said, they’ve been behind the curve for almost a year now, this is probably just a stop-gap measure.

        • cb2000a

          Moto has some catching up to do. I agree….releasing their phone a week before the iphone releases is very poor timing. They need to find a niche.

          • Noyfb

            Another Razr brand phone, only has ICS, nothing new technology wise. Motorola is worse than a broken record at this point playing the same thing over and over again. Hope they are going to go all out for a Nexus device, that’s the only way to brake away from this slump they’ve created for themselves.

          • i left the verizon ripoff artists today((disconected) –and for once i feel good!! yipeeeeeee

    • I know this comment is going to get down voted into oblivion but take a moment and think about it for a second. The vast majority of people don’t give a flying **** about unlocked bootloaders. 95+% of customers are going to use a phone exactly as it ships. Software updates are extremely nice to keep things up to date and running smoothly but my mother/father/sister/uncle/girlfriend/etc don’t hold their breath for these updates. The only group that these 2 things keep happy are the techies amongst us happy. Now don’t get me wrong, we do influence their buying decisions to a certain extent. But you know as well as I do half the time they don’t listen to us and buy crapple stuff anyway because it’s the cool thing to do right now. Non-techie Consumers are fickle creatures. All they care about are how cool it is to own (a bigger deal that it should be…), is it reliable (can it make calls reliably, good voice quality, doesn’t break the first time you drop it, etc), is it easy to use and is it fast (processing and internet). Some people will bend on 1 or 2 of these especially if it’s in that “cool to own” category. Basically, unlocked bootloaders and software updates don’t affect someone’s initial purchase as far as the mass consumer community is concerned. It sucks but it’s the truth and the manufacturers know this. Verizon also knows this. And that’s why it’ll stay locked down for as long as they can keep it that way.

      • It wasn’t really the bootloader part that I was agreeing with. It was everything else.

        • I was more responding to the comment above more than your actual article. I don’t think that the features he’s worried about actually affect the masses. Just my opinion.

      • well if most people dont care about a locked bootloader, why not just keep it unlocked and they would never know?

      • nightscout13

        Though you may be right, you’re on the wrong site to be saying this.

      • Sporttster

        Here’s why you’re wrong. Yes techies are a minority BUT we’re the ones that Uncle Bob, the clueless guy at work, our parents, our friends come to when they want to know which phones to buy. I’m not going to lead them to a dead end phone! I’ll lead them to a phone that is upgradeable and has a decent future to it and is quality. THEY may not upgrade, but they’ll come to me to put CM on their phones or tablets. I did this for my family. Any questions or problems they have, they come to me for. So yea, we do have a influence in this. Directly AND indirectly.

        • Lucky Armpit

          Yes, I’m the tech guy and people come to be for phone advice but then they just go out and buy an iPhone because it’s “the cool thing to do because my sister/brother/mother/aunt/4thcousintwiceremoved has an iPhone and I want to be cool like them.” Maybe it’s just me, but that’s been my experience. Even after I show them the neat features of ICS and my Razr Maxx, they still opt for an iPhone. People will do what the herd does, hence the reason why we call most iDevice owners sheep.

          • Reasonable Internet Guy

            After owning a htc one x, a galaxy s3(still in possession), and a gnex with JB….what cool features are you talking about? Please don’t tell me you’re trying to impress people with voice search. I also own an iPhone because its easier to manage my music that way (I am also an iOS dev…sorta) and iOS 6 sort of sherlocks ICS. Just playing a little Devil’s advocate…but…you come up to Joe blackberry user who’s in the market for a new smartphone and you show him a Gnex. He might think ICS or JB looks pretty cool. Hell Google Now might be a shiny thing you add in there and a smooth ui. Then he will google reviews and come across awful camera shots. He’ll see “PenTile” and cringe. He’ll go get an iPhone because he can see how iOS 6 finally adds in some gaps that Internet people whined about. TL;DR you aren’t going to impress people with android. Right now my gs3 (still stock for some reason) is my DD and I’ve shown people some of the trivial (well not direct call) SW add-ins that Sammie has added in. People don’t care. The people who want an android phone will go out and get it. By the way before you flame me, I enjoy android. I also enjoy iOS. I am not partial to either. I recognize the strengths of both because I’m one of a few objective people on the Internet. However, I am merely trying to point out that not everybody is an iSheep. I have had at least 10 friends and co-workers ask me about what phone to get. I explained the pros and cons of both android and an iPhone and regardless of the choice…I was thanked for the insight and told that what I said actually made a difference. A lot of people probably want an objective breakdown.

          • angermeans

            I have to say I 100% agree with Reasonable Internet Guy. I own a Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4s, retina iPad, and just got me a Nexus 7. I am partial to both and get to enjoy what each has to offer. I don’t limit myself because of some ignorant brand loyalty. I dont mean to come off rude, but what do you think the Droid Razr MAXX is (and every Droid branded phone) if it isn’t a trendy device aimed at the mainstream. I just find it very ironic how many Android fanatics that own a Droid Razr and think that people that like the iPhone are somehow brain washed or “sheep.” The Droid lineup has almost as much marketing muscle put behind it than the iPhone. If you would honestly take a step back and really take a hard look at the competition you would find things that would make you really see things differently. iOS has come a very long way and it is by far the most polished mobile OS you can possible get on the market (The atrocity that Motorola calls an OS is way far off from the fluidity, but that is just my opinion). iOS just works and works very well. When average consumers go into a Verizon store they dont think “WOW! I just want to have what everyone has and I dont care if Android is better I want to be just like everyone else!” No, instead they go in and take phones for a test drive, When they pick up an iPhone they get a beautiful screen that almost 3 years later is still unmatched by the competition (the only one that has matched the retina display on the iPhone is HTC and only on one phone the One X). They feel how fluid it is and how fast it feels, they know how it works thanks to great advertising, everyone knows the quality of applications and that Android is still a very long way off from the app store and quality. They buy because of ther build quality. Yes, I agree I hope Apple does introduce a new build this year, but to be honest the iPhone is still the best built device on the market. and by a country mile. The only device close is Nokia and they are on an OS that is only 3% of the market.

            Once done they go over to the Razr and get a completely different experience all together. They get overwhelmed on what the difference is between the MAXX and Razr, the model more than likely runs like complete junk (Blur alone runs like its trying to keep up and Android especially once people have used a million times starts to run poorly), they then know that it isn’t running the latest OS and probably never will be (when is the last time Motorola really has been up to date?), and most importantly a lot of people by now have either owned, used, or known someone that has owned a Droid 2, Droid x, Droid X2, Droid Bionic, Droid 3, Droid 4, or Droid Razr (good god that is too many phones to confuse people to death) and 9 out 10 people I’ve talked to that have owned a Moto Droid device have either gone with a Samsung or already jumped ship to an iPhone already. That is due to Motorola and their very poor track record of fixing glaring bugs (the Droid 2 keyboard bug took 8 months), never got updates, and dealt with a poor laggy experience.

            I’m really not trying to give you a hard time, but there is a reason that Apple is selling millions of iPhones every quarter despite only having 2 models and colors and Motorola has created literally dozens of Droid’s (Im only bringing up their high end models) and is sinking so rapidly that even Google is rumored to be shopping them around and laying off 4k people. This whole iSheep thing is ridiculous. Motorola has literally crapped on their valued customers for years and this is the fruit of their labors. Only Sanjay Jha comes out of this smelling like roses and that is only because for some reason he gets a giant bonus for getting fired (corporate America makes no sense to me).

            Despite all this I truely prefer Android over iOS and I am learning to develop for both, but enjoy Android development better, but lets be honest here the only Android phone or device worth getting right now is a Nexus branded device and maybe the GS3 and One X. Motorola does not even belong in the argument. Even with the rumored Razr HD. People are tired of them coming out with last gen specs and that is exactly what the HD is. It is what the MAXX should have been. It should of had the HD display for almost a year now. The display on the current MAXX is one of the worst I’ve ever used (yes I’ve owned both the Razr and MAXX just so you know). The only reason why someone would possibly think that the Razr and its many varients is the best phone on the market is someone that has ignorantly never used another device. We need to stop giving Motorola an out by saying they make such great radios, or the build quality is great. The competition has far caught up and passed them a long time ago. This was only true when the original Droid came out and every phone since the X has been a huge let down.

          • cb2000a

            My sister in law and her daughter were hell bent to buy an iphone and I suggested they really look at the S3…they did and both bought one (and the next day I received an email from my sister in law about how much she loves her S3). It’s about education and information. The iphone is a fad and will eventually be seen as that.

          • Jillxz

            I would never buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 because of it’s flimsy plastic. Plastic is okay , but it needs to be of a tough quality. the S3 battery cover is paper thin. Verizon rep tried to sell me one and I told him no way. They may be popular , but they are not for me. And it’s not just the plastic at all. it is the quality of the plastic. I don’t like it.

          • PacoBell

            The plastic may be thin, but it’s incredibly resilient as well. I challenge anyone to try to snap their S3 cover in two. It can’t be done!

      • angermeans

        95+% of consumers are dog tired of Motorola, their ugly ass designs, and horrible software that’s full of bugs. If that didn’t get them than the non existant and very late updates did. They’ve been on the way out since the Droid X and have onl one device that’s done ok with which they’ve released a dozen variants of. Google needs to drop this sinking ship, at least in my humble opinion.

        • Mike Yost

          I actually prefer Motorola to any other device manufacturer out there. Other than the locked bootloaders (Which Motorola is attempting to “Fix”) they have great build quality, and radio’s with the best signal strength I have seen. The Moto Razr + Maxx probably sold more units than the DX which is saying something. The variants are quite annoying but it just goes to show sometimes you need to wait new products out and wait to see what’s coming.

          • Jillxz

            Mike Yost , I agree with you 200%

        • verlieson sucks with crappy customer service–consider that and good luck

          • Jillxz

            I love Verizon lies and all.

        • Jillxz

          95% of consumers are NOT tired of Motorola. That’s just your own opinion. For the most part , Motorola puts out the best quality Android phones. best quality construction , steel not plastic , best quality sound , best connection and reception. Verizon is still selling the RAZR MAXX at $299 because it is a great product and it is still selling.

          Back up your 95% with a link.

      • DroidResistance

        Correction, Iwhores don’t care if its reliable, the iphone is the easiest phone to break, and when it was on att and dropped more calls than all the bombs of ww2 & people still flocked after it. The world is full of ignorant people and they buy iphones. I heard a guy say his 5 year old learned how to use his iphone and ipad in 20 minutes, they design these phones to be non tech friendly which is why it sells.

      • i left their sevice and disconnected–for once even though i have to pay the severance—i will go to metro or trac for the same bs and pay alot less!! yipeeeeeee

    • kidheated

      Launching anything around the same time as Apple is always a bad idea. More important than the bad timing is the fact that Moto has been continually putting out the ugliest non-groundbreaking equipment. Resurrecting the razor was an idea, but don’t make one single idea, your whole plan of attack. I’m not sure Moto ever learned to not put all their eggs into one basket. I mean seriously?! How many times can you possibly revamp the razor?! Not to mention that blur sucks, hard.
      I also concur, Jha was an idiot. So happy he’s gone. But until Moto drops a beast of a nexus, I care not.

      • kidheated

        I think instead of 5 nexi, all 5 major manufacturers should get together and build the most ridiculous android powered handset imaginable. With each doing what they do best and putting it into the phone, it would be a monster and should be named thus. The Andoid powered “Monstera!” Idk. just throwing it out there 🙂

        • Stevedub40

          Not a bad idea at all. I bet that if only one Android powered device was released only once a year, we may see apple like response to the device. You gotta remember that these iDiots only have one shot a year at a new device. It’s like the quiet part in a scary movie; the anticipation is just too much for some.

      • ShadowGTX

        Oh boy here we go again with the blur bashing… The new ICS Blur has to be the BEST i have seen so far besides GNex. I can already tell your a stock fanboy, and thats all good. But dont just bash on blur if your only argument is “OMFG ITS NOT REAL STOCK WFGORJHETONAGJWE”. Blur has been the best “close to stock” feel i have messed with. I get to mess with all the phones working for Best Buy Mobile. So before you get your counter attack ready with “Your just a motorola fanboy”. While i own a RAZR Maxx as a personal phone. I chose a GNex as my Employee line phone.

    • arc

      moto has made some big mistakes, but i wonder how much verizon is at fault for the release schedule. for example, i wouldn’t be surprised if verizon wanted to space out the timing of the RAZR HD, despite it being ready to ship, so that it didn’t cannibalize from their other big android release, the S3.

    • cooksta32676

      Except that only .01% of people care about bootloaders. Otherwise….yes.

    • They’re prob banking on blocking the Iphone5 release

  • Once the next Nexus is announced in October/November, we will forget about the new iPhone

    • yarrellray

      The iphone will be totally forgotten August 29th when the GALAXY NOTE 2 gets announced to the world. Iphone at best is for people that have no clue about technology…

      • Really? The Galaxy Note is popular, but it’s not as popular as the GS3 — and there’s no guarantees that the sequel will strike a chord.

        Also, given that most people don’t have a clue about technology, that’s not the best argument to make against the iPhone.

      • bionicman

        interesting thing about both predictions above regarding the iphone is that they wont come to fruition. apple WILL sell a gazillion iphones. i know a few people waiting for the new iphone and refuse to even look at an android phone. im happy being aligned with the underdog in the phone wars but lets keep it real. the new iphone will be successful no matter what android phone is announced.

    • yeh i agree–my problem is verisonb service–they suck period