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Gameloft’s Unreal-Powered Wild Blood Trailer Hits the Web, Looks Pretty Epic

Last week, Gameloft posted artwork to tease their newest upcoming game that is powered by the Unreal Engine. Today, they have released an official teaser trailer and have given us a title – Wild Blood. While the trailer takes us through some nice looking scenery, we get to see what this game is going to be all about, which is monsters. Lots of monsters. 

Gameloft states that the game is “coming soon.”

  • asdf

    Previously, I would have no interest in a game like this, but with that recent PS3 controller adapter being released, I may well play it.

  • billy

    the android version of Infinity Blade

  • Anthony_Armando

    this LOOKS interesting enough, but gameloft has left a bad taste in my mouth after a couple of their other games so i am pretty dubious.

  • Dain Laguna

    i wonder if it will be exclusive? That would be awesome if we had something that could fill the void of not having infinity blade which is the only real reason I miss any of my apple mobile products.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Definitely a great looking game! Can’t wait to see more.

  • I just hope by the time they release this thing my S3 will still be able to handle it.

  • Sirx

    And the reason we’re not seeing a story on the closing of the monstrously successful kick-starter project “Ouya” and what it means for current and future Android game development is because…?

    Whoops! Comment has nothing to do with article. Awesome looking game!

  • I can only imagine this game being playing on an Ouya using a nice 50″ screen.

    • EvanTheGamer


    • toyosup88

      …or on a Sharp 70″ 😛

  • Lameloft.

  • This has really made me consider getting a Nexus 7. I have some extra cash laying around, and my Razr isn’t compatible with a lot of games on Google Play. With the Nexus 7 having a Tegra-3 and all…it seems like a good purchase to me.

    • Worth it, the graphics are fantastic. It’s also a great device to begin with.

    • ArrowCool

      You won’t regret it.

    • JoshGroff

      It’s worth it 100%, especially since I was holding off from getting a Kindle Fire since it was announced. It has exceeded my expectations in every conceivable way.

  • It looks great on the video but hopefully they don’t make it Tegra only graphics and force everyone else on lower quality crap. Also who hypes up a “trailer” and then only releases a 30 second video thats basically blank for the last 10 seconds and has no real info or actual gameplay?

    • That’s Gameloft for you 😛

    • Ryan

      TEASER trailer. Get it?

  • John Burke

    While Gameloft game are pretty much all clones I must admit they’re usually pretty good clones & this one will likely be no exception

    • Agreed. They get bashed a lot, but I’ve actually had a good time with a lot of their games.

      • JoshGroff

        Hardcore mobile gaming, what’s not to like?

    • JB

      I think they’ve been the basis of PC/console games getting ported to mobile (GTA3, FF3, Max Payne, etc). They showed that it could be done and that people would buy it. I wish they would take a break from the first/third person and release a sequel to Starfront (starcraft clone).

  • Robhimself79

    I just hope its not an infinity blade ripoff. It a glorified fruit ninja.

    • I was thinking Monster Hunter, but now I kinda hope it is Infinity Blade since we’re not lucky enough to get the real thing….. (Well, that’s going on hype for IB, having never played it)

  • Don’t get me wrong, this looks nice, but those are all pre-rendered. I would like to see some game play before I get excited. And while I think Infinity Blade is ok (the only Unreal mobile game I have played) I was not that impressed with the game play. It looked great, but…meh.

    • ericl5112

      I don’t think that was pre-rendered. It looks nice, but not pre-rendered nice. Still has the look of being a little rough around the edges to make it fit for mobile.

  • ArrowCool

    This should look good on the N7.

  • PhillipNorris

    i hope they have a Tegra 2 version of this