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Gameloft’s Kingdoms & Lords Hits Android, Think Medieval Times SimCity and Warcraft Combined (Updated)

It’s a day of trailers, as Gameloft has published yet another teaser for their upcoming Kingdoms & Lords title. From what we can gather in the trailer, your goal is to take control of an entire kingdom and build it from the ground up. Once you have built your city, you must then create an army to battle against the Dark King. Each battle looks to be turn based and troops can be upgraded by using magic cards. 

Besides the battles looking a bit corny, the animations and actual cities look very pleasing to the eye. Holding to true Gameloft form, it is marked as “coming soon.”

Update: Thanks to a friend, we now know that it is already live on Google Play! Pick it up here.

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  • adam

    boo not compatible for the galaxy s3

  • John Hoffman

    is it a real game or one of those facebook clones that limit your play time or force you to buy stuff to play…

  • I wonder if I instal this, am I going to get a new swarm of notification bar updates. I know Google has made them against policy now, and they seem to have slowed on my device, but I am so gun shy of games now.

  • Royua

    Not compatible with the Transformer Infinity. /sad

  • It looks like a remake of Fantasy Town. Everything you build is probably stored client side instead of server side. So if you dont backup the data on your phone ALL progress is lost.

    • I think the game loft games I have played so far have backed up to their servers.

  • Wow, the vast majority of the reviews looks like plants to me.

  • jacker101

    Cant I guy just buy a game! I hate these rip-off games

  • I haven’t downloaded it or played it yet, but I just can’t wait to start it up and run into IAPs. /s

  • This actually looks pretty good.

  • PhillipNorris
  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    It’s good to be the king!

  • mustbepbs

    This looks pretty good. Even for Gameloft.

  • Anon

    It is like Heros of Might and Magic