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Walmart Selling T-Mobile Galaxy Note for $349 Off-Contract, Steal of the Century? (Updated)

We aren’t sure if this is an error or simply the greatest deal of the year in mobile. Walmart, through their online wireless store, is selling the brand new T-Mobile Galaxy Note for $349 off-contract. You can grab it for free with a contract, but at $349, it’s only $100 more than T-Mobile is selling it for on-contract. Sites like Wirefly, who normally discount devices like these to death, still have it listed as $229 on-contract.

Update:  This was clearly an error. The device is no longer listed with Walmart at all. In fact, the link below now directs to some cheap Prism phone.

If you are out of contract and thinking about T-Mobile, this wouldn’t be a bad choice. Grab yourself an off-contract Note and sign-up for a prepaid plan. Tough to beat that idea.

Via:  Walmart | TmoNews

Cheers Scott!

  • janine

    Buy it at BestBuy.com.

  • A Griffith

    Gone… Damn, I was going to pick it up for that price.

  • JoshGroff

    Well, it doesn’t make sense to sell it off contract for more than the Galaxy Nexus is going for anyway.

  • zepfloyd

    With Note 2 right around the corner in a week or so, not surprising.

  • Well it is about to be outdated. Can’t say you didn’t get it cheap when the Note 2 arrives.

  • trixnkix637

    The offer is no longer available through the link posted above.

  • DEAD!

  • droid-roids

    offer you selected is no longer available. Below is our most popular
    package for your area. You may also update your selection using the
    links below.

  • hickhamt

    did anyone get one?!?

    • I tried and it wouldn’t let me checkout.

    • Sean O’Neill

      I got two and an order confirmation but my order doesnt show up under my account when I log into the site…

  • Michael Grubbs

    Looks like a mistake, it got pulled :-/

  • It’s dead now.

    • “The offer you selected is no longer available. Below is our most popular package for your area. You may also update your selection using the links below.”

  • hickhamt

    GONE!!!! damn… i had it in my cart and then pushed go and it locked up and then spit me back to a crappy phone replacement saying my item is no longer available.. PISS!!!

  • Clint O

    Already taken down

    • Yep, gone! That didn’t last long. To think, I was about to cry – my play store Nexus just shipped yesterday….

      On the bright side, I canceled my Verizon contract and save a ton of money on car insur… cell phone bills.

  • is it GSM unlocked?

  • New_Guy


  • MikeM

    T-Mobile note has ATT frequencies but not sure if it would work. Anybody has more info?

  • DJyoSNOW

    Who knows though I have caught them with a major typo before through sprint.

  • New Account = Free
    Upgrade My Device = $29.99

    O.o Someone is going to get fired…

  • Is this compatible with any GSM service? I’m curious if it can be used with an MVNO. If Verizon finally kills my grandfathered unlimited data plan, my best opiton might be a prepaid plan with an MVNO on a GSM network. This means purchasing a full price phone 🙁

    • fixxmyhead

      yes u can use it on simple mobile (mvno of tmobile also u can use straight talk) which runs on tmobiles network. simple mobile has the same unlimited talk and text and “unlimited’ (lies) 2gb of 4g 42 HSPA+ for 50$. gonna switch cuz tmobile is charging me 60$ for the exact same plan prepaid

  • Sweet!