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EA Games and Firemonkey Bringing Real Racing 3 to Android, Fasten your Seat Belts

Start up your engines race fans, EA Games is teaming up with Firemonkey to bring Real Racing 3 to mobile devices. If you’re a fan of more realistic racing situations and not all of that silly drag racing nitrous oxide tough-guy stuff, then this is more up your alley. With developers bringing real cars with real specs and real tracks with real racers to the same game, this is going to be a mobile racing experience like no other. 

Release is set for later this year, but until then, enjoy the trailer.


Via: Droid Gamers

  • thedonxr

    Porsche’s only?

  • Dirtdawg57

    Actually I think the touch controls on Real Racing 2 we amazing! I could get the hand of the accelometer though. I love RR2, I enjoy it more than even most xbox games. I really hope this comes out and has cross platform multiplayer! My only concern is that I hope this article is from a good source, because I haven’t seen anything in the announcements of RR3 about Android, but I sure hope so.

    • Dirtdawg57

      couldn’t get the hang of accelometer I mean

      • GazaIan

        Editing comments exists for a reason

  • Recky

    Realistic racing simulator, worst controls known to mankind. I hope this runs on Ouya, touch is useless for a game like this.

    • Ole Albers

      Was my first thought, too. Could work with Sixxaxis or Ouya but not with touch

  • RacecarBMW

    Xperia Play support?

  • Jeff Tycz

    If EA put their name on it, chances are its going to suck hard and provide 0 support for it like all their other games

    • Dimitar Iliev

      If Jeff Tycz puts his name on a comment, chances are it’s going to suck hard and provide 0 facts to support his hate argument.

  • user311

    Ea needs to make sure this game is compatible with the Transformer Infinity. I own most of their games from my previous tablet and most are currently uninstallable…

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Impressive graphics but I don’t do business with EA. Nice to see developers putting out quality!

  • This game + Nexus 7 = Major WIN!!!!

  • Any further word on Jet Set Radio for Android?

  • SHawn

    Those are incredible graphics.. almost at xbox 360 or ps3 level… im very impressed

    • It’s EA. I wouldn’t trust them until the game is released. I have a feeling the trailer is false promises

  • Can’t wait, I hate the unrealistic street racing games, Anything similar to Forza or Gran Turismo is alright with me!

  • Not a big fan of the series, but maybe I’ll give it a go.