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Google+ Partners With NFL for Live Fantasy Football Draft Hangouts

The time is almost here ladies and gentlemen. The return of the NFL season in the coming weeks also means that Fantasy Football season is starting as well. With Fantasy Football however, you are not always in the same room with the rest of your team owners during drafts or on Sundays, so Google+ and the NFL itself have gotten together to bring the hate love to everyone in your league, no matter where you are.

NFL.com has added hangout buttons to most of their fantasy pages, including the draft and game centers, so you can be with your friends even when they aren’t in the room. Google also said they are cranking up the maximum number of hangout viewers from 10 to 12 since most leagues go up to 12 users. This is a great use of Hangouts which are one of Google+’s biggest selling points.

Do you use NFL for your fantasy league? And if so are you going to be using this feature to gloat celebrate your victories over your friends?

Via:  Google

Cheers Scott!

  • TG

    i doubt the people pictured have ever heard of football.

  • this girl with brown hair, freckles and highlights…tell me how i can win her league

  • dquicknc


  • This is sweet.

  • nightscout13

    Pfff…. GEY

  • Tyrian

    I really hope this appears on an episode of The League this season.

  • We use ESPN. I wish they partnered with Google because our fantasy baseball league tried hanging out for the draft and it was kind of a mess.

  • Bonzix

    I’m using yahoo for fantasy football but still had been planning on setting up a G+ Hangout since we won’t all be able to attend live. I’m looking forward to showing more people just how cool the Hangouts can actually be.

  • This has the potential to get G+ A LOT more users. Also, the woman in that pic is super cute.

  • Ive used ESPN, Yahoo!, and NFL.com for fantasy. I have to say that I think NFL.com has the best and most user friendly UI. Adding Google+ hangouts should be interesting. I will be using this year.

  • Benjamin Sicard

    Good move by Google. Strange the NFL,com doesn’t allow site sign-up through Google+ yet though.

  • Ryan Powell

    Little creeped out by the guy managing his fantasy team from the Chuck E Cheese ball pit.

    • SLOlebrity

      He looks like he belongs there.

  • MikeSaver

    this is cool but I use ESPN.

    • SLOlebrity

      well….use google hangouts outside of it then.

      • MikeSaver

        If only it were so simple..

        oh wait. it is.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Exactly. Would use this – especially if I can meet the girl on the right – but our league uses ESPN.

  • Kusold

    I got really excited because my league was just talking about how to handle this, but we use Yahoo for our fantasy.