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Video: Using Google Play on the Nexus 7


Not that any of you are clueless on how to use Google Play, but there may be new Nexus 7 users out there that are just joining the Android party. As a $199 tablet that appears to be selling at a rapid pace, there are bound to be newbies floating around somewhere. For you, newbies, Google has this video, which should help you understand what “Google Play” is all about.

  • Tweekex

    Maybe it is me, but I find people that use Macs and Android phones just awkward.

    • Ryan Powell

      They generally have one fake hand that never moves.

    • Mack

      Ehh, I think it just might be you. I know Kellen has an iMac and while I love Android, I’m also big on Mac computers. Looking to buy the new retina MacBook Pro for school actually. I guess I’m biased since I use it for music production though.

      • Tweekex

        But if you are with Android, and dislike iPhone, how could you love a Mac? Seems Windows or even Linux would fit that mindset better. You hate closed walls on your phone, but love it on your PC?

        • antwonw

          Mac OS X isn’t closed. I use it with my G-Nex. The beauty of Mac OS X is that it’s kernel-unix based; just like my Android phone. With OS X I can easily install unix programs. The security on my OS X computer is amazing too; easy to configure and access. iOS on the other hand is a completely different story. iOS is locked down! It’s not unix based and proprietary to Apple. iOS and OS X are similar is look, but different in customization, power, and functionality. Here’s some examples how my Mac and Android work greatly together:

          Transdroid: I have Transdroid on my G-Nex with Transmission running on a Mac home server that is locked down with the exception of that port I need. I can easily send torrents to download from my phone to my Mac at home from anywhere. Managing it all from my G-Nex.

          Flashing, Rooting, Unlocking: The beauty of my Mac is I don’t have to download drivers to flash, root, or unlock my phone. All the drivers are already on my Mac.

          Those are just some of the quick examples I can think of off the top of my head.

          • Tweekex

            I guess I was thinking more along the lines of customization. But great reply, the first you are able to do on any PC OS. However the other is interesting.

          • antwonw


            True, you are able to use Transdroid with a torrent client with any PC OS. However, the port configuration and “sharing” on Mac OS X I find is so much easier to do and restrict. If I wanted to I can add iptables/rc.d/inetd (files that can restrict ports) to my Mac very easily.

      • Tweekex

        What programs do you use that are specifically Mac based?

  • Spencer Ward

    Did anyone see how cultured that guy was? He had a guitar, a painting, AND a mac…

  • How creepy is it that the hand never moves? After you realize that, you have to conclude that the hand holding that N7 is fake and then it seems really weird.

    • Trevor

      Now I can’t stop staring at the hand. And the fact that it kind of looks like it only has three fingers to accompany its thumb.

    • Liquidretro

      Haha good eye. I am sure you are right, the video would be bad quality if it was moving around a bunch or had glare from the lights.

    • I one video it moves and you can figured out how they did it. *spoiler* it is mounted on a pole in the back.

  • Michael_NM

    Android Market. I don’t care what Google says, that’s what I’ll always call it. Now, time for me to get a soda pop from the ice box. 🙂

    • But is it Soda or Pop?

      • Tweekex


      • Christian


      • It’s all a “coke” to me.

        • quiklives

          You must be in the south. I grew up in NC and it’s all coke there. My wife is from upstate NY and moved to NC as a teenager, started working as a waitress. Someone would order a coke, and she’d write it down. They’d say, “Wait, what kinds of coke do you have?” “wait, what?”

          • Tweekex

            I am in the south, and it’s soda.

          • quiklives

            Yep, it’s soda to me, too. My intention wasn’t so much “Everyone in the south calls it all coke” but rather “Everyone I’ve ever known who calls it all coke is from the south.”

          • I call them soft drinks to avoid controversy…

          • randy

            I call them fountain drinks.

      • Mack

        Haha I think that depends on how old you are.

      • Pop if your from up north.

    • EvanTheGamer

      AMEN to that d00d!

      Android Market FTW!!

    • paul_cus


  • What’s up with Captain Jaw Twitcher?