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Preview Build of CM10 for Verizon Galaxy Nexus Available Now

If you have been wondering (like myself) why other devices were getting CyanogenMod 10 previews before Google’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus, you are not alone. Brint Kriebel, the CM manager for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, took to Google+ today to release a preview build that is available for flashing now.

While Kriebel says that this has been the daily driver on his phone for a few weeks now, he does stress that it’s a preview build and not a release: meaning bugs are expected. All the major parts of the phone are working though, data, camera, NFC and all that so if you are feeling like getting your CyanogenMod on hit the source link below. Remember, since it’s a pure AOSP build there are no Google Apps included in this build. Have fun, but please, make a back-up first!

Via: Google+

Cheers Cesar!

  • Does anyone know if the latest build has a working free mobile hotspot ?

  • dean2359

    Are there different radios in different roms? I could swear I’m getting better reception with this one or is this just my imagination?

  • dean2359

    Thanks. I’m currently running Aokp with the blue cobalt theme and really like it. What are the differences between that and CM or Liquid Smooth,those last two look really similar.

  • sylent101

    Tried it out last night it was beautiful.. not good enough to be a daily driver but I was impressed

  • dean2359

    OK so dumb question…where can I find the correct gapps?

  • Jim McClain

    Well nexus number 7 has been running for 24 hours and so far….. Flawess, can this be true ? ,not sure why,but verizon sent two phones,so if number 7 fails,i’ll fire up number 8

    • they two ? wonder whats up with that,mistake or they don’t have much confidence is the 7th lol… and so far flawless ? i’m soooo jealous

  • fvqu

    How stable is this, is it more stable then Euroskank’s Jellybro ROM?

  • DanWazz

    About time. Gonna wait until a proper release before checking it out.

  • Black Roger

    Winner00 CM10 Kang FTW!!!!

    • jjrudey

      That’s what I’m using right now. Thinking about trying Bugless Beast though.

      • magic9418

        Bugless is really good; I started with 7/19 and never switched…no a bug insight.

  • tyguy829

    Flashed this earlier this morning. Worked really well for a bit, then something weird happened. My notification toggles went away, and no changes i made in settings would stick. Then my clock both in the notification bar and status bar turned into a bunch of jibberish with percent signs and stuff. If someone has found a fix, that would be fgreat, but for now i flashed back to a nandroid of jelly belly

  • OhAaron

    AOKP ftw. ‘cuz unicorns are badass!

  • Personally, I never have any interest in flashing CM at all. Now I know they were a major player back with the original droid and they still are, but the time it takes them to get to a stable release seems like forever. Did they even have a stable release of CM9 before they started working on 10?

    That said, I know they’re still a great team of developers and do great work, but you can get most of the same elsewhere, quicker.

    Open to hear from someone who knows their work a bit better too.

    • Sean Stone

      The incredibly slow turn around came from them having to recreate CM9 from the ground up with ICS. Still seems like it’s taken quite a long time, but that’s the reason that I have seen. Now AOKP is taking a little longer than most, because they are rewriting their code from the ground up for JB, where the CM team says their jump to JB won’t be much work because of everything they did in CM9.

      • they didn’t have to, they chose to and it ended up with a great build imo

        also their updates seem to take longer because they dont update android versions from leaked from other devices, they wait until google releases the source code and they build from there.

    • Droosh

      Their early CM9 nightlies before they even had a release candidate were rock solid. Much more so than most custom ROMs and certainly OEM skinned ROMs.

    • dalingrin

      The major difference is how CyanogenMod and other developers define “stable.”

      A large part of the hard work involved in making devices run AOSP is done by CyanogenMod which leaves less time to implement every superfluous feature that some people want. Look at the device list here on the left side of the page: http://get.cm/
      Making all those devices run AOSP takes a lot of time. I think that is time well spent personally. Many other custom flavors of AOSP depend on the device work done by CyanogenMod.

      Also understand that CyanogenMod’s focus is not to have as many settings and features as possible. CM7 was somewhat like this and I think it lowered the quality due to rushing implementations which leads to hacks upon hacks upon hacks. If you spend some time looking at CM9’s implementations you will see the solutions are cleaner.

  • Why should I care about these super modded up ROMs anymore? Android (in Jelly Bean specifically) has pretty much absorbed all the truly useful/awesome features from various ROMs over the past couple years. I just don’t see the advantage of being able to put 25 buttons in the dock or changing all the colors to neon green, or having 82 settings toggles clogging up my notification drawer when I never turn off wifi or turn on bluetooth or change the brightness to anything other than auto.

    • Sean Stone

      Fair enough, then don’t install a custom ROM. Problem solved. I like the further customization, so I do use a custom ROM. Yay, we’re both happy., Android wins agian.

      • JustTrollin69

        Very much liked your reply, exactly.

    • you must be new to ROMs…

      You’re only talking about cosmetic changes you can make. There are other handy features on CM that are not cosmetic related but more productivity related.

      • I’m not new to Android or ROMs in the slightest, but this is the internet, may as well start a conversation by posing a question that has the potential to stir up emotions and get people talking right?

        • Shea Hamrick

          You should try BuglessBeast. It’s about as stock as I’ve seen any Jelly Bean ROM and battery life is actually quite good on it.

    • Well maybe you shouldn’t, but there are definitely others that want all these features. I think similar thoughts when people skin their devices with icons and wallpapers that look like they’re from the late 90’s and are appropriate for a 10 year old, but it’s whatever suits that particular user best.

    • adb.push.Freedom

      25 Buttons in the dock is too much.. I like 4 personally

      • Yourfacegodamit

        25 is for a meters…I use 26! 😛

        • Yourfacegodamit

          Amatures* stupid auto correct and illiteracy will get you every time!

    • LTE toggle in the notification bar is important to me. but i don’t have 82 toggles, more like 4.

      If you dont like it either turn the customizations off or use another rom.

    • dalingrin

      Its a good thing CyanogenMod isn’t “super modded up.” Its largely about bringing AOSP support to device that would not otherwise be able to run AOSP.

      Sure, there are a few extra features like vibrate on call disconnect or separate volumes for headphones and the speaker but not too many people are going to complain about these optional features.

  • Greg Morgan

    Been running this for 2 days…pretty smooth except battery life drains pretty quickly. Might have to change kernels.

    • Bsody

      Francos 225 has done wonders for my battery life. Im on Jelly Belly for the moment, thinking of jumping ship though.

  • c’moooooooon AOKP….

    • Boblank84

      preview build which i have been using and is very stable imo. http://rootzwiki.com/topic/30659-toromaguro-jellybean-preview-build-update-preview-4/

      • John

        Agreed. Running P4 for a few days now & rock solid. Sure not all customization has been added just yet but enough to make it usable.

      • Yeah, I’m just holding off until the official release

      • NorCalGuy

        Yuup been running p4 for the last couple days been refreshing like a mad man for p5 but now on to stevestestpage link for build 1 liking it so far.

      • Fatty Bunter

        Ditto, but I’m having AWFUL battery life. Anyone else?

        • Yeah my battery life sucks too.

          • Trevor

            try buying cpu sleeper does wonders for battery life. jelly bro rom the best battery life for a jb rom, but i like all the customizations with p4aokp. the 4g toggle works and that will save batt life.

        • MKader17

          I was running P1 and I was getting my typical battery life.