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Samsung Galaxy Stellar Headed to Verizon, but What is It?

I’m going to go out on a limb here (not much of one) and assume that the Samsung Galaxy Stellar is not the “newest Galaxy” that Samsung is planning to unveil on August 15. I could be wrong, but if this new Galaxy device is already appearing on rebate forms, I would assume it’s not worthy of a press event. With that said, what is it?

Well, we saw Samsung file for a trademark of the name Stellar back in early March, but that’s about all we know. We have however, seen a device codenamed the Jasper (SCH-i200) appear in both pictures and benchmarks in recent weeks. It’s a mid-range device with some decent power, but definitely not on the level of the Galaxy S3.

Over the weekend, another Samsung device jumped onto our radar as it cruised through the FCC, Bluetooth SIG, and WiFi Alliance. With model number SCH-i410, it looks like another headed to Verizon. As you may recall, the Samsung Stratosphere carried the model number SCH-i405, so one would assume that this is some sort of a follow-up device.

Is the Stellar the Stratosphere 2 or the Jasper? The mid-range battle begins!

Cheers ___, Bryan and  ___!

  • Daniel

    is samsung stellar gonna have a slide out qwerty keyboard

  • sc4fpse

    The mid-range battle begins? *yawn*

    Wake me when it’s over.

  • Aardvark99

    If it has a keyboard (like the similarly model numbered Stratosphere) maybe it’ll have a reason to exist. The Stratosphere is Galaxy S-based (the original S) and just needs to be phased out.

  • Soofdawg

    This could be the Samsung Note II 😉

  • Guest

    Verizon is still selling the Charge? LOL.

  • Rebate?!?!? Noooo! Oh wait a minute, I will not be buying with an upgrade on Verizon again. Who gives a crap.

  • samsung galaxy s4 lmao.

  • Trueblue711

    It’s probably a mid-range phone, like the Galaxy Reverb for Sprint.

    I really think Samsung should avoid using the Galaxy name on anything other than their top devices. They finally established themselves with the GS3 to the average person, and I feel like they’re going to ruin that with other crap.

  • Salam Zebian


    similarites? This just came out today for Sprint, CDMA as well

  • normmcgarry

    Wait, they still sell the Charge? That’s sad.

    • yeah….we do. Although, I tell people to avoid it like the plague even though it’s cheap. I ask one question: “do you like your smartphone to work properly?” When they say yes, I follow it up with “ok, let me bring out a RAZR for you.” Seriously, that thing almost had me swearing off Sammy altogether. The G Nex renewed my faith somewhat after the .4 update. Now I have the GS3 in my sights, hoping the upward trend is still continuing.

  • Guest

    Am I the only one who thinks manufacturers release way too many phones?

    • Not everyone can afford the $200 phones. Some are looking for cheaper versions, there is a large enough market.

      • I wonder if that midrange phone will be better than the GNex for $99 bucks.

      • PC_Tool

        Yep. For some, 3 months is a really long wait for the high-end devices to drop to $99…

      • Trueblue711

        If they can afford $30/month data plans, they can afford an extra $50-100 for a device they are going to use for 2 years.

        • JSIN

          Thats not true but your entitled to think so.

    • Actually if you look at the last 5 months or so, not very much has been released on the smartphone end. We’re still selling RAZRs, Nexuses (Nexi?), and Spectrums, and those have been out for quite some time. The GS3 is really the first phone released this year of any significance since the Nexus (no I’m not counting the Lucid or Inc 4G since they’re mid level).

  • ddevito

    midrange phone, no one will care

    • no one on here will care, you mean. We’re tech snobs so yeah, this isn’t all that important, but I happen to work for a Verizon retailer so this is actually news to me. I understand that phones like the Lucid and Inc 4G don’t matter much to people here, but Big Red and the other carriers need phones like these. Not everything can be a $300 flagship phone.

  • OhAaron

    Too bad it isn’t the Galaxy Note..

    • Stew

      could be, you never know!