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Google Releases Updates to Movies, Books, Chrome, Google+, YouTube and Maps

Many of Google’s applications are receiving major updates starting today. Maps now has the ability to store offline data, which means no more worrying about having to rely on a steady data connection to have in-depth and highly detailed maps wherever you are. Chrome, as we suspected earlier last week, has officially dropped its Beta tag. Google+ was a main point in their I/O presentation, with its new “Party Mode” and the ability to view feeds all from your notification bar in Jelly Bean. They also released the special tablet UI.

YouTube has received a complete UI overhaul, with navigation now happening on the left side of the screen and the ability to download videos over WiFi in the background for smooth playback while you’re on the go. Google’s Books app has received a few new features and you can now tap the top corner of a page to set a bookmark, along with video and audio playback when they’re embedded in the books.

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  • LJC

    I couldn’t find Chrome in the play store can anyone tell me why?

  • gambit07

    It’s nice that we can have offline maps, it’s NOT nice that they don’t work with navigation!!!

  • mechaphil

    It’s not a Google app, but TuneIn also updated today for Jelly Bean notifications. Only non-Google app to update for 4.1 today?

  • Buzzy42

    Did they ever fix the bug in navigation that it wouldn’t say street names unless you were running ICS?

    • michael arazan

      I thought it was because the update to maps was for 4.0.4 and people with 4.0.2 lost street names until the .4 update to their phone. After I got the .4 update the names were back again w/o a map update.

      • Buzzy42

        hrm, I’m not sure now. I guess I better do some more digging! I’ve been holding off on my Thunderbolt (non-ICS 😉 ) thinking it would break nav.

  • Hry Pop

    Google + looks good but I can’t seem to find my swag bag.

  • nightscout13

    Anyone know what changed in CHROME?

  • Michael G

    Liking the new Google+ update except for the new circles drop down list. Bring back choosing your list by swiping left and right. Other than that, it’s awesome.

  • Illinipoke

    Hmm magazine just opens goog play on my device, and nothing in google play about magazines. Wondering if play store needs to update first. Rooted, on GB.

  • has anyone gotten the magazine options on their tablet yet? i have it on my phone, but its not showing up in the play store even with the app installed. running AOKP on my 10.1

    • Illinipoke


  • eddieonofre

    seems that every one is updating right now, coz mine is taking to long to update

  • Mike

    Mass Effect got updated too. Graphics updates for GS3, and.. wait for it… a free wallpaper. 😐

  • Havoc70

    Holy hell so many updates my battery is going to explode, lol

  • Russell Sprague

    No new G+ app yet. come on, I need party mode!

  • bakdroid

    Street view and Earth updated as well.

  • When did Chrome come out of beta?

    • Today. The article kinda mentioned it.

  • I’m still highly pissed off that I can’t run Chrome in Gingerbread.

    • Who has gingerbread still? lol

      • MrWolf

        Are you kidding me? The vast, overwhelming majority of Android users are still on gingerbread.

        “lol” indeed.

        • It’s just funny, most people on this site have ICS via custom roms or updates. I’m not retarded, I know ICS is still very small (<10%).

      • Still running CM7, doesn’t look like my DInc will ever see CM9. If someone releases a stable ICS ROM for my DInc, I may give it a try, but more than likely will not see ICS or JB until I get a new phone.

  • fritzo

    Luv the new Youtube app, just paired it with my Tivo, worked great. Not going to need the Youtube Remote app anymore.

  • YOUTUBE: Why can’t I look at my inbox? Why can’t I reply to comments? Why can’t I see the top comments?
    Now I see everyone’s activity I’m subscribed to in my sub box and I can’t hide it? DAFUQ BRO.
    I like the preloading stuff though.

    • MrWolf

      Why are you looking for tech support for YouTube on Droid-Life?

      Are you new to the internet?

      • Sorry, I thought I was on Volvo’s Facebook page.

  • “Street View on Google Maps” app was updated, too.

  • Adam

    The new YouTube apo is freaking awesome!!!!

  • jstew182

    Do we have to wait for Jelly Bean to get magazines or will that just come with an update to the Google Play Store?

  • duke69111

    According to my app tracker there should soon be an update to the market itself, bringing the play store version to 3.7.8.

  • oaxican509

    Man I do notice Chrome being much faster and smoother on my galaxy nexus!

  • Bauce40

    Movies seems to now work on Rooted devices. Works on my GNex running Liquid 1.5 and my HP Touchpad running CM9.

    • Trent Folan

      I noticed the same thing myself with a GN running the most recent AOKP

  • Not showing on my Gingerbread phone…3.x+ only?

    • Liquidretro

      I am not showing it on my GB phone either. I most of the updates, (no chrome) are for for everyone 2.3 too, it just might take longer.

    • msnight04

      Which app? Chrome is only available on Android 4.X or higher. The other apps may have updates for Gingerbread but may not include the newer UI elements