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Google Announces Pre-Orders for Project Glass, $1500 and for I/O Attendees Only

What many were hoping for at this year’s I/O was more info and maybe even some hints on availability for Project Glass. Our dreams came true as Sergey Brin ran up on stage and presented us with the highlight of the show. With skydivers, bikers, and wall climbers, Project Glass completely stole our hearts.

As announced by Brin, Google I/O attendees will be able to pre-order Project Glass developer units (non-retail) for a whopping $1500. Once ordered, shipping is to take place next year, so it looks like we regular folks may have a ways still to go until we can also experience “Life Through Glass.” Can we expect that price tag to stick when Glass gets closer to launch or will it go down for the masses? We shall see.

  • Google Project Glass

    The price for pre-order is $1500 so you can get them before its release in late 2012-early 2013. When they are released the price will range from $350-$760 depending on the memory capacity and accessories it will come with.

  • nightscout13

    I want to know about the HUD! Brin did not talk about the HUD functionality of Project Glass!

  • Does it have to be orange? That stands out quite a bit haha

  • zala

    what if you already wear glasses? how would this work??

  • feztheforeigner

    I thought they said this was going to be a few hundred dollars? Am I just remembering that incorrectly?

  • My excitement when he said “Do you want to see a Glass demo” :))). My excitement when he said $1500.00 :(((

  • Hey Tim, I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for A.R. glasses today.

  • The kid in that picture just made me not want one.

    • Jordan Melara

      agreed, but I think that’s just a bunch woman..

  • mecevans

    You have no clue how cheap this is for a limited priduction run. They are probably hand assembled. No custom production line or machinery to stamp millions by the minute.

  • storm35x

    I just dropped $3000.00 for two of these bad boys. Im excited to actually have these in my possession. They have not given us a release date though or when exactly they will ship. This is my 2nd Google IO and Im always impressed

  • johnnnny

    You mean I can look like a huge nerd for only 1,500!?!?!?!

  • MrEnglish

    Better cost 199 retail for me to wear that. Still cool.

  • nightscout13

    Seems a little steep for a BETA device…….

  • Hunter

    lol @ everyone thinking these will actually cost $1,500 when they release to consumers

  • Chris

    If you think about it the price point here makes a lot of sense. The intention behind making these available at an early stage in development is to further test and refine the technology. This can only be done if they are actually used and abused in real world environments. By selling them at this price point they are creating an investment in the people that purchase them that will encourage their use (think of how much more inclined you would be to use something that you paid $1,500 for as opposed to something that you were just handed for free or only paid a relatively insignificant sum for).

    Additionally, these are not mass produced units. They are hand built in a lab somewhere. Honestly it would not surprise me in the slightest if the $1,500 they are charging does not even cover the complete cost to manufacturer the devices at this point in time.

  • Soofdawg

    $1500 is relatively ‘cheap’ for a nonproduction unit. This is more of an investment for any developers who will make many returns by simply being first to market with the right supporting products. Stop thinking only like a consumer.

  • Bob Martin

    its all fun and games until someones not paying attention to where they are walking and walks into a wall and bye bye $1500 glasses

  • fallsgable

    at THAT price, sorry to say that Project “Glass is half empty”…..

    for $1500, you’d better at least get a happy ending!

    • michael arazan

      For that price, it should project a holographic image that I can touch and interact with like the screen in minority report.

  • Does anyone else get the feeling these are destined for the same fate as the Opti-Grab?

    • Josh Flowers

      but who is Naven Johnson?

  • El Big CHRIS

    One of you guys needs to get this for all of us to see! Take one for the team gentlemen 🙂

  • Droosh

    What do you think it will go for on eBay?

    • summit1986

      100 Darsek

  • summit1986

    $1500 for contraceptive eyewear? Seems legit.

  • Trevor

    The nerdest thing ever!!! But i want them

  • I wonder how many people are gonna pay $1500 to look like bigger douchebags than bluetooth cowboys.

    • Warren Chan

      Resistance…is futile….

  • ddevito

    It will undoubtedly be cheaper once it’s mass produced. The question is, what exactly will you be able to do with it? Google never really told us.

    • MKader17

      Hang out and take pictures duh!

  • Mike

    Kellen are you or tim getting one?

  • Nex__

    So there go my chances of ever owning it, can’t pay anything close to that. Not to mention whatever data connection is needed for it.


      These are pre-production versions. Think of them as nice prototypes. They’re expensive as hell because they’re not consumer products yet. They haven’t been mass produced and they aren’t selling in large numbers to help spread the cost of development and initial manufacturing/prototyping.

  • Nick

    DL Better get one. I couldn’t go to IO this year so I’m super jealous, or I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

    • Nick

      In fact, I’d be willing to work something out with DL to get one of these.

      • tyguy829

        Yeah. They should start a donation pool. They could raise $1500 in a heartbeat from the dl community

  • just wait till it hits verizon, then we’re f**ked price wise

    • Anthony White

      Especially with Shared Data on that sucker!!

  • MrSteve920

    The real question, is Droid-Life going to get one? For the price I don’t think anyone would hold it against you if you didn’t.

  • Kamesen

    It will go down surely. That price is clearly set to help fund development.

    • Tom Campie

      couldn’t resist….help fund development? really? a company with $58 billion dollars in cash reserves needs your $1,500 to fund development? you’re dumb.

      • Hunter

        Kamesen is right. By having a dev throw down $1,500 you can ensure they are more serious about wanting to help better the Glass project opposed to selling them at cost. This will help keep out the riff raff. Google doesn’t need the money but they do need users to provide serious and valuable feedback.

        So lets be a little more cautious when passing judgements. kthx

        • MKader17

          Exactly, they don’t want to sell them to people who are going to use them for 3 minutes then rant online about how much they suck.

  • It’s a cool thing, but I wouldn’t pay $1500 for it

  • Michael Forte

    So Tim, are you or Kellex going to get one?

    • 1bad69z28

      You know Mr Tim A Tato will be sporting a pair LOL