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Instagram For Android Receives Update – Easier Searching and Sharing Likes to Facebook Included


Instagram fans, go grab the latest update in the Play Store if you haven’t already. Once you have, you will find searching abilities from the “Explore” tab, along with a fancy new icon, and the option to share your photo “Likes” with Facebook. For those not familiar, you used to have to go all of the way into your profile to search, so this is welcomed change. Other than that, bug fixes were tossed in for good measure.

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Cheers Jorge!

  • rodney11ride

    WOW. My 15 year old daughter is going to love this update… I mean where else can you snap a photo and just post it? lololol (Conversation i had with somebody this morning: when i was talking about how fast my 4g was: THEM: hey what kind of phone do you have, ME:nexus THEM:oh is that an android? ME:yes THEM: my phone does pretty good too ME: really what phone do you have THEM: an iphone 4g ME: really ? you have an iphone 4g? wow i didnt know there was an iphone 4g and with 4g signal thats cool THEM: yeah i like it, i just wanted the best phone out there and everybody has one of these iphone 4g’s so i got one) I see this every day. some people walk around with an apple up there yahoo

  • MKader17

    Instagram and Facebook in one post. I would be more excited to read abut patent lawsuits.

  • yeah this is realy amazing

  • I would vote for no more Instagram-related updates here on Droid-Life. At first it made sense, but now it’s just a lame app for 16-year-old girls and iPhone sympathizers. Screw Instagram.

    • Hatersgonnahate

      You’re just mad it didn’t fix your crappy android phones camera!!

      • Seriously, right?! And I’m still pissed Draw Something didn’t turn me into Michelangelo. Because that would have totally made sense.

    • Seeing as it is a major app (and one of the most popular across platforms), it makes sense that things like this and facebook receive some attention.

  • AlexKCMO

    I don’t remember where I read this but I think the best thing I’ve ever read about Instagram was something along the lines of:
    “Instagram, now I can finally make my pictures look as bad as they looked when my camera sucked.”

  • mbaldwin85

    zZzZzZzZzZz boring

  • Guest

    Do you often have tunnel vision, find yourself color blind, or forget sepia was only really cool in the 70’s? Then Instagram is for you! Download it on your Android or iphone now, and you too can fill your friends social networking feeds with terrible camera phone pictures with even worse photo filters applied to them! Act now before it’s too late.

  • Did Instagram accidentally drop support for the Droid Razr? The new version says it’s incompatible with my wife’s phone.

    • JoeyK

      Same probllem here with my razr?

  • Guest

    Wow! What amazing new technology! I can now change the colors on my pictures *AND* actually email them to people.


    • Droidzilla

      It’s like the future . . . in 1975 (at least, the photos look like they’re from 1975; and the features would have been groundbreaking back then, too).

  • John

    In more important news, Google I/O starts tomorrow! YAY!