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Asus Transformer Prime Receives Minor Update, Face Unlock Now Available

Asus has begun to roll out the .28 firmware update to Transformer Prime owners. Included in the update are a few tweaks to the stock browser and a new notification for when your GPS dongle is attached, but the big news is the addition of Face Unlock. I guess some folks can never get enough of their beautiful faces. Go check out the update and let us know if you notice any other goodies.

Cheers Todd and David!

  • ASUS FIX the borwser lockups plz!!

  • Mchl496

    Why does my GPS with the dongle and the wifi turned off not seem to work?

  • TimXer

    Nice. Still loving my TPrime…BUT my 5 yr old just deformed the charging receptacle on it…needle nose’s do wonders…but long term??

  • As a TFP owner to GNexus owners, is face unlock actually useful in day to day usage?

    • r0lct

      Yes, it’s quite useful (assuming you’re already using a pattern or other security lock). However I wish for when you wanted fast access you could swipe your pattern while it was searching for your face to bypass it. Then it would be awesome.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        I agree.

      • brj

        How do you actually enable it’s use on the transformer prime, I don’t see the option under security . . . please help.

        • r0lct

          I saw it on the 300T after making sure the system software was up to date.

    • Grimlyte

      have you ever ‘not’ been able to unlock due to Lack of light or some thing else?

      • Occasionally but just by improving facematching it gets it right 99% of the time I use it under any conditions. Great when your hands are full.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I own both. I used to use it on my GNex but half the time the environment behind me was changing so it wouldn’t work. I disabled it as all it really became was a delay before i could enter my pin.

      Works great if you’re always in the same place/environment/background though.

      If faceunlock fails, it goes to your next method like a pin to unlock.

  • Jason Purp

    Your dog is adorable. That’s all I got out of this article.

    • I love how people disliked your comment. Must be cat people lol

      Thanks though!

      • Jason Purp

        No problem. I have a Boxer too 🙂

    • That is Tim for you, he loves that dog.

      • Who wouldn’t love this guy! He’s so awesome lol