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Reminder: You Do NOT Have to Switch to Verizon’s New Share Everything Data Plans – Unlimited Data Can Be Kept

We see in the comments that some users are freaking out a bit and are wondering if they will be forced onto one of Verizon’s new Share Everything plans. The answer is no. Let me say that one more time, so that hopefully, it can be the last. You do not have to switch to Verizon’s Share Everything plans. With that said, if you want to keep your unlimited data plan and current minute structure, there are some things you need to know. 

To Keep Unlimited Data

In order to stay locked into unlimited data after June 28 (the day Share Everything plans go live), you will have to purchase phones at full retail price, which could mean paying anywhere from $449 to $649 for a new smartphone. If you choose to buy a phone at the discount or subsidized rate ($199 or so) after June 28, you will be forced onto one of these new tiered plans (either individual or Share Everything).

Your Last Subsidized Upgrade

If you have an upgrade available and paying full price for phones doesn’t sound like a party, then you have 2 weeks to use that upgrade. If you buy a discounted phone today, you can keep your grandfathered unlimited plan. For example, the Galaxy SIII is up for pre-order – you can pre-order and keep your current plan. Verizon confirmed it to us, but we also can confirm after going through the whole process.

Choosing Subsidy Over Unlimited

If you come to the end of a contract after June 28 and choose to upgrade at a discounted price, you will have to leave your unlimited data plan. At that time, you have a couple of choices for plans through Verizon. There will apparently be individual plans that start at $30 for 2GB of data and then of course, these new Share Everything plans. In some cases, it may be cheaper for you to purchase individual accounts than go with a Share Everything. For example, if Verizon is offering a double data promo for individual accounts ($30 for 4GB of data). If that time comes though, you will want to pull out the calculator and do the math to find your best option. To see exactly how the Share Everything plans break down, we have laid it all out for you in this post.

  • jh120

    Any idea what would happen if one of our lines (which is currently using a 3G phone) switched to one of my old 4G phones after June 28? IIRC your data plan technically changes if you go from 3G to 4G, so would that line lose its unlimited data?

  • According to Best Buy since the preorder only reserves that you get a phone on release day, it does not mean you are changing your contract…simply, it only means you are reserving the phone…when it arrives you activate it and make the changes to your account…if the activation occures after 28th it is essentially just like walking into a Verizon store on the 29th and buying that phone…so preorders made with Best Buy will loose your unlimited data.

  • TheRealChizz

    Can you still upgrade your phone if your not eligible for a upgrade? cause my upgrade is not till next may and i want the GS3

    • You can upgrade but you have to pay full retail price for the phone, which for the GSIII is $599 for the 16gb version

  • possomcrast1

    Wait what if you just want to keep your current phone?

    • Then nothing changes. Verizon can’t change your contract in the middle of it, they can only offer you a new plan when you upgrade/sign up for a new 2 year contract. If you want to keep your current phone forever, or buy a new phone at full retail price, your contract can go on without changing.

  • ribos

    What if you are on a family plan right now, and you are not the lead phone on it, but your contract is up and you have an upgrade available. Does that force you off the family plan where the family plan is the old plan with unlimited data? Or can you stay on unlimited with the family plan and the main phone is the one that will take it off unlimited?

  • So my mom now has 15 days to upgrade her old blackberry, on contract, if she wants to keep her unlimited data. I guess I’ll have her pre-order a Galaxy S-3

  • PixelDestiny

    Serious question: My mom and my sister both have upgrades due exactly on June 28th, will we be able to upgrade on the 28th and keep their unlimited data plans, or will we have to try to get them to do it the day before?

    • sinofueramos

      Get an early upgrade. They’ll do up to 3 months in advance.

      • DroidBricker

        Yea, mine is on July 16th and they told me if I preordered I’d keep unlimited and could upgrade early. I’m not going to though. 2 years of Big Red holding back updates is enough for me in 1 lifetime.

        • Sting

          I’m debating the same thing….

    • Doug

      You need to do it the day before.

  • Mark Lewis

    I’m on unlimited 3G now. If I pay full price for a 4G LTE phone after June 28, will that upgrade me to unlimited 4G LTE?

    • SubMatrix

      A good question…my impression is that you will lose unlimited. I think when you buy your first 4G phone you have to start a new “4G data plan”. This includes buying off contract, since technically your plan right now is a 3G unlimited data plan. I could be wrong though, hopefully someone will correct me if so.

  • Bionic

    im not paying full retail for a phone, sorry. If im going to spend that much money it would be on something else, not a phone that sits in my pocket 8 hours a day and I might check it 3 times. I use 1 GB on avg a month, so does my wife, we’re fine.

  • balthuszar

    so what about if our main line never upgrades…but the other lines do? how does that affect this? i.e. my phone number is the main line of our 4 lines…it’s got an upgrade in october of this year, however the other three lines have upgrades at some point next year…so if i don’t technically upgrade my phone…how does this affect the shared data?

    • JDHokie

      You can keep your current family plan. If the other lines upgrade, your unlimited data line will not be affected. If the other lines have unlimited data, they will be forced onto a tiered data plan.
      If any of them have admin rights and choose to switch the family plan to a Shared Everything plan, you will be affected.

  • SubMatrix

    I have yet another question. I am currently on a unlimited 3G plan, and have been waiting for the Verizon Galaxy S3 reviews to come out before I buy it. It looks like I’ll be forced to preorder it now in order to keep my unlimited data, that much is for sure.

    What I DON’T know is…will I be grandfathered into unlimited 4G data? Technically the unlimited 3G and unlimited 4G data plans are different plans as one costs more than the other. I want to get locked into unlimited 4G data and get the S3. Is it possible if coming from a 3G phone?

    • Travis Keany

      Unless I’m mistaken, there are not separate 3G and 4G plans. There is just data. So if you have unlimited 3G now, and upgrade to a 4G phone before 6/28, you will have unlimited 4G.

      • SubMatrix

        But does preordering an S3 now mean I’m upgrading in time? Technically I wouldn’t activate the phone until after 6/28 right?

        • Travis Keany

          When is the line eligible for upgrade? According to this article, buying a discounted S3 today (or before 6/28) does lock in unlimited data.

          • SubMatrix

            My line has been eligible since January of this year…I had been waiting for the right phone to come along 🙂

          • SubMatrix

            My line has been eligible since January of this year…I had been waiting for the right phone to come along 🙂

        • JDHokie

          DL has reported that Verizon said S3 preorders will be able to keep their unlimited plan.

    • Doug

      Sub, I had a Palm Pixi Plus(3G) and preordered the S3 on the June 6th. My unlimited data plan carried over. You will not have a problem keeping it if you preorder now or pick up another phone by the June 28th.

  • Travis Keany

    I have a family plan right now, 700 minutes shared, unlimited sms/mms, and unlimited data for both phones. I upgraded to the gnex about 3 months ago, but the other line is eligible for an upgrade on 7/26/12. Will upgrading the second phone on the plan cause me to have to change the entire family plan?

    It doesn’t seem like I have any unlimited options for that 2nd line (aside from keeping the current phone) because the upgrade eligibility is just outside of when Share Everything starts.

  • Ben Beamer

    Let’s do the math…….Motorola Razr Maxx full retail = $649 ” ” subsidized $299 + ETF $350 + upgrade $30= $680 ” ” subsidized $299 + ETF $350 + upgrade $30 + guaranteed data overage of insufficient data =big money!!

  • What if I don’t want a “shared data plan?” I have unlimited data right now, if I want to just get 2 gigs of data (NOT shared) for $30 like they have it now. Would that be possible?

    • JDHokie


  • Sammy

    I have the razr maxx and I’m not in contract now. I got it off eBay a few months ago. Do I need to do anything to keep my unlimited or am I good?

    • hkklife

      Go and preorder a GS3 now and extend your unlimited by another 2 years. Better safe than sorry. Or get another Maxx to extend your contract. Sell one of the phones for big $ after the 28th to cover the subsidized upgrade and stick the rest in your pocket and continue on as normal. Thats precisely what I am planning to do!

  • jjt to save the day

    Call Sylvia Thomas [Executive Relations Office] @ 240-568-2185

    Yes this is the real number for the ERO. Also, call the FCC. Flood FCC with calls about this _and_ the new $30 upgrade fee. Verizon continues to ask more out of customers while providing us with less. The only way they will get the picture is through incessant complaints from customers and investigations from the FCC, and of course, fear of losing a multitude of customers!

    Good luck Big Red customers!!! Get pissed and get on it!!!

  • After doing the math the extra money I would pay for the everything plan would add up to more than the full price of a phone. So unless I change to sprint or T-Mobile I’m going to put money back every month and never sign a contract again.

  • JustAthought

    This is where I am confused. If we start paying full retail prices for our devices why should we stick with Verizon’s expensive plans? If we are going to pay full price shouldn’t we switch to Simfree or Straight talk and pay 45 dollars for unlimited everything? That way we actually save a lot of money. I don’t like the idea of paying 500 to 600 per device and then on top of that paying 99 to 120 dollars worth of usage.

    • epyon0

      makes sense but the prepaid carriers are still owned by vzw & others or use their networks. & no guarantee in the future they will still have the same coverage or prices would stay low.

    • Bionic

      because straight talk’s signal sucks

  • SubMatrix

    I still haven’t heard what happens in the following scenario: if you’re on a family plan and someone in your family upgrades to a new phone after June 28, is the entire family plan now automatically on shared data?

    Edit: I see below that a lot of other people have the same question.

    • Doug

      I am waiting on a response to this as well.

    • JDHokie

      No. You can keep your current family plan. If the person doing the upgrade has an unlimited plan and pays the subsidized upgrade cost, they will have to choose a tiered data plan (2 GB for $30, 5 for $50, etc)

      If the person who does the upgrade is an authorized admin on your account and makes the decision to switch the family plan to Shared Everything, then yes, everyone would be affected.

  • JulianZHuang

    with warranty, the new iphone 32GB is going to cost me 800$…. damnn

  • Dee

    Like I said befote, this sucks!

  • Mashirotenshi

    Although it isn’t directly relevant, this still came to mind: http://youtu.be/KpUNA2nutbk?t=2m20s

  • dsass600

    I think when my contract is up on my Gnex (which I bought on release day), I’m going to switch to ATT. I’m only willing to do it though if 4G LTE comes to my city. Phones on ATT generally get better battery life, faster updates, and better phones overall. Plus sim cards are much more widely accepted and it makes it easier to switch phones. Who’s with me?

    • Bionic

      i totally disagree. my brother has ATT and he hates it. Besides, you dont think ATT is going to have these same kind of plans soon?

      • dsass600

        It’s not the plan that I care about. I care more about the other stuff I mentioned. Plus, I feel like Verizon just enjoys treating their customers like crap.

  • Austin00

    Haha good shit Verizon just tweeted this article…

  • So whether the SIII is truly an amazing phone or not, sales will be out of this world with everyone jumping on the wagon before this hits. Motorola and HTC better think of something quick if they want a share of this

    • hkklife

      It’s too late for Moto and HTC, at least on VZW. Samsung is the only company big enough and with the balls to stand up to VZW. Look how long VZW has been jerking around HTC fans with the Inc 4G LTE. Besides, it doesn’t matter…Moto has already been paid for X units of the RAZR HD by VZW, just like HTC has already sold Y # of Inc4Gs to VZW. Slow-moving handsets are Big Red’s problem now, at least in the short term.

  • will bartlett

    what happens if i’m on a family plan right now and the people i’m with want to break of onto their own plans? would i be losing my unlimited data due to them leaving?

  • rich

    Stop being idiots please… The CEO said publicly that unlimited data will go away even for the grandfathered plans…

  • daddy bubba

    Can you please let me know when I need to be on a 4g Data plan before buying a 4g phone screws me over?

  • Amazon always does us Verizon users solid when it comes to making higher priced phones reasonable. Hopefully they will continue this trend post apocalypse (June 28th).

  • Man my primanry line has an upgrade, but my secondary it isn’t due to a upgrade on the 28th If I pre order the G3 on my main line then wait till the 28th for my second will they force me to the data shared?

  • spoon8972

    If you guys are really worried about losing your data and you actually use it and not just complain about it and actually use a GB or less… if you have a 3g phone. VZW has been doing extremely early upgrades, with $100 off up to a FREE phone, for 3G smartphones to 4G androids for the past two months so that you can keep your unlimited data on 4G droids. All I know is that I love my FREE RAZR MAXX!!!
    Anyway most ppl will save with the new plans… (2) lines 700 min/unl txt and 2 gb of web is $160, (2) lines 1400 min/unl txt and 2 gb of web is $180 and (2) lines unl min/unl txt and 2 gb of web is $210 with the new plans you get (2) lines unl min/unl txt and 4 gb of web shared for $160 so ppl will save money and if not get more for there money and can get rid of their home phones since they will have unl calling

    • FortitudineVincimus

      not totally true.

      I called them on this and it is select to some people. I posted about this in another blog post here. I have a 3G phone, want to go to 4G, been with VZW to 12 years, I could not get that offer. Maybe since I have been around so long they assumed I was going to stay around and so didn’t extend me the offer, but the best they offered me was a month free if I wen to a 4G phone. so you can’t just call and expect to get this $100 3G to 4G offer.

  • Liquidretro

    I tweeted at Verizon this morning to ask about Business Customers. There response was “No changes have been made at this
    point for our business customers. ^CM” So at least for the time being business customers are safe.


  • Does anyone know if it is possible to register a phone as a tablet? I would rather use google voice for 100% of my calls and just ditch all of my minutes which are low now anyways.

  • MikeKorby

    watch the unsubsidized prices climb too….

    • i have a feeling you’re right about this. in order to discourage customers from staying on their current plans.

      • MikeKorby

        As long as new phones don’t climb past $700, I think I can stomach it, but I still think it is ridiculous that we are being forced away from our unlimited data. In my family, if we were on a shared plan, this month we would have already used over 53 gb of data, and the cycle doesn’t end until the 23… needless to say, unlimited is important.

  • Higher_Ground

    I haven’t seen anything that would suggest you could keep unlimited data after your current contract expires… If you aren’t on contract you aren’t worth much to Verizon and there is no reason for them to not force you to pay the new data prices. Have fun buying off contract and then still having to pay an outrageous month to month bill.

    I just hope the RAZR HD drops before then

  • Lord Dextro

    In order to marginalize outrage, Verizon will allow you to keep your current plan. Once most of its customers are on the new plans and have grown to accept them, then a new policy of practice will be implemented. It will require all subscribers to be on contract. Those few who will (then) be outraged because they must choose new plans, will matter very little.
    This is the way of the world. Make small changes/ corrections and those changes/ corrections will be successful in their implementation.

  • Verizon sucks.

    • john


      • PC_Tool


  • This seals the deal. The only way I’m staying with Verizon after my current contract expires, is if I can buy the phone directly from Google.

  • Brent Stewart

    So let me get this straight because this is one confusing cluster f$^%. Right now we’re on a family plan with unlimited everything. We have two smart phones (both unlimited data), one mifi, and one feature phone on the plan. The earliest upgrade on any of those is in January 2013. No one can upgrade yet in our house. Come June 28th are we gonna get shoved on one of these shared data plans or only at the point of the next upgrade or addition which is obviously WAY after June 28th?

    • Only when you upgrade if you take VZW’s discounted phone prices.

      • Brent Stewart

        Well that’s good to know. Not really planning on subsidizing going forward. Will most likely buy the next Nexus device unlocked from the Play store when my contract with Verizon is done.

    • Only after you contract expires. Then you can either stay the way you are on the phones you have or upgrade your phone with contract to be shoved into this plan. You can also just buy phones not from Verizon or full retail to keep off contract and on unlimited.

  • PowersUSA

    Simply put, if you want to keep your unlimited plan and get a new phone you will need to pay full retail for that phone. Getting a subsidized phone = new tiered plans.

  • enigmaco

    Just got off the phone with verizon I have three months until I can upgrade my phone, the girl told me if you are 90 days or less out from your upgrade you can upgrade early. But you can only do it through customer care.

  • DanSan

    I assume the cut off is the end of the day of June 28th correct? My brothers 2 year upgrade just happens to land on the 28th and hes trying to get a nexus. As long as upgrades done on the 28th wont remove unlimited data im golden. If im reading correctly, upgrade on the 28th you’re golden. upgrade on the 29th, get the lube.

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      I’m guessing it starts at 12:01am June 28th

  • Mina Beshara

    So is everyone using any upgrades they have now on the S3? Is it worth doing that now, then flipping that for any other phone (RazrHD?) at full retail?

    • mustbepbs

      If it’s worth it to you.

  • Kumar

    I have 4 smartphones in my family plan. If I’m the only one planning to upgrade my phone after June 28th, what happens? Will I have an individual limited data plan or will my entire family be forced into the shared data plan?

    • Doug

      I would like to know this myself. I preordered the Samsung sIII on the 6th and I was able to keep my unlimited data. The question I have is I have a 2 line family share plan and the next line is eligible for an upgrade what happens if my brother decides to upgrade his phone after the 28th is my line with the unlimited data going to be forced off to the new tiered plans?

      • cartisdm

        This had to be answered. I can jump through all the hoops I want in order to keep my unlimited plan by the 28th but when my mom/sister/grandma upgrades their phone does it all go down the toilet?

        • Cynth

          If you read it through on Verizon’s site it tells you that you do not have to upgrade to the share everything plan. You can simply keep your individual plans if you’d like. It’s just another option for a plan, that’s all it is. If the account holder decides to upgrade to a share everything plan, however, then you will have to worry about losing your unlimited otherwise you’re fine.

      • Mashirotenshi

        It only affects the line that you upgrade. If you upgrade your line (extend the contract) when it validates the plans it forces current pricing. Since the other lines are not affected by this validation, only your features would have to be updated.

  • Atst88

    If the Entry fee included only smartphone in the mix, I would gladly give up my unlimited plan for this. I would save approx $30/mo that way. But to give up unlimited and only get from 1400 minutes to unlimited (1400 is unlimited to me), This is a complete waste of cash.

  • MikeCiggy

    For those that plan to buy off-contract phones. Pray that one of the new Nexus devices is compatible with Verizon 4G LTE and you can purchase rite from the play store.

    • Why? If there’s a Verizon capable version Verizon will sell it. People can buy it Unsubsidized from Verizon… Or are you saying this because it will likely cost less through the Play Store?

      • mustbepbs

        Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

        • trixnkix637

          I see what you did there.

      • MikeCiggy

        Yup Verizon is selling the Nexus for what $650 and the play store is $400. Google knows people are trying to spend $800 on a phone.

  • SK

    What if you are on a plan with both basic and smart phones? If one of the lines with a basic phone wants to upgrade (to another basic phone), would they be forced to switch the whole plan over to the new Share Everything plan?

    These new plans are going to be $50 more expensive for my family plan with 5 lines! That’s insane.

    • Redflea

      No. The only time an account would be switched en masse to the new shared data plan would be if a customer requested it. Each phone line is treated like a separate contract…if you upgrade one line after 6/28 to a subsidized phone, then that line is subject to the new charges/plans available at that point, but other lines on the account are not. I confirmed this in a detailed chat w/a VZW agent this AM,

      What I did not ask, is what happens if you upgrade an existing feature phone (aka plain cell phone) to a new subsidized feature phone…I’m not sure if that could mean that that one line would have to go to the new $30/month fee for feature phones that is in the new plans, from the current $9.99/month line fee.

      • Yep, confirmed that today… If a feature phone is updated after 6/28, a new agreement is signed and the new ‘shared’ pricing structure takes over for that line.

        The bad news there is that until the data is pooled, the feature phone cannot use the data feature…

        • balthuszar

          So let me clarify for myself, let’s say we have 4 lines(a, b, c & d) if where line a is the main line(the one they use to id the account) and lines a&b have smartphones but c&d have basic phones and, say, line c has an upgrade. I can’t upgrade line c to a smartphone but transfer said smartphone to line a, and put line c back on its basic phone… Thus upgrading line a without using line A’s upgrade?


    LOL. With some of the questions being asked around here, it sounds like we are all that guy in the SNL Verizon parody commercial!

  • Is this for Verizon pre-orders only or is Best Buy included? I preordered my gs3 a week ago from them

  • Jarred Sutherland

    It’s silly to think that Verizon will not eventually (sooner rather than later, as always) force customers into the plans they want. They will do it, just like they have done with every other grandfathered plan in the past.