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Reminder: You Do NOT Have to Switch to Verizon’s New Share Everything Data Plans – Unlimited Data Can Be Kept

We see in the comments that some users are freaking out a bit and are wondering if they will be forced onto one of Verizon’s new Share Everything plans. The answer is no. Let me say that one more time, so that hopefully, it can be the last. You do not have to switch to Verizon’s Share Everything plans. With that said, if you want to keep your unlimited data plan and current minute structure, there are some things you need to know. 

To Keep Unlimited Data

In order to stay locked into unlimited data after June 28 (the day Share Everything plans go live), you will have to purchase phones at full retail price, which could mean paying anywhere from $449 to $649 for a new smartphone. If you choose to buy a phone at the discount or subsidized rate ($199 or so) after June 28, you will be forced onto one of these new tiered plans (either individual or Share Everything).

Your Last Subsidized Upgrade

If you have an upgrade available and paying full price for phones doesn’t sound like a party, then you have 2 weeks to use that upgrade. If you buy a discounted phone today, you can keep your grandfathered unlimited plan. For example, the Galaxy SIII is up for pre-order – you can pre-order and keep your current plan. Verizon confirmed it to us, but we also can confirm after going through the whole process.

Choosing Subsidy Over Unlimited

If you come to the end of a contract after June 28 and choose to upgrade at a discounted price, you will have to leave your unlimited data plan. At that time, you have a couple of choices for plans through Verizon. There will apparently be individual plans that start at $30 for 2GB of data and then of course, these new Share Everything plans. In some cases, it may be cheaper for you to purchase individual accounts than go with a Share Everything. For example, if Verizon is offering a double data promo for individual accounts ($30 for 4GB of data). If that time comes though, you will want to pull out the calculator and do the math to find your best option. To see exactly how the Share Everything plans break down, we have laid it all out for you in this post.

  • Jacob Hantla

    This is an awesome plan for me! I saved a ton of money!

  • Guest

    Tweet and Facebook and everything else about it and Hashtag #VerizonScam

  • HotwingCindy

    I can update in a year and my contract ends in a little over 16 months. By that time I’m sure unlimited will be gone.

  • Ryan C

    “Share Everything” would have made sense when you had more than one smartphone on a plan, all having $30 UNLIMITED data plans.. It’s unlimited, so why pay for multiple unlimited data plans, when it could be shared among the devices?


    They won’t let me add a new line to my existing plan. So they are forcing me into this shared plan even though it is not June 28 yet. What is up with that.

  • just an opinion

    You know part of the data problem is everything your smart phone does is in the cloud so they aren’t able to disable the data from your phone or it wont work—the info they collect like where your at, your speed what you look at everything is sold to businesses and insurance companies for a profit and can be used against you in suits to prove your indiscretions on the road how many miles you drive just like the onstar everyone likes in there cars and even if you dont pay for that service onstar is still collecting data — look it up– so there profits are going up from this venture and they are blaming it all on us end users — have you ever read what some of those apps collect for info — so between law enforcement and just insurance companies gathering info what else will ride on the tails of us paying the higher rates — if you have a data plan don’t use it for a while and check your data usage it still rises.. so it comes down to us paying for data they use for profits —

  • helixrocks

    Does this count as changing our contract, not offering the unlimited to continue if we already have it. can we cancel early because of that and not pay the ETF?

  • 10 years

    Everyone go with TMobile or cricket and maybe Verizen will see whats going on and give us our unlimeted back. I paid over $700 for my phone just to keep unlimited. Next tim i upgrade or renew i loose it. I only have 6 months till 2 years. Been with them 10 years. They need to learn they cant cut us out of money!!!

  • meg

    This total crap. Maybe I’ll just switch to straight talk. $45 a month unlimited everything.

  • verizon#1

    Plan to leave and go where?! AT&T Haha they don’t offer unlimited data anymore either. Or maybe T Mobile if u wanna drop all ur calls and never catch 4G. Verizon has the best coverage so just suck it up cuz most people don’t need unlimited anyway!!! Ok and upgrade fees… Verizon continually invest in their network this is y they have the largest and most advanced network…also the last company to jump on bored with upgrade fees and has the lowest upgrade fee. Appreciate what u have or go somewhere else and see what u get!

  • Verizon is making it hard for their customers and yall will lose alot of customers because of this geez give us a break its hard out here as is and Verizon is making it worst just to talk on phone all the money that yall want we could have purchased a home.Verizon will lose alot of customers to other carriers…

  • The new Verizon plan sucks to no end. I am going to have to pay $34 a month more or a whooping $408.00 a year to be able to share my data on my two phones or otherwise be forced to continue paying for separate data plans for each phone I have and not allow to share. I had plan on getting a tablet but that not going to happen now.. So much for this so call plan call sharing.plan and I still say it sucks.

    I don’t need unlimited talk time or texting for that matter. I don’t even come close to using my alloted talk time now and I don’t text. I don’t even come close to using my alloted data on one phone but still have to buy data for the other phone. Sucks Sucks.

    Some people will save money but most will pay more. It just a Verizon sneaky way to increase cell phone cost to most customers and trying to smooth it over by making it possible for few to pay less.

    I hope Verizon gets a lot of complaints about this.

  • i am definitely not paying full price for an upgrade.their phones ain”t all that great anyway

  • verizon keeps this crap up and i definitely will take all my cell phones and go to another company

  • I will take all my phone lines to another company if I have to start payingfulk price for a smart phone just to be able to keep my unlimited plane. This is what I singed upbfor and this what I will keep I have 5 phone lines and we can not share our time and I personaly use around 6 to 7 gigs of data a month just on my phone. Like I said I WILL TAKE MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. IF THIS GOES INTO AFFECT! !!!!!!!!!!

  • You forgot to add an asterisk after “The answer is no.” for all the disclaimers that come with it.

  • chicagotiger

    verizon only cares about the 1% – which is how short-sighted the shelfish baby boomer society has become… little do they know that it’s good economics for the entire country if everyone had affordable access to broadband. Asian countries have speeds 5X’s faster and only pay a fraction of the cost.. yes they do not have subsidized phones..but they do have very cheap monthly bills… baby boomers don’t understand.. they want to use every resource possible to make sure the world is worse than the one they inherited.